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Bears check out more programs on Tuesday

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Oklahoma and Auburn were not the only places the Bears showed up at on Tuesday.

Scouts also surfaced in Lawrence, Kan., at the Kansas pro day and in Seattle at Washington's pro day.

At Kansas, the Jayhawks had some linebackers on display--Joe Mortenson, Mike RIvera and James Holt. Rivera and Mortenson have battled injuries the last few seasons but did well.

At Washington, Huskies center Juan Garcia might be the only player drafted. He was the only player from the program invited to the scouting combine. The Bears reportedly showed some interest in right tackle Chad Macklin, who is a free agent after being draft eligible last year.

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I have to agree with dozenduece yesterday that if we resign St Clair he will clearly start at the RT spot and then we end up drafting a guy who will sit a whole season rather than getting a player that will play this year. I totally agree on taking a RT with te #18 pick, but if he is going to sit behind big a@# St Clair all year then I would like to see them take a WR #1 and get that kid game ready. Then in 2 take Loadholt or any other tackle that is there and get a FS in round 3 since we don't have 1 on the roster right now.
What I would like is that they do not resign St.Clair and draft Oher or Britten at 18 and let the rookie start at RT. If anything happens they can move Omiyale to RT and insert Beekman at LG. Sounds easy enough. Then we wouldn't have the swinging gate big a@# St Clair take a year of game time away from a solid rookie.


This team is a joke! I don't want to hear during the season how bad our "O" line is when there are plenty of free agent tackles that could or could have upgraded this joke! What are these Bozos doing and what are they waiting for? The NFL world is passing this team by! They are cheating us fans and I'm sick of it! I also can not believe we are going to mini-camp with this loser threesome of QBs. We are in big trouble! Orton sucks, Hanie is an undrafted unknown, and this other guy is a practice squad reject! No WRs, no free safety, old "D", AWE CARUMBA!! Nothing at all to look forward to but Jerry screwing up the draft! Ditka, where are you!!

What Tomk forgets is that St. Clair also plays guard. So does Obi-what's-his-name. I don't claim to know what the Bears are thinking, but either way I would still rather see a tackle in Rd 1. It's not a disaster to have a lineman sit for a time and blend in after more practice time. As important as talent is, playing together is very important too. Further, the failure rate of WRs is too great in Rd 1, as is the success rate in Rds 2-4. At this point I am ambivalent about St Clair's signing. If he leaves, so be it. I think we agree on that point.

Am I the only one that actually watches tape on these guys? I wouldnt draft Oher unless he fell to me in the second round and no one better was available. The dude cannot pass block. St.Clair needs to be re-signed and pay him enough money that you can say: "you have to win a starting job". Then if he doesnt he cant bitch about being a backup again, and we still have depth at tackle. I wouldnt mind Britt or Nicks with the 1st round pick. Honestly after passing on Housh, Coles, T.O., and I would guess Holt, in free agency we have to draft a wide out that can start in the first round. Oh and to "Tripper" dude the bears have had two good QB's the entire history of the franchise Erik Kramer and Jim Harbaugh. Id put Orton in the top 5 for the bears, because honestly we havent made it a priority ever in the history of the franchise to attract and groom the position. Go back and watch tape of McMahon in 85 look at how sloppy he was and how many risks he took and his stat line then come back and you'll be happy that we at least have Orton and not Sage Rosenfelds as our starter.

The Bears management is a joke! we need playmakers besides Forte, Hester and Olsen! Even if Cutler becomes available (if so the bears better do whatever it takes to get him) he'll need some weapons here. We need to draft a WR, we can get an OT in the second round or even the third round. In the fourth i would take another WR and look for OG and FS in later rounds. As far as FS Darren Sharper is out there.....what are the Bears waiting on.....he has at least 2-3 good productive yrs left! Once again that damn management is going to make us fans suffer because they have turned into the MISERS of MIDWAY!!!!!! Wake up Angelo, for that matter wake up's 2009 not 1980 anymore...get a real NFL OFFENSE!!!!

Tripper did you say "Awe Carumba"? Thanks for taking us back to the Simpsons of the 90's.

Also, Greg if you see what I said I would also like them to draft a tackle round 1. But if the kid is only going to ride pine all year behind St. Clair then the first pick would be better used on a receiver that could play right away. With the pile of crap we have at the receiver position I would like to see them roll the dice on a WR, rather than see if Bennett can actually read the playbook this year. The Score reported that was the reason he did not play until week 16, the kid just was stupid.

So again if no St Clair please take tackle round 1 if big a@@ swinging gate is back go with a wideout round 1.


Does Rod Marinelli play QB?????....that's our only hope.....ORTON $#@#$!!!!!!!....Where are you Peter Tom????

Tomk4054; Did I read you right? Are you actually trying to say a kid that went to Vandy is dumb! That's a big stretch to take there my friend, I hope you are just joking, my take on it was that the kid did not have confidence based on his performance in the pre-season and the BEARS trying to win did not want to ruin his confidence, treat last year as a red-shirt year for him and hope he performs similiar to what we got out of Beekman last season once he hits the field. Nothing can hurt a receiver more in the league than to get a reputation for having short-arms or the dropsies, I think the BEARS did the kid some justice by not letting him play last season, even though we fans want to know what he can do and if he can help the team, we'll get our answer this season for sure....Go BEARS

Does Kyle Orton play QB?????...that's our only hope...ORTON RULES!!!!

Tomk the one thing you are forgetting is first year WR's don't tend to play that great. In fact most players need a year to get acclimated, RB's tend to jump into the NFL ok, but usually only elite talant have really good first years at most positions. It really doesn't matter who they take first or second, what matters is they get the best guy they can get for there team, even if someone has to sit this year, if they go on to have a great 12 year career in the long run I think most of us could live with that. They really do need to get guys who can start day one with the first three picks but that is a lot easier said than done. Plus even if they do start, what you want is quality starts. Line is the safest way to go in that case, on either side of the ball, but in Angelo's case DE is a lot harder to find than RT or DT and you rally don't want to go OG/C that early.

Chitown: I know how smart you have to be to get into Vandy, but sometimes they make acceptions for athletes. I don't know if this is the case. What I am referring to is what I heard on the Score when I was listening and all they could talk about was how dumb Bennett was, that he couldn't get the playbook and that the material was too hard. From hearing that I have to believe that this kid is just not smart. I truly hope this is not the case because we all saw the crappy receivers that played ahead of him last season. Boy I hope he studies this offseason because we NEED a HUGE upgrade at that position. I hope he tears it up this season because Orton needs someone who can catch. All I remember though is how many times Bennett dropped the ball during preseason.
I hope this year is different.

Wide Receiver in round one can be a crap shoot, you might hit and you might not. With the available WR talent in the draft a WR pick in round 2-3 might be better.

The Bears are best served to draft a top OT at #18 if a quality rated OT is available? Otherwise maybe DL or Linebacker may be the better value at #18 or trade down for more picks and get your guy maybe a Wr late in round one or early round two. I truly believe you need to get value for the pick if you take a guy #18 that you could have had in round two then that is not a good move.

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