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Bears indeed on the scene at Georgia Tech

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We've tracked down the proof the Bears were at the Georgia Tech pro day.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution captured Southeast scout Mark Sadowski here with his Bears' cap on and armed with his stop watch.

Defensive end Michael Johnson was the main attraction. Here is another story about him off the event and it sounds like the workout went well for him.

This is the second pro day we've found evidence of Sadowski. He was captured here at the Florida Atlantic pro day.

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The "workout" is not the problem with Michael Johnson. At the combine I remember Mike Mayock saying that this guy is this year's version of Vernon Gholston. Of course he is going to blow up the drills and have scouts drooling, and not doubt some G.M. will fall in love with him. But right now he has shown to be way to incosistent of the football field. You cannot justify the 18th pick on potential, no matter how great, if a guy disappears in games and has shown concern in areas like effort and consistency those are red flags. It would be slightly different if the Bears didn't have so many glaring other needs like FS, WR AND Tackle but this is not the case. If your in the second or third round and you are a team that is stocked with talent and simply looking for a guy to possibly mold, knowing clear well the risks involved than this is different. If you want a guy like Johnson who at the very least has shown flashes of pass rush potential on the pro level than stay with your own guy and let Coach Marinelli work with Mark Anderson, otherwise the Bears have no buisness exploring the option of a potential bust DE, while positions like FS, WR, Nose tackle and Offensive tackle sit and rot away.

That picture is so wrong, in so many different ways

It all starts up front, and Chicago was straight up horrible when it came to getting to the QB last season. If Chicago were to take Michael Johnson at #18, it would give the Bears an athlete with size up front. You gotta love Johnson's size at 6-7 260lbs, he used his size [6-7] to breakup 6 passes this season. He also used his athleticism to drop back and defend 7 passes and pick off one. One scouting report on Johnson says "few ends can match Johnson's speed and athleticism." Johnson had 9 sacks to go along with 17.5 tackles for loss, so he can make plays behind the line of scrimmage. I don't know if Johnson could start as a rookie, but he could probably come in on 3rd down and rush the passer, he's worth a look.

I still say the Bears should go offensive tackle in round one, be it Ole Miss tackle Michael Oher if he drops to #18, or Arizona tackle Eben Britton, like I said above "it starts up front!!" GO BEARS!!

Kevin no argument from me about the fact that it does all start up front, and no doubt Johnson has the potential to be a solid pass rusher. But when you look at our roster right now, how can anyone justify reaching on a guy who has as much "potential" bust when looking at his play as he does "potential" pass rusher. What's the differnce in working with Mark Anderson as opposed to Johnson who has achieved nothing yet. I think when you have no free safety on the entire roster, no #1 receiver, and no right tackle and no dominant nose tackle you cannot afford to gamble on a guy who may or may not help with the pass rush. Many evaluaters are not even high on Johnson, questioning his work ethic, consistency and desire, not exactly traits the Bears should be looking for. If we were in a better situation "maybe" but as we stand right now I don't see how in the world anyone could justify the Bears drafting this kid at all.

Bill Holland, I agree we have bigger needs like right tackle, free safety, and a receiver. But Chicago has to check out every prospect, need or not. Chicago probably won't take Johnson, my point was he's worth a look, meaning the Bears scout's have to at least check him out, thats their job. One of Chicago's biggest problems last season was their pass rush, or lack there of. So Im pretty sure Angelo has his scouts checking out anyone who can get to the quarterback, when it comes to scouting leave no rock unturned. Johnson could very well be a bust waiting to happen, but I see no harm in them giving him a look over to see for sure themselves what he's all about. I also agree we already have a player like Mark Anderson, who already proved he can get to the QB at the NFL level, hopefully Rod Marinelli can get him back on track. Myself I'd like to see the Bears go tackle in round one, I say take Ole Miss tackle Michael Oher or Arizona tackle Eben Britton, either one of these guy's could come in and start at right tackle for Chicago, and fill a huge need.

Bill, I also agree with you on Chicago adding size up front on their defensive line, i.e. nose tackle. The Bears currently have Anthony Adams, who proved to be very effective when he got a chance to play. I say put big Marcus Harrison [6-3 310lbs] at the nose position, and use your #18 overall pick on a player like Mississippi's Peria Jerry, who like Tommie Harris could effectively play the three technique for Chicago. Jerry is one of the drafts top three technique or under tackles. I think a rotation of Tommie Harris and Peria Jerry at the under tackle position, along with Anthony Adams and Marcus Harrison at nose, would give the Bears a great rotation. You would have two players to man the three technique effectively, and two run stuffers, one in Harrison who has the size Chicago lacks and can also penetrate. I think a guy like Peria Jerry or Missouri's Ziggy Hood, who is a 2nd round prospects at DT, would be nice additions, and help Chicago's pass rush there by helping the entire defense GO BEARS!!

I have to side with Bill on this one. There's too many questions to give him 1st-round money. Whenever you see a guy like that, you have to factor in if they act like this now, what are they going to be like when they have "fark you"-money?

If there is questionable effort, character, and off-field issues, that's plenty of reason not to invest a 1st-rounder. Last year's 3rd-round Marcus Harrison had the same problems but that's why Chicago was able to get him that late in the draft. If Harrison continues to play like he did his rookie season, he'll be a steal. If he doesn't, you can cut him and not be on the hook for a 4-year multi-million dollar contract and garaunteed money.

The kid that I would like to see land in Chicago is Jarron Gilbert of San Jose State. This kid is a monster. 6-5, 288 pounds and ran a 4.8 at the combine. He had 22 tackles for loss which is fantastic and should only get bigger and stronger. I actually work with his father and would love to see the Bears draft this guy. Some mock drafts have him going to Pittsburgh with the 32nd pick. If we take a DE this is the guy I would like to see.

Creighton: Nice comment on the pic.


I agree... Taking a risky pick with a DE at #18 is the last thing we need. The glaring holes at OT/FS/WR need to be fixed. I would go OT, FS, WR in the first three rounds. If we can fix that O-Line, Forte will have an even bigger year. Forte has great vision and balance. He did well last year even though that line was not very good. Put some road graders in there and look out. 1500 yards easy!! Plus it will allow the defense to rest. Gotta rebuild that line. A great running game will do wonders for Orton......

Michael Johnson, has huge potential they say? Cedric Benson or CB (Complete bust)also had huge potential and production but there was a lot of fruit in that cake a real head case, bad work ethic etc.

Do you take a chance at #18 when you hear that Johnson can't finish or play consistent touch football for every play for 60 minutes? Seems there are some major questions as to his consistent level of play, is it worth the risk?

My thoughts are no Johnson at #18 and yes if he fell to #49. I like the OT idea of Oher at #18 if available or best productive elite player available at #18 then develop the DE talent we have and maybe go DE development player later in the draft. The one caveat is that the DE position may lose a player or two next year to free agency and or because of just complete lack of performance.

But I do think Marinelli will make a very positive difference and get more production than in past years out of the D line.

For once, can we pick a guy who actually gets it done? Is it that hard to pick someone who is NOT injured, does NOT have an attitude problem (mean streak is OK . . . OM THE FIELD), is a team guy, and WILL CONTRIBUTE IN YEAR 1? OT seems to be loaded in this draft and WR has some nice players that will be there in the 2nd round. So, I say OT at #18 and WR at #49. We can go OG or FS in round 3, or both if the league gives us the extra pick in that round for Berrian.

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