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Who's your receiver? Agent says Bears not in play for Houshmandzadeh

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If the Bears are in play for free-agent wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh, it's news to his agent.

Contacted Friday afternoon, Chicago-based agent Kennard McGuire said he wasn't aware of any interest the Bears may have in his client. It was reported in the Cincinnati Enquirer in Thursday that the Bears were one of three leading candidates to land the top wide receiver on the market. Not so.

"Not that I know of,'' McGuire said when asked if the Bears were in play for Houshmandzadeh. reported that Houshmandzadeh will visit the Seattle Seahawks.

Houshmandzadeh said on ESPN Thursday night that he also had interest in Minnesota, the New York Giants and Philadelphia.

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He will go to the Vikings because they grew balls and got a different QB...........................ORTON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

No, we'll go after someone like Mike Furrey.

The part that killed me was Angelo saying that he was disappointed that the Booker and Lloyd signings didn't work out like they'd hoped. Well Jerry, they may not have worked as you hoped, but they worked out EXACTLY as everone else expected.

You can't keep going after third and fourth tier guys and expect a respectable offense, particularly when you have a pretty limited qb. If you want to find out what you have in Orton, give him some weapons. Break the bank and give him Housh or grow some stones and get him Boldin. Find out what you have. Take a chance.

It is so frustrating being a Bears fan sometimes.

Of course they aren't interested in him. He catches the balls that are thrown to him, there Bears want nothing to do with someone who uses that style of play to actually have a positive influence on the game.

No, the Bears will be just fine with Hester, Davis, Bennet, Rideau, and Mystery Player.

Yea, 2009 is already looking like another failure. The once-dominant franchise has become a money-making fraud scheme.

It's important for us to be fiscally responsible 1st ! We believe that Rasheed Davis has proven his worth to this organization and will be a fine receiver in our offense within the next decade or two. After looking at the film we see many times where he did NOT drop the ball and in some games that number was actually more than the number of drops ! We are also looking to bring back Rashan Salam to carry the load of our rushes. We also plan to search high and low for used turnstyles to suplant or O line but if not enough become available we do have a backup plan to search for discarded crash dummies ! As for the draft we plan to keep trading down till we are the entire 7th round and thus capture the nations attention for final hour of day 2 . This will allow me to have our ownership on TV for a McCasky sing along! note : one of these comments is NOT true. Can you guess which one ?

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