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Bears release veteran guard Terrence Metcalf

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The Bears have released veteran guard Terrence Metcalf.

A third-round draft pick by Jerry Angelo in 2002, Metcalf made 25 career starts with the Bears.

He was expected to be the starting left guard last season until arthroscopic knee surgery in training camp sidelined him. Then, he was suspended for four games for violating the league's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances.

Metcalf became expendable when the team signed Frank Omiyale at the start of free agency. The Bears also have veteran Dan Buenning for depth.

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Good Riddance.

Does this release save the Bears any money?

No No Noooooooo. Now there doomed. Bears are a 2-14 team w/o Metcalf.

Bout' time!!!

Next up to go are:

Brandon McGowan
Nathan Vasher
Hunter Hillenmeyer

Cannot believe he was on the team this long. Everytime he has started, he would flame out and get benched, but Jerry drafted him, so he got 8 million chances to prove himself. Finally a smart roster decision.

I totally get why Metcalf is released. he can't stay healthy, he gets busted for a banned substance, and most importantly, he just isn't that good. Addition by subtraction in this case as far as I'm concerned. So no argument there....

Here's what I don't get:

On the roster, we have Garza, Beekman, Buenning, and Omiyale at guard. That is not a bad group, although I am not a fan of Garza at all. I still think Buenning is our best option at LG, and RG could be Omiyale, with Beekman your primary backup at all 3 interior positions. I don't count Tyler Reed, because I don't see him sticking around either.

At tackle, we have Williams and Balogh....Williams has never started a game, Balogh has never been on the field when it counts. We keep jettisoning offensive linemen, or letting them go as free agents, and we aren't replacing them at the same rate. Either we are planning on drafting a crapload of O-line in the draft, or we are about to start signing a few free agents for the line.

So who's on the list? Is it an Elton Brown, Mike Goff, or a Kynan Forney at guard, which would suggest Omiyale is a tackle prospect on the right side? Or do they leave Omiyale at guard, and look at guys like Barnes or Wesley Britt at tackle? Hopefully there is a plan, and it involved lots of new bodies in the trenches, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

I can't believe it took this long!! He got a million chances and blew everyone one of them.

Bears are taking out the trash and it's about time. Well now I know why they brought in Omiyale, it was to replace Metcalf. Metcalf was the starter last year in camp until injury and roids ended his season with the Bears. Omiyale will compete with Beekman for the starting LG spot. Even though Beekman started 16 games it is known that he was not happy with interior line play.

Next years line looks to be

Williams until his back gives out again/then Britton
Britton/or who ever is drafted or signed

I think Garza may get cut during roster cuts.
Bears are ultra thin on the line and must begin to draft and sign players, But the Bears currently have no Depth or starters at OT/RT and little depth on the interior. The Bears just cut some salary with Metcalf which they will probably give to St. Clair to try and sign him. Which still doesn't matter becasue they have no depth. The Bears are not rebuilding but may start an almost all new offensive line this year.

The Bears curently have 6 offensive linemen on the roster at 5 positions. Thats so bad.

They have 9 defensive linemen at 4 positions including all of last years starters. I cannot see them going Dline with the first pick when the Oline is that thin.

By the way kids the Cutler situation is getting worse.

Kevin A I wish you were the GM on the Broncos you would trade Cutler and a first for Orton. Damn you Kevin why couldn't you do more with your life and become a GM.

We all seem to be waiting for some indication on whether Buenning is capable of regaining his form as a solid run blocker and decent interior pass protector. As someone who is around the team on a daily basis, and gets more insight than those of us who have to deal with the limited Bears coverage we get from the NFLN and ESPN, what can you tell us about Buenning in regards to:

How the coaches view him?
Does he look like he has his legs back after the injury?
Is he a legitimate shot to be a starter on this team on the left or right side at guard?

Hopefully the news is positive, because he is the bulk we don't have on the line at guard. 325 lbs. of run blocker is what we need with the Williams wall twice a year...

the dude looked like a deformed baked potatoe in leotards, let alone a football player!

Walter: "Next up to go are:
Brandon McGowan
Nathan Vasher
Hunter Hillenmeyer"

Yeah because releasing three guys who may be starters (and are at worst 2nd string in their respective positions) would be a good move so we can bring in more free agents like the multitudes who just joined the team!!! OR we could find more unproven talent via the draft! I like the cut of your jib.

// Sarcasm now off ...
// It's one thing being a fan and not liking players ...
// It's another to be able to divest personal feelings and make objective decisions ... You and NBS go bowling a lot don't ya?

To: Da Church of Da Coach

From: Someone Reasonable

Re: Go Brown You Nose off Lovie's Bum a Little More

"Yeah because releasing three guys who may be starters (and are at worst 2nd string in their respective positions) would be a good move so we can bring in more free agents like the multitudes who just joined the team!!! OR we could find more unproven talent via the draft! I like the cut of your jib."


Maybe, a RB, a QB, WR, or a healthy CB would be a sound reason to spend big money on 2nd stringers.

But, 2nd stringers or starters by injury-default is what each of these guys have turned into now after topping off in their play at safety, CB, and SLB (BTW: Hunter is a 2-down LBer these days at best. Who did Brain Griese audible the play near the Bears goal line to expose in TBs win over the Bears? Hunter of course! Hunter couldn't cover a blind man in a closet with 'over-the-top' help from the safety.)

Why should the Bears carry McGowan another year? What has he proven? True, he's a veteran, a veteran of the training room while being out with injury after injury.

And, the same goes for Vasher. Nathan looked good until he continued to have injury after injury. But, he lacks motivation and was challenged by the staff to prove himself. Will he? Only time will tell. But, getting him healthy is one thing and getting him to stop biting for the pump fake or letting burners run past him in man coverage and getting beat long are another things.

Who/what is an NBS? Go bowling a lot don't ya? I don't get it and people that say 'don't ya' should be poked in the eye with a fork!!

You're a DUMAS with your statement about personal feeling getting in the way of objective opinions. Maybe, you should get out of your Bears bedroom headquarters and get some fresh air.


Anyone who reads this blog should know what an NBS is... Its a Rex Grossman. (AKA Neck Beard Sucks, AKA NBS, AKA Tripper)

I do partially agree with you- the Bears shouldn't be paying big money for 2nd stringers (ugh Ricky Manning Jr flashbacks) but McGowan and Hillenmeyer aren't getting big money.

Hillenmeyer's Salary is 1.5M which isnt much compared to the 4M that Poppinga gets at the SAM. However, his skill just isnt good enough if the DLine isnt getting pressure on the QB with regularity. I don't think he will get cut, but I dont think he'll be much more than a 2 down guy ever again.

McGowan makes just under 1.5M, and I doubt he makes the final roster cut. Yes, he's a veteran, but he can't ever finish a season and he's one of 53 Strong Safeties on the roster. I think the Bears gave him the RFA deal two years ago only because they thought he was going to get signed elsewhere last year and wanted higher compensation for it. After the Bullocks signing, I dont think he's higher than the 3rd SS on the team, so he should be gone.

Vasher is an interesting one. I think the Bears give him one more season to get back to near-Pro Bowl shape. He'll be gone next year if he can't. We haven't seen much out of him the last two seasons due to his injuries, but even when healthy last year, I was quite surprised at his lack of tackling ability. I didnt remember it being that bad. The bottom line is he was an exciting ball-hawk type player that needs to have a huge year to earn his 3.3M or he's cut. A lot of people mention him as trade bait, but no team will touch him unless he rebounds from his injuries...but if he does that, the Bears won't want to trade him, so forget about it.


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