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Bears announce Hillenmeyer, Dvoracek to be sidelined at minicamp

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The Bears announced on their Web site that veteran linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer and defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek will be sidelined during minicamp this week.

Hillenmeyer was sidelined during the season last year following surgery on his right hand. It's not known if that is the injury that he is rehabilitating. Hillenmeyer has been in Hawaii as the Bears' representative at the NFL Players Association annual meeting.

Dvoracek is still rehabbing his way back from a torn right biceps suffered in Week 13 at Minnesota. He has landed on injured reserve in three consecutive seasons and entering the final year of his contract, Dvoracek must stay on the field. He was sidelined for a good portion of the offseason program a year ago and then again in training camp.

*** Also, the Bears announced that Frank Omiyale will work exclusively at left guard. That is what has been expected all along, at least in most circles.

*** Zack Bowman will be used at free safety and Josh Bullocks will run with the first team at the position. That's because Craig Steltz will line up at strong safety with Kevin Payne still recovering from shoulder surgery. Cornerbacks Charles Tillman and Trumaine McBride will also be sidelined meaning Corey Graham and Nathan Vasher are expected with the first team at cornerback.

*** Elsewhere, John St. Clair will arrive in Cleveland a little later today to meet with coach Eric Mangini and general manager George Kokinis. St. Clair will also take a physical.
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Good news that they are using Omiyale at LG. Now it is almost a 100% that they will draft a RT who can start day one. I have always liked Dusty but he needs to go, the kid is NEVER healthy. With all of the other players on the sidelines really means nothing because the training camp is months away. Hope they heal quickly. This is a good start evaluating the team before the draft.


bowman certainly has the measurables to play fs

the question is will his health let him...he was an injury risk coming in but was a good gamble...high round talent at mid round price...

and obviously can he pick up the mental nuances of the position is important...this TC will be very interesting

Dvoracek is one of those reliable players. Reliable to get injured EVERY season. Now thats consistency, baby. I don't care who you are Dusty deserves a reward to committing himself to that IR list. Go Dusty! Lead the way brother, lead the way!

If Jerry says the answer is QB and that is where it all starts then I would like to see them make the move or at least talk about the Cutler situation. He is by far better than anyone coming out of college this year. He is a 3 year vet who will only get better. Can throw the deep ball with accuracy, is mobile and can move in the pocket. Has been voted to the Pro Bowl and at times looked very solid. Will they at least explore the trade? I hope so.
Trade our #1 pick and Orton. Sign a free agent RT who can keep the spot warm for a rookie they can sign in round 2 and then take 2 WR in the 3rd round with FS,C, and DE to round out all the picks.


Zack Bowman at free safety? Is this long term or just for mini-camp?Let's hope it is long term. What about Beekman? I'd let him play center. Olin is too old. Is this O line getting rebuilt or what? SWEET!! It's about time! GO BEARS!

Death, taxes, and Dusty being unavailable due to injury....

I am not sure I like the idea of Omiyale working exclusively at LG. I think he will be a nice complement to a young LT in Williams, especially given his quick feet, but I think we need to be more physical on the left side than two pass blocking specialists can make us. Buenning would be a better option on the left in my opinion, and Omiyale would work well on the right with a rookie or free agent pickup at RT.

I still don't get the fascination with Garza. I have seen a number of reports where people say Garza has a strong anchor point, but I can't even count how many cases where the line of scrimmage was re-established in the backfield by steamrolling him. I never see the LOS four yards downfield with his man....

Omiyale could be a decent option at guard, but why not put him at RT AND LT to get some work? We don't have one right now, and it is only minicamp. A veteran lineman can learn the playbook during the offseason, so why not see how his footwork translates to the outside on either side? Once again, I think the Bears coaching staff is trying to force a square peg into a round hole, which subsequently make our entire organization look like a bunch of round holes....

Is there anyone out there that thinks Orton is better than Cutler?? I bet not. Nobody in the NFL would think that, that is why we should do anything and everything to get him here! Angelo if you really are "fixated" on the QB position, do it NOW!!! Your job could and should depend on it!!!

Joe- I am with you on Garza and have been hoping he will see the door for awhile now. Keep him as back up is fine, if he starts over Buenning then I guess Buenning isn't as good as advertised.


Food for thought, if Dusty is still hurt that means he is not training for the season. Which means he is already behind.

NBS your just going to get yourself worked up over nothing, Angelo won't even try for Cutler. And when Cutler goes to the Lions or Browns you will loose it and go off on Orton. It's not even really Ortons fault he sucks, if someone payed you to play QB in the NFL i am sure you would do it too. Why he was made a starter is all on Lovie and Angelo not on Orton.

If someone did a lobotomy on the Kyle Orton related section of NBS's grey matter, would he have any brain left? Talk about fixation, the guy's fixated on Orton like a starving coyote is fixated on a fresh carcass. Does he wash his hands every time he thinks about Kyle Orton, going through a gallon of liquid soap a week? Can you imagine NBS as a conversationalist:

Friend of NBS. "It's a nice sunny day, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow."
NBS to friend. "Kyle Orton sucks, I hope the Bears get rid of him!"
Friend to NBS "Uh, ok." (Shrugs shoulders, leaves the room.)

Creighton, good point but how many games will we win with Orton? Not as many as we should! Oh, well. I'll keep bitching until he's gone, sorry............clownpoet,I'm just fixated on wanting to win. Aren't you sick of the same old crap year after year??? 20 some different QBs to the Packers 2. I gotta puke!!!!!!!!

I actually liked Dusty. He showed a lot of promise to me. But facts are facts. The dude just can't stay healthy. And that has to be considered in the team's decision making.

Bowman to FS, is a decision that I like. I hope the kid can prosper at that position. Not that I'm down on Bullocks. Yeah, I've seen the video. It wasn't good. But lets see them make a video of our current star's bad plays. Lets see an Urlacher video, an Olin Kreutz video, A Garza video, a D-line video, an Orton video and the list goes on and on. Until he makes bad plays in a Bears uniform, like our current players do, then I'll reserve judgement. May the best man win.

I totally agree with Joe on the Garza situation. I don't understand the love. Same with Olin. We've all watche them both get pushed in the backfield time after time. I've also watched Olin on screens and pulls completely whiff on blocks, ending up in the dirt all alone. So if Omiyale is penciled in at RG, then Beekman should have first run at either C or RG. You can even throw Buenning in the mix. As far as I'm concerned, Beekman can continue to hold down HIS LG position. The kid did a pretty good job in his first year as a starter. Yes, some mistakes were made, but overall a good job. The only reason to move him is if he's challenging Olin for the Center postion. Omiyale is the new comer and can challenge Garza on the right side. Since Beekman has already established himself as the LG, he should be allowed to continue to grow in that position. Instead of moving him around. That's my two cents!! Go Bears!!!!!

As much as I usually disagree with moving a guy to another position, I am a lot happier with the experiment of Bowman to FS than I would be with Tillman to FS. I think Bowman is capable of being a true centerfielder in the secondary, as he has excellent speed, good quickness, and as long as he can watch the QB from back there, he could be a solid ballhawk back there. Having someone with that kind of range is a huge benefit at FS. What he hasn't shown me is the willingness/ability to deliver the big hit. As he has somewhat of an injury history, that would lead me to think that he is not capable of being a Larry Whigham-type hitter (still think that guy was the hardest hitter the Bears have had in 15 years), but hopefully is a sure-enough tackler to not give up the deep plays...

NBS it's not just the QB, Cutler won 8 games last year, of course he had what had to be one of the worst defenses I have ever seen, in fact a lot of defenses last year were just brutal. The Bears Defense was really bad and gave up 350 points last year, the Broncos gave up 448 points oouch. So there are other factors in winning beside the QB.

You know not everyone is an Orton fan around here and believe it or not we have all figured out that you don't like him as well. In fact you would never have to post a comment on Orton again and we would still know you don't like him, you name kinda gives it away. Don't get me wrong I get a kick out of it but why don't you wait until he screws up again before you hammer him. Try bashing Angelo or Smith for awhile, there still screwing up left and right so you have plenty of ammo.

Dude everyone would love to have Cutler, but there is not really a chance for him to come here, and that is Angelo's doing. Go get NBS and good hunting. Just remember you can't have Cutler on the Bears because of Angelo. He wants you to have Orton.

I can't believe i'm saying this but as slow as the off-season has been i think the bears can still come out as big winners if they draft right and stay aggresive when an opportunity allows them 2. Cutler would be an ideal move but seems that it's 2 good 2 b true and if it seems that way it probably is. I'm excited to finally watch a bears team complete a drive by getting tough yards on 3rd and short. Time of possession should be in our favor if we can run the damn ball. I think Willams and Omiyale will really make an impact for forte and if we can get rid of garza and get a nasty gaurd we may battle for top rushing honors. wow Go Bears!!!

I dunno, JA has been showing an infactuation w/ the SEC as of late. Williams,Bennet...maybe Cutler? how bout the Safety from 'Bama? LSU's Johnson on the line? Guax BEARS!!


Pop quiz: how many players line up on the defensive side of the ball?

NBS, I'm not knocking your passion for the Bears, I am knocking your judgment. Kyle Orton is not why the Bears were not a good enough team last year. (not as bad as a lot of people think, but not good enough). I think some of it falls on the GM, the coaches and yes, the players. Especially the defensive players. There was a significant decline on that side of the ball that could not be plausibly blamed on injuries as it was in 2007. I blame part of that on the complacency of fat contracts, and some on poor coaching for not getting these players motivated. As for Orton, I think that for a while at least, he played at a high level and then got injured and didn't play so well. I think the Bears are making the right call on this one, he played well enough to deserve another look, but not well enough to get a long term contract.

Now I'm not crazy enough to think that the Bears shouldn't jump through fire to sign a guy like Cutler if they get a chance. Orton has a chance to be a good QB, but Cutler is about a year or two away from being an elite one. I just can't get behind the idea that Orton is some kind of no-hope failure though, and I won't be disappointed if he's the guy that starts the season. I just hope they have someone that can back him up if he gets injured.

you all are morons the bears will never get any one of cutler's stature. Cutler isnt even that good hes such a drama queen. Id rather see Michael Vick as QB for the Bears. Jerry Angelo is a sleeper and he won't make any moves this season or any season. We were stuck on Grossman for so long through all his injuries. Now they said Orton is QB and he's worse than Grossman. They're gonna give him the same oppurtunity as Rex and get stuck on him for at least 2 full years. I bet you all 1000 dollars...

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