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Bears scouting director at Buffalo pro day

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Buffalo might produce some intriguing NFL prospects in 2010 in wide receiver Naaman Roosevelt and running back James Starks, but Bears director of college scouting Greg Gabriel is at the school's pro day today, a source on the scene reported via text message this morning.

The main attraction is quarterback Drew Willy, the only player from the program who was invited to the scouting combine last week.

Willy is considered a late-round prospect for this year's draft and it's unknown if the Bears will go that route considering they already have two prospects under contract in Brett Basanez and Caleb Hanie. Gabriel, of course, is a Buffalo native with family in the area, but it's the busy season and he's likely got business on his plate as well in showing up for the workouts.

Some teams could have interest in wide receiver Ernest Jackson.

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Brett Basanez has no chance with the Bears once we bring back Henry Burris!!!!!


With Edgerin James asking for his release, what do think about the Bears signing him and a fair back-up to Forte?

I haven't heard the name Henry Burress in years. Nice link Da Bears. What a tool, I can't believe this loser has a web site.
Now he SUCKED at QB. Neckbeard thats a QB you can bash all year long.


Hey Greg, you suck at your job...leave and take j.a. with you!!!

If the Bears' top college scout is using the 24th best QB prospect and the 99th best WR prospect as an excuse to spend valuable scouting time visiting his family in Buffalo, I think we can start to understand why this is a team that's doomed to middle-of-the-pack status for years to come.

I do not think it is fair to blame the failures of the draft strategy on Greg Gabriel. He and his staff have consistently identified solid talent, especially from smaller schools and guys for the later rounds. To blame him for the poor draft execution of Angelo and the coaches is like saying that the grocery shopper is responsible for the poor meal the chef makes....

Two things are going on here. Gabriel is visiting to see some of these later round/free agent type guys, not to mention that Buffalo was pretty darn good this season. The second thing is to advance scout the guys for next year, like we probably did with Flacco to get a good feel for him before he was draft eligible.

Gabriel has been a solid contributor to this organization for several years, and is probably the only reason we have any significant talent on the roster through the draft. Odds are he has someone who one of his regional guys identified as a potential draft choice, and is following up. I'll be curious to see what Gil Brandt has to say about Buffalo's Pro Day and see if we can put a finger on who he was there to watch.

Are you related to Gabriel in any way? What I'm saying is these guys and Gabriel is the scouting director, is all those guys at the Bears draft table should be told to go and wait in the car until the draft is over because they rarely and I do mean rarely draft that WOW factor.

The Bears should not even draft in the first round because 9 times out of 10 they suck! It's like being 10 years old on Christmas, your excited, your pumped and you get a sweater! Gabriel is at the table, I blame him just as much as everyone else.


Drew Willy is an intriguing prospect, and if the draft has taught us anything over the last decade its the MAC is as good a place as any to get a quarterback. Heck, a former MAC QB just won his second Super Bowl in february. With that being said, I still wouldn't draft Willy if I were the Bears because Caleb Hanie looks to have a lot of upside, but I would sign him as a rookie free agent if he doesn't get drafted and place him on the practice squad to develop. Drew Willy is good, and has been a very accurate passer at Buffalo completing 68% of his passes as a junior and 64% this season as a senior. Willy has completed 64% of his passes for his career. Drew Willy has also proved to be very safe with the football setting a Buffalo record as a junior by throwing 235 passes with no ints. And then this season Willy went the final seven games with only one pick and only had 5 on the season.

Level of competition shouldn't be a concern about Willy either, vs Pittsburgh he was 21-34 for 234 yds passing with 1 td, and a rating of 120.68. Then vs Missouri he was 22-40 for 237 yds 2tds 1int and a rating of 116.27. Willy has nice size at 6-4 213lbs, has a big arm but isn't very mobile. I wouldn't draft him, because again, I think Hanie has more upside and the Bears have more pressing needs than another QB with Hanie & Basanez already under contract. But I would sign him as a rookie free agent and develop him for a season on the practice squad, he does have a lot of upside GO BEARS!!

Joe why you gotta bring up Flacco? We didn't draft him, we took Williams and his bad back, cause Rex is our QB, no wait I mean Kyle is our QB. What solid Talent have we identified that puts the Bears scouting above other teams? I think a lot teams out there do a much better job of scouting. In fact the Bears are probably in the lower middle to bottom third in scouting, there decent at identifying decent talent in the mid rounds, none of them are really world beaters though and in the early rounds we have been brutal. Late rounds we have been below average. 5 years and no pro-bowl or all-pro position player has been drafted by this club.

Not saying it's all Gabriel as you know were I stand on Angelo, but he has been incharge of scouting over that 5 years, and we have gotten worse not better at scouting during that period. Just a foot note Greg was pushing for the Bills GM job last year.

This is from the Bears official site

Gabriel’s chief job responsibilities are scheduling scouting visits, coordinating scouting meetings, evaluating collegiate players while playing an instrumental role in the development of the Bears draft plan. His first four drafts with Chicago yielded 18 players who started at least one game for the Bears in 2005, including first-time Pro Bowl selections Lance Briggs, Nathan Vasher and Tommie Harris, named an all-star starter in just his second NFL season. Nine of 22 opening-day starters last year were drafted during Gabriel’s tenure with the team.

I always think it's funny the way the Bears term things on there board. I notice a distinct absense of the first round busts no being named. I also notice that the 2004 draft is not mentioned. Also I noticed it said his first 4 drafts yeilded 18 players that started in 2005. It didn't mention how great all 18 players were. On the web it also mentions that he has had more rookie QB's start for him like that is a good thing. He was in charge of player development for the Giants till he came here in 2001. From 91-99 they giants went 70-73-1 and went through 3 head coaches. With the Bears sense 2002 the team has gone 56-56 and has seen 2 head coaches. Wow this guy is the goods.

Tomk4054: "I haven't heard the name Henry Burress in years. Nice link Da Bears. What a tool, I can't believe this loser has a web site.
Now he SUCKED at QB. Neckbeard thats a QB you can bash all year long."

I agree he SUCKED OUT LOUD ... but since he has become one of (if not THE) top QBs in the CFL. Four straight years in the playoffs culminated in this year his team winning the Grey Cup while he was named MVP of the game. Check out his stats, he's actually quite good.

The guy has persistence because if you would have asked me where Henry Burris would be today I would have responded "Making me a royale with cheese."

Creighton wrote:
"I always think it's funny the way the Bears term things on there board. I notice a distinct absense (sic) of the first round busts no being named. I also notice that the 2004 draft is not mentioned."

Your facts are wrong -- again. Tommie Harris was selected in 2004.

As a side note: I thought you were doing so much better with your spelling. You know anytime you see a word in "red underline" it means you might want to check its spelling.

Still it is good to exchange Bears talk with you.

I want Bobby Douglas back, next year with the first pick in the draft the Bears pick is a Bobby Douglas clone from Florida? Guess who? I still want him anyway to play for the BEARS, he is a winner.

I'm telling you all now - GRAHAM HARRELL should be picked by the Bears!!! He's going to be the next suprise QB in the NFL!!!

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