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UPDATED: Bears net extra third-round pick and two sevenths

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It's not going to make up for the loss of Bernard Berrian, but it gives the Bears some extra power heading to the draft.

The club was awarded a third-round draft pick and two seventh-round draft picks Monday as compensatory draft picks. That brings to nine the total number of picks the team has.

UPDATED: According to, the Bears snagged the third compensatory pick awarded--99th overall and the 35th pick of the third round. The first two compensatory picks went to New England and Cincinnati. The Patriots lost cornerback Asante Samuel and the Bengals lost defensive end Justin Smith.

The Bears' picks in the seventh round are as follows:

37th pick, 246 overall
42nd pick, 251 overall

It's the third-round pick that matters, though. That's in the neighborhood of where general manager Jerry Angelo has gotten players like Alex Brown, Nathan Vasher, Kyle Orton and Todd Johnson.

The third-round pick will occur somewhere between 97th and 100th overall, check back soon for more details on that. Compensatory picks are handed out each year to teams for their net loss in free agency. The Bears lost Berrian, tight end John Gilmore and special teamer Brendon Ayanbadejo as unrestricted free agents a year ago. The team did not sign any UFA's and thus the windfall of three draft picks.

New England quarterback Tom Brady was once a compensatory pick. Kansas City linebacker Mike Vrabel was a compensatory pick in the third round. Offensive tackle Jonas Jennings was also a third-round compensatory pick.

New England might have done better than anyone. The Patriots picked up a third-, fifth- and sixth-round picks. Check back later for full details. Once all of the picks are known, the league will be able to assemble the entire official draft order.

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Brad: "That's in the neighborhood of where general manager Jerry Angelo has gotten players like Alex Brown, Nathan Vasher, Kyle Orton and Todd Johnson."

Yeah Brad, that's who I'd highlight ... Todd Johnson. Not Lance Briggs but the great Todd Johnson.

Seriously I will offer that Angelo has done well in the 3rd and 4th round early on, but the last couple years are spotty especially given the Bazuin, Okwo and Wolfe all in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I would be a heck of a lot better on JA if he could actually do something in the money rounds - 1st and 2nd.

With that said, this is definitely good news. Minnesota overpaid for Berrian and Chicago got a top 100 pick out of it. Awesome!

Still working on Round 2 of my mocks, it looks like my 1st version is the best working version as it had Jason Smith going to Detroit. Looks like that's an all but done deal according to KFFL.

Looks like the expert got it wrong on the Berrian comp pick...Not a bad deal for us.
Hopefully, it can turn into a center of the future, or at the least a linebacker who can run with a tight end.

Creighton regarding your comment to me about Chung, exactly Chung is a strong safety and by the way so was Mike Brown till recently, I am not a fan of Payne, although Chung has played free safety early on in his career at Oregon he also can play free. I do realize though the Bears need to address a few other areas first though so maybe we can pick up a Nic Harris from Oklahoma in the 3rd round, this is sad that the bears need to replace a safety considering we had and excellent one in Chris Harris what was Angelo thinking back then to trade him to the Panthers.
Regarding Fenuki, I don't see the Bears as a finesse team, they need some bad asses to open lanes not only in the middle of the line but also close the outside so Forte can run the rock on the outside too, at the same time Fenuki has good foot work and long arms to keep the pass rush off of Orton, so maybe Orton can look once again like the once upon a time Purdue Heisman front runner, (before he got hurt). And if anyone is a finesse tackle it's Britton, so I still stand by my opinion. I have seen Fenuki play and I do not agree at all with the so called experts, this kid does get down the field and he mauled many good defensive ends in the pac 10 to open the outside for backs like Stewart in 2007, Blount and Jeremiah Johnson two 1000 yard rushers in 2008 and gave time for the qb's to look down field. The Bears need some animals on the line you hear that Angelo, maybe you can find some animals for the middle of the line too, even a center which I'm sure not many fans would appreciate me saying. But I agree Creighton you know your Bears.

Thats nice to hear the the Bears got an extra 3rd rounder. This should help open some things up for the Bears in the mid rounds. Chicago could use that extra 3rd rounder, which is basically a high 4th, on a player like Notre Dame safety David Bruton, who is a projected 4th rounder. I realize free agent pickup Josh Bullocks will be the opening day starter at free safety, but he was only signed to a one year deal. So basically he'll be playing for a contract this season. After giving up a lot of big plays down in New Orleans, theres still a lot of question marks to Bullocks game. Chicago should still bring in another player to play free safety. David Bruton could be that player and a draft day steal. The guy is 6-2 210lbs, runs a 4.5 40, and is a ballhawk who scouts feel can cover a lot of ground in the deep half, with the ability to high-point the ball on the sideline for the interception. Bruton could come in as a rookie and help out on special team being a standout in Notre Dame on special teams, and develop into a heck of a free safety for Chicago. I think Bruton flew under the radar playing on a bad Notre Dame team, I say draft him with that compensatory pick.

Another player the Bears could use the pick on is Oregon state guard/tackle Andy Levitre. The Bears like Levitre and now might have the opportunity to get him. Scouts say Levitre is one of the drafts better downfield blockers. Levitre has the ability to get to the second level quickly, and has the vision to locate the secondary target and has the body control to hit the moving target. He'd be a nice fit in Chicago to help open things up for Matt Forte. I'd love for the Bears to land Arizona tackle Eben Britton in the first and Andy Levitre in the 3rd, Britton and Levitre would give the Bears some more young prospects to help make their line stronger for years to come GO BEARS!!

I figure that a WR, OT, and S are almost the most likely scenarios for the first three rounds. With an extra third rounder I expect the Bears to take whoever is the best player available given their need for depth at so many position. But you have to wonder what the next priority would be? I almost think that a double-dip is in the works here and we might see the Bears draft two OTs in the first three rounds. They have lost 3 Offensive Tackles since the end of the season and the one guy they signed might have a greater impact at OG. Phil Loadholt in round 2 and then maybe Watkins at the end of round 3 would give them the starter they need and the swing tackle that they don't have, as well as give Omiyale a chance to move to LG. Other than that I'm thinking SLB?

I mentioned this in the update a few days back about the "Mysterious Adam" who predicted that the Bears were a borderline 3rd or 4th round compensation pick for losing Berrian, that this compensation pick could act as ammunition for Angelo to move back up into the bottom half of the first round or early part of the second round.

It was a tactic that worked out well for the Panthers to get two players that helped them get back to the playoffs (Stewart and Otah). The collective running game in Carolina was a killer against teams last year. I'd doubt that this would happen though.

I'd love to see the Bears pick up a skill position player with the 18th pick (Maclin would be nice value if he lasted to 18) and then use their existing 3rd rounder to move up to pick up an OT that can push to start right away.

There have been a number of OT's the past few years that were picked in the late first or second round that have started and played well for a number of teams, such as Marcus McNeil for SD in 2006, Tony Ugoh for Indy in 2007, and Sam Baker for Atlanta in 2008.

If an improved o-line can allow all-around RB talents like Forte and Jones to increase the Bears average YPC, this could allow Ron Turner to put Orton in a position to succeed by using the play-action passing game with greater efficiency.

If that is the case, the special teams is still pretty strong and if the defense shows some improvement in any which way, I think that this team could put up a 10 win season, even with the minor moves in free agency so far.

I'm happy that we received that third round pick. Getting 4 of the top 100 players can help us out a lot. Now all we can hope for is that JA choices the right players. I'm really not all that impressed with our scouting dept. We can argue all you want. There are a lot more busted players than there are good ones. And I'm not talking first day talent. I'm talking about late round talent. We have to do a better job of selecting players that can actually help out our team. Especially during an offseason as such, when JA decided not to pursue any quality Free Agents. I see a lot of names flying across the boards lately, with a lot of stats to back them up. But honestly fellas, I don't care if his name is Joe, Nick, Kevin or even Creighton. As long as the kid can play some good football and stay healthy, then he's alright with me and allowed to wear The "C" on his helmet. We have nine picks, so I want nine quality players added to our roster.

With our first four picks in the top three rounds, I'm hoping for a good quality OT. A big, fast WR (with hands). A ball hawking FS that can hit and tackle. And a pass rushing DE. In the latter rounds, we can look for a guard, SLB, more WR help and a DT. In any order. Best available fits here. I just hope it hurries up and get here! Go Bears!!!

Great news on the extra pick's.

Angelo probably will throw a cookout to celebrate the addition of his beloved draft picks, almost like a birth in the family to him...

OT,WR,FS all must have needs and an upgrade for the D-line would be a plus. With (4) selections in the first three rounds Angelo could target all four needs within the top-100 talent pool.

Round 1: OT
Round 2: WR
Round 3: FS
R3 Comp: DE or DT
Round 4: OG or OT
Round 5 - 7: best athletes left on the board, could see more depth added to RB,WR,LB,CB ect...

So long as Angelo gets things right for a change and not screw this up by reaching for players the Bears could come out alright after the draft.

That is a solid concept as far as what the Bears should do, depending on what they get at 18. Based on the value chart, our 49 and 84 picks are basically the same value as the 33 pick held by Detroit. Not sure whether Detroit would deal with us, but with 5 picks in the top 85, making it 6 might be attractive to them, especially given their overall team weakness. The rookie pool might still cause a problem for them with that many early picks, but that would be where we would end up if we matched value of our second and third rounders.

I still wonder whether Jerry will trade back in the hopes of getting the extra picks by settling for less. Nicks, Maclin, and Heyward-Bey should all be taken in the 14-25 range. Maclin might go earlier, and for all we know, this could be the year when there is an early run on wideouts when people are not enamored with the remaining tackles on the board when you hit the middle of the round (guys like Britton, Oher, Loadholt, Beatty). If Jerry is set on Loadholt, he could end up letting the Eagles trade up and get Britton with their 28 pick, which gets us the 28 and 53 picks (if we throw in the 146 pick). Then we would have the 28, 49, 53, 84, and 99 in the first three rounds. There are a couple of other teams that might want to move up depending on who is available, but those will all show up in a few weeks as we start hearing more draft conspiracy.

There are only two players who I think we should take at 18. Maclin or Britton. If neither is available, we start taking offers to move back, and target Nicks and Loadholt. Jerry needs to be ready to wheel and deal, and if we have to, we should be able to give up our third round at 84 to get to 15 with Houston to pick up a solid player. If we trade the 49 pick with 18, we can get to #10, if SF is willing to trade. I don't see it happening, but it is something to consider.

Based on how weak the free agent class appeared to be, and the number of holes on our roster, I see Jerry moving back and stockpiling picks to re-fill the roster in the 4th-7th rounds. The extra 2 7ths hopefully will turn out better than Barton, Monk, and Addams, but at that point, you are fishing for a lucky break, so we may just get a couple of camp bodies. Based on next year's draft class, it is going to be solid at QB, but there is a lot of quality depth this year, so I would be willing to sacrifice next year's draft to stock the team this year on both sides of the line, so giving up a 3rd or later in next year's draft would be fine by me. I might even be happy about a second next year if it is for the right player.

I still think Jerry has targeted Phil Loadholt, and will hope he falls to 49. So we will either take a WR at 18, or a defensive lineman. If we trade back, we can't get Britton, as he won't make it past Philly at 21. The concern with Jerry is that everyone knows who he wants, and he won't deviate unless someone takes his guy before him. I could see Loadholt being a pick of the Steelers at 32, just because they want to revitalize their OL. I think our fallback would have to be Unger at that point, or we ignore the OL until Watkins later on.

But the extra third hopefully will convince him to be aggressive. Doesn't matter which way he moves, but he needs to be aggressive, and needs to see his 3rd rounder in 2010 as part of his ammunition.

I'm not getting this love affair with Loadholt. Doesn't anyone remember Gibson? Loadholt is going to have to move inside. He can't handle speed rushers on the outside and is not that guick of foot.

1st rd will be Britten or Beatty, unless Sanchez falls. I prefer Beatty because he is stronger and he can handle both OT positions, but either guy should be good. The 3rd rd is a great place to grab Lang from Eastern Michigan. He can play any OL position.

The 2nd 3rd pick is where the Bears target a WR maybe Kelly from Clemson.

Projected picks:
1st Rd OT
2nd Rd DT/FS
3rd RD OT/OG
3rd RD WR

Britton is the man, Loadholt will be a bust

Just remember, Jerry tends towards big time programs, or at least programs that play big time competition. Loadholt played against Big 12 competition every week, whereas Britton played against the PAC 10, which was not very good outside of USC. Add in that you can get Loadholt in the second round, and that is a recipe Jerry would cook up in the kitchen any day of the week. The kicker is going to be who is available when we come up at 18 to make our pick.

I personally think we are wrong if we pass on Britton, with the exception that if Maclin is available, I think we have to take him. But Jerry gets fixated on players, as evidenced by him passing on Albert for a guy with back problems last year, and Forte in the second, when most experts had him in the late 2nd-early third round range. Jerry will have his target list, and probably does not concern himself with the best available player when he picks. If he does, then he is not listening very well to Greg Gabriel and his staff.

Da Church of Da Coach wrote:
"Seriously I will offer that Angelo has done well in the 3rd and 4th round early on, but the last couple years are spotty especially given the Bazuin, Okwo and Wolfe all in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I would be a heck of a lot better on JA if he could actually do something in the money rounds - 1st and 2nd."

JA deserves the crap for selecting Bauzin and Okwo. Wolfe is a ST guy. Ok, not a wow. But I am wondering that if we are going to kick Angelo for these selection in the 2nd and 3rd rounds we tend to ignore his selections of Hester, Manning and Forte in the same rounds.

Has he missed? Sure. Is this a critical year for the Bears? Absolutely. Do we have holes that need to be filled? Sure. But pointing out the failures in Angelo's draft resume without acknowledging his successes is misleading.

Joe, I think Jerry Angelo took Matt Forte in the second because he had to, I don't think Forte would have made it to the Bears in the third, Detroit would have probably took him in the third. Detroit was one of many teams rumored to have interest in Forte, and Detroit picked ahead of Chicago as far as draft order in the third. Angelo reached for Forte in the second, and it turned out to be a great pick, one of the better under Angelo. Sometimes you have to reach for a player, and in the case of Matt Forte, sometimes its worth it.

Also Joe, I don't know if I totally agree with Angelo always going with players from big-time programs. You got the above mentioned Matt Forte of Tulane, Charles Tillman of Louisiana-Lafayette, Kevin Payne of Louisiane-Monroe, Corey Graham of New Hampshire, and Danieal Manning of Abilene Christian, not exactly big time programs. I don't think Angelo really has a preference as far as the size of the school and level of competition. I do however agree with you that Angelo does target players, a lot of GM's do. I just don't think it's based on where they played college ball, and if you look up and down the Bears roster you'll see the diversity in programs, from Oklahoma to Abilene Christian.

I think the Bears will go with Eben Britton at #18. But if Angelo does like Loadholt enough, don't be surprised if he reaches for Loadholt in the first. As a fan, being from the outside looking in, I still wouldn't be surprised if the Bears go Peria Jerry the DT out of Mississippi, especially with Tommie Harris being sidelined during mini camp, that doesn't look good. The Bears are a defense first team, the three technique is important to their scheme, if Harris is still banged up, you almost got to go with Jerry. Offensive tackle becomes a luxury pick if Tommie Harris knee is done. Angelo said he doesn't think the Bears will be the same defense as they were in the past, I wouldn't be surprised if he had Tommie Harris in mind when he said that. As far as Peria Jerry, the guy could help the Bears big time. From his defensive tackle position he had 18 tackles for loss and 7 sacks, thats impressive especially for a DT. Jerry is no fluke having had 14 TFL in 07 which ranked 6th in the SEC. Jerry had his way with the guards at the senior bowl also, and caught Chicago's eye much like Matt Forte did in last years senior bowl.

A lot of people bring up the stats on how the Bears are a pass first team, I disagree. The Bears are a pass first team because their behind so much, this leads back to the defense. I might lean toward getting that defense fixed first, and Peria Jerry might be a step in the right direction, especially if Angelo and Smith want to make this cover-2 scheme work, just a thought Joe GO BEARS!!

MD Kevin, you can't be serious when you throw in Manning with Hester and Forte, are you? What has Manning done? He's shown glimpses and might be a pro-bowl kick returner in 2009, but up until now his biggest accomplishment is being the goat for the long touchdown in the Super Bowl. I mean, you can make substantially better arguments for Berrian, Tillman, or Briggs, but not Manning. Fact is, JA blows away first-day draft picks as good or better than anybody else. He should just trade them away for players because he picks his nose better than the early rounds of the draft.

A third round pick??? My my my who said it would be a third round pick and not a forth. I did not say I think it would be I said it would be and that Mysterious Adam would be wrong. Told you the NFL loves the Bears.

How can anyone say top of the second round pick Manning was a good pick, he is a bust at FS and is nothing more than a nickle back, he is a kick returner, big deal how many teams spend second round picks on kick returners?

Alex Brown is not an Angelo pick. You cannot pick a guy when your not the one doing the drafting.

Ok Stern I see what your saying I am not a Payne either, Chung would be an upgrade over him, I thought you wanted him as a FS which is the bigger need right now. As for how you see the Bears and what they are doing on the line those are two different things. Williams is a finesse blocker and is not a good run blocker, Omiyale is a Finesse Blocker, Kruetz is a leverage guy and has never been a mauler, Garza is not a Mauler, he's not very good period, and there is no RT at this point. From what I have seen the Bears are tying to build a line a lot like the Jets have, very athletic, a lot like a WCO zone scheme line.

Joe your putting to much value on Bey, sure someone might reach for him in the first round, but all you have to do is look at his track record in college to know he is more bust than boom. I say the Raiders gab him in the second round. Angelo does not exactly lean towards big programs, Vandy is not a big program and every year we seem to spend a top 3 pick on a small school guy like Forte or Tillman. Loadholt has bad feet, end of story, he can't pass block ond the Bears are a passing team.

Name the proven talent that Angelo has drafted in rounds 2-4 starting with his first draft in 03.

He has Berrian, Tillman and Briggs and thats about it. Vasher has not played well in 2 years. Wolfe is on special teams, another high draft pick on special teams along with Hester and Manning, how many teams waste top picks on there special teams? Manning isn't even a starter he is a nickle back.

He has 2 guys in 6 drafts who are proven, it will be three with Forte, but spare me the Hester is proven garbage, he is a proven return man, but he is a WR now and is totally unproven.

Tillman a good CB but thats about it, Briggs, Todd Johnson(garbage), Ian Scott(more garbage).
2 Good proven players.

Tank Johnson(even the Cowboys don't want him), Berrian, Vasher has done nothing in 2 years, Leon Joe garbage. We still have Vasher who is not even playing boy thats a real strong draft there.

Mark Bradley(let me know when he breaks the 400 yard mark or starts more than a few games), Orton so unproven and is the only guy left from the 05 class. Thats a whole draft just for Orton but Bears fans wouldn't do the same for Cutler? Wow we got one player out of a draft 5 years ago and they still don't know if he is any good, that is some great drafting there. 1 player as bad as a draft as you will ever see.

Manning the nickle back our first pick that year. An inconssitant nickle who can't find a starting job on a bad defense. Hester another second round special team player who is an unproven reciever, Dust the Busty a waste of a 3rd round pick, Jamar Williams what have you ever done? The Bears got two kick returners with there 2nd round picks, wow no other team could do that.

Dan Bazuin, Wolfe another special team player with a top 3 pick, Okowo, Beekman.
A disaster in terms of a draft, you blow a 2nd and 3rd round pick and get only a special team player in the 3rd. Beekman hs been replaced as a starter.

Matt Forte, Earl Bennett, Marcus Harrison, Craig Steltz.
Outside of Forte all are unproven and Forte needs to prove he can do it for more than one year.

So Angelo has gotten

3 proven starters in Briggs, Berrian and Tillman.

3 Special team players with Hester, Manning and Wolfe

1 Good prospect in Forte

The rest are either unproven or wasted picks.

So out of 22 picks in rounds 2-4 Angelo has drafted 4 actual starters, almost 5 but I cannot say Vasher is a starter anymore, can you. Beekman was the first guy replaced in FA and was a backup starting last year, he did not win the job the other guy got hurt and then suspended. By the way out of 6 first round picks the only full time starter is??? Harris, who is a huge question mark? Olsen is not a full time starter, Clark is. So six picks and we get Olsen and Harris, niether of which are proven at this point although Olsen should prove it this year and Harris will prove to be another bust. Thats what happens when you draft players with injury issues.

So out of Picks who are expected to become starters he has gotten less than 20 percent right. But some of you think that is good. He needs 6 more to become starters just to be average with the other NFL teams. Throw in all the first round misses and the guy is Matt Millen Jr. How the heck do you have an entire draft and the only player on the team 4 years later is Orton? But this is the Chicago GM and some idiots can't figure out why I think he sucks. Every writer in Chicago has said he is a bad drafter, every sports show analyst has said it. Everyone with a clue has said it. The only ones who like this guy are guys on this board who have no clue about drafting and are like I would trade all 22 picks just for Hester. Cause your that stupid and you know who I am speaking too.

Creighton - Amen, brother!

Creighton, I hesitate to say it because sometimes I enjoy your stuff and I don't want to turn that wrath on me, but Alex Brown was indeed an Angelo pick. Angelo came on board after the 2001 draft and Marc Colombo was his first ever pick as GM in 2002.

Ripper wrote:
"MD Kevin, you can't be serious when you throw in Manning with Hester and Forte, are you? What has Manning done? He's shown glimpses and might be a pro-bowl kick returner in 2009, but up until now his biggest accomplishment is being the goat for the long touchdown in the Super Bowl."

My response:
I think you need to go back to reading school. The original comment was all the players drafted by Angelo in the 2nd or 3rd round that were busts. I pointed out some that were not.

Now if you think Manning biggest accomplishment is a blown coverage two years ago. Fine. But he was key in his play in the nickel and returning kicks in the last half of 2008 season. His kick off return against NO was as important as his blown coverage. He also had a key last season interception (I forget which game) that was on par with the Tillman strips in the GB game on national TV in the 2007 season.

Ripper goes on to say:
"I mean, you can make substantially better arguments for Berrian, Tillman, or Briggs, but not Manning."

My response:

Ripper, there you go again. The original poster was talking about recent picks. I agree with your comment but again you failed to read closely.

Ripper wrote:
"Fact is, JA blows away first-day draft picks as good or better than anybody else. He should just trade them away for players because he picks his nose better than the early rounds of the draft."

My response:
Ripper, again please take the time to read before you post. The original poster was NOT talking about the first round. Your comments are interesting but you failed to pay attention to what was original written and what my comments were.


Many of your points are spot on but in making your case you misstate facts.

You are calling out someone (Mysterious Adam) for missing on the draft compensation for the Bears??? He said it was a toss-up. Ooops you would have had to read the entire article to get that.

So if you are going to call out his "mistake" here are a few of your non-spelling errors just in this post.

#1. Alex Brown was selected Angelo in his first draft, 2002.

#2. You again state that Angelo's first draft was in 2003. Angelo was hired after the 2001 draft was on board for the Jauron miracle season of 2001.

#3. You claim you want "proven talent" and then you take Hester out of the equation. Either he is proven or he is not. Can't have it both ways. I say Hester is proven as a NFL player. What say you?

#4. You then take this into the first round -- ignoring your own qualifier of 2 through 4 rounds -- to make your point about what????

#5. You say Jamar Williams is a bust. Really?!? Have you talked to David Toub about that? Toub is one who singled him out for leading all four phases of the special teams after Brandon left. Not a starter on defense but playing all phases of special teams and being a leader is on par, esp. when the defensive starter ahead of him is a Pro Bowl player. I would hope that Williams gets the chance to play the SAM, if he has the skills to take on players at the point of attack.

#6. You call Angelo Matt Millen, Jr because of his failed 2005 draft class that has only Orton remaining. Ok. That's bad. But you seem to ignore that the top ten of that draft was monumentally bad (here's the roll call -- Alex Smith, Pacman Jones, Troy Williamson, CB, Mike Williams). Ooops that ruins your thesis. Or that the NFC North all had a bad draft in 2005. So I am not defending his 2005 draft but you isolate on a single subset and you can get different results.

#7. Creighton, calling out people as "stupid" because they have a difference of opinion??? Maybe we should call out people for factual errors and misspellings too. You are quite intolerant of other's errors should we do the same with yours? We can call it a "Creighton".

I am not defending all of his draft picks because yes he has missed. But the real measure is not in draft picks but in won-lost record. The Jerry and Lovie show had two great years ending two years ago. This upcoming season is critical for all who are employed at Halas Hall.

Creighton you are dead on about Millan Jr., What I cannot understand is how a organization like New England can be so aggressive in the way they draft, trade and fill in their needs with free agents and the bears just sit back doing nothing but watch a team like the Patriots rather than join them. I thought it was disgusting when Mike McCaskey tore the team apart in 88, but Phillips and Angelo are even more disgraceful. The fans of Chicago deserve better.

The proof is in won/lost but to me the proof is the Super Bowl. We lost and we haven't even smelled anything since. He got us there, a major accomplishment considering the McCaskey's have tried like heck to cheap this team, give Jerry credit for that, I don't know if anyone can be a better GM than Jerry cause your talking about the Bears who haven't done squat since 1985, and were the laughingstock of the NFL for years before that. Does anyone remember Ricky Watts?? Im telling you the Bears have been a major joke for years, I still remember everyone laughing when I told them I was a Bears fan in the 70's, early 80's. And you know what? People are still laughing cause the Bears haven't done nuthin since 85 either, The Super Bowl 2 years ago? Give me a break, is that what we are all hootin about still? We Lost! and we have been losing ever since, correct? Is that right or is that right people?
Give Jerry credit he got us to the Super Bowl, But make no mistake this year is it, if we lose this year it will be rebuilding all over again with a new GM /Coach/System/players etc....just like always with the McCaskey's, so we better all hope Jerry knows what he's doin this year.

Only once in the last 4 drafts has Jerry taken more than one player from a non-BCS conference (2007, where 4 out of 9 picks were non-BCS programs). And most of the non-BCS players have come from Louisiana schools. He has totally locked in to big programs, but he has a solid southern region scout who seems to have a pipeline of good info and film on these players they have pulled in over the last several years.

I also think Jerry has pet programs. Arkansas, Oklahoma, Boston College, and Florida. Can anyone forget the Todd Johnson, Ian Scott, and Tron LaFavor draft class?

I agree that he had to take Forte at 44 last year, because he wouldn't have made it to the 70 pick, so that is probably a bad example, but there is Garrett Wolfe, who no one had before the 5th round in any of the rankings I saw. We took him in the 3rd round.

Mark my words, Jerry is locked in to Loadholt. Good or bad, he trusts Bob Stoops more than Mike Stoops, and his first rounder will be a big time program player at another position.


Nothing I said goes against the OP or what you said; the thrust of what I was saying was besides Forte and Hester it has been a while before you could say JA did anything on the FIRST DAY of the draft, I never said first round. Reread my first post, not once do I say "first round," so get it right yourself before you go bellyaching about somebody else's post. My other point is that Manning cannot be counted as a success and in the same breath as Forte and Hester and, in fact, I'd have to say was a big reach pick in the second round for the value he has given the team. Perhaps you should read every word, physician heal thyself and suck it up. The fact remains that you are wrong about Manning and about JA; he sucks in the first 3 rounds about 90% of the time. Think about it objectively and you'll see how wrong you are.

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