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WR addition? Coles rolls the dice to get out of Gotham

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We've got a handful of questions since Wednesday about Laveranues Coles after he agreed to leave $6 million guaranteed on the table in exchange for the right to become a free agent.

Would he fit in with the Bears?

Sure, he would probably be able to help out any team but let's not make him out to be someone he isn't right now. Coles has turned in just one 1,000-yard season in the last five years. That right there would qualify him for the Bears, right?

But let's do the prudent thing here in evaluating a move like this--follow the money. If Coles--who is represented by a veteran agent in Roosevelt Barnes--walked away from $6 million guaranteed at age 31, the thinking here is he might have something lined up already. I don't think anyone is going to leave that kind of coin on the table if they don't have something in place already, or have a darn good idea where they're going to improve upon that deal. Coles could have played one year, collected that $6 million, and then been a free agent.

So, it's probably safe to assume that Coles already has a destination in mind. Maybe Miami? That's where his favorite quarterback Chad Pennington is these days. It's probably safe to assume Coles isn't thinking about Soldier Field, but who knows, we could be wrong. The bottom line is Coles doesn't roll the dice like this unless he has an idea what numbers are going to come up. If the Bears are still jaded by the Muhsin Muhammad experience, count them out of the Coles sweepstakes.

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I had Coles on my fantasy team last year and he was worthless, but he would be a nice addition here as we have no quality WR at all. But it is interesting he would leave that money....
But wait a minute some people write that Muhammed was a great Free Agent pickup for us......huh

Jets are not home to Gotham. The Bears are!!!!!

Randy what happened to Moose here may very well be an indictment of this team and our QB's. In 2008 with the Panthers Moose had 65 receptions, 923 yards and 5 TD's. In 2007 he had 40 receptions for 540 yards and 3 TD's. That says a lot about the Bears offense coaching and QB's.

If he walked away from $6mil he is wanting at least Berrian money. I think Berrian is as good or better than Coles, especially if you look at upside. Since the Bears wouldn't give Berrian, Berrian money, it is not likely they will get Coles.


It wasn't that the Bears would give Berrian the money it was either sign Bernard or sign Lance. The Bears thought they had a deal to send Briggs to the 49ers at the tail end of 2007 season. That fell through. The 49ers were going to sign Briggs as a FA last off season until they were caught tampering, which netted the Bears a swap of 3rd round picks with SF. With only SF showing serious interest in Briggs and now out of the running because of the tampering charge, Briggs price dropped overnight. At the same time Berrian got an offer from the Vikings that blew everyone out of the water. How many people here were surprised by that figure? I was.

Remember too that the Bears had the following list of players to sign or extent: Brown, A; Clark; Davis, R; Briggs; Berrian; Orton AND Grossman; Harris; Hester; Gould and Urlacher. Now we can set back and play "do over the 2008 off season" and say we should not have signed or extended one or two or three of the listed players but if we play that game then I get to go back to high school and play do over with the girls that I found out long afterward were interested in me. At least in that game I get something for my efforts. ;)

MD no one is playing do over, I didn't agree with what they did last year and the year before and I think I have made it pretty well known.

By the way you know your skins are probably going ot get Haynesworth and trade there first pick for Peppers. Must be nice.

Oh and chasing HS girls at your age is felony you sick MF, stop thinking about little girls perv. And look I didn't even curse.

Dude! Those `girls' are like 72 now, please no.....

And Creighton you could at least leave me some room for argument, I can't argue with any of that :(

What happened to Moose in Chicago is that he's a possession receiver who had to play without a good speed receiver (no, Berrian is not very good, despite his speed). Opposite Steve Smith Muhammed looks good. He might have had a better year in Chicago in '08 as Hester started gaining respect of opposing secondaries, but Hester is no Steve Smith and we'll never know, anyway.

Back on point, the Bears desperately need a couple of good receivers, among other things. They've been clueless in drafting them, so they'd better get a couple from free agency. And that's only one of their serious needs right now. The upcoming season does not at all look hopeful.


Umm, Dude I like that your heart is with the Bears, but maybe you should try going with decaf in the afternoon.

Creighton wrote:
"By the way you know your skins are probably going ot get Haynesworth and trade there first pick for Peppers. Must be nice."

They are NOT my skins. As for it being nice, yes it is because they have an owner and GM who change philosophy and direction every year. People hear complain about the owner and GM. Compared to the Skins we have it good.

Last year, the Skins said they were now going build through the draft. That last one season. They have IIRC 4 picks this year having traded away to patch up their team due to 08 training camp injuries. They can't put pressure on the QB (more so than the Bears) and their OL is older than ours and playing worse too. They are in cap hell. There are only four times a year I cheer for them -- when they play NY (no Chicagoan can ever cheer for a NY team) and Dallas.

So Creighton, once again you speak of something that you know little of.

Creighton wrote:
"Oh and chasing HS girls at your age is felony you sick MF, stop thinking about little girls perv."

I am talking about the HS girls from my youth which would make them mothers and yes grandmothers now. Have you been around a teenage girl lately? They are not all interesting for a middle age male who likes to talk about the Bears past and present.

Creighton wrote:
"And look I didn't even curse."

Creighton, I am so proud of you. I also must say your spelling has improved too. Seriously, we don't always agree but I do enjoy talking Bears with you. See you around.

Actually I would rather have Coles than what we have now...Hester is going to come on, Ill keep him, but the rest..forget it, and Housh would be a huge upgrade for us, and Moose really was not a No. 1 WR - we tried to make him a No. 1 cause Jerry Angelo is so cheap he buys Booker and then wonders why his free agent WR does not pan out, and then tries to use that as an excuse for not getting another Free Agent WR as if we are stupid enough to fall for that logic so he can continue to be cheap. Housh is available, he is waiting on an offer....he is the best WR available, Da Bears can have him just by offering enough money, and our WR will be an instant upgrade. We won't have to draft that position 2 years straight, but wait...Booker did not work out so we better not do that right?
Jerry likes what we have at WR? Did he watch all the drops last year? and bad routes, and Bennet on the Bench.
And when Moose went back to No. 2 he did alright again, so maybe not such a big indictment of the Bears (actually yes as we did not have a legit No. 1 to pair Moose with) as an indictment of Jerry Angelo trying to be cheap and fit a round peg in a square hole. (again) kinda like the DB position huh, where Jerry keeps failing to get us a DB, OL, WR, QB........He try's but he is not doing the job, as those are all needs after he keeps trying to fill those positions, (except OL, He didn't even try there) and look at RB picks before Forte.

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