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Report: Peppers picks four teams for trade talks

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Through the process of elimination, it appears Julius Peppers wants nothing to do with the Bears.

Darin Gantt of the Rock Hill (S.C.) Herald reports that the Carolina Panthers defensive end has a list of four teams in mind to be traded to if and when the franchise tag is placed on him. The team is expected to tag Peppers before Thursday's 3 p.m. deadline.

The Bears are not one of the four clubs.

Gantt reports that Dallas, two NFC South teams and an AFC team make up the four landing spots Peppers approves.

Can Peppers dictate where he is traded? For practical purposes, absolutely. The Panthers will be tagging him with the purpose of trading him to get something in return greater than a compensatory draft pick. They can't pull off a trade unless Peppers agrees to a contract with the new team.

Peppers had a career-high 14 1/2 sacks last season. He's said he'd like to play in a 3-4 scheme but none of the teams in the NFC South use the 3-4 scheme and realizing that ploy only limited his suitors, he's unlikely to stick to it. The Bears have a real need for an edge rusher and he would be a terrific match.

Keep an eye on this one. It will get more interesting.

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So I have this question....Peppers was not playing well in 2007, and had a monster 2008 while in a contract year. Is his desire to play in a 3-4 defense a desire to fade into the background? Is he tired of being the man in a 4-3, and just wants to be a space eater with no pressure on him in a 3-4?

I hope not, because he is one of the most exciting DEs in the league. I would bet the AFC is where they will try and find a home for him. Probably a team near the bottom of the league as far as record, so they can get a better package of draft picks. Maybe Cleveland as a possible destination? Denver would be another potential partner. I think Carolina is convinced they are in the hunt for a title, and they don't want Peppers making an NFC rival better.

Either way, I think moving to a 3-4 defense is a terrible decision for a player that could be among the best to ever play the position. It sounds like a guy who wants money, and a reduction in spotlight and pressure. Teams want this guy for the pressure he brings, not the pressure he feels...

Well that sucks.

As much as I'd like to see our DL play improve, I don't think that this was ever really going to happen. Even assuming that he wanted to come here, it would take too much in terms of a trade and a contract to get him here, so JA wouldn't go for it. Plus JA should be done signing guys from CAR coming off great seasons in their contract year. He's probably still having nightmares where a bus marked #87 runs over Kyle and Rex.

Joe Peppers has had only two sup-par years in his 7 years in the league. He's a 2 time All- Pro, I have no clue what was wrong with him last year but he is usually very consistant. He has 8 blocked Punts and kicks in his career, 70.5 sacks over his 7 years plus 4 interceptions one for a pick 6. He is one of the few true 4-3 DE's that can get to the QB in all of the NFL. Williams, Peppers, Allen, Abraham and thats about it. He can take over a game on defense, and he is not comming to Chicago.

No surprise here. Number one, he wants to play for a winner, and a franchise that really wants to win. Number two, he's just being realistic; the Bears are too timid to make this bold a move. Brett Basanez is more the Bears' comfort level.

so Peppers wants to play for a winner Huh...exfan???? listing the Cowboys and two teams in the NFC South, yes sure he does he's looking to raise the price tag that's all, the man currently plays for a winner and the NFC teams he listed are not better than the BEARS, look he wants to play with T.O. and Roy Williams and Tony FumbleRomo, give me a break this all about the money and I do not think he is worth any more of our time on the blog personally.....We need to focus on getting offensive help in FreeAgency where the best value seems to be the D-lineman who are FA's are going to be trouble for whoever signs them, Peppers, haynesworth, and suggs will all be under pressure to perform for the large dollars they get and underachieve, spend the money on McAllister for the Free Safety spot, then get a QB with the rest of the cash, draft o-line and defense in the draft and get production, most defensive players that get large paydays have down seasons, the way most of the bloggers go after Tommie Harris is a perfect example of my point. He got paid and everyone's been moaning every since, the guy has played hurt and all we do is dog him out, most of these players people are asking for are pipe dreams and would eat up too much of the cash we have to spend...we have a young team with talent that needs good lockeroom guys to learn from, not prima donnas who want the big pay day to rest on for the the remaining years in there careers... let's pay some guys with something to prove then we will get a return on our investment......Go BEARS

Young team with talent? Where's the talent?

If I told you once, I told you a million times......nobody wants to come here with Orton as starting QB!!!!!!!!.....He totally SUCKS and everybody knows it..............

chitownbear, I agree with you a 150% about Tommie Harris, the guy comes out and plays hurt, and what do all the crybabies do, dog him because he isn't playing at an all-pro level hurt. If the crybabies took the time to notice Harris play, he got better as the year went on. I think he will be good to go, but I would still like to see the Bears bring in another DT that could help Harris man the three technique. The position is very important to the Bears scheme, having another player to rotate in and out, to keep Harris fresh, would do wonders for the Bears defense. Also having two DT at the position would keep Harris and whoever the Bears bring in more effective throughtout the season. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bears address the position at some point during the draft, maybe on the first day, a player like Evander "ziggy" Hood of Missouri would be nice, we'll see GO BEARS!!

OK, I'll feed the troll ...

So, NeckBearSucks, who should be playing Qb for the bears? I mean, I keep hearing you spout "KYLE ORTON SUCKS" at the top of your little lungs, but I have yet to see a plan on who should play QB or how "run(ning) him out of town" is going to make Chicago better? I mean, you are truly eloquent and insightful with such witticisms as your name (bravo my friend it must have taken you months to formulate such a truly inspiring handle!) and have unfathomable insight with statements like "He totally SUCKS and everybody knows it". For me, there is nothing more fulfilling then reading your comments ... I mean, I got so excited that you graced us with your thoughts on Peppers I have to admit ... I peed a little. So, please tell us in your flowing and vivacious prose, what should Chicago do at quarterback?

To exfan:
For someone who calls themselves "exfan" you sure spend an inordinate amount of time crapping all over these message boards. I hear New England has plenty of mouth-breathing bandwagoners, maybe you would find yourself a home there?

Da Church of Da Coach, I know me and you have had a difference of opinion on certain matters that have to do with the Bears, but I totally agree with everything you said above, GO ORTON!! GO BEARS!!

Kevin A. good point about depth on d-line at 3 technique, Hood is a ballplayer for sure but won't last too long, in my opinion should go in 1st two rounds and our needs in other areas should be addressed with those picks, plus I think we got a guy like him on the team already in Adams who showed last season he should have been on the field earlier, the guy plays with pride and hustle, exactly what we need......But if Hood slips then bring him in for sure....

Da Coach my man....nice hits, always a pleasure to read your takes.....I feel you the posts have not been too insightful from our friends you mentioned but afterall Brad offers us an open forum, how else did you think the packerslacer got in...

exfan- to answer your young talent question, how about these names in case you forgot them....Olsen, Forte, Hester, Graham, Payne, (possibles Manning, Bowman,Beekman, williams, Hanie) and yes Tommie Harris who still is in his prime under the age of 30...get with it my friend offer us some insight, you are taking up valuable space...

Dear Kevin Wormstead.....maybe you should draft. I think you are wrong about Tommie Harris....if we pulled a fast one like he did last year we would be out of a job.

By Da Church of Da Coach on February 19, 2009 9:06 AM
OK, I'll feed the troll ...

"I got so excited that you graced us with your thoughts on Peppers I have to admit ... I peed a little."

Hilarious. That's all I got. Nicely written my friend.

DaChurch.....Here's the plan to fix our QB mess.... Name Caleb Hanie the starter with open competition from someone brought here via trade( Derek Anderson, Troy Smith, Vince Young, Matt Cassell..someone backing up a good starter that has more talent than Ornot(any back-up would do) draft a good young QB for our third to develop later!!!!! That's it,'s that will never happen because nobody has the balls to do it....they would rather be stuck in mediocrity with Mr."Game Manager Dink & Dunk" to be safe....8-8, 7-9, 6-10 here we come......(I wouldn't knock anybodies handle with the one you got....where did that come from, Saturday Night Live???????

By NeckBeardSucks: "Name Caleb Hanie the starter with open competition from someone brought here via trade( Derek Anderson, Troy Smith, Vince Young, Matt Cassell..someone backing up a good starter that has more talent than Ornot(any back-up would do) draft a good young QB for our third to develop later!!!!!"

So your answer is to name Hanie (a 2nd-year, undrafted free agent) the starter and then trade for two former-starters who were benched, a guy who is franchised, or a guy (Troy Smith) who couldn't play dead? That's an interesting take ... and by interesting I mean "they have meds for people like you."

Derek Anderson is a possibility but how would he compare to Orton? Anderson had one good season and was benched this last year; also his career numbers are BELOW Kyle's. If you factor into account Orton's winning percentage then this looks like a Matt Millen-esque move.

Matt Cassell would require a 1st-round pick and a HUGE salary for a guy who could be a one-year wonder; Cassell threw passes to guys like Welker and Moss ... I don't see a lot of them on Chicago.

Troy Smith? Did I miss something or are the Bears planning to lose to USC in the Rose Bowl this season? ... Or maybe they are planning to win the Rose Bowl so they get Vince Young? Here's a bit of insight ... Vince Young SUCKS OUT LOUD and was completely overhyped and overrated as well as a mental midget; there is no hype for Smith because he simply is not good and never will be.

"That's it,'s that will never happen because nobody has the balls to do it....they would rather be stuck in mediocrity with Mr."Game Manager Dink & Dunk" to be safe....8-8, 7-9, 6-10 here we come"

No, actually no one would do it because it makes no damn sense. We elevate Hanie to starter, bring in another player with worse career numbers than Orton, and draft a "good young QB". Grossman goes via free agency no matter what happens so Chicago cuts Kyle Orton the only quarterback in the system with 2 years starting under his belt and us fans get to sit and watch the "(insert name here) is our quarterback" post-game press conference each week ... again???

Wow, I thought Jerry Angelo was frickin' clueless but you have proven it could be worse.

The only conceivable future right now is Kyle Orton. Chicago CAN go get a young QB in the draft. They SHOULD go get some offensive talent via free agency or the draft. You cannot put together a make-shift offensive line, the worst receiving corp in the league, and then blame the QB for an offense that has sucked for years. Well YOU can, but you're just special that way.

Orton will start and we'll see what he can do. Hanie should be 2nd-string because I do believe he can be a starter in this league. Bring in a guy to shore up the 3rd-string (Basanez?) or a veteran if Hanie isn't ready yet. Get OFFENSIVE help and target a safety in the first 2 rounds or via free agency ... and for the love of all that's holy take anything NeckBeardSucks with a less than a grain of salt.

Also -- Thanks for the comments guys. I haven't been around the boards - posting at least - for awhile but have been checking in a couple times a week. Work has been hectic lately and thank god I'm in an industry that is still doing well.

Keep up the good work, I always read the stories and the commentary and though - like Kevin said - I don't always agree I do like the to read everybody's take ... except when it's a closeted bear fan like our Packer fan poster ... I know, I know "closeted" and "packer fan" are redundant but it is what it is.

Looking forward to the draft and will be putting together my big board in the next couple weekends just because it's 1) fun and 2) never even remotely close. I can't wait to hear your takes on the draft as it gets closer and closer.

If what you say is true.......We are doomed to failure this year...Orton is limited, one dimensional, slow of foot, and weak armed....everyone I said has more of a upside then Ornot your money, Bear fans...don't buy tickets until K.O. (knocked out) is gone!!!!!!!!!!!

Duh, if I was Peppers I would not want to play for the Bears either. and maybe the fans dislike T.O. and Romo? and Williams but you can bet the big name players want to play on their team as they can get the job done. Maybe the boys didn't do that great but their potential is alot better than the Bears. for real, and don't even think T.O. is not one of the all time great WR just bc of his attitude, he does the job and then some, cmon who would you want to play with? The Boys or the Bears? Proof is in Peppers saying he wanted to play with the Cowboys, can't be mad at the man, he wants a legit shot at the Super Bowl and the Bears are not that, ever, period. You can slice it, dice it and ice it but Peppers said it that way for a reason, The Boys are respected around the league and the Bears are not.
The Bears are the laughing stock of the NFL cause the McCaskeys have made it so, do you not listen to other teams fans at all? It's tuff bein a Bears fan as everyone laughs at the Bears and for good reason we never put a decent team on the field except once every 20 years. No top Free Agent would pick the Bears cause they know Chicago is where WR go to die. Proof is in Peppers decision and alot of other Free Agents decisions.
I love the Bears but I do face the reality of the situation.
Its tuff

Da Church
Good answer, meds for that for real....
We just spent how many years developing not one but two `good young QB's' and now we do it all over again? Yeah right.
`You cannot put together a make-shift offensive line, the worst receiving corp in the league, and then blame the QB for an offense that has sucked for years. Well YOU can, but you're just special that way.'
oh yeah, bring on the meds lol
I'm tired of drafting QB's that don't `develope' - maybe we should try drafting/trading/Free Agenting a good OFFENSE period.

How can you be mad at a man for wanting to play for a team thats respected by the players? and Tommie needs to earn his money, if he's hurt let him sit and rehab, (which is why he was suspended for a game remember?) no, the name of the game is performance not playin hurt badly, we have to bring in 2 defensive coaches (Sapp/Rod) to get the mans attitude/performance/motivation level back up - not from an injury but from an attitude problem, otherwise they would bring in a Dr. to rehab his leg not 2 Coaches for his attitude/motivation.
I feel there was alot more going on than an injury or Lovie would not have suspended him a game. Lovie is not like that, say what you will about Lovie but he saw something about Harris attitude that needed fixing, not his leg.
as Da Coach said we do not always agree but we do agree - Go Bears!
and the Free Agent list is starting to worry me as it's shrinking fast and with it our hopes.

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