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Bears headed back to Oklahoma

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Hakeem Nicks isn't the only highly touted prospect the Bears are going to investigate next week.

Ed Thompson
of reported that the Bears will put Oklahoma offensive tackle Phil Loadholt through a private workout, and we've confirmed that will take place next week. Offensive line coach Harry Hiestand is a good bet to attend. Southwest scout Chris Ballard was at Oklahoma's pro day last week and the Bears were known to have interest in the 6-8, 332-pounder coming out of the Senior Bowl. He played left tackle for two seasons for the Sooners but projects as a right tackle in the NFL.

Loadholt would instantly add some bulk to the line. While he was in Division I-A for only two seasons, scouts and coaches feel they have a good handle on his game from tape review because the potent Oklahoma offense averaged nearly 80 snaps per game. Loadholt was an all-state center in high school basketball in Colorado and that gives an indication to his athleticism and ability to move for a big man.

The Bears are not the only team doing more work on Loadholt. Atlanta, Cleveland and St. Louis have all had private meetings with him. The Minnesota Vikings, who sent coach Brad Childress and vice president of player personnel Rick Spielman to Norman, Okla., for the pro day are also scheduled to have another get-together with Loadholt.

Minicamp practice will be starting in a little less than an hour. Check back for updates.

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More and more it is shaping up that they draft Nicks or another WR in the 1st and trade up to get Loadholt in the 2nd. He is getting a lot of attention and may be gone before this can actually work out. We need a lot of help with the WR and RT positions. We'll see how it shakes out next month. Wow, that just seems like so far away.


Nicks will be a stud and Loadholt might end up a solid RT.

So unless we trade down 10-12 picks, here's one scenario that WON'T have me screaming at the TV and scaring the kids:

1st round = Hakeem Nicks
2nd round = Phil Loadholt
3rd round = Pat White

Outside of this I wouldn't mind:

The best available OT in round 1
receiver like Robiskie in round 2
a FS or OG in round 3, or both if we get an additional 3rd round pick from the league.

Pump the breaks boys, who said Nicks was there favorite reciever, it's a little early yet. Last I checked Bey was there number one WR target. There is a problem with your theory Tom. The words Trade and Up are never to be spoken at Halas hall in the same sentence. Besides you probably won't have to trade up for Loadholt, he is strictly a RT ans his feet are questionable at best. Nice size but not very strong for such a big man.

As for Nicks people I don't see him going in the first round he is a second round talent. I really think there are only two true first round recievers this year, in Crab and Maclin, if you can Land Britt or Nicks in round two that is what you do. Remember last year not a single reciever was taken in round 1. This year only two are worthy, there is also Robiskie, Bey, Murphy prospects for round two, Bey and Nicks will probably be around in round 2 and I think that is were the Bears are looking WR. Loadholt is a round 2 or 3 guy and has 7 to 8 tackles rated higher than him, I don't think the Bears have looked at a round one guy yet. But from what I can tell they are looking Rd 1?, rd 2 WR, rd3 OT/FS, rd4 FS/OL. I don't know were there comp pick is yet so thats why I have two for rd 3 and 4.

My guess for the first pick is QB(Cutler I can dream don't ruin it for me), or OT, CB, DL.

I seem to agree with you most of the time Creighton. However, you fail to mention Harvin who is first round talent. Murphy is IMHO no better than third or fourth round talent.

IMHOtep I don't see Harvin as a 1st round talent, his health and lack of experience in a pro system make it a big question mark. He has the tools but he will take more work than the others to become a reciever. Durablitiy is a huge question mark with him. However that just means another guy for round 2.

Dline and Oline will get there big runs in round 1, your talking 14 players right there at least, at least 2 QB's, 2 WR, 2-3 RB's, 4-6 LB's maybe 4-5 DB's, 1 TE. Thats 32 players right there easy.

By the way at least 6 of the big mocks out there have Nicks falling past the Bears in round 2. Most think he will be there.

With St. CLair gone RT just got bumped to the head of the pack in terms of draft need, there is only one real OT on this teams and he has a bad back.

My own mock has the Bears going

1. Britton OT
2. Nicks WR, cause Britt is gone
3. Levitre OG, Comp Zack Follet OLB
4. Martin FS

Personally, I like the first 3 picks and have recommended Bowman's move to FS since they drafted him last year. I'd hold out for Major Wright at FS next year.

How's this?

trade with eagles (our 18 and 115 pick for their 21 and 85 pick)
trade with lions (our 84,85 pick for their 33 pick)
keep comp pick (3rd or 4th?)
21- Britton
33- Harvin/Britt
49- Levitre
comp- DE
146- LB
177- CB


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