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Until Tait's retirement papers are filed, a little doubt is only natural

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We're going to be up front here on this one: No one has told us a thing about John Tait in the last week-plus and at no point has anyone hinted that Tait is planning anything other than retiring, as he told the team he was going to do in January.

But that was more than a month ago and until Tait files retirement papers, there's at least going to be a sliver of doubt out there that he is going to walk away from the final year of a contract that will pay him $4.8 million in 2009, not to mention a modest $50,000 workout bonus he could pick up this spring. Tait has never struck me as the kind of guy who is after the money. I doubt seriously cash would be motivation for him playing an 11th season at age 34. But maybe he's not ready to get football out of his system. Why else would would there be a delay in a little paperwork?

If Tait walked through the front doors of Halas Hall Monday morning, strolled past the Super Bowl XX trophy on display in the lobby and went upstairs to general manager Jerry Angelo's office and said he wanted to play this coming season, what would the Bears do? Considering they don't have a right tackle on the roster right now, they'd probably welcome him back. With open arms.

Newly signed lineman Frank Omiyale will be worked at guard first, Angelo said. The club has an offer out to John St. Clair but the Bears would probably be happy to plug Tait back in at the spot he manned last season. St. Clair is believed to be in negotiations with another team this weekend.

Who knows how this could go down? We're just speculating here because it's at least a little curious the book hasn't been closed on Tait yet. Fortunately, this retirement watch will not take on a Brett Favre-type existence, but until Tait really does retire the door is going to be open, even if it's just barely cracked.

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This is actually a good question as why is it taking Tait so long to confirm his retirement? Maybe? it is about more money, although I agree he does not seem the type for that but it is kinda weird the waiting. Oh yeah, Jerry would have him back I feel, but in my opinion after watching him get tossed around last year he should walk away with pride as one of the best. He was great and I appreciate his time here (thanks John!) but an athlete has to know when its time, Rueben was a year late in leaving, - I do remember watching Tait in early games last year just stand there while his man blew by him.

It is so sad that you only mentioned 1 SB trophy Brad, this old once proud franchise has to be looked down upon by Steelers fans/Patriots fans/Giants fans/Cowboys fans they have multiple trophy's and this founding NFL franchise has 1. What a shame. and some fans are still saying they will wait and see a few more years how this team fares before making judgment. After 40 years - It's very hard for me to wait a few more years. Dang guys I might not be around the next time we win a Super Bowl, you think this isn't important to me? There are how many Bears fans that have died waiting on another Super Bowl win since 1985. But the McCaskeys still are not bringing in any Star Free Agents with the money we give them. They are sitting pretty in pink with all the money they are NOT spending on top talent.
Chicago IS where WR's go to die. (and diehard fans as well)_

When the Colts came to Indy alot of Bears fans here turned their backs on the Bears and became loyal Colts fans, They had their own Home town team now and that is only understandable. There were quite a few Indianapolis Bears fans though that would never ever think of turning their backs on their beloved Bears. When the Bears come to Indy we go to the games and proudly wear our Bears Jerseys to show the yocals that we are loyal, we didn't turn our backs on our Bears. and you know some of them while wearing their new Indy (former Baltimore) Colts Jersey's they see us and KNOW they turned their backs on their team. But I gotta tell you guys its been especially hard these past few years with the Colts hiring Pollian and building a great team and thumping us in the Super Bowl - its hard. We had that game, but of course we came out from half time with no adjustments and as a result no game. They were who we thought they were.
I did not let the Bears down, they let me and the rest of their loyal fans down, by not hiring good GM's like Pollian and by not having the b.... to get star players for our team. Who was the last really big Star NFL player the Bears had that can equal P. Manning? or T. Brady? or even Big Ben? L.T. all you need is that mans initials and every one knows who he is. Urlacher??? he does have a national TV ad every now and then....


He's probably on vacation or something. I wouldn't read too much into it.

Maybe if they told Tate that Orton wasn't going to be the starter, he'd come back!!!.. I bet he knows as long as we have Orton we're going to suck, so why waste his time.....Tate, you are one smart guy!!!!...Orton SUCKS!!!!!!!!

Tates' momma didn't raise no fool!Would you come back and play for this nightmare of a team???? The NFL world is passing the Bears by and fast.Let's hope they scratch this team and start over!!Tate can't play WR can he?Can he play Free Safety?How about GM?

The name is Tait. John Tait. Not Tate, nor Taat, or the ever popular Taete (see Favre). Get it straight or don't post gibberish. I get it NBS, you really (I mean REALLY) don't like Orton, but can you have an original thought? How about an actual POST instead of a RANT? Or would that be too big a challenge? Here's what you continually sound like; "How about if the Sun Times quit giving NBS space on the blog!!!..... This blog is really being held back by NBS!!!!!...... As long as NBS posts this blog will SUCK!!!!.....NBS SUCKS!!!!!" Same old, same old.

This message is a response to Randy's message. This Hoosier would never switch his allegiance to a team that snuck out of Baltimore in the middle of the night and moved to my State. Once a Bears fan always a Bears fan in my opinion.

I do hope Tait comes back for another season.

I honestly don't know if Tait's retirement is a good thing or a bad thing. It's not as if he was way more consistent as a RT than a LT last year. He's a strong veteran presence and a great guy to have on the roster, but I honestly don't feel as if his blocking was up to speed.

If Tait would just come back for this year, the Bears would have a real chance to fill some glaring holes in more needed positions instead of leaving some undone.

Tait played next to Garza (NO real Push) and in addition did not get much chip blocking help from the tight end when faced with a big pass rush. Remember although Olsen is a great pass catching tight end he is maybe average in blocking ability. Add Tait's ankle problem which seems chronic, its not a pretty picture.

Maybe Tait along with what seemed like half of the team did not have the fire or desire of the past. Last years Bears team had leads late in the game and the pathetic D lost how many? I can count three games the 2006 Bears D should have closed out with a win.

Lovie and Angelo should be the ones retiring. Tommie Harris and Urlacher need to get back the original fire they haven't had for awhile and the coaches need to motivate. But last years team seemed to have no real fire in the belly. I believe they can, this is a new year.

One more year John Tait, who knows maybe the Bears will catch lightning in a bottle.

When Jon Ogden retired last year, he announced it in early march, he filed his papers after the draft. If Tait wants to retire, let the man go, he has ankle injuries and I think he would like to be able to walk when he is 50. It's just a RT if the Bears lack the compitence to draft a RT, then thats there problem, it's not the hardest position to find. In fact it is one the easiest positions to draft for. So it should easy for Angelo to solve the problem. Besides Tait was most probably going to be a backup this year behind St. Clair anyway. So basically everyone is whinning for a guy to come be a backup as this great position of need. Sign a RT draft a guy in the third round and coach him up for the future. End of story.

"We need Tait we will loose without Tait". If a team can't win a game because there aging RT with bad ankles retires they have a lot deeper problems than the RT position. He didn't even play well last year. Get over it.

NBS do everyone a favor and get lost. Now for a sensible conversation; looking at the draft bible and other publications the trenches are were the draft is strongest. Finks drafted for the trenches out and he built a winner without linemen the so-called skill positions never have a chance to display them. How do we know Wolfe isn't a Sproles or a Dunn there were no holes to tell. How do we know the WR's couldn't get seperation was there time? Is Urlacher actually on the downside? Well we won't know because of the 300 lb gorilla around his neck for 4 quarters? No corner can cover for 4+ seconds and no coaching staff can establish anything without establishing the line of scrimmage. So Jerry until you fix this problem I don't care what skilled players you draft we will never know because they will never have the time to show it.

In response to Randy and any fan of the 49ers, Cowboys, Steelers, etc... The NFL did not start in 1966. It has been around for considerably longer. Randy, if you want to be ashamed that the leagues founding franchise has only one championship you are blind to the bigger picture and caught in the hype. The leading team for NFL championships has 12. That's right 12. Twice as many as the historic Steelers. Unfortunately that team is the Packers, but the Bears still boast 9. That's still enough to put them squarely in 2nd, well ahead (3 championships to be exact) of 3rd place. The NFL has been around much longer than any silly "bowl" game.

Thank you very much.

It's called the Super Bowl for a reason......We are being called out by these other teams fans for a reason as well...if you want to argue that point go ahead but it's still The Super Bowl and we still only have 1 and the Steelers have 6. OK I'm caught in the hype of the Super Bowl just like 99.9% of the other NFL fans of today.
If it makes you feel better to count that then go ahead but try getting on ESPN and arguing that BS.
They didn't have ESPN back then so maybe that won't work for you.
Ashamed? of the Bears?
No, I'm ashamed of the McCaskey's.
`Silly Bowl' game? wow, tell that to the Rolling Stones who played at that `silly bowl' game. They can make how much money and draw in excess of 100k fans in 1 concert but they play that `silly bowl' game?

Yes, let's ignore everything that happened before the "modern age" of football. I'm sure that would make Poppa Bear proud.

A player doesn't HAVE to file retirement papers in order to be retired. AND, even if a player does file their retirement paperwork, all they have to do is notify the NFL that they no longer wish to be retired and they are automatically eligible to play, as though they had been playing all along.

I wish reporters understood that there are many players, such as Marshall Faulk for instance, who never have and never will file their retirement paperwork but yet will never play another snap of professional football.

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