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Moves made around the league, all quiet on Bears' front

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We've been dutifully working the phone lines to see what is going on out there related to the Bears and the answer is, as best we can tell, not much.

Several teams around the league are making some salary dumps, or clearing out players that don't fit new systems, as much to give the players let go a fair shot at the start of free agency as anything else.

The most high-profile news came out of Tampa where the Buccaneers and new coach Raheem Norris have made linebacker Derrick Brooks walk the plank along with wide receivers Joey Galloway and Ike Hilliard, linebacker Cato June and running back Warrick Dunn.

The Bucs are ditching the Tampa Two so Brooks wasn't needed any longer.

In St. Louis, the Rams trimmed wide receiver Drew Bennett and quarterback Trent Green and it will be interesting to see if wide receiver Torry Holt gets cut before Thursday night.

There have been happenings in the division ... Minnesota looks ready to swing a deal for quarterback Sage Rosenfels from the Houston Texans.

Stay tuned. We'll check back soon with some Rex Grossman news, and a little later on Four Down Territory. Free agency opens in a little more than 31 hours.

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What are the odds of the Bears signing any of these released Bucs?

Why am I not surprised ? Same story EVERY year, other teams make off season moves, Jerry takes a nap.

Brad, why don't you think there will be any interest in Cato June? I think he played the Sam for the Colts, so there wouldnt be all sorts of scheme adjustments, and he looks to still be in his prime.

Did the Bears cut Orton yet???

Bears fans....What's going on in Tampa is what is going to happen to the Bears next year!!!!.....New coach, new GM, and the house will be cleaned of the unwanted junk!!!! You gotta love a team with the balls to admit their system is old and no longer works!!! Start fresh and show the fans you want to win!!!...while the Bears sit back and think they are better than they really are and do nothing!!!!!It's gonna be a long year, my friends!!!!!

NBS.....we'll never get that lucky!!!!....Hadji....right on, my brother!!!!!...

so even though every team in the NFL uses some form of the cover-2 (or the two deep zone)and has used it for upwards of 20+ yrs the system is broken and does not work...


nice logic...every team in the NFL is an idiot...gotcha

and what offseason moves do you want him to make? there isnt one name thats avaliable right at this moment (remember FA doesnt start until friday)that makes me want to go grab the checkbook...and cutting players when you dont have players as good or better to replace them is stupid...

it was the basis for the whole tj/benson got rid of a known for an unknown...Why would you do that NOW of all times

my god some people are football idiots

:-( what a way to sign on......still laughing at that one......

Hadji is right because next year is about time for the Bears' coaching step-system to re-cycle. The step system is when you bring in yet another inexperienced defensive coordinator for a below scale contract, then replace in 3-5 years with another. Keeps expenses nice and manageable for Ted Phillips. Wannstedt, Jauron, Smith...... (see the pattern now?).

The only hiccup was when Mike McCaskey tried to trick Dave McGinniss into accepting a low-ball offer by announcing his hiring before McGinniss actually signed the contract--one of the more embarrassing moments in the franchise's long history....not really a hiccup, because McGinniss fits the criteria..

Yes, Ive been seeing that pattern for a long time with the Bears, and it really is getting old, 31 hours and counting till wakeup time.
31 hours, Does anyone believe that the Bears DON'T need to sign any Free Agents this year? Does anyone really feel we can fix this thing through the draft and Rod alone?
Thats a big gamble on Angelo's part, and if they don't fix it as exfan said the Owners will just clean house and hire more cheap labor and make more money and we the fans will still be sitting here waiting another 20 years for another Super Bowl.
31....30....29....cmon Jerry spend the Fans hard earned money for a change and bring us something more than a Booker this year!
We all worked hard for that money just so we could sit in the cold and boo Rex, now how about you try doing the same thing for a change of pace. (no not boo Rex, sign a FA da...)If I can't cheer a winner at least I would like to cheer a big name star for once. McNabb to Hester TD!!! (dream) or even Orton to Housh! TD!!! Peppers sacks Orton...doh

I'm gonna have to agree with :-( on this one. I get sick and tired of listening to people complain about how tight Angelo is. The fact of the matter is that Jerry simply chooses to spend his money locking up our own players instead of throwing away our futures on overpaid free agents. We all consider the Tennessee Titans and Coach Jeff Fisher to be a top notch organization right? Then why do you think they are letting Haynesworth go? Don't you think they might know something that we don't? If you guys are so dead set on seeing us go out and shell out a bunch of money on players that others teams aren't willing to resign than go ahead and cheer for the Cowboys, Redskins or Raiders. As for me, I will stick with Jerry Angelo and his build from within strategy. You know, the same strategy that the Colts, Patriots, Giants, Titans, Steelers etc all go with. Do you remember any of these teams going out year after year and shelling out tons of money for free agents? The answer is no, they build through the draft and then when they get close they use free agency as a method to get the team to the top. We are more than just a position or two from being elite. I we can sure up the offensive line and add a couple more pieces in the draft this year than you might see us make a play for a big name free agent next year.

I do not know why everyone is so angry with KO. He was really doing well until his injury. The Bears need to make some cuts though!! Come on Jerry you can not find two or three more guys who did not preform like you think they would and are out of chances (not Vasher). Trade out of first and get two more in the second and get brian robiske and the OT from oklahoma who is like 6'7 320... Phil something. Lets face it, this may not be a super year but we can kinda count on the fact that the bears know they have to make some changes in order to win. They changed the coaching staff and now are looking to the FA period, and the draft. But do not get the Lb from cal, Cato June is ready to come and play some good D, why not chi town, and shawn rodgers wants out of Cleveland, give a thrid or fourth pick for him and we will be unstoppable with the big man in the middle. WE JUST NEED A GOOD SOLID REST OF THE OFFSEASON WITH THE AREAS OF NEED ADRESSED AND THEN WE WILL BE THE BEARS OF OLD!!!!
Bears are great
Packers suck
YA I went there... and so did the rest of chi town

By :-( on February 25, 2009 5:57 PM
so even though every team in the NFL uses some form of the cover-2 (or the two deep zone)and has used it for upwards of 20+ yrs the system is broken and does not work...


First the Tampa 2 is a lot different than a standard cover 2 or one played out of a 3-4.

Whats really different about it is the type of players it requires. Small and fast. LB's that are built more for cover and who can play further off the line. CB who are good against the Run and interchangable safties. The front line is probably the hardest build, all high speed rushers, you really need a Under tackle and a nose guard. Both are very rare and hard to come by. The Tampa 2 also play a lot more TEX games than a regular cover 2 because they have more speed.

Today Warren Sapp a guy who knows a little something about the Tampa 2 was saying the 4-3 is basically dying, teams are switching to 3-4's because there are no Under Tackles anymore and DT's are all becoming more like NT's big and strong but less athletic and there are not a lot of those either. He said there is probably not a single true under tackle in college today, and there is not a single one at the combine. The Tampa 2 can't work without one. Under tackles and Nose Guards tended to be LB's who had bulked up. Even the Bears Tampa 2 which is a speed based defense is slow compared to those mid to late 90's Tampa teams, and does not execute nearly as well, it's almost a cross between a standard Cover2 and the Dungy defense.

A defense is only as good as it's personel and if you can't replace your perrsonel then your defense is broke. Sapp also pointed out that coaches today are all about Scheme, and trying to get players to buy into there scheme which is fine, but they have replaced teaching players technique with teaching them scheme. He also said If Tommie Harris wants to work with him he will have to call him, something Harris has not done yet as Sapp pointed out.

UH Those teams are all winners and the Bears don't win....except they won in
and those teams draft good, and make trades AND they do make Free Agent aqusitions try Big Ben, Manning, Manning, Brady, Moss doh! Trade! Do you feel the Bears have drafted a QB as good as those since Jimmy Mac? thats 20 some years of drafting sh..

New England traded for Wes Welker and Randy Moss (who have the Bears traded for)
The Giants signed Plaxico Burress (caqught the Super Bowl winning TD)
The Steelers signed: James Farrior in 2002
Please go here for more...
But dont waste your time trying to find the Bears in that category or great trades for that matter cause they win once in 20 years through the draft

New England Patriots Free Agents signed 2008
(if they have an injury they are covering their own a.. so to speak unlike the Bears

Sam Aiken WR Buffalo Bills
Fernando Bryant CB Detroit Lions
Victor Hobson LB New York Jets
LaMont Jordan RB Oakland Raiders
Oliver Ross G Arizona Cardinals
Jason Webster CB Buffalo Bills
Tank Williams S Minnesota Vikings

New England signed 2007

Kyle Brady TE Jacksonville Jaguars
Eddie Jackson CB Miami Dolphins
Tory James CB Cincinnati Bengals
Rashad Moore DL New York Jets
Sammy Morris RB Miami Dolphins
Kenny Smith DL Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Donte' Stallworth WR Philadelphia Eagles
Adalius Thomas LB Baltimore Ravens
Kelley Washington WR Cincinnati Bengals

New England 2006 signed:
Reche Caldwell WR San Diego Chargers
Jabar Gaffney WR Houston Texans
Martin Gramatica K Indianapolis Colts
Tebucky Jones S Miami Dolphins
Mel Mitchell III S New Orleans Saints
Todd Sauerbrun P Denver Broncos
Chad Scott CB New England Patriots
Junior Seau LB Miami Dolphins

oh wait the Bears brought in Muhammed who said Chicago is where WR go to die....
and Booker who came here to die......

did you not think we were close last year? or the year after the Super Bowl? I felt a Free Agent or 2 away then as we just went to the Super Bowl. I would think a Free Agent or trade and we would be right there again, if we wait too long that team will be old and we will need to rebuild all over again. I mean do you not see the Oline retiring man by man? or the D getting old (see Url, see Brown gone) The time was last year, not next year, I guess you are willing to wait another year or 2 or 20? Dude I have waited since 1985! I think if we have a team that went to the Super Bowl we should not let that team get old and rebuild in a year or 2, we should get a player or 2 and GO RIGHT F.. BACK
so you think we might buy a big name free agent in a year or 2? ok, Ill wait a year or 2..................doh, we need a new DLine again, doh we need a new middle linebacker again......oh well we can wait a year or 2 again..................

Bears fans....What's going on in Tampa is what is going to happen to the Bears next year!!!!.....New coach, new GM, and the house will be cleaned of the unwanted junk!!!!


Sorry Hadji, but Lovie and Angelo will be around at least another two years regardless of the Bears' record. Angelo, if I'm not mistaken, is signed until 2013.

it was the basis for the whole tj/benson got rid of a known for an unknown...Why would you do that NOW of all times my god some people are football idiots

Oh dear. It just sounded like you called some of the decision makers in the Bears organization football idiots. Have to agree with that.

Shuffle = Halas Hall hack

Funny how Angelo is so paranoid of blogs like this he has to send his little twits here to defend him. And then poor Creighton and Randy confuse them with the facts.

Word is the Steelers may be parting way's with Harrison. If this happens can you say welcome to the Pats Harrison. I swear to god the Steeler crank out rush linebackers like Fannie May cranks out sweet sweet choclate. Can we please have the steelers scouting staff and GM.

By the way in 2006 Tampa, the Colts, Bears, Bill's, Vikings, KC and Lions all ran the tampa 2.

As of 2009, only the Colts, Bears, and Bill's still use it.

"Typically, the [Tampa 2] players don't have the prototypical size of other NFL defenders. Instead, stress is put on speed, smarts and flawless tackling. […] A quick defensive line is a must, but the middle linebacker position is the straw that stirs the drink."

The Bears have slowed down a lot the last 2 years and we just got rid of our smartest defensive player.

If any of you have not heard that Sapp interview, I suggest you pop over to 670 and give it a listen it is a very good interview.

Randy I have to tell you that is a pretty impressive list of free agents that the Patriots has signed in the past few years. Or is it impressive? The fact of the matter is that out of all of those players you listed I only found 1, I repeat 1 playmaker out of that bunch and that's Adalius Thomas. You name me one other person from that list that has made the the Patriots a better team. You pathetic attempts to rip on me simply reinforce my argument. The Patriots built their team through the draft and when they were close they signed Adalius Thomas to take them over the top. The Giants built their team through the draft and when they were close they signed Plaxico Burris to get them over the top. The Pittsburgh Steeler built their team through the draft and when they were close they signed James Farrior to get them over the top. Do I need to continue or can you understand the point? As for this past season, if you thought we were a piece or two away from being elite then please sir pass over whatever it is that you are smoking. Going into 2008 we had an open competition at QB. We had glaring holes at RB, LT, LG, FS and WR. We we really gonna be able to fix all of that if we had spent money in Free Agency? Come on bro wake up, you're embarrassing Bears fans all over the country!

Don, as for you, what a joke. You can go around calling people by names buy what suggestions do you have? You're probably one of those morons who think we should spend all the money we have available under the cap on players like Hayneworth. Boy talk about pure genius, wrapping up over $14 million a year (which is more than $1 million per game since he averages 12 games played a year). That's exactly what we need to get over the top! Open your eyes and and stop pouring your ignorance over all of us! You see that Haynesworth signed with the Redskins, maybe its not too late to go cheer for them, they spend plenty of money every offseason. In fact they also signed DeAngelo Hall to a 6 year $54 million dollar deal. For a player who got cut for the Raiders!!! Don when you open your mouth maybe you should make sure something intelligent comes out of it.

I will not call you names Shuffle, as I appreciate a good NFL/Bears argument when it is all respectful,
But we do disagree on your analysis of the Bears not being close after the Super Bowl, how could we not be close? We just went to the big game. There should not have been a QB controversy, (the Coaches created that) (I like Orton but still) we should have signed a good offensive lineman, we should have kept Thomas Jones etc etc... The Bears made this a weak team (not including inj - which we WOULD have competent backups for if we were active in Free Agency as the Patriots were) I stated that they used it for competent backups but the Patriots do use the Free Agency and the Bears basically do not, note our Oline with no backups, do you not feel we could have signed Free Agent Tackles and our arguing would not even be there this year?
And please do not ignore the trades which the Bears do not utilize at all, The Pats traded for Moss/Welker and where would they be without those trades? and is it possible that the Patriots are better at drafting players that excel than the Bears? and if a team can not draft good, (look at our recent missed RB drafts untill Forte) then it stands to reason they need to trade or utilize Free Agency, which when the Bears use FA they choose people like Booker, not a player that will take them over the top.
Different philosophy's between the Bears and Patriots to be sure.
Do I feel a Haynesworth or Housh or Hall could help the Bears yes! Are they worth the money? Yes! They were paid the money, but it depends on what team they go to, not who pays them the money, You really would not like to watch Haynesworth in a Bears uniform plowing down the line? I know I would, and with all the money the McCaskeys have made off the sucker fans since 1985 with these p...poor players they draft, I feel the McCaskeys could do that for the fans being loyal to a team that hasn't won but 1 Super Bowl but is one of the oldest Franchises of the NFL. You really feel the Patriots/Steelers are in the same class of talent as the Bears? How many Super Bowls have the Steelers won??? Shuffle! There is no comparison, the Bears suck at drafting so please buy us a Free Agent for all the money we have given them for nothing in return

New England = 6 Super Bowls
Steelers = 6 Super Bowls
Giants = 4 Super Bowls
Are you comparing the Bears org with these Teams? WTF are you smoking?
and no I dont feel that Titans are a top organization at all, I never would say that.
But Don did have a point when he said something about confusing the facts Shuffle, as the Teams records you compared to the Bears Indicts your own theory big time.

and just so Angelo can not be cornfused with comparing to these organizations you compared his team wisdom with take a look at the team records for these teams since Angelo came here

2003 - 2008
Bears: 69 wins
Pats: 97 wins
Steelers: 85 wins

I only included season wins not playoff wins which that would have really bloated the other teams win totals that you compared the great Bears and Jerry Angelo's incredible football wisdom to.
I can not begin to explain what the McCaskey's do with all the money we the fans GIVE them for a p...poor product but they should be paraded around town on a pole for not giving a little of that money back via free agent players or even trades so we can enjoy watching a real NFL Star as long as we are not winning any f..... way

Do I need to continue or do you get my facts/point Shuffle?

Randy somewhere along this conversation you must have gotten the impression that I am satisfied with the Bears as they stand and that could not be further from the truth. How could I be after watching us play in a Super Bowl just 3 seasons ago? No sir I'm not satisfied with missing the playoffs the following two years after being so close to the promised land. My point all along is simple: YOU DON'T BUILD CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS THROUGH FREE AGENCY!!! Ask anybody who knows anything about football and they will certainly agree. The Bears are not as good of a team as they were in 2006 and that is the fault of poor drafting, not the result of inactivity in free agency! The core pieces to our team from 2006 were acquired via the draft. Alex Brown, Tommie Harris, Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher, Peanut Tillman, Nathan Vasher, Mike Brown, Devin Hester, Greg Olsen, Bernard Berrian, Olin Kruetz. But lets not forget that in fact Jerry Angelo does have a history of filling in holes via free agency. What about John Tait, starting left tackle for the 2006 season? What about Fred Miller, starting right tackle for the 2006 season? Muhammad was a free agent addition. You even mentioned Thomas Jones, another free agent who was brought in by Jerry Angelo!!! You talked about an unwillingness to make a trade. What about when he traded for Ogunleye the year after he lead the AFC in sacks? Did you forget about that?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm concerned about the state of our beloved Bears. Jerry himself admitted that we have more holes this year than we did in the past. However, if we go out and give Housh #1 WR money is he really gonna take us over the top? Is he gonna fix our problem at RT? What about our need for help at FS and another pass rusher? Would I love to see Albert Haynesworth lined up next to Tommie, absolutely! But it wouldn't make sense to pay that much money to 2 players at the same position! I tend to think it is much better to draft the NEXT Albert Hayneworth instead of paying a premium for an OLD Albert Haynesworth!

Randy all of your facts showing the success of the Patriots, Steelers and Giants are fine. We already knew they were good teams. My point is that we follow the same GENERAL PHILOSOPHY as those teams by building through the draft and rewarding their own players. The reason the Bears have so many holes right now is because the drafting has been questionable in spots. If we had drafted a Tackle in the 2nd round instead of Dan Bazuin we wouldn't be in this spot. Mark Bradley in the 3rd round. Garrett Wolfe in the 3rd round. Imagine if we had used those picks on a FS and a Guard? Mark my words now Randy, if Angelo and the Bears hit a homerun in this years draft you will see us be major players in Free Agency 2010.

By the way Randy you said that since 2003 the Patriots have 97 wins, not including the playoffs right? Well lets see, that is 6 seasons with 16 games in each regular season. We will take 6 seasons and multiply is by 16 games per season....lets see here 6x6, carry the 3...and presto, 96 total regular season games played since 2003! What a minute, I don't recall hearing that the Patriots went undefeated for the past 6 seasons in a row! Wow that must be some kind of record! Oh and the league must have just given them an extra win just for being so good! Yeah that's how that managed to win 97 games when they only played 96! What's best is you actually finished your last statement with "Do I need to continue or do you get my FACTS/point Shuffle?" I guess you might as well cross out that work FACTS huh?

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