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Bears add veteran offensive tackle Shaffer

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Almost a week after the Bears concluded their minicamp with a player they wanted to play at left guard manning the right tackle position, they have found an offensive tackle.

The club has agreed to terms with veteran Kevin Shaffer on a three-year contract. The 29-year-old was released earlier this month by the Cleveland Browns, who essentially replaced him with John St. Clair. Check back soon for more details.

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Solid move. It adds depth and experience to the O-line, and gives us a little more flexibility in regards to Omiyale. Perhaps he can start at LG, after all.

This will allow the Bears to move Frank Omiyale back to guard. Now the question is, what direction are the Bears gonna go in the first? Kevin Shaffer isn't great, but he is serviceable. Maybe the Bears signed him as a swing tackle, maybe a starter? Maybe the Bears like a certain second day tackle like Florida's Jason Watkins and they think Shaffer can hold the position down while Watkins develops. If Shaffer is seen as a starter, the Bears could draft defensive tackle Peria Jerry in the first now. Chicago is giving Arizona tackle Eben Britton a private workout, but that doesn't mean anything. With Tommie Harris standing on the sideline during mini camp, and Schaffer inking a three year deal, maybe the Bears will draft Peria Jerry at #18, we'll see GO BEARS!!

I like the signing. Not an all pro but solid enough to compete and be solid at RT and still young enough to be a fixture for a while. Now the Bears can go after Duke Robinson from Oklahoma at Guard in the second and with Beekman the successor to Kreutz at center and the fact Beekman and Buenning can play either Guard, the line goes from old to young in just a season with some flexibility in case of injury.
The signing frees up the 1st rounder to go after a WR or possibly trade it for Cutler although I doubt it. The signing makes a lot of sense even though it probably won’t garner much attention.

Oh goody, another injury riddled player who wasn't wanted by the same team that thought St. Clair was a better option.

This feeds my theory that JA has targeted Loadholt for the OT position, and is planning something else for the 18 pick instead of Britton. It will be either a WR, DE, or DT. My guess? trade down, then a DT like Ziggy Hood, and then WR, DE, OT, and FS between the second round and the end of the third (assuming Jerry gets an extra second or third for trading back)

If he is healthy, Shaffer can be a decent option as a fill-in until our RT of the future is ready, but he should not be viewed as more than that. Also, he is not capable of playing the left side, so he can't be the swing tackle on the roster. My guess is that they will consider Omiyale as the backup left tackle, and Shaffer and the rookie will be the depth chart at RT. Beekman will serve as the backup LG and backup C, and Buenning and Garza will be the RG tandem. Not a bad depth chart, except for the fact that Omiyale has 1 career start, Williams has none, and Garza shouldn't be starting for anyone. The drawback to a youth movement is that none of our youth has any playing experience, except Beekman, and he is going to be riding pine behind Omiyale. We continue to avoid getting game experience for our younger players outside of injury, and most of that experience has been in the secondary. Most teams that are successful find a way to get guys on the field in game situations, and not just in blowouts. They use them in sub packages to get them some live action when it matters, so they can see whether they can cut it at the pro level.

The thing that makes me wonder is why the 3 year deal? It is probably front loaded so that they can cut him after this season, but also gives them the flexibility to have an inexpensive player at a key position if he works out. I just hope our 3 year deal with him was less than the 3 year deal St. Clair signed.

this is a good move...Mangenius has no idea what he's doing out there seemingly and has been trying to get rid of players left and i can reasonably assume Shaffer has some talent.. this enables them to go for a skill player at 18 or even trade down a few spots for an additional draft pick if a club wants up to get sanchez or vontae davis or something...

they dont HAVE to tackle first...first 3 rds...yes...18th pick no....

allows the bears a bunch more flexibility with its pick...

does anyone have a scouting report on him? i know hes played all 16 games for some 4 seasons in a row and according to scouts he was the 8th best OT free avaliable this offseason...

anything out there more detailed about his ability?

Does this change who the Bears will pick at #18? I bet they go WR for sure now! Or now they can trade #18 (the pick and the QB) and go after Cutler!! We'll see.

Excellent! A much better and younger player than St.Clair. I wonder what they will pay him compared to what they offered St.Clair. I think when all is said and done, our O-line will be the strong suit of the Bears! BEAR DOWN!!!

Hopefully we didn't pay more than St. Clair got paid.

This could work out well. Odds are he can hold down the fort for a year while a young player learns the NFL game, as long as he is healed. That allows Omiyale to play LG, but Shaffer can't play LT, and neither can Loadholt, who I still think Jerry is targeting in round 2. So Omiyale would have to be the backup at LT, and we would have 2 RTs on the roster, unless they think we can get Andre Smith, who could play either side.

Jerry is making some interesting moves these days. He is preparing himself either to make a deal on draft day, or give himself a lot of flexibility to fill other positions like DT.

Good move for depth purposes. They still need to address the line by at least round 2. They need to get bigger and younger. maybe they look at a center now like unger.

Newer model but higher mileage. Wanna bet the payments are probably about the same?

Kneejerk reaction is he looks like a decent football player. The guy is durable and has started for 2 teams. Both teams had to look for a couple years and then spend a good draft choice before they were able to upgrade. Probably a little bit of an upgrade over St. Clair.

It is what it is, and that's flexibility going into the draft. There are 160 starting O-line guys in the NFL. They are not all going to be headline players.

This was a great move with signing Shaffer. I still believe though that the Bears should not ditch the idea of leaving Omiyale at right tackle since he has stated numerous times he is more comftorable their. I don't mind if the Bears experiment with Omiyale at guard, but please leave open the option of leaving him at tackle, when a player is more comftorable somewhere than it is typically a sign that he will play at a higher level there as well. This not only opens up the chances of taking a receiver first, but also the option of taking a free safety at #49, and then a tackle and guard with our 2 thirds. It certainly is nice to have options!!

With this move you can now bet that #18 will be a DL. Jerry Peria?? Ron Brace?? English? And Creighton.. despite your vast knowledge of the Tampa/Chicago-2 defense.. size on the DL does matter. Especially when the starting 4 are not getting consistent penetration. Just look at the GB game last year. JA said that the bears D is not really designed to stop the run. Hence the Briggs/Urlacher stack the A gap fiasco last year. Call it hybrid or whatever.. its an old D that is no longer effective. Why not put a massive 2-gap NT along side Harris? Good defenses are based on basic things. Stop the run first.. then attack the QB. Anytime someone got a lead on us, they started pounding the run. Overall the run D had high rankings, because they directed the LB's and the FS/SS to help out. Then the pass D went to hell. The whole D compensated to help out the D-Line. Not a smart way to play D. Guess I am an idiot.. but the front 4 hardly got a good conistent surge on running plays. You need that stud to create a mess in the middle. Gap shooting 290 pound DL are not gonna cut it. Why do you thing the 3-4 is coming back so quickly. I cant believe so many teams went away from it. The down 3 are big 2 gappers. The LB's then attack the play. Great D. So many different things you can do with it.. I would love to get Brace.

By Strass on March 25, 2009 6:17 PM
With this move you can now bet that #18 will be a DL. Jerry Peria?? Ron Brace?? English? And Creighton.. despite your vast knowledge of the Tampa/Chicago-2 defense.. size on the DL does matter

Umm Strass I am the one that said size matters you are the one that says it doesn't. And here is your quote.

By Strass on March 25, 2009 9:26 AM
"Creighton- English is not 240,, hes 255-260. And did you watch any of the Senior Bowl practises??? English was having his way with 300 pound linemen. We get so caught up in height/weight. If a guy can play.. a guy can play."

Looks like you didn't tell the truth. I got to tell you I don't like people who lie. Even more I don't like people who lie about me.

Here is my quote.

By Creighton on March 25, 2009 12:30 PM
"Strass English was lining up at the OLB at the Senior Bowl. Thats were he is predicted to play in the NFL. He ended the football season at about 240 most players finsh light. He put on 10 pound after the season. So yeah he will play at around 240-245. Tons of guys put on weight for the combine. Believe it or not size does count on the line."

Don't misquote me again to try and make yourself look good.

By the way if any of you hop over to the trib and look at the Britt private workout article. You will see I said they would grab Shaffer because Britt ran a 4.4 40 in his private workout and just flew into the first round. The Bears are brining him in for a private workout. Look for Britt in round one he is perfect for the Split end the Bears need. Angelo will go Oline probably in round 5.

I don't think Jerry is in there plans right now, I like him but they have all that money in Harris so it's hard to imagine they would do that. Have they even looked at him? Maybe a DE in round 2 though, or a FS or a dozen other needs. Ron Brace will probably go in the second round. They won't even look at Brace though, nothing against him but he is not the athletic DT they like for there system.

This also begs another question, Britt may still fall and there will be a lot of WR in round two, too be had. So round one is still not a lock on anyone. But we know they Like Nicks and Britt, both are getting Private Workouts. Have they even visited Brace and Jerry?

Anyway not really big on Shaffer but this is a typical Angelo move, he is a stop gap and nothing more, most say he was the worst player on the line for Browns. I mentioned here last week that the Bears would look to finish the line with a stop gap, thats how Angelo always builds his lines. The Bears line looks like it will have 3 FA on it and only one Angelo draft pick if he can stay healthy. That really is pathetic. To bad I really liked Britton and if Oher falls past the Bears I will laughing in a painful way.

Could you please give me next weeks winning powerball numbers?

Bears need to get bigger and younger on both sides of the ball. Since they bought in the D-Line guru there are some SWAC players that could be had in late rounds Sammie Hill of Stillman and Chris Baker of Hampton are nose tackles with size and strength for offensive linemen the Big Ten [especially Wisc.] and the MAC are loaded with 4-7 round linemen with size and experience, Boone [Ohio St.], Urbik and Kemp [Wisc.], Kropog [Tulane], Brewster[Ball St.], Lang[Ea. Mich.] and Parrish[Kent St.]. That being said now lets fix the WR, LB and safety in the first 3 rounds.

A nice story on the signing.
a coworker is from Cleveland and a big Browns fan so I will ask him what he thinks of this player. Basically I would ask why cut him? and then sign St. Clair?? This does not make alot of sense unless the Browns thought that St. Clair was better. At that price I would think they would just resign him....Not sure why Jerry would sign all these players that are not considered that great, but guess what? they are better than what we had. That's kinda funny, no it's not. I am positive I would not call it a great move, but it is a good move as we sure needed some depth, but I bet he's the starter and they will not go RT in the first now. It's kinda like how you always wanted a Vette but all the Vettes were already sold so you got a Mustang. Not a bad car, but not a Vette either. Not a John Tait by any stretch.
So whats our first pick?, some say WR but I beg to differ as Jerry drafted a WR last year in the 3rd round, and I dont think he will do that 2 years running, untill he knows what Bennett looks like this year. I am thinking trade down, as well.
I agree totally if Oher falls - that will be bad, watching us pass him as we got Shaffer. And yes I would rather have Britton or even Loadholt as Shaffer.

Omiyale has one career start at LT. Beekman has 16 starts at LG. Omiyale should not start at LG unless/until Beekman replaces Kreutz at center.

Signing Shaffer was mandatory. Displaying the ability to play RG will increase his chances of sticking with the team. Drafting an OT will make him more expendable because Omiyale will be the primary backup at 3 positions.

Angelo wants to dress 7 o-lineman on Sunday.

5.Rookie OT (Oher!)

In addition to a starting RT, Angelo needs to select someone capable of beating out Garza in training camp.

Hey Creighton... Ummm relax. I do not need the "dont misquote me" BS okay..? We are all Bear fans here and have our own opinion. You seem real quick to attack those that dont go with your flow. So unless you are an unemployed NFL coach, just take it easy and have a smoke or something. The point I made about having a D-Line guy be a force..(10+ sacks) is because this D that lovie plays requires that. Tampa's D was so great because they had 2 players who were studs in penetrating and getting sacks. (Sapp/Rice) We dont have that here. So unless they do something to fix the front 4, the D will not work. You say its not a tampa-2, but yet the front 4 are all smaller DL. I should say the DT are smaller. The last 2 years, the DL has not been able to establish any consistent pressure. So they sold out and forced every body up to the line. The rush D rating is misleading. Its an unsound philosphy. They either need to change the scheme or get some more troops in the trench to help out. Hence the comments about getting a huge play maker for the DL..

We also have to consider that Mangini and Browns management were trying to get Shaffer to restructure his deal to take reduced cap numbers to help them out. He refused, and was cut loose. So it might not have been a case where they thought St. Clair was better, but Mangini, like all Belichick disciples, thinks that showing you are in charge and will do whatever you want is more important than anything else.

Seriously, will any of his proteges ever amount to anything as a head coach?

For everyone who is "addicted" to bashing Bears' management, here is something I found. Not sure of the particulars (like who played next to who, was helped by double-teams, etc) or how reliable these stats are, but it should be worth noting that Shaffer, although labeled and paid as a swing tackle, seemed to "hold his own" last year when compared to everyone else.

1. Ryan Diem (Colts) 1.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
1. Jon Stinchcomb (Saints) 1.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
1. Ray Willis (Seahawks) 1.5 sacks allowed (10 starts)
4. David Stewart (Titans) 2.0 sacks allowed (16 starts)
4. Mark Tauscher (Packers) 2.0 sacks allowed (13 starts)
6. Ryan Harris (Broncos) 2.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
6. Tyson Clabo (Falcons) 2.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
8. Langston Walker (Bills) 3.0 sacks allowed (16 starts)
8. Nick Kaczur (Pats) 3.0 sacks allowed (14 starts)
10. Willie Anderson (Ravens) 3.5 sacks allowed (11 starts)
11. Kareem McKenzie (Giants) 4.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
11. Vernon Carey (Dolphins) 4.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
11. Kevin Shaffer (Browns) 4.5 sacks allowed (15 starts)
14. Jeff Otah (Panthers) 5.0 sacks allowed (12 starts)
15. Tony Pashos (Jags) 5.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
15. Marc Colombo (Cowboys) 5.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
17. Willie Colon (Steelers) 5.75 sacks allowed (16 starts) …RFA
18. John Tait (Bears) 6.0 sacks allowed (16 starts)
18. Jeremy Trueblood (Bucs) 6.0 sacks allowed (16 starts)
18. Ryan Cook (Vikings) 6.0 sacks allowed (14 starts)
18. Gosder Cherilus (Lions) 6.0 sacks allowed (13 starts)
22. Damien Woody (Jets) 6.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
22. Jeromey Clary (Chargers) 6.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
22. Jon Jansen (Redskins) 6.5 sacks allowed (11 starts)
25. Jon Runyan (Eagles) 7.0 sacks allowed (16 starts)
25. Damion McIntosh (Chiefs) 7.0 sacks allowed (16 starts)
27. Cornell Green (Raiders) 7.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
27. Alex Barron (Rams) 7.5 sacks allowed (15 starts)
29. Eric Winston (Texans) 8.0 sacks allowed (16 starts)
30. Stacy Andrews (Bengals) 9.5 sacks allowed (15 starts)
31. Adam Snyder (49ers) 9.5 sacks allowed (13 starts)
32. Levi Brown (Cardinals) 11.0 sacks allowed (16 starts)

I appreciate the stats Fly (I like stats!) Thanks, and it does put into perspective a little more about Shaffer, but the comment about addicted to bashing Bears mgmt. was a little off as most of us here will stop the `criticizing' :) Bears mgmt. when the Bears win the Super Bowl or at the very least go to the big game more than once every 20 years. That needs to be fixed, and I really don't feel an optimist should bash a pessimist on this site as the Bears mgmt. has not given us a reason not to criticize them. and missing the playoffs for 2 years straight after going to the Super Bowl is a major reason most of us are down on Jerry right now, I will praise him when he earns that praise. But missing the playoffs for 2 years running with the team he just took all the way is not earning that praise.
But fly keep up the stats as I said I (myself) really enjoy the stats, as it does help me (and others) see more of the picture.
Actually I like the move with Shaffer, I felt we could have done better though, but the stats you showed are encouraging.

Thanks! My point is fairly simple; certain bloggers on this site have predetermined that any and every move made by Bears' management is completely stupid. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if 99.9 percent of everything you say is critical of management, then you may be addicted! :) Although I understand your disappointment with these past two years, please consider a) the Bears were, in fact, the NFC Champs in 2006, b) the Bears were decimated by injuries in 2007 and c) the Bears did lock down just about every good player that they could (Harris, Urlacher, Hester, Gould, Tillman, Vasher, Clark, Brown). This is what most fans wanted, too. The fact is that most of these guys underachieved last year. The other fact is that Bob Babich is completely underqualified to be a Defensive Coordinator. Lovie seems to have corrected that already. This time last year, these same blogs had the Bears going 2-14. This year, they WILL win the NFC North. The young guys on offense (Orton, Hester, Olsen, Forte) will be better and the DEFENSE will be much improved. You heard it here, first. GO BEARS!!!

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