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Sources: Offensive tackle Tait close to retirement

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A project that could have potentially been put off one more year is expected to be at the forefront for the Bears demanding immediate attention.

Veteran right tackle John Tait is seriously considering retirement with one year remaining on his contract according to two sources, and a third source close to the team called it a done deal although no official word came Friday when the club announced its first cuts, releasing three players including veteran wide receiver Marty Booker.

Tait's departure would hasten the need for the Bears to strike up negotiations with impending free agent John St. Clair on a contract and make it probable general manager Jerry Angelo will use a high draft pick in April on a tackle to one day pair with Chris Williams, the first-round pick from 2008. Expectations have been the Bears will target a tackle again in the 2009 draft but a shakeup at the position created by Tait leaving earlier than expected would place more significance on the development of a second young tackle.

Tait remains under contract through 2009. He has a base salary of $4.8 million with a $50,000 workout bonus. His salary cap number is $5.35 million and if he retires it will create a cap savings of $4.85 million. The 34-year-old was asked during the final week of the regular season about his future.

``You notice little things that didn't happen when you were younger,'' he said. ``It just takes a little bit longer to recover from games. I think you have to do a lot more maintenance, just the upkeep, that's the biggest thing. If you would have asked me after my rookie year if I was going to play 10 years in the league, I would have told you were you were crazy. I'm just happy I am still going.''

Tait's agent Ethan Lock declined to comment on his client's future when reached Friday evening. In an era when many athletes go for every last dollar, Tait could be deciding to walk away from a game that has made him and his family wealthy before he faces the prospect of ailments that will affect his quality of life. He's been very involved in local charities and was the Bears nominee to be the NFL's Walter Payton Man of the Year in 2004 following his first season with the team. He's also been a steady performer although his play slipped this past season when he returned to right tackle after three years on the left side. He's battled injuries for the last few seasons but has made starts in 73 of 80 regular-season games since arriving.

An official announcement would leave Williams, who didn't start a game last season following back surgery, as the only tackle on the roster with the exception of Cody Balogh, an undrafted free agent from Montana who spent 2008 on the practice squad. There are a handful of veteran tackles available in free agency although given St. Clair's experience in the system and desire to return if there is a starting job for him, the search would likely start with him.

"I want to be a starter, definitely,'' St. Clair said earlier this week. "They know how I feel. I don't know what's going on."

Scouts consider this another strong draft for offensive tackles but there isn't as much depth as there was last year. Here's a look at one site's rankings for the position.

At this point, the Bears have to be exploring all options.

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No direspect intended as John Tait was one of the better Tackles for years but he should have retired last year, It's tough hangin em up I know, but it's time. We need to replace him at RT in the draft bigtime, but if he retires before the draft all Teams will know how the Bears will draft.....yeop Defense lolol.
I am happy that John got us to the Super Bowl, and I appreciatte his hard work - we could not have done it without Brown and Tait.
Jerry Angelo should have seen this coming 2 years ago and drafted a couple Offensive Lineman in the first round then and groomed them for Taits/Browns spots, but nooooo, JA has to wait untill after Tait/Brown retires to draft their replacements. (maybe, unless he goes defense again)Hopefully JA will grab a OL via Free Agent and all will right itself this year.

Not at all surprising. My brother saw Tait in short just before the 2007 season and said his ankle was very swollen and discolored. It apparently has never healed completely. This is disastrous for the Bear line. If St. Clair has to play tackle, the line will be lousy once again in 2009. They need more beef in the middle, which St. Clair could have provided by playing guard, a position to which he's much better suited anyway. Now I see no chance of the Bear line being any good this coming season.

What did I tell you guys, your all talking about letting St. Clair go and having Tait start next year and drafting a rookie to back him up, and I have been saying all this off season that Tait looked like he was done. Now if they loose St. Clair they have Williams with his bad back and zero starts and Cody Balogh me, a practice squad OT, you know one of the guys you keep around for practice and spring training so the real player don't get hurt. I told a lot of you, they were paper thin at OLine and only a couple of you listened. I said it last year during the draft and before the draft, that they had better fix that line.

What did I say after last years draft? They drafted the wrong LT in Williams cause he has a bad back and is soft and they ignored the line after that till round 7 and I think all those guys are gone too. Last year was a great draft for the Oline and Angelo got one guy with a bad back. I said they should have gone after the Line with 2-3 picks out of the first five, and Angelo blew it again cause he is always trying to ignore the Oline. When a guy who is just a fan knows that the line is in a bad situation and the stinking GM Jerry Angelo drafts an OT with a bad back and basically nobody else and thinks the line is fine then there is a problem with this clown. Cause I new there was a big problem and most fans where like we could use some line help. How does Angelo not see it? Plus he ignors the best line class in ages, in favor of Earl Bennett and Steltz, are you kidding me?

This is what the Starting line and the backups looks like for next year.

LT Williams, Rookie who never started a game and has a bad back.
LG Buenning, You can't put a one year and a rookie next to each other so I moved Beekman.
C Olin, has slowed down and will retire in the next 2 years
RG Garza, has never impressed me
RT Nobody, literally nobody.

Back ups, Beekman, Metcalf if he is still on the team, which he does not deserve to be. Most Teams try to go with around 9 offensive linemen. The Bears have 6, and Olin is next to retire, and Metcalf is just the pitts.

Even if you draft a couple of guys your OT's will no experience in the NFL. If you sign St. Clair you would have to start him and he is not a true starter and he has said he wants to start. I like him as a spot starter backup but thats it. The line is real real bad shape.

You don't even have a real backup at Tackle let alone a RT.

Angelo is a F#####G clown fire his dumb @$$.

Ebon Britton, thats all I want to hear in round one. I know it wont happen and Angelo will go Full Retard once again in the draft, but I at least I can hope.

And Dahli don't bug me for calling Angelo a F#####N Retard cause that is what he is and this proves it. How do you not draft or sign backups for guys you know will be retiring in the next year or two and you also know you will have at least 1 as a free agent.

Who is Olin's backup??
Who is Williams Backup?
Who is the Right Tackle?
Does anyone want to see Metcalf at RT next year?
What is Angelo going to do bring back Drive Killer Miller? They should call him Quarterback killer Miller

How do you let your offensive line get like this when every damn person in the US knows football is won in the trenches and at QB. How do you do it? It's not just the Oline either both lines on the Bears are thin we only have three DE's and one is a free agent next year. Got no recievers, no Tackles, no Ends, thin on the interior of the Oline as well, safties suck, QB sucks and the Bears are thin there too, oh need a Corner as well. THE BEARS HAVE SPECIAL TEAMS AND A GOOD RUNNING BACK AND THAT IS IT!!!!!!!

WTF, how does Angelo keep his job? What does he give old lady MacCaskey a thrill every now and then? Does he stop by a couple timnes a week to butter the muffin?

So anybody here who's got a seuthsayer skill and can predict uncle Jerry's moves in the draft, please show me your predictions, because my psychic abilities with this fella are no longer in sync. I wouldn't mind signing an experienced lineman, but at the same time, we need some youth on the field. This pengilum swings both ways, and unfortunately it has huge spikes on both ends.

It was aggravating watching the draft last year, Creighton is right about the O-line talent that was available. 2 out of our first 3 picks this year have to go towards the line...even if we sign St.Clair.

It's a shame that these fellas, especially Brown, had such an injury streak, because their passion for the game should set a pathway for future players. But once again, this is in fact, and in my opinion unfortunately, a business, and to have such a liability on your hands rather than a benefit is what really is the case for Brown. If Tait chooses to retire, God bless him and best wishes. The problem now is whether to look for a FA line and SS or trust Angie in the draft. All we can do is keep every joint in the body crossed and pray. Da Bears!

Creighton, take a deep breath dude.

Remember one thing. If you just changed the names, you could have heard the same tirade in Pittsburgh last February and in New York the February before. Throw Indy in there somewhere too. All those lines were in complete shambles, and then wound up playing well enough for their teams to succeed.

Your concerns are valid. This puts Angelo squarely on the hot seat. Every one of your "who is" questions is a good question. Although yours crosses the line, I also believe Angelo deserves criticism in his previous stocking of the O-line. I don't agree that this is necessarily a multi-year fix condition. It does mean Angelo better get it right this year.

The good news about O-line is that there are a lot more good football players wanting O-line jobs than there are spots. If you look at the draft every year, you see a handful of left tackles go early, and then maybe a center. Then very few O-linemen are chosen until rounds 6 or 7. Even then most starting O-lines have at least one UFA.

The draft is still two months away and free agency hasn't even started. There are too many precedents of teams solving this problem to just chuck the season because one guy decides to retire.

This news does change the St. Clair situation some.

If John Tait does retire, Angelo might want to seriously consider bringing in Panthers free agent tackle Jordan Gross or Dolphins free agent Vernon Carey. Also, no matter what, the Bears must bring John St.Clair back. If no free agent tackle is signed other than St.Clair, Chicago must draft a tackle in the first, someone like Arizona tackle Eben Britton, chances are Britton will be available for Chicago at #18. Mel Kiper doesn't even have Britton going in the first, and has Mississippi tackle Michael Oher slipping. Also, a lot of mocks have other tackles like Alabama's Andre Smith falling past St. Loius who pick #2 overall, a lot of people felt the Rams would take Smith at #2, now people have Smith slipping past the Rams. Smith won't be available for Chicago at #18, but the fact Smith is slipping a few spots along with Oher, gives the Bears a better chance at landing a tackle like Eben Britton, who again, the Bears must bring in if no free agent tackle is signed.

I like John Tait, who was one of Jerry Angelo's better free agent signings. I don't blame Tait if he wants to get out now, especially if there is a chance for long term problems health wise for Tait. Taits a good guy, I wish him the best.

I think Chris Williams is going to be a very good left tackle, and Josh Beekman will only continue to improve at left guard. With Chris Williams athleticism, he should be a very good blind side protector for Kyle Orton. And with a year under his belt, Josh Beekman will be a lot more effective from his left guard position, especially being more comfortable as a starter. Olin Kreutz is still a good center, along with Roberto Garza at right guard, and St.Clair, a free agent signee, and a rookie to develop, the Bears line will be fine, and getting younger. As far as depth, the Bears have Dan Buenning, who can fill in at any position inside, guard or center. I like Cody Balogh, the second year tackle the Bears have on their practice squad, Balogh could also provide depth for Chicago. Bears offensive line coach Harry Hiestand will do a good job with the Bears young linemen, for example take Josh Beekman being able to come in and start as a second year player with no NFL snaps under his belt. Im sure Hiestand is also doing a good job with second year tackle Chris Williams, Williams should be ready to start. If not for the injury, he would have already. Chicago caught the injury early in Williams career, I think Chris Williams will be fine and is still young enough to be around for a long time as the Bears left tackle. I can't wait for the 2009 season to check out other young players who are still developing like Matt Forte, Greg Olsen, Devin Hester, Josh Beekman, Corey Graham, Kevin Payne, Earl Bennett, Caleb Hanie, my boy Kyle Orton and Marcus Harrison. Along with Chris Williams, the young players I listed, and some more draft picks coming in april, I can't wait to watch these young Bears continue to develop as a team, the best damn team in all of football the Chicago Bears so GO BEARS!!

Okay, with Tait gone, let's get "Wale" Ogunleye to restructure his contract or force him to take a paycut to help bring in some quality players on the O-Line and WR

BTW: When is Terrence Metcalf going to be cut? Does he have pictures of Lovie and Babich?

Can the Bears free up OT Mark Levoir (Notre Dame) from New England to come back to the Bears? Is Kirk Barton an option?

Here's a List of free agent offensive tackles for 2009:

(RFA) = Restricted
(UFA) = Unrestricted

Stacy Andrews (UFA) - Cincinnati
Khalif Barnes (UFA) - Jacksonville
Wesley Britt (RFA) - New England
Rashad Butler (RFA) - Houston
Vernon Carey (UFA) - Miami
Willie Colon (RFA) - Pittsburgh
Damion Cook (UFA) - Detroit
Harvey Dahl (RFA) - Atlanta
Anthony Davis (UFA) - St. Louis
Damane Duckett (UFA) - Philadelphia
Trai Essex (UFA) - Pittsburgh
Daniel Federkeil (RFA) - Indianapolis
George Foster (UFA) - Detroit.......(I'd rather have Foster Brooks)
Wayne Gandy (UFA) - Atlanta
Adam Goldberg (UFA) - St. Louis
Brandon Gorin (UFA) - St. Louis.....(good swing tackle for Bears)
Jordan Gross (UFA) - Carolina......(Would be ideal as ROT for Bears)
Marcus Johnson (UFA) - Minnesota
Daniel Loper (UFA) - Tennessee
James Marten (RFA) - Oakland
Fred Miller (UFA) - Chicago........(hahahahahahahaha!)
Frank Omiyale (UFA) - Carolina
Donald Penn (UFA) - Tampa Bay
Jon Runyan (UFA) - Philadelphia.......(Good possiblity if healthy)
Marvel Smith (UFA) - Pittsburgh
Charles Spencer (RFA) - Jacksonville
John St. Clair (UFA) - Chicago........(his price just went up)
Max Starks (UFA) - Pittsburgh(Strong and mobile, good fit for Bears)
Jon Stinchcomb (UFA) - New Orleans
Zach Strief (RFA) - New Orleans
Mark Tauscher (UFA) - Green Bay
Tra Thomas (UFA) - Philadelphia
Ray Willis (UFA) - Seattle
Mark Wilson (RFA) - Oakland

If Tait retires the Bears need to use that $4.8 million and put it towards Tait's replacement.

The Panthers are in a pickle in regards to being able to retain some key FA players so Jordan Gross should be available when the free agency period kicks off at the end of the month.

The Bears spent a bundle of money on Tait in a similar situation years ago and Angelo will surely attempt to do the same this off-season. Gross should be Angelo's first priority and perhaps they can land Gross, re-sign St.Claire and move St.Claire in at LG like they wanted to do last season before Williams went on the shelf in training camp.

Of course if we can't land Gross then several other FA OT's would be options for us in Mark Tauscher or Donald Penn. Angelo will probably come to terms with St.Claire on the grounds that he would be the starting RT or LG anyway.

The Starting O-Line could be:

LT: Williams
LG: St.Claire
C: Kruetz
RG: Garza, Beekman or Buenning
RT: Gross

The Starting O-line probably will be:

LT: Williams
LG: Beekman
C: Kruetz
RG: Garza or Buenning
RT: St.Claire or other 2'nd tier FA ie.. Tauscher or Penn

Backups could be a mix of players such as Buenning, Beekman, Tyler Reed, Codey Balough, St.Claire and a 2009 draft pick or two depending on what Angelo does in the free agency period before the draft.

Go Bears !!

`Last year was a great draft for the Oline and Angelo got one guy with a bad back.' lolol - sad but true
No one can argue that point, I agree we still have a chance with Free Agent for our Oline, however unless this was JA's plan he really screwed up as a GM, Last 2 years we needed to draft high Oline as he had to know our Oline was getting old, I mean who didn't? and he did nothing, now we really need 2 Oline Free agents (RT/RG and C too) Yes, I like Buenning but I did not see him play last year so who knows? (same with Bennet)But we all know he can not depend on the draft for Oline or we can forget any playoffs for a couple years while they develope.
Maybe? Buenning was picked up to heal for this year (RG) and maybe? he will get Gross (RT) and Buenning will be fine, with Williams (LT) maybe? getting r done in his first year, and maybe? Olin (C) will drink a youth potion but durn thats alot of maybes, when he could have picked up a couple high Oline drafts the last few years instead of Wolf/Ced and we would have no maybes and We could move along. Not to mention drafting a TE when we already have 2 starters.
But I do know he got the Free Agent Olinemen that took Rex to the big dance so lets see what happens with FA as JA has a decent track record in that regard.

St. Clair RT
Buenning RG (Garza better go as well)
Olin C
Beekman LG
Williams LT

Right now we don't have Gross so....

I think the Bears could solve this Tait issue by signing Khalif Barnes. He was a LT, but would probably be more effective as a right tackle, since he is a dominant run blocker but less effective as a pass blocker.

Angelo should not be floored by this news. Tait had, at most, one year left, and Angelo needed to replace him with a very good player by then. If they found that player this year, Tait would've been a cap casualty. As it stands, there is a lot of talent at the OT position both in the draft and free agency, and Angelo should be able to upgrade that position within the cap savings from Tait leaving.

I am in the minority that thinks that St Clair shoud not be resigned. He was a turnstile at LT. He can play any position, but is nothing more than serviceable at any. You should be able to find someone in the back half of the draft who can do that for you without paying retail for it. Plus, signing St Clair might lead Angelo to believe that he's covered at RT, and I don't think St Clair should be counted on as a quality starter.

The bears need to fix their line now. I know they desperately need some WR and a safety but good they should be looking for those positions via free agency. Chris Williams is gonna start at LT and everyone including me has high expectations for him. At LG you got Beekman who exceeded the coaches expectations but hes still no all star,but i think hes better suited there than St. Clair. Terrance Metcalf is available to but he is probably no better than St. Clair and he was suspended a couple of games after being tested positive for steroids. Olin Kreutz at C is still doing a great job even at his age but how much longer can he honestly last? At RG ou have Garza who to be honest has been declining the past couple of years and needs to go. Then we have the RT siuation, which i personally believe the bears should aquire Jordan Gross from Carolina or mark tauscher from green bay. If Tait decides to retire now, i think Fred Miller is better off as a RT then St. Clair presuming the Bears don't aquire anyone else.


I hope you never run into Cody Balogh because he is going to kick your ARS for that comment. Also you may want to stay away from the McCaskey's as well as the inference you made may make them want to spend money on other things like finding you than spending money on the Bears as they should.

Crieghton, almost agree with everything you mention about the OLine and now I am beginning to buy into the get rid of JA talk you have been pushing for awhile.

Kevin, we have to get Gross that would be huge for the upcoming year, I hope JA has it in him to get er done. But Kevin, you must be smoking something really mellow because you are way too positive about some of the BEARS and we know you love them as we do to.

Creighton, the word Retard when stated or written is very inconsiderate of many people that have disabilities and yes it does bother me to hear it used in any context.

MS Your missing a couple of little things, Pitt had the Best defense in football, a better running game, a better QB and Better Recievers. The Bears have one OT thats it, and six linemen for 5 positions. Your also missing the fact that Olin is also going to be leaving probably in the next two seasons and Metcalf is garbage that is signed through 2011 another bad contract by Angelo. So you really need about 3-4 linemen. At least 3 this year and 1 next year who are solid players.

There is also the fact that Pitt won there division or made the playoff's in 2004 won Div, 2005 Super Bowl champs, 2006 8-8, 2007 won the division, 2008 Superbowl champs. They have not had a loosing season sense 03.

As for New York, what are you talking about? They have one of the best lines in football and have for years, in fact both there lines have been top notch for years, again one of the best defenses in football, a better QB, THE BEST RUNNING GAME IN FOOTBALL AND BETTER RECIEVERS.

Indy?? Indy has had one of the best lines in football over the last decade, they started rebuilding it last year cause of age. But Indy is always drafting Linemen, last year the line was destroyed by injuries, and still came on later in the season. Not to mention they drafted like 3 linemen in the first 4-5 rounds last year.

How can you compare these three teams to the Bears, Pitt had problems because Starks was injued and you had new guys at center ad LG, they needed help on the interior line at LG and center going into this season but again they have drafted Linemen and signed linemen, they have also developed tons of top notch linemen over the years.

Indy and NY have had top notch lines the last 4-5 years and I have not heard anyone complaining about there lines. Indy had three major injuries this year thats why there line suffered.

The Bears have no RT, do you get that? They already needed to upgrade the talent on the interior and get younger but now they have 1 Tackle thats it and he is unprover with a bad back. There line has been a mess for years and Angelo has done little to address the problem. He just goes out and gets stop gaps: Garza, Brown, Miller, or makes bad draft picks, Columbo, Williams, he also does not draft much in the way of the Oline.


Starks has injury issues out the pie hole man. Runyan is going to retire an eagle

Kevin the Bears need more than just Britton if they don't sign a free agent because they will have only 2 OT's on the team in that scnerio. They need to sign a free agent and get Britton. Kevin, Williams could be the Best LT in football when healthy or the worst who knows and it will not make a difference unless he can stay healthy. One injury and the Bears have zero OT's.

Again I will ask how does a GM let his lines get like this? You knew Tait was ending his run and you don't draft a backup, you know St. Clair is a free agent and don't draft a replacement for either. Last year you had a draft loaded with talent and you don't take advantage of it even though the need is great. So now you have no RT and no backup and now may be forced to sign St. Clair as a starter for more money than he is worth. The Bears have developed 1 linemen in the last 10 years and he is average at best and that is Beekman. Angelo continues to ignore the line, he did it last year, he did it the year before and he will do it again. Don't be surprised if stop gap Miller or St. CLair are the starting RT next year with Balough as the backup.

Can't find the talent, won't draft the talent, do not know how to develop talent. That is Angelo and the Bears.

You forgot to take the deep breath.

Just watch. The Bears have plenty of cap space. Angelo is going to cut somebody a check, maybe spend a draft pick, and the Bears are probably going to have a better line than what they ended last year with.

Remember how did we got Tait in the first place? He has to be one of JA's best FA signings. No burned fingers to keep him from trying it again.

Creighton, you need to slow down and read my blog a little slower before giving me a lecture. I said, "If no free agent is signed OTHER than St.Clair, Chicago must draft a tackle in the first like Eben Britton." Creighton, you said, "they need to sign a free agent and draft Britton," I agree. Again, I said "St.Clair," he would be the free agent, Britton would be the draft pick. This would give the Bears 3 tackles on their 53 man roster, Chris Williams at LT, John St.Clair at RT, and Eben Britton as the swing tackle, unless he is ready to start as a rookie, then St.Clair would be the swing tackle. Creighton, with each team in the NFL only having 53 players, it is extremely difficult to develop offensive linemen. Again, most teams keep the 5 starters, a swing tackle, and a backup guard. With each team only having 53 spots, you don't have the luxury of keeping a backup at each line position, making it hard to develop offensive linemen. In my opinion, Chicago must pay Jordan Gross 1st, Chicago would then have Chris Williams at left tackle, Jordan Gross at right tackle, and St.Clair as the swing tackle. This would be the best case scenario for the Bears, and the direction I hope they go in. I realize St.Clair wants to be a starter, but I don't see any keepers out there for him, especially with most of the league wanting to get younger on the offensive line, I don't see any one paying a 10 year vet starting offensive line pay, especially a career swing tackle, I could be wrong, but I think St.Clair will be back in Chicago next year, stay tuned GO BEARS!!

What's the old saying? Something to the effect of paying for the sins of the past? Jerry has neglected the offensive line for years, choosing to patch it with second tier and third tier free agents. Tait was the exception, not the rule. Ruben Brown was considered washed up when we brought him in. Garza was a scrap heap pickup. St. Clair was not getting any interest on the free agent market, and the rest have been danglers on the roster that we just haven't replaced. Given his ankle and knee problems the last few years, it was only a matter of time before a smart player like Tait started adding up the toll the game had taken on his body, and decided to hang up the cleats. He probably wasn't going to play after this year anyway, so this way he gets to go out with one less year's worth of wear on the tires. Good for him, but bad for us.

Creighton is absolutely right in that we don't even have a RT on the roster right now. With St. Clair being a free agent, we literally have zero starting experience at tackle right now. I was hoping we would let Tait go in an attempt to get aggressive and go after a good free agent like Gross, Carey, or Stinchcomb. Now that becomes a priority, and with an additional $4.8 mil in cap room, we have a chance to make a much better offer to a potential free agent.

Jerry has to consider Tait's cap savings as earmarked as part of the contract he offers to his replacement. Now is not the time to be cheap, unless you are confident that you will get a solid RT in the first or second round of the draft that you plan on starting as a rookie. Then you had better address the other positions in free agency, and you had better have a solid backup plan. If St. Clair is the backup plan, then we are in trouble. I don't think he is capable of being an adequate starting OT in the NFL. They keep saying he performed well in 2008, but were they watching the same games I was? he was a turnstile, and the only reason he didn't give up 2-3 sacks per game is Turner's 3 step drop play calling most of the year.

Angelo has no more big bodies to hide behind when it comes to the offensive line. In this case quite literally. We don't have any experienced tackles on the roster. If we are set on a draft pick on the right, we are going to trust 2 players with little or no game experience in the NFL on the edges. If they are the best options, then so be it, but that had better be after we go after at least 4 of the guys listed as free agents.

You said Stinchcomb has re-signed. Where did you see that? ESPN still lists him as unrestricted, and with Zach Strief as a restricted FA, I think they will go with him and let Stinch walk. Vernon Carey, Jordan Gross, Stacy Andrews, and maybe we take a run at Wesley Britt as a RFA, but the pickings are not great. St. Clair may be the best option, which scares me a lot....

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