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Bears release preseason schedule

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Maybe the Bears will see Jay Cutler in the preseason? If he's with the Denver Broncos.

The Bears have released a list of their preseason opponents. Dates and times will be firmed up later on, probably when the regular-season schedule is announced in the coming weeks.

The Bears will play a nationally televised game at Denver on Aug. 30 as a part of NBC's "Sunday Night Football."

The preseason will begin for the Bears between Aug. 13-16 at Buffalo. The last time the Bears played in Buffalo was in the 2002 preseason.

The first game at Soldier Field will be between Aug. 20-23 vs. the New York Giants.

Then, the Bears play the usually anticipated third preseason game at Denver.

The preseason will conclude with a game at Soldier Field between Sept. 3-6 vs. the Cleveland Browns.

When the preseason schedule is confirmed, the Bears will be able to announce the start of training camp. It opens 15 days before the first preseason game.

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According to James Walker: "Last year Cincinnati passed up trade offers [for Chad Johnson] because the team was unwilling to take an $8 million salary cap hit. This year that cap number is reduced to $4.87 million to trade Ocho Cinco, making it more of a possibility." What do you think the chances are that the Bears would be willing to go after that trade if the Cutler proposal doesn't pan out to the Bears'?


I for one think it would be more likely to see our current 85 have a 1,000 yard season then see JA make a trade with the Bengals for that nutcase.

Maybe if he changed his first name to Alonzo and dyed his hair Orange...

Chad Johnson would be a cancer to the Bears . . . a big talent for sure, but a big headache for sure as well.

Yesterday I watched some of the replay of Bears vs Eagles 2008. Orton had a fantstic throw of 30 to 35 yards to Devin Hester at the Philly 5. The problem was, the ball went right through Hester's hands. It would have been an easy TD.

My point is this: I think Orton will be fine (not great, but maybe like an 80.0 QB rating) if we can get some receivers who can catch and some OLs who can block.

I don't think we would or should waste effort on a Chad Johnson, when we should get a good WR in the 1st or 2nd round.


Why would you want anything to do with Ocho Stinko when he and his gimmicks have always come before the team and football. Tory Holt would be a much better pickup, he still has a few more good years left in him and would improve the offense immediately, and he would give the Bears the veteran we need to teach Hester, Bennett, and hopefully Jeremy Macklin or Kenny Britt. I'm sure you see something he could bring to the Bears that I may be missing.


I agree with you on Torry Holt, but for some reason the Bears haven't been going after him, so I'm just bringing up potential trades for WRs that want trades from their present teams (Ocho, Braylon, Holt, Boldin, etc). What I see in these guys (including Johnson) is a quick aid to Orton who at this moment has no one with experience and consistancy to pass to. I'm not saying he's our key QB, but he at least knows who to throw to but our WRs at the moment are either still learning or allergic to the ball. Sure Orton is an easy target to blame and mock, but look at the people he has to throw to. These experienced WRs would being mentoring to our young WRs, any of them. I dont know about yall but I'm exhausted on how our passing game is a wish and a prayer each toss.

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