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Bears keeping an eye on Eastern Michigan lineman

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Tennessee found a pretty promising defensive end in the second round last year when the Titans drafted Jason Jones.

Now, there's another player coming out of the MAC school that the Bears are keeping a close eye on.

The team is expected to bring in offensive tackle T.J. Lang for a visit some time after his pro day later this month, according to a report.

Lang is a three-year starter at left tackle who started on the other side of the ball. Maybe it's his background on defense that gives him a nasty demeanor NFL types like. Ultimately, he could project inside or at right tackle. He didn't miss a game the last three seasons and is considered a physical performer.

At the Texas vs. The Nation Game, which general manager Jerry Angelo scouted, Lang was worked at both center and guard, as well as tackle, and reportedly did well. The Eagles will hold their pro day March 16.

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TJ Lang is a real nice player. Good size, mean streak, strong and mobile. Can play any position on the O-line and be a starter. I hope they draft him.

An interior Lineman who is a 5th or 6th round pick at best and was another guy not invited to the combine. Angelo never goes to the senior bowl but never misses the Texas game. Which has not helped his drafting. Excuse me if I seem sceptical about his ability to spot Oline talent, sense he has yet to show the ability to do it. Played LT for 2 years from what I understand not 3, in the Texas game he played LG AND C, were he looked much better than he did at LT, he has not played against much talent.

The Texas game vaulted him into the top 10 guard prospects, I doubt he could play tackle with those feet in the NFL, is better in a box than he is in space. Really strong but can't handle speed, he is also going ot get nailed for holding a lot in the NFL as he tends to grab on to guys who get passed him. A true D1 player. Could be a nice backup or a RG in a year or so. Nothing special. I bet the Bears don't draft him, Angelo will hope he falls to the 7th round.

Typical bottom-feeder mentality

Let's talk about mid 2nd, mid 3rd, mid 4th and mid 5th round talent. Angelo doesn't need the wrong type of encouragement.

Most of the in-person visits that teams schedule are for the bottom of the barrel prospects, where they try and prep for the camp bodies that they will sign as street free agents. I forget how many visits they get (I am thinking 20?), but rarely do they schedule in the top prospects. They handle meeting them at the Combine, Pro Day, and "chance encounters" in other environments.

This is just one more guy who they are considering to be this year's Cody Balogh...or Rob Droegge for that matter. Seems like we latch on to these slow-footed, low level of competition tackles with a mean streak, and then are disappointed that they can't block anyone because of their slow feet...Anger does you no good if you can't get a hold of someone....

Why is anjello still around? Why is lovie still around? And babitch?


At least try and make some moves, we should be signing a couple of more O-lineman, and maybe a receiver!!!

Random statement here,
Larry Mayor on interviewed JA and one of the more interesting softball questions was about the WR position. Here it is:

LM: How much of a priority is upgrading the wide receiver position either in free agency or the draft?

JA: Naturally, we’re going to look at that real hard, in all likelihood in the draft. We’re not looking for backup wide receivers. What we want are potentially starting wide receivers. We have a nucleus of receivers that we feel good about in terms of twos, threes, fours and fives, and if we carried six, a sixth receiver. Part of that ties into special teams. What we’re looking at is the top of the wide receiver position. Where does that come from? It comes with a premium receiver in free agency if there’s one out there and/or in the draft. Yes, it’s a position that we are looking at.

I'm sure it's a position you're looking at as long as it is beyond cheap. Then again I could be wrong.

For the sake of arguement, I`ll suggest Creighton may be the one with bad judgement on o-line talent. 1st Lang did play LT 3 years at EMU in 06 he started the first 2 games at RT then the last 9 at LT and all games in 07 and 08. He never played LT in the Texas vs Nation game. The Bears are bringing him in on April 2nd and are also going to be at his pro day March 16th. This kid runs a 5.1 40 and puts up 225 lbs 32 times, is not slow by any means and in fact its his feet and strength that scouts like the most. In 07 and 08 he gave up just 1 sack from the LT spot and this includes games against UM, MSU, NW, Pitt, Vandy, Maryland, Navy, Army to name a few. He played against the same kind of teams that the beloved Larry English did (who by the way never got a sack over him) Plus he maybe got a handful of holding calls in his college career. Teams are allowed to bring in 30 guys....I hope nobody is waiting for him to be there in the 6th or 7th round, he`ll be long gone! check out his video on youtube.

Oh no he is looking at recievers.

EagleWarrior he is a D1 player and please tell me what scouts said he had great feet. Wow only one sack against the likes of Army, Navy, NW, Pitt, and Vandy, what a weapon. College holding and NFL holding are two different things, D1 holding is it's own different world. I never said he did play LT in the Texas game I said he played LG and C. Were scouts say he looked better than he does at LT. As for my eye for line talent, my picks from last year are doing a lot better than Angelo's and my guess yours as well. My guess is your a bit of a fan boy "EagleWarrior" so your judgment may be a little scued, your guy was so good the combine didn't even bother with him, yeah they do that with most of the top NFL calibur LT's in college. Anyone who considers Army and Navy to be elite teams needs a check up from the neck up. Oh and thanks for giving me yet another reason the Bears should stay away from Larry English. Oh and that little News Paper that had a partial article on him is wrong he is not ranked the 10th best OT prospect, he is ranked the 10th best interio linman prospect. EMU trying to sell it's barrgin bin Tackle. Also if you have not considered it lang is considered very versatile, but excells at nothing. NFL Oline players tend to be specialized to 3 positions IL, LT, RT, versatility is nice but they usually don't make the best starters se John St. CLair.

Watch who your trying to argue with fanboy. I never said he was slow but like most people you don't know the difference between speed and good feet. He crosses over to much and has a short kickslide. There is a reason most project him to guard in the NFL. He is a 5th or 6th round talent now stop getting all worked up and bugging me over your fantasy eagle LT. Now why don't you hop on over to Tio's, or Luca's and quit your whining about this guy and have a dog, Big Beef or a Burrito on Creighton. Then take a step bask and punch yourself in the face.

Now see guys that's why I like Creighton. Good research and analysis and plenty of red a$$ to boot. I don't agree with the guy all the time and call him on it but at least he puts forth the effort to back his position. Personally, I look at a lot of value boards and scouting reports to make my opinions mainly because I only follow Pac-10 (USC) and Big Ten (the teams that will lose to USC), but that's why I love this board because Biggsy covers the Bears like a glove and has a wealth of information even in the offseason.

// I'll get back to my sarcasm in a later thread just wanted to give props when it is due.
// I still stand by my many statements earlier that Creighton is a retard but for now I'll upgrade him - in this case only - to idiot savant :-)
// Seriously good take on a guy outside the mainstream from all who weighed in.
// I'll bring something to the table as the draft gets closer. Already working on a big board.

Most scouting reports have T.J. Lang listed at guard, scouts feel he'll probably have to move inside at the next level. One scouting report say's "Lang lacks the athleticism, arm length, and hand size to be more than a short term solution outside," basically he could be a swing tackle if needed, but he's probably a better fit at guard. He does have nice size for the guard position at 6-4 312lbs, and the fact the Bears are gonna bring him in shows they must like him. He is a projected 5th to 6th rounder, so if the Bears like him enough they'll probably have to take him in the 5th. Lang has the ability to get to the linebackers and seal them off, one scouting report say's "Lang hustles downfield on screens and reverses to throw the late block" is probably one reason the Bears like him, Chicago likes their guards to have a little mobility more than they like straight up maulers. But interestingly, Lang is known as an absolute mauler who works hard on and through every play. The kid has nice size, hustle, durability, and looked good playing guard at the Texas game, he's worth a look GO BEARS!!

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