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Rice aiming to make comeback, could Bears figure in?

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Could Mount Carmel product Simeon Rice be mounting a comeback that could lead him to Halas Hall?

The three-time Pro Bowl performer has announced that he wants to make a comeback this coming season after sitting out 2008. Rice turns 35 later this month and enjoyed the most productive seasons of his career playing under Rod Marinelli when he was the line coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Rice suffered shoulder problems after playing in six games for Denver and two games for Indianapolis in 2007. The former Illinois star has 122 career sacks with 67 1/2 coming in a five-year run under Marinelli starting in 2001. Rice topped out with 15 1/2 sacks in 2002, the year the Bucs won Super Bowl XXXVII.

The Bears are looking to improve the pass rush and one thought is that they'll look for Marinelli to do so with pretty much the players in tact, meaning the organization will count on a comeback from Mark Anderson. Marinelli could be fixing to get a double-digit sack season out of Alex Brown for the first time in his career.

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A 35 year old DE, although great at one time is a lot more difficult than a 35 year old QB making a comeback. Maybe in training camp he might show something, some of the old flash and speed? What does it hurt to have him line up with the pads on in training camp and give it a go?

No way.....we need to get younger, not older!!!!!!!

Can he catch??????? ....does he play WR?????...if not, forget it!!

bears should go with him because we need somebody to get after the QB bears if you are reading this we need a QB,WR,DE, also keep mike brown he is good and sign julius pepers


This just screams Jerry Angelo. He will be in Training Camp with the Bears.

I can hear Angelo know: "he is still young enough and a Pro Bowl level talent, he has 122 career sacks and Rod really likes him."

Welcome to Tampa, ummm I mean Chicago,

Bear Down Tampa Bears
Make every play clear the way to Tampa Bay!
Bear Down Tampa Bears
Put up a fight with a might carelessly
Will never forget the way you thrilled a nation
With your Tampa formation
Bear Down Tampa Bears
and let them know why you're not wearing the crown
Your the pride and joy,
but not of Illinois
Tampa Bears Bear Down.

If Marinelli can get double digits out of Alex Brown, book him for Canton. I love Alex's desire, drive, and effort, but he is just not that type of defensive end. He is one of those guys who is always close, but doesn't quite get there (unless he is playing the Giants)... Every year, he has one game where he gets 2-3 sacks, and then hardly gets that many the rest of the season.

He is a great all-around defensive end, but he is not a sack man. Anderson, Ogunleye, and even Rice have all proven they can get to the QB 10+ times in a season, and Marinelli's job is to get the guys on the roster to do it again. I would be happy with 8 sacks out of Brown, and I think that is the best we can expect out of him. He will continue to knock down passes, cause fumbles, blow up plays in the backfield, and collapse down the line when they run away from him better than any end we have had since the Danimal, but to expect double digit sacks from him is not what we should be doing.

That is why I think we need to look at moving Alex to LE, and letting Ogunleye walk in his final year. His type of motor and aggressiveness translates well to the left side, and he might be a Pro Bowl alternate again on the left. Pro Football Weekly has us taking Aaron Maybin at 18, which could conceivably get our rotation solid for the DEs with Brown, Anderson, Maybin, and Idonije as a fourth if needed. If Ogunleye can get close to his 15 sack form, he is worth keeping, but if we keep getting 6-9 sacks out of him, we got taken for a ton of money for the last several years.

But if we do anything more than a courtesy of bringing Simeon Rice in for a look, we are kidding ourselves. Pass rushers can get smarter with age, but the body doesn't get faster after 35....

Joe Alex Brown is one of my favorite players, but he has never had the talent to be a top dog End in the NFL. Goon was better than Alex at LDE in 2007, Alex is not that great against the Run, and he struggles against big tackles which you see at RT a lot. He can out smart you and he can out hussle you but he will never blow by anyone or Bull rush a guy. Maybin is 235 pounds, real young and needs a lot of development. Most consider him a 3-4 rush LB in fact most of the ends in this class look like they would go better in a 3-4. Orakpo is the best fit for the Bears, but will be long gone, even if the Bears want Maybin he may be gone to. It's really not a great class for 4-3 ends as most guys are tweeners.

You will notice that 3 more teams will changing to a 3-4 defense this year. True 4-3 Rush ends are really rare. There like top end Wide Recievers, they don't come around that often, sure lots of Mocks say guys are going to be great but when all is said in done your lucky if you got one guy in the draft that was an elite true number one reciver or End. Agents love all the Mock drafts and combine coverage, cause it just makes them more money and they will run around telling everyone how great there guy is and how well he will fit into everyone's system for the right amount of money.

The last true 4-3 end that was really good that I have seen drafted was Mario Williams in 2006. Before that you got guys like Allen and Trent Cole. Maybe 5 or six guys in the last 6 years who were really good and could get double digit sacks and apply pressure on a year to year basis. On the other hand there have been a lot of 3-4 pass rushers getting the job done. If you put Maybin on a Bears line that is already undersized you can bet teams will run at the 6'5 235 end all day.

You both are right on here Joe & Creighton, that's why the BEARS had so much hope for Anderson, who had the speed and body to add strength to become a dominant Charles Haley type end. Haley by the way was adequate against the run also..Anderson is in a make or break year next season with the BEARS, he must produce or he'll be gone....Marinelli has his job cut out for him, I see Harris having a BIG season he was gettin healthy late in the year, and I think he realizes his value to the team, on another note his peers are no longer giving him the automatic Pro-Bowl nod, what better way to motivate a player than to be snubbed by his peers ( Hint: Brian #54), the Pro-Bowl is a reputation vote you don't get that if your peers start to think you have fallen off in production. A big strong side LB who can pass rush and cover would improve our D- immediately, I don't know if Laurinitis fits this bill, he should be available, maybe that's why they are talking Maybin and using his speed to convert him to that position, just a thought!....whoever we bring in must be on the field from Day 1, and be able to make plays, and knock the snot out of people...Let the debate begin!....Go BEARS

Your parody of the Bears fight song using Tampa Bay is very funny. However, I would also include the St. Louis Cardinals football franchise. It doesn't matter how weak you've been or how poor your record has been over the past few years, if you've been connected to those two teams and the mighty and invincible "Tampa 2" defense that fools everybody to this day (NOT!), you have an open invitation to Lake Forest. We'll leave the light on for ya.

Can the Bears please get over this stupid Tampa Bay fetish?

Yeop, JA will probably bring in Rice for our `big' acquisition this year lolol, and ignore the players we need.
Yeah, move Alex to LE and get rid of Og He's done, put a fork in him.
It's time the Bears put some of these players that aren't doing anything out. oh crap, there goes the team! I agree we do need someone to go after the QB, but lets get a young version of Og not the same old version of Og, and a old version of Rice as well.

I agree with you on that one. I don't see any of the premier ends in the draft as being "can't miss" 4-3 ends. Maybin could be a Robert Mathis type player, but that would mean even more liability against the run. Orakpo would be great, but outside of him, you are reaching into 2nd or 3rd round territory on Johnson, Kruger, or Shaughnessy. Johnson was pretty highly regarded early on, but seems to have lost some momentum lately as I haven't heard his name much lately. Maybe Kruger can evolve into an Aaron Kampmann style player on the left side, and we can rotate Brown and Anderson on the right. But this is not a good year (or decade for that matter like you said) for 4-3 defensive ends. I don't know much about Maybin other than his measurables, and the game I watched of Penn State was not one of his better ones. I was thinking more that if we took a DE at 18, it would likely be a RE, and we would have to juggle the rotation to get the rookie on the field, as we would need them to play a lot in 2009.

So here's the $1M question....Could the Bears benefit from converting to a 3-4 defense? Harris, Idonije, Harrison, Dvoracek, Toeaina, Anderson, Brown, Ogunleye, Adams are our current copt of linemen. Toeaina, Harrison, or Dvoracek could possibly be the nose tackle, and a tandem of Harris and Idonije would be pretty good on the ends. Harrison could be the left end as well if they want him outside to use his power and speed combo. The back 8 is where we would struggle. Neither Urlacher nor Briggs are particularly good at shedding blocks, which is necessary for the inside linebackers in the 3-4, so their best spot would be outside. Both would be mismatches for the offense from the edge, and both can drop into coverage easily to mix up the looks. It could also extend Urlacher's career by a few years moving him to the edge. Briggs maybe could play inside, but it would be tough for him to hold up. Hillenmeyer would have to play inside, and the other spot would have to be drafted. The back 4 aren't too far off, but we would consistent play from Payne and Manning to make it work. That owuld leave Ogunleye, Brown, and Anderson on the outside looking in. Could any of them become a rush LB? I don't see it happening.

Bottom line is that we would be in the same boat as the Packers as they convert to a 3-4. Lots of guys who don't quite match up, and our best players would be looking at a position change. We are just going to have to hope that Marinelli knows what he is doing, Tommie Harris gets healthy, and Mark Anderson remembers how to get to the QB....He got one last year, so maybe that is the momentum he needed to get himself moving in the right direction again...

I don't want this sack of crap on my team. This is the scumbag who said Pat Tillman should join the Army because he's a horrible football player.

Joe I would love to see the 3-4 but we have no one to coach it and the personel for the Tampa 2 do not mix well with the 3-4. As for the Ends, we are on the same page, I think Maybin 3 years from now if he puts on like 40 pounds would be great, he is very athletic, Johnson has the tools but is an Athlete playing football not football player who is a great athlete. In terms of need and draft position the Bears are not in a strong position. Take the Best player available IMO in the first round, the Bears have needs all over the place. No need to reach for a bad player.

Remember sonthing Joe sometimes you got take a step backwards before you can move forward. To be honest until the QB position is set with a franchise talent, the Bears will be what they always are. All you have to do is look at all the top teams in the NFL over the years and you will see that all of them have a franchise QB. The Bears have been inconsitant for decades on end. If Orton is the guy he has his shot this year. I don't see it happening with him, but he still has his shot. But between him and Rex the Bears have been to the playoffs twice in 5 years, that is not being consistant. Next year is a good year for QB's in the draft, I hope the Bears take one.

Simeon Rice. Next year's Marty Booger.

Didn't Dave Wannstedt make fun of Rice back in 1994, calling him "light in the ass" after we ran all over Tampa Bay in the final regular season game? Why would we sign Rice? Someone tell me.

'Daaht...he's got a lightness in his ass."

too funny. that made my day.

Scumbag Rice must be running out of cash and his agent's in his ear. What's scary is he probably will be in camp this year. I'm really looking forward to that prospect. If history tells us anything, JA & LS will welcome him with open arms, telling us fools that he's got a lot left to offer, just like Marty Booker & Brandon Lloyd. This just continues to mask the fact that they are horrible judges of talent, (and character) just like Wannie, who NEVER, in his storied Bears career, EVER took the blame for destroying this once proud team. (Ask the Pitt Panthers how good he was). Those meatheads (JA & LS) can't be trusted any longer with running this team. Ted phillips should be fired for not getting rid of these guys. Bring in some new blood with a full house cleaning, not just more band-aids. The loyal Bear fans deserve that much!!! Go Bears

There seems to be a nice disagreement between Schrager and Kiper about Larry English from NIU. As a Husky alumnus, I'm all for adding another to the roster, but I'm quite surprised at the difference of opinion. Kiper says that he doesnt fit our scheme at all (which I happen to agree with) but Schrager says its a perfect match. I suppose that's why they call it your opinion.

Bear DOWN!

I gotta tell you guys as I look around the room, I think these goofballs need to just invite the whole Dupage Valley, Catholic League ( Blue Div., of course), and SICA South high school football conferences to camp and maybe be we can put together a real team that knows what it means to really lay your body on the line for the TEAM! The problem is inherent with this team as we can see them allow themselves to just get beat up. Injuries many times are the result of poor conditioning, and not playing at full speed, other traits of our present hometown Bears. This Bears team needs to understand that this city Loved this team because of the passion and grit they showed in victory but more often in defeat during down years. Its the city you're in guys! We believe that hard work pays and you guys get paid to work hard!!! Its Black and blue hard-assed Gridiron-Football and don"t hold back on the iron and bring the wood!!! So, do this BearDownNenglewood a favor and draft who We are and that's Chi-town a bunch of Real Bangers!!!

He's still fast sub 4.7 and few players can sack the quarterback like him. Word is, he's lighter than before he got hurt. That sounds like a sign he's in shape. I doubt he's trying to rob the bank. Can't hurt to give it a shot.

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