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Another lineman pops up on the Bears' workout radar

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They're not the first spring break destinations that come to mind, but Bears offensive line coach Harry Hiestand isn't going to be on vacation.

Hiestand will head to Oklahoma to work out the Sooners' Phil Loadholt next week and that's only one leg of the journey. The Bears also have a private workout scheduled for Wednesday, March 25 in Tucson, Ariz., with another offensive tackle--Arizona's Eben Britton.

The 6-6, 309-pounder decided to leave school with a year of eligibility remaining and is considered a possible selection in the second half of the first round right now. He is considered pretty athletic and probably projects as a right tackle. That is certainly where the Bears would look to use him or Loadholt as it becomes increasingly clear an offensive tackle will be one of the team's first choices in the draft.

Stay tuned.

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Another new day and no new QB!?!? Get your heads out of your a$$' Bears management! If we miss out on this once in a lifetime chance for a franchise QB in Cutler, this city and team will never be the same!!! If no Cutler, new coach, GM, CEO, etc. etc. etc. next year!! (Is that such a bad thing??) Orton is a good back-up, that's it!!!!

Yeah, it's a shame it came to this but it is what it is...

So many years of neglect and we are left with an unproven, injury recovered 2'nd year LT and Codey Balough who himself was a practice squad player for the Bears last season. Newly signed Frank Omiyale could fill in at OT but they want him at LG and he himself has extremely limited playing experience.

Loadholt is a BIG dude, if the Bears go WR at #18 then they would probably target Phil in round 2 but he may be off the board before the Bears 2'nd selection.

Britton would be the best option, take him at #18 and you can still find quality at WR in round 2. The Bears have a huge hole to fill on the O-line and the old saying is that it all starts up front so Angelo should make the O-line his top draft priority.

Go Bears !!

NBS, why are you so hard on Orton? I think he is a great QB in his navy blue and orange uniform. IN DENVER!!!! Make the trade, now before Minn or Det does. There is no player or draft pick I wouldn't give Denver for Cutler except Matt Forte! Like Jerry said, "The QB makes the receivers good, not the other way around." We are all waiting.......

This is the part of the draft process that still drives me crazy. All these teams try so hard to disguise who they are interested in, but we always tip our hand, and so does every other team, if people are paying attention. Especially now with the extra media coverage. All the smoke and mirrors stuff is just wasted effort any more. Everyone knows what everyone is doing, so why not just stop the smoke and mirrors stuff, and just execute your draft strategy in April?

That being said, Britton is the right pick at 18 in my opinion. Many feel he can step in right away at RT and play. He will learn on the job, but he has decent athleticism, good measurables, and can be part of a nice tandem of tackles for the next 10 years if Williams does what we expect him to.

The only exception would be if Maclin drops to 18. Then I would have a hard time making the call between the 2 of them. I would rather get Maclin and Loadholt than Britton and Robiskie (assuming Nicks will not be there at 49). Maclin and Nicks are the only true #1 WRs that I have seen in the draft process so far. Robiskie could be a TJ Houshmanzadeh type, Bey is Berrian, and Harvin is Reggie Bush (man without a real position). If we managed to get Nicks and Britton, I think I might actually do a happy dance, but the likelihood of that is pretty slim.

Now your talking, Arizona's Eben Britton is the player Chicago needs to bring in at #18, especially with St.Clair inking with the Browns yesterday. I say fix that Bear offensive line first, and bringing in Britton would go a long way in doing so. Chicago would finally have their bookends in last years first rounder Chris Williams and this season with Eben Britton if the Bears take him at #18 in april. If the Bears land Britton it could actually work out better for them than had they kept St.Clair, because now their gonna get younger on the offensive line. Britton is 6-6 310lbs, but scouts say he has the bone structure and room to carry at least 20 pounds without added bulk affecting his overall quickness. It starts up front, Britton would go a long way in making Matt Forte a more effective weapon for Chicago. Britton has the ability to engulf and pancake linebackers on the move having had 34 downfield blocks in 37 games. Britton's 15 touchdown-resulting blocks tied Virginia Tech's Eugene Monroe for most by an active NCAA division 1-A player. Here's another amazing stat on Britton, 70% of Arizona's offense generated came from Britton's blocks. Run-blocking wise, Britton drives off the snap hard, as he demonstrates the leg drive and feet to stay on his blocks and sustain, this is key for Matt Forte. This type of blocker could be the difference between Forte going over a 100 or 50 yards a game, again, it starts up front. In my opinion, Angelo needs to draft Eben Britton next month, get him signed, and get this Bear offense moving forward. Last season Angelo did the right thing going offensive line in the first, I hope he does it again with Britton this year GO BEARS!!

Wow Kevin....As much as I am starting to like Britton, you are bordering on a stalker...just kidding. Good to see that you are doing your homework. It helps all of us.

I see the Bears having two options at 18. Britton or bust. By bust I mean they need to get out of that spot and move back. If Britton is gone, or they decide to draft a player like Nicks instead and hope for Loadholt in Round 2, they need to move back to the 23-26 range, and get another 3rd rounder out of the equation. If they can get a third as compensation for Berrian, we have a pretty solid 3 round outlook:

1: Nicks
2: Loadholt
3: Eric Wood
3 from trade: Safety
3 comp: best LB on the board

If we stay at 18 and take Britton, here is what I would see happening:

1: Britton
2: Delmas
3: Robiskie or best WR on the board
3 comp: Eric Wood or Johnny Luigs

Either way is not so bad, but I would prefer Britton to Loadholt, but Nicks to any other WR outside of Maclin or Crabtree, neither of which we have a shot at in round 1. Maybe we avoid safety and count on the guys we have, and got for a WR in 2, and hope we get Bruton or another safety in the later rounds, and that could give us a shot at Britt in 2, but either plan works for me.

The only other thing to consider is what to do at DE/DT. Idonije, who was probably our most consistent DT, is being made into a DE again, so we have a hole at DT. Harris, Harrison, and Adams are the only sure things. Dvoracek will only be on the roster long enough to identify a replacement. Toeaina might be a decent nose backup in this defense, and Harrison could serve as the nickel nose and backup to Harris. But I could see Jerry going vanilla in this draft, and taking Britton in 1, and hoping one of the DEs like Johnson slides to 2. Or he makes a trade back with Carolina (assuming they make the Peppers trade to New England) for 34 and 59, and we use our 3 second rounders to draft Loadholt, Britt, and Delmas. That would leave our third and the comp pick to address the front 7 of the defense, or another OL. Carolina may want to move up for Johnson because of his physical skills at their RDE spot. They could replace Peppers with a less expensive option who has a lot to prove, and keep him close to where he went to college.

This is making me think more than I want to, but this is going to be an odd draft all the way around. The only thing we can count on is Jerry moving away from the top, not towards it...

Joe, you bring up a very good point about the Bears defensive tackle situation. I see second year defensive tackle Marcus Harrison is getting reps at nose tackle, this is interesting. Other than Tommie Harris, who does Chicago have to play the three technique? I wouldn't be surprised if the Bears use their second rounder on Missouri's Evander "Ziggy" Hood who could come in and play the under tackle position for Chicago, and give the Bears much needed depth at the position. This would also allow Marcus Harrison to move to the nose position permanently. I think with Harrison's size 6-3 310lbs, he might be a better fit at nose anyways. Having another player like Hood to effectively man the three technique would allow Tommie Harris to stay fresh during a game & over the long haul of a 16 game season, and help the Bears pass rush.

Chicago used a third rounder on Earl Bennett last draft and have already made him a starter, their also big on Devin Hester. Bringing in a rookie receiver might seem like a good idea, but would a rookie receiver really contribute as much as a defensive & offensive lineman would? Angelo needs this years draft to be a good one, and that means safe picks like D&O linemen. Call me crazy, but I think he goes receiver on the second day, especially with last years draft pick Bennett being counted on as a starter, I don't know if the Bears will bring in a day one receiver who might not even see the field this year, most rookie wideouts don't contribute right away. I could be wrong, this is just my opinion Joe, here's my mock as I see it so far. note: I added a 4th and two 7th rounders as the compensatory picks, we'll see for sure at the end of the month? Alright, here's my mock, *= compensatory picks.

Rd1 Eben Britton OT Arizona 6-6 310lbs
Rd2 Evander Hood DT Missouri 6-3 298lbs
Rd3 Zack Follett LB California 6-2 236lbs
Rd4 David Bruton FS Notre Dame 6-2 210lbs
Rd4* Aaron Kelly WR Clemson 6-5 204lbs
Rd5 T.J Lang OG E.Michigan 6-4 316lbs
Rd6 Taurus Johnson WR USF 6-0 201lbs
Rd7* Tony Fiammetta FB Syracuse 6-0 246lbs
Rd7* Joe Ganz QB Nebraska 6-0 200lbs GO BEARS!!

The more I read about Loadholt, the less I like him. Also he was beaten regularly at the Senior Bowl. Yes he is a big guy, but has slow feet and does not play with any type of mean streak. Now Ebbon Britten, he looks like a player. He is versatile and has a great motor. Britten is a Bear if he is still on the board at #18. We can still grab a solid WR in round 2. Britten would solidify the RT spot and allow Omiyale to play guard. We instantly become younger and bigger. They are gonna have to draft at least 2 O-Line...

Kevin my Ton brother Eben Britton just called me, and he is a little concerned about you. First he chewed me out said I never should have mentioned his name and then he said "The Dude sent me flowers and a copy of the Super Bowl Shuffle as remixed by Kevin." He said you superimposed yourself into the video along with clips of Britton and Williams in action. He also said you repeatedly keep saying "common everybody get up do it," "It's the Super Bowl shuffle and there's nothing to it"

Dude I like Britton too but slow down, your having a hard enough time dealing with the Beekman situation, if Britton gets drafted by the Skins I am afraid you will find a bridge and jump. Just do me a favor and breath, oh and stop ordering your new #77 Chicago Bear Jersey that your planning on sewing the name Britton on the back in lightning letters.

Now I must once again help you with your draft,

1. Is fine but control yourself, breath
2. Sorry but it's a thin DT class and Evander is the third best at the position he is gone before he falls to the Bears in round 2. This will be a reciever.
3. Zack Follett is a nice pick also, you forgot our second 3rd round comp pick F### mysterio Adam, Creighton is telling you it's a third end of story.
3.Bruton is a nice pick but he is closer to 220 than 210. Also this will be Martin at FS at the end of rd 3 with the comp pick.
Rd.4 Vance Walker DT fits what the Bears like
RD.5 I like Lang here too but I think he is gone already
RD.6 Pick up sticks, or Derek Walker DE
RD.7 Fiammetta is a great pick.
RD.7 Ganz ugggg, not saying wrong, just saying uggggg.

Bears may not have that many picks to use this year. JA just might make a play for Cutler. Cutler is a known commodity, JA isn't necessarily comfortable with round one unknown commodities, Bears have two 3rd round or 4th round picks...they can deal one, JA said he's fixated on the QB position, this trade gives him an excuse for rebuilding over the next couple years, this trade seals his legend (best QB since?). He's probably working the phones now. Who do you want if we only have a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th this year, and 2nd-7th next year? These might be the questions to ask.

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