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Receivers in motion? Texas Tech's Crabtree to miss up to 10 weeks

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INDIANAPOLIS--The Bears figure to be in the market for a wide receiver in this draft and the picture for wideouts just got jumbled.

Michael Crabtree, the consensus best receiver in the draft and the top player according to some scouts, will be out 10 weeks after it was discovered Friday that he has a stress fracture in his left foot. He will require surgery to have a pin inserted.

How this changes the board for teams picking near the top of the draft remains to be seen. Ten weeks will take him up until about the draft, which begins April 25. It could affect Missouri's Jeremy Maclin most. He's considered the next best receiver by many.

The Bears could be looking at Maryland's Darrius Heyward-Bey, but if he runs like he's expected to Sunday when receivers work out at Lucas Oil Stadium, chances are he'll be long gone when the Bears choose 18th in the first round. Rutgers' Kenny Britt and North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks also might be good fits.

The last time the Bears drafted a wide receiver in the first round--grabbing David Terrell eighth overall in 2001--he was dealing with a stress fracture.

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Draft a QB 1st.................ORTON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As much as this raises a flag, I don't see Crabtree falling all that much. He's gone in the top-10 regardless. I am hoping Maclin can fall to Chicago but I just don't see it happening.

Heyward-Bey is a work in progress. I have seen his name several times and I'm not sure what the big draw is. He has great straight-line speed but is a poor route runner and is not good accross the middle. Chicago already has that in Devin Hester who actually will go accross the middle. Chicago needs to be in the market for a good intermediate receiver.

A guy like Britt will be a late 1st or early 2nd-round pick so Chicago would have to reach (a bit) on him or hope that Brian Robiskie is around when they make the 50th overall pick. Either one of those guys could make an immediate upgrade at the receiver position as they provide a compliment to Hester.

Coach Britt's stock is gonna go up, I have been talking about him all off season, if he runs a decent 40 he will shoot up the boards with his size and hands. The kid has one problem and that is he happens tO BE Little TO JR.

Crab is gonna drop like a rock, he has a screw in his foot, already had an ankle injury, which i am now wondering if that was actually the foot injury and Texas Tech covered it up. He also measured in at 6'1 not 6'3. So now he has three red flags being thrown up around him, maybe even 4, Hieght, Speed, durability, and that screw in his foot will not help him jump higher or run faster. He has become a dangerous pick. But like I said yesterday the real Crabtree has been kidnapped by Lovie and company, thats really Brandon Lloyd at the combine.

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