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Bears firm up two more pre-draft visits

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The Bears have lined up a couple more official visits to Halas Hall for players who went under the radar of the scouting combine last month.

Oregon State safety Al Afalava is reportedly scheduled to visit the Bears soon. He's a big hitter in the secondary who had an impressive pro day that Bears West Coast scout Marty Barrett attended.

Afalava, who is considered a strong safety, ran the 40-yard dash in 4.47 seconds, quieting any questions there were about his speed. He did 25 reps on the bench press at 225 pounds, had a 10-5 broad jump and soared 40 inches for his vertical jump. That's posting some big numbers for a 5-11, 207-pound safety, and here is a look at his pro day. If you want to see him in action, check out this crushing hit.

Still, Afalava is considered a late-round prospect. His ball skills are not the best but the Bears are not the only team looking into him. Indianapolis and Seattle have also set up meetings with him.

Iowa tight end Brandon Myers will also visit Halas Hall. He had a pretty good showing earlier this week at his pro day, running the 40 in 4.78 seconds.

He was an honorable mention all-Big Ten selection and is another late-round selection who the Bears need to get medical information on. The team could be looking for a blocking tight end in the back end of the draft. Kellen Davis didn't take to the role real well last season as a rookie and the club missed veteran John Gilmore, who signed in Tampa Bay after the Bears refused to pay him more than veteran minimums in base salary even though they were offering the same bonus money as the Buccaneers.

Both Afalava and Myers were arrested during their college careers and may have to answer questions about those incidents.

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Alfalfa is a 7th round pick at best?? Oh wait he had a DUI this is a Angelo top 3 special. Just what the Bears need a 7th round DUI SS, another SS. Angelo loves him some strong safety's.

Yes lets get another TE, just what the Bears need, cause none of our guys have the heart to block. Pathetic.

I have been off the blog for a few days now. Let me hit each topic. The signing of Schaffer is a good thing and he is way better than Swinging Gate St Clair. This definitely gives the team flexibility in the draft.

I just finished reading what everyone was saying about Britton, Robiske, Britt, Nicks, Loadholt etc. All are good and would help this team out.

Also, the first and third pick for Cutler would be icing on the cake. Throw in Orton or Hanie to get it done. This is the longest long shot ever.

Now to this article. REALLY, a tight end when we already have 2 solids in Clark and Olsen. When they are both on the field we have a great 2 tight tandem. Why waste an invite on a TE? REALLY.

Glad to see they are finally looking at WR's and Free Safety's which are now the 2 most pressing needs. Yes I would love a young tackle in the first, but with big Schaffer on board I hope they take the best player available.

I do really like the combo of Britton and Robiske with the 1st 2 picks, but will Robiske still be there???


I think Robiskie will be a super star, I hope we get him some how.

TE is is being looked at because you need a blocking TE...clark is an ok blocker olsen is bad...and davis didnt show much in the way of blocking skills...and actually now that i think of it...if another TE is drafted in the 7th rnd or FA then you can possibly move davis back to DE which he wasnt bad at when he was at MSU

FA visits are usually for players that didnt get invited to the combine that you want to get a closer look at for UFA or late round picks...

def nothing to get on the JA sux train about

Creighton i understand the sarcasm but these moves mean nothing in the big picture of bears football...its news for news sake...and nothing to beat the drum about

Justin, well it's a slow day, yeah I know they need a blocker but I was mad they took davis in the first place instead of Oline with the pick. Davis was known to be a bad blocker and they got him for that purpose, which just had me shaking my head. As you say this is just news for news sake. Thats why my comment is just a comment for comment sake, it doesn't mean anything. It's just board at work waiting to leave clowning around.

Hi Tom, yeah I am changing my tune on Shaffer, I forgot Mangini was the new head coach now the move makes sense to me. Mangini is crazy. We should offer Omiyale for Thomas that fool would take it in a second. We should also offer a 4th rounder for Braylon Edwards who he is already shopping.

Isn't amazing at the egos the Belichek tree harvest? Mangini in Cle(dude was Jauronish leading the Jets), The Douche in Denver(F**k my proven QB, gimmee that one yr wonder)...It's kinda funny seeing them fall flat on their face w/ out their Billy security woooby blanket.
Remember when Charlie & Romeo were the can't miss hires? If Braylon Dropsie is available, send a 3rd rounder for him...he creates space, and should sell more jerseys than rashied Davis...But Hester will probably wanna renegotiate his contract again since he's a threatened superstar!

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