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Bears continue doing homework on wide receivers

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Jerry Angelo may be fixated on the quarterback position, but judging by the Bears' actions of late, he's fixing to do some work at wide receiver.

You can add another wideout to the growing list of players the Bears are going to get together with prior to the draft. Ohio State's Brian Robiskie is expected to meet 1-on-1 with the club. Whether it's a private workout in Ohio or a visit to Halas Hall is not known at this point.

What is known the Bears have added him to their radar. Robiskie, whose father Terry is a coach for the Atlanta Falcons, had a big junior season for the Buckeyes before his numbers dipped last year, possibly a function of the team switching to freshman quarterback Terrelle Pryor. He's got good size at 6-3, 210 pounds, and while speed isn't his forte, his 40 time at the combine at 4.5 put some teams at ease.

Stay tuned.

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Ding Ding Ding Ding!!! We have the winner! I've been saying it all along that Robiskie is the right guy for us. But here is the real question...Will he be there for us at 49? If we take our tackle at 18 and get lucky enough to get Robiskie at 49 we would sure up two positions in a heartbeat. Hester would be our deep threat, Robiskie would be the big, possession guy, and we could throw Earl Bennett in the mix for the slot WR. That along with Olson, Clark and Forte, and we are starting to look like a real offense! Throw in a FS in the 3rd round and we would really be in business!

Well Robiskie is a second rounder, which still leaves the first pick available for Cutler. I'll forgive Angelo almost everything he has ever done, if he brings Cutler.

What a football player this guy is. Just throw it around him and he catches it. Big, strong target that can fight off a jam and he's already an accomplished blocker. Excellent route-runner who, IMO, has the highest floor of any receiver in the draft thanks to his intelligence, work ethic and his dad's insights. Probably a half season ahead of the other wideouts just because he's better prepared to be an NFL receiver.

He also has good speed but I'm concerned that he would occasionally disappear in games. I never really got the feeling he was capable of taking a game over like other receivers could. But when "Beanie" Wells was healthy and bull-dozing defenses, why would Ohio St want to throw? That said, I think 18 is a little high for him and feel that Britt probably has a higher ceiling. The problem is, when it comes to drafting wideouts it's always such a crap shoot.

I think Jerry's struggle is determining the bigger drop off between Britton and Loadholt, or between the top WRs and Robiskie.

If he drafts Britt in the first round, is Loadholt and Britt a better combo than Britton and Robiskie?

I think Robiskie is the most polished receiver in this year's draft as far as route running, catching the ball, and doing all the little things necessary to be a success. But he had a lot of help to get there in his father. So are we looking for the true #1, as many of us do not see Hester as a real #1, or are we looking for the complement to Hester's speed, where we would have 2 #2 receivers for the foreseeable future?

Britt could be a #1, as could Crabtree, Maclin, and possibly Nicks. DHB is Berrian, and Harvin is Hester. I like Robiskie, and if we draft him in round 2, then the odds are we either made a deal with our first round pick, or we drafted Britton. Long term, I see Robiskie being a Steve Largent-type player, where working hard and dedicating himself to his craft will make him hard to cover over a long career, and having that speed on the other side will only make his life easier.

He's from Wide Receiver U. Ask the Steelers how they feel about their Buckeye, S. Holmes. Ask Peyton Manning how he feels about A. Gonzalez.
You can't go wrong with a receiver from WRU!

creighton I agree with you 100% All will be forgiven if Angelo brings in Cutler

Joe I don't think Loadholt will be a bear, the Bears are checking out Beatty a first round OT and Meredith a 1-2nd round OT. I think they will like Meredith a bit, he is a good pass blocker, has long arms and his strong. The Bears seem to like athletic OT's more than mauler types. So even tthough they just inked Shaffer there still looking at first round OT's. I would not mind seeing Britt, Meredith. Also there is nothing wrong with getting recievers who compliment eachother. In fact thats what good recievers do. Boldin and Fitzgerald are a great example of that.

To me Hester is a slot guy, thats were I think he should be, I think he is a number three. I don't think he has the hands or rout running to be anything more than that. If you want to replace Hester at Flanker then you look at Harvin and Maclin, if you want to compliment him then you look at a guy who projects to Split End like Britt or Robiskie. By the way Fitzgerald is a split end, so even if it's the number 2 spot, you can still be the number 1 guy. My big worry for Britt is can he beat the Jam. If he can't then he has to go to the Z and Hester would be bumped inside to the slot. Britt may be a poor mans Randy Moss. He does run very nice routs though and has really nice hands, just bad concentration.

In my humble opinion I believe Hester will arrive this year and with a solid dependable Robiske type on the other side and Bennett in the slot that looks ok to me rotating in Rideau good TE play this could be a effecient offense with improved line play at POA this could be better than you think. Cutler would be too high a price and would retard the development of the future, I really believe Hanie and Basenez are going to be the near future. Cutler looks good because of the system remember Greise made the Pro Bowl in that system, look how many RB's just keep on coming in that system go somewhere else and poof [except Portis]. There is no guarantee that Cutler would be a star here. What if he is a system QB. Think about it even his own coach wanted Cassell instead of Cutler because of the system. So all you guys who are fixtated on Cutler really look close at what is going on he is also a prima donna and a whiner and now he wants to go [boohoo]. But look at Orton not a peep even after Angelo called him out saying "he wants to stabilize the QB position" how stupid can you get when you had no O-Line at that time. The chemistry is bad enough around here and in my opinion Cutler would make it worse.

I'd rather take a WR who was consistently productive in college. It's only going to be harder at the NFL level, and the Bears don't exactly have the formula for success when it comes to the passing game, so I'd rather not take someone who needs just the right circumstances for success.

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