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Report: Who's your receiver? Bears one of three favorites for Houshmandzadeh

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All the indications the Bears have made are that they will not be in play for a veteran wide receiver with proven credentials.

There's exactly one of those set to reach the open market in a little more than 2 1/2 hours now--Cincinnati's T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

And the Cincinnati Enquirer lists the Bears as one of three favorites to land his services.

"The Bengals decided not to place the franchise tag on Houshmandzadeh, which would've been for $9.88 million. It is believed that he is looking for a deal upwards of $10 million per season. As many as eight teams could be in the T.J. Derby starting Friday, but the favorites remain the Eagles, Giants and Bears."

We've learned to never say never, but we will say we don't think so to this one. The Bears went down this same path four years ago when they paid good money on the open market--a little more than $5 million per season--for Muhsin Muhammad. He was 32. Houshmandzadeh, who will turn 32 in September, is seeking big money, reportedly $10 million a year. He's been second fiddle for the Bengals to Chad Johnson. He feels he can break out on his own.

General manager Jerry Angelo said he wasn't necessarily in the market for a veteran receiver:

"I know what people were hammering us that we didn't have the veteran receivers, you know, when we sent Bobby Engram down the road,'' he said. ``And we went with Marty Booker. We turned out to be OK. I like our receivers. Do we have to look at the position? Yes, we do. Does it need to be addressed in free agency? Not necessarily. We tried to do that last year. It really didn't work out the way we liked. So I like what we have. They need to continue to develop. But again our play starts with our lines. I don't want to get so focused on the receiver position although, yes, we do need to look at the receiver position as well.''

Where do you think Houshmandzadeh wants to land? The Giants are a year removed from winning the Super Bowl and are in need of a replacement for Plaxico Burress. The Eagles were just in the NFC Championship Game. Houshmandzadeh's agent works for the same company that represents Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, who reportedly wants to see Philly upgrade the roster some before getting down to the business of a contract extension. Where do you think the agent wants to steer Houshmandzadeh? Buckle in, it's about to get started.

UPDATED: Houshmandzadeh just said in an interview on ESPN that he informed his agent he would be interested in playing for the Giants, Eagles, Seattle and ... and NFC North team, Minnesota. No mention of the Bears.

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With $48 million of cap space, bet he ends up with the Eagles.

I would pass on him and save the money for the offensive line, FS and other needs.


Housh would be better than a rookie at this point. The Bears need a strong and consistent posession wide out and Housh is the man. Then Bennett can focus on the slot where he will excel.

Also that will allow the Bears to concentrate on WR later in the draft.

Well, old and expensive or not, the Bears better get somebody. The receivers they have now couldn't get any separation, and with the possible exception of Devin Hester there's no realistic expectation for that to change. But I agree with Angelo, the lines are more fundamental to winning, so the Bears better improve those first. Does that mean they'll get Haynesworth? (Hey, I can dream if I want to.)

Bring back Marty Booger! He's our salvation!

I'm sure Moose poisoned the well for Jerry regarding big-name FA WR's.

maybe WR would have worked out last year Jerry if you would actually look at acquiring a legit Free Agent WR instead of an old broken down cheap WR, what a clown statement that was....

`Does it need to be addressed in free agency? Not necessarily. We tried to do that last year. It really didn't work out the way we liked.' lololol durn, what an idiot statement.

Let me get this straight, he is saying that since he screwed up last year there is no reason to have faith in his judgment this year.

Ha ha ha nice head line SunTimes staff. You give fans a heart attack with that type of crap.

It made it sound like the Bears had made an offer and that he was considering the Bears' offer among the three of his favorites. Instead he's just considering the Bears among two teams with better QB situations.

If he wants his $10-million per....yeah uh good luck with that. NEXT

Oh and Jerry Angelo's quotes are great

I like our receivers. Do we have to look at the position? Yes, we do. Does it need to be addressed in free agency? Not necessarily. We tried to do that last year. It really didn't work out the way we liked. So I like what we have. They need to continue to develop.

You got burned Jerry because you're a freaking buffoon when it comes to evaluating receivers. Now you're going to be an even worse idiot with the players we have in place. You like what we have? Okay name the two receivers you like on the roster Jerry that could come close to catching 80 balls and going for 1,100 yards.

Housh would be awsome paired with Hester, finally someone to take the heat off Hester and give Bennet some play time w/o making him a No. 2 - who else is there?

Good Free Agent listing of who is still available, a couple Tackles are available as is Housh at this time...

Anyone who pays $10 million for Houshmandzadeh is a fool. Think Nate Washington and Laveranues Coles as very attractive options for the Bears. Add either one and a tackle, and draft options improve dramatically.

Redskins sign Haynesworth. Bears sign Brett Basanez. Which team wants to win more?

You got burned Jerry because you're a freaking buffoon when it comes to evaluating receivers.
That one needed repeated! lolol

And yes that was a good headline as Housh did not list the Bears in his teams he wanted to play for (smart move look at our offense)compare to the Eagles/Giants


Hey NBS, if Orton sucks then Grossman must swallow huh ???

exfan, I like Haynesworth but not for $100 mil wasting money like this is exactly why the Skins have been terrible since Synder took over...But hey if you like the signing it must be the right thing to do HUH!.....Plus if the BEARS spent that kind of money on Haynesworth there would be nothing left to even try and bid on HOush, the guy this peace is focused on.....

Hoosh Man Alvin Harper Zode?...Yeah, I think Mike Irving...took the focus off 'the other guy'

Lavaurneous Coles would be a much better score for our resident stooges three....Ted, Jerry, and Lovie

could someone tell them for me?

Coles and Hester?...sounds good

Hey suck!!!!!!!!........haniehaniehaniehaniehaniehaniehaniehaniehanie

wow... reading the comments here... 7 or 8 of em... is amazing that the suntimes site is letting the junior highschoolers run wild with this one. the nerd-speak is overwhelming. you guys should head back to slashdot or an MTV forum with the rest of the zit poppers. Here we talk sports. Save your sophomoric crap and attempts at antagonism for your myspace blog. :D

-i never return to read replies. -


This angelo guy must be dumb!!! Free agency didn't work out last year because you signed no name fools. Booker is over the hill what does he expect? He needs to go mange wants to fill in roster spots but doesn't want to pay! Good luck!

wow...reading drunnins comment here....1 of 1 of amazing how the suntimes site is letting nobel prize winners run wild with their (1) comment. On Brads Blog we speak sports like a real fan does with a beer in one hand and a Bears helmet on just to deflect the wise, Einsteinium comments from our beer/bear soaked brains.

- i am a real Bears fan, and a real beer drinkin man, I always am interested in what other Bears fans have to say-

marty and lloyd had half catches and yards combined as hoosh
back-ups from panthers taking up valuable dollars
can get wr in draft so i understand but then get a corner or guard or de in free agency because it cant all be answered in draft
you killling me

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