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Bears bring in free agents for minicamp, including Glenn Earl

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The Bears signed Josh Bullocks to a one-year contract last week, but they remain shorthanded at safety and are bringing in help for minicamp.

Veteran safeties Glenn Earl and Curome Cox and linebacker Tim McGarigle will participate in the three-day minicamp on a tryout basis, multiple league sources said.

Earl and Cox both have experience playing for new secondary coach Jon Hoke in Houston. Earl, who is a Naperville North product and played at Notre Dame, is considered a strong safety. He was cut at the end of preseason last year by the Texans. Earl was knocked out of the 2007 season with a torn Lisfranc ligament suffered in preseason against the Bears so he has not been on the field in a regular-season game since 2006.

Cox is a versatile player who has bounced around from Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans and Houston. He can play both safety positions and may be able to contribute as a nickel back but is best known as a special teams player who is a good athlete.

McGarigle, the St. Patrick product, was a seventh-round pick by the St. Louis Rams in 2007 from Northwestern. He was released at the end of last summer.

The free agents have to sign waivers that absolve the Bears of any responsibility should they be injured. It's a good chance for the club to evaluate the players next to their own.

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true story. cedric benson was the guy who ran over glenn earl and tore his lisfranc in that '07 pre-season game. ah, good times.

Can I come to mini-camp, too? I played safety at BGSU but I have whitemans disease.I can't be any worse then these jokers!

How bad to you have to be to get cut by the Rams?? You know what this team really needs are some World League players, add some flavor spice to the mix. Someone from the the German Bratwurst league. mmmmmmmmmm Bratwurst.

Seriously, these clowns are better than Mike Brown? Really?? Wow, no wonder our D was so bad last year.

Hey Dan at least it looks like the Safety position has Angelo's attention, let no rock be unturned in the search to find a healthy and viable replacement for Mike Brown.....Still these guys are all bodies, we might get lucky, but if Bullocks does not pan out early in mini camp then we will know what round to look for the heir apparant free safety to picked in this year.... By the way I didn't know they had that many good HS players at Naperville North, they were terrible back in the day.....

The yard sale continues. Jerry must check the want ads daily. Lets see whats for sale in the "Scrap DB Section".....Wow look at that.. Hey Lovie..throw me the phone quick!!!!!

This story is a non issue. All 3 of these players are TERRIBLE. Please, 2 of them get cut by the Texans....their defense sucks and then the other clown gets cut from the Rams. There is no need to look at these guys. What a waste of time.


Bring back Mike Brown!!!

Slim pickins from the waste bin!

Seriously, everyone's whining about this. They are not signed and they are there for one reason: to fill out the numbers. These three have as much a chance to make the team as Cade McNown making a comeback. Take a deep breath.

The musical chairs at defensive back continues, with Zack Bowman getting moved from corner to free safety. He HAs played there before, but there has to be something to be said for getting a chance to learn one job before switching to another one. Daneel Manning, Israel Idonije, Hester, now Bowman. It appears Lovie Smith has never heard the phrase: 'Jack of all trades, yet master of none.' No wonder there's no consistancy in the secondary.

Also, as another poster stated: Cut by the Rams and Texans? Two defensive powerhouses right there...

Gus you comment makes no sense.

"Seriously, these clowns are better than Mike Brown? Really?? Wow, no wonder our D was so bad last year."

You do realize that Mike Brown started (15) games last year right ???

That means the Defense that sucked last year featured Mike Brown so how is bringing him back going to improve the Defense ???

Mike Brown has the heart of a warrior but his body is shot. Mike Brown is and always will be one of my favorite Bear players but the time was right to part ways. Brownie hasn't been healthy in over (4) years and that nagging calf injury that cost him time in (3) games and (1) missed start last season has haunted him since 2005.

About these invited, try-out players coming to mini-camp. Some of you guys complain just to complain. What is the harm in bringing in a few players on a try out basis ???? What will it cost the Bears ???

It will cost the Bears ZIP, nothing, these guy's could break their necks and be paralyzed for life and the Waiver says the Bears have NO liabilty. These guy's are not under contract so why BIOTCH about three scrubs filling out a mini-camp roster ??

Get a hobby or do something else until the 80-man roster is posted for training camp, gees.....

Go Bears !!

Benson look who is talking your doing more b####### than anyone else, your b####### about b#######. You telling people to get a hobby when you post all the time. Dude you not only a B####, but your a hypocrite. Just look at your name, your name is all about B#######. Thats pathetic dude. Maybe you should get a hobby, if you don't want people posting maybe you shouldn't post at all. Show us how it's done. Yeah go get a Hobby Bensonsucks.

Blah... Blah.... Blah....

Your the biggest boob on these boards Creighton. Everything you type is this guy is crap, that guy is garbage, the Bears suck this, the Bears suck that. Sometimes when I read your posts I wonder if you really are a Packer fan in disguise...

If you were as smart as you try to come off in your posts then you'd be running a pro team right now and your not so buck up trooper and stop complaining all the time. If someone doesn't agree with you you go on the "internet bully attack" and frankly, it's laughable tough guy...

It's not like ANYONES opinion's on these threads mean a thing to the Bears or even to Brad !!

One question, you're saying Benson doesn't suck ??

just wondering.....

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