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Loviefest: Smith speaks for first time since end of '08 season

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INDIANAPOLIS--Here are a couple quick highlights from Lovie Smith's 24 minutes meeting with media this afternoon at the combine.

*** He reiterated the Bears feel like they're "real close."

*** Said he would be comfortable entering the season with the quarterback depth chart as is having Caleb Hanie and Brett Basanez compete for the No. 2 job.

*** Said final review of the season showed DT Tommie Harris played better than he was credited for being in 2008.

*** Made it clear Garrett Wolfe will have the first crack at being the complementary back to Matt Forte but said he was comfortable with the workload Forte had as a rookie.

*** Expects big things from LDE Adewale Ogunleye, who is entering the final year of his contract.

*** Said the Bears got the best free agent available in new defensive line coach Rod Marinelli.

*** Said minicamp will be in mid-March because it's the first chance for the team to do something about a disappointing season. It also allows Smith to install his defense.

Check back more a little later for further insight and analysis. Also, details from a presser with GM Jerry Angelo later today.

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Holy Cow, talk about a bomb!! Lovie is going to install his defense? Who's defense have they been playing?

"Said final review of the season showed DT Tommie Harris played better than he was credited for being in 2008."

You see that guys, it was our TVs. I tell you what I am switching from Comcast to DSL today! I mean, I saw Tommie Harris disappear from games and thought he was pretty much a non-factor for most of the season. Whodathunkit, it was my cable provider all along!

You know, I really do like Lovie Smith but he's very quickly losing all credibility. From the firing of Rivera to "Rex is our quarterback" to Babich. But now you're going to completely insult the intelligence of the fans by telling us that Tommie Harris played a lot better than he was given credit for??? Kiss my Irish arse!

Bear fans..............we are doomed!!!!!!!!!! Lovie is already given the starting QB spot to Orton????? Have mercy!!!!!!!!

I like Lovie Smith "the person" but as the coach of the Bears I just cannot enjoy him, and he is the exact opposite of what I would like to see in our head coach. The comments about Tommie are laughable, even more is his undying mentality to not say that his team often times last season simply played horrible and needs to step up now and improve. I don't mind positive talk, but Lovie simply drowns you with his ability to show NO passion, as well as never getting on his players when they play poorly. You almost get the feeling that we could win 1 or 2 games in a year and he would still think "were close". My biggest problem with Lovie is his inability to show any passion or grit, which comes out in his players, which says let's play to not lose instead of playing to win. I will support Lovie and our Bears no matter what, but it pains me to see someone who every time he talks nothing worth listening to comes out. I was not looking forward to him as a coach from the time he sated that our #1 goal would be to beat the Green Bay Packers. Last time I looked the Super Bowl title is what everyone should want to attain. He leaves you with a feeling of BLAH, that basically makes you feel that nothing will change until he's gone.

kyle Orton is not the bears soultion to our Qb legacy. He had problems with accurrary before he got hurt and he cant even through over 30 yards and only making 1 throw over 30 yards in a season is pretty patheic espically when reciever has to come back for the ball. It doesnt matter what play maker we have at wide reciever if orton can't make throws over 30 yards who is going to come in a play for us. The Deep ball is something that can't be devolped I will predict Orton will be gone for 2010 season or he might be a back up but not a starter because we know pep can't devolp nothing. I also hope we sign a DE or a quality pass rusher in the draft or Free Agency. I wouldn't want to be Rod right now to turn around the defensive line in one year I mean rod has the experience but i think its to much to put in one mans hands . I think we need more talent and if the bears don't get another De or pass rusher we screwed again . But lovie is confident rod can do the job just like babich could run the defense but time will tell i am all for rod but we need more help on the line than what we got

In all fairness to Lovie, Tommie played a lot better down the stretch than he did in the first half of the season, and considering how useless Dvoracek was on the other side after week 2, he got a lot of attention. Add in a poor performance from Ogunleye, Brown, and Anderson, and Tommie was not getting much room to work. That being said, he should have been a lot better.

Hopefully Lovie can get something out of this defense this season, because the offense needs too much help to be ignored again in the draft. We need at least 6 players for the offense, and 4 of those should be offensive linemen. We need a RT, at least one guard, a center of the future, and a swing tackle. Add in a WR and a QB, and that's a lot of needs to fill.

Now that Andre Smith has gone all loopy at the Combine, and Oher has performed poorly, all bets are off as far as how the offensive tackles are going to come off the board. Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe appear to be the top guys now, and they may have already been, but there is a bigger dropoff after them than originally thought to guys like Andre, Oher, Beatty, and Britton (in no particular order). Beatty and Britton appear to be the more polished of that group, and then we get in to the Loadholt type players who are strictly right tackles, or limited physically in their ability to man the left side.

Lovie has to toe the company line, but at the same time, the desperation they must be feeling with the age and lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball has to be weighing on them.

Bill Holland: "My biggest problem with Lovie is his inability to show any passion or grit, which comes out in his players, which says let's play to not lose instead of playing to win."

(facepalm) ... Maybe he should drop his pants and talk to the media ... Maybe he should yell and scream like an idiot ... Maybe he should go all Marv Albert on the back of Suzy Kolber ...

This is the meatheaded response to Lovie Smith. Meathead Chicago fans think that a coach needs to yell and scream like a petulant child in order for players to respond. My question is and remains ... where the hell do you people work? It seems that I could not get my car washed, my gas pumped or my groceries bagged without your managers going on pantsless, profanity-laced tirades to "inspire" you to do a better job. It really is the most ridiculous argument in all of Chicago football.

You sound like a damn SNL caricature: "Oh, ya know. That there Lovie Smith needs da passion and da fire like our beloved Coach."

// Yes my name is actually a poke at the mouth breathers who think Ditka is the personification of a successful coach.
// Really liked Da Coach just his "passion and fire" really was more of a sideshow that took away from the game.

Holland- How exactly would you know anything about Lovie showing passion to his team? The truth is you don't know if he does or if he doesn't. I'm pretty sure he does "get on his players" all the time. In fact, I've heard from a few reporters/journalists that he's ripped them a new one on several occassions in the past two years. Also, he completely contradicted yourself in consecutive sentences. You'll always show him support, but your not looking forward to him being the coach? Yelling and screaming almost always gets an authority figure nowhere fast, so stop trying to think you're some great master motivator. Do you appreciate it when your boss demeans you by raising his/her voice to get a point across?


Did you actually watch the games last year or catch Orton in college? He can throw the deep ball, he even overTHREW (not through) Devin Hester. His problem is in mechanics. A deep ball is thrown maybe 1-2 times per game for a normal quarterack. He can make every throw on the field but he failed to connect on the long bomb which is completed somewhere aroung 10-15% of the time for an average NFL QB. Given his STELLAR wide receiving corp and a makeshift o-line that couldn't be trusted with anything longer than a 3-step drop ... I'll give him a pass on last season.

Throwing "the deep ball" is important when you want to back off defenders. However saying that it "cannot be developed" is pure and utter BS. Orton's deep ball was good in college and was there when he was a rookie. Mechanics CAN be changed.

// BTW, his accuracy (problems) prior to being injured was around 65% but let's not let facts get in the way of complete and total ill-formed opinion.

Hey Church and Prophet what the hell are you guy's talking about? I'm not talking about yelling and screaming in a guy's face or making him feel inadaquate, that is exactly the opposite of what I'm saying. When you show passion and energy about your job you do not need to bring down others and I realize that their are a lot of people who do that. What I'm talking about in terms of passion and energy is how Lovie never seems to be actually coaching. He stands on the sideline like a scarecrow and you never see him get enthusiastic about any part of the game. How many times do you see other coaches, like Mike Smith of Atlanta or Pittsburh's Mike Tomlin talking and communicating with their players and motivating them. That's not yelling or demeaning them, it is simply showing passion for their players and their team. You show me one time that Lovie has done this!! You don't even get excitement out of him when we score, just a little laidback golfclap. I'm not looking for a get in your face, make you feel like crap coach, I like positive one's as well. But for gosh sake atleast let us know you have a pulse, and that you care to both coach your players, and get emotional in a good way with the ups and downs of a game. Is that a lot to ask??? And prophet did you read the brief article on Brendan Ayanbadejo when even he said about his time in Chicago that Coach Smith has a "more hands off approach" than what he has now with Coach John Harbaugh. You know why that is, it's because guy's like Tomlin, Smith and Harbaugh have passion for their jobs and truly get excited when their players respond well to coaching, something we have not seen from Coach Smith, PERIOD!!!

This team was close only in record. They could've just as easily dropped another 2 or 3 games. If they somehow made the playoffs they would've been smoked. If Lovie and Jerry think this team only needs tweaking despite not having a RT, having a LT with a bad back and no experience, no WRs, no safeties (one of the most important positions in the cover 2), no premier pass rushers (the other key position in the cover 2), and no backup RB, then we are in for a very, very, very long season.

Bill Holland: "What I'm talking about in terms of passion and energy is how Lovie never seems to be actually coaching. He stands on the sideline like a scarecrow and you never see him get enthusiastic about any part of the game. How many times do you see other coaches, like Mike Smith of Atlanta or Pittsburh's Mike Tomlin talking and communicating with their players and motivating them. That's not yelling or demeaning them, it is simply showing passion for their players and their team. You show me one time that Lovie has done this!!"

You see, this is the COMPLETE IDIOCY I talk about. "You show me one time" ... You know what, I could show you 100 farking times but your too damn stupid to know the difference. You are not in the meetings, in the huddle or behind closed doors. You watch TV ... something bad happens and you see Lovie acting stoicly and you base your ENTIRE STUPID OPINION on watching a guy have a 20 minute press conference and the network cameras that focus on him for all of 2 minutes per game.

OK, I have a copy of the 2006 game against St. Louis. Why? Because I was there. I was sitting in the 6th row at the 20 yard line of the Edward Jones dome. It's a big deal when I can afford tickets to a Bear game for my fiancee and I (I'm a single father of 3) so I made sure to DVR the game. It also happened to be the game where Devin Hester broke out TWO kickoff returns for TDs. You know what I remember from the game? I remember watching - on the second return - Lovie run down the sidelines AFTER Hester like some kid in the world's greatest candy store. He was hugging assistants, smiling, laughing, hugging Devin ... it was a coach enjoying the game. I remember it because all of us Bear fans (there were quite a few of us) were doing the same thing.

So there is your ONE example now will you STFU??? I doubt it but we can all dream you mouth breathing meathhead.

When FOX adopts the "coach cam" they show 24/7 I'll believe a farking word from you and your fellow retards.

Hey Church if your a single father of 3 (I am also a father of 2)why do you repeatadly call me stupid and saying STFU and retard. Is that how you always try to get your point across, by showing your TRUE character. Is this the examples you demonstrate to your kids? Don't you feel you can make your point and show good character at the same time. Your points are nullified when you resort to making foolish comments. In terms of the little bit of substance you did provide, it doesn't take much to get excited when a guy has scored his second return touchdown in the same game. What I'm talking about Church is the ability to get involved and motivate your players even on the small details during the coarse of the game, something you see even with Coach Dungy who is also considered mellow. Lovie has shown no emotion, no passion and at times looks like he's falling asleep during the game. Let me ask you this Church, have you ever witnessed Lovie interact with a player on the bench or communicate with a player prior to and important play, NO. Look at what you see with a guy like Coach Toub with his unit, then you will know what I'm referring to, he has PASSION. You either have it or you don't.

Bill: blah-blah-blah-"Lovie simply drowns you with his ability to show NO passion"-blah-blah-blah-"That's not yelling or demeaning them, it is simply showing passion for their players and their team. You show me one time that Lovie has done this!!"

DCODC: One example just like you asked.

Bill: blather-blather-stupidity-more blather-blah-blah-retardation

And THAT is why you're a retard. You can base your entire opinion of someone's "passion" for the game on press conferences and in-game stoicism. Here's a little tip for you rocket scientist ... you don't get to be head coach in the NFL (of which only 32 openings exist) by NOT being passionate about your profession.

Say Lovie sucks because of clock management, personnell decisions or ANYTHING but your extremely uneducated opinion about someone's "passion". This is the dumbest argument about a coach ever. EVER.

(Jerry Angelo's private sauna ... phone rings)
JA: Hello?
Bill: Hey Jerry I was just calling to talk about Lovie.
JA: Well sure Bill shoot, that's why I gave you my cell phone, home phone, office phone, e-mail address and even fashioned that string with two cups on the end. What's up?
Bill: Well Jerry I heard Lovie's press conference yesterday and he just doesn't seem to have enough passion or fire or grit.
JA: Whoa, that is bad. Why would you think that?
Bill: Well have you ever seen the horse whisperer?
JA: Yeah we watched it in our pajamas a month ago. Thanks again for holding me.
Bill: No problem, but I'm like that. You see I can listen to someone giving vanilla answers to the same questions over and over and just ... booom! It pops in my head and I know all about them and their inner most feelings.
JA: Wow that is impressive. Have you learned anything else lately by listening to press conferences?
Bill: Oh have I! Did you know A-Rod got climitia from one of Jeter's leftovers ... oh and Lance Armstrong likes Ashlee Olsen becuase he's used to hanging out with only one twin ... And Roger Clemens ...
JA: Clemens is lying?
Bill: Oh I don't know about that I just know that he really likes the new chick on The Unit. Yeah, he thinks she is totally hot.
JA: Hmmm, she kinda is hot. But that's not important right now, what do I do, Bill?
Bill: Well that's easy. Hire Dave Toub. He has the passion and the fire and the grit and um, well ...
JA: What? WHat are you thinking?
Bill: Well I did glean that he fondled a dead dog one time but I'm sure that's not a concern anymore.
JA: Well, only if we grab Mike Vick via free agency.
Bill: I knew you were thinking that.
JA: You're starting to freak me out man.

Listen, there is no reason in the world to call someone a retard because you don't agree with what they say. You all know better.
Now act like you do.

Gee shucks Mary, we are all very sorry. I mean you could have skipped the comments, or not responded, or even kicked rocks but you choose to read the comments. I am sure sorry we offended your delicate sensibilities and in the future, before I post I will stop and think What Would Mary Do(WWMD)?

Also, Jerry Angelo in his remarks about Nathan Vasher used that nasty R-word ... maybe Bill will send you his rolidex so you can call JA and give him a piece of your mind. Just don't be too generous because, well, obvious reasons.

// Gotta love the PC crusaders. STFU? Perfectly acceptable. Kiss my Irish arse? No problem there. But the R-word? OMGWTF you're not right.
// As I said before: Any retard knows that not calling someone a retard does not make them any more or less retarded ... well you may have to explain it to Bill and Mary but most of them get this.
// Rant off. In the future I'll use the more acceptable Farktard, better?

Da Church:

You are showing your ignorance by the use of such words to call people offensive names. Your use of the word retard is purely used to put down someone and was used as a noun as oppossed to Angelo who used the word retard as a verb showing action to retard growth or development etc.

So Da Church pull your head out of your ARS!

BTW, I agree with you about Tommie Harris 100% and some of your comments about Lovie as well.


My point to Mary and anyone is that in this thread alone I have used words like STFU, BS, moron and arse. I have made jokes about testicular cancer and necro-bestiality ... yet the PC police come out in droves when you use the word retard. And the thing it's always the able-minded people who go batshiat crazy when they read the word retard.

Am I hanging out at ARC pointing and laughing? No. Am I disparaging my local ARC chapter or do I hold special needs people in any contempt or better yet oppress them? No. I called a spade a spade (or in this case a retard a retard) and I STAND BY IT.

On a football note, I did see Jerry Angelo continues to bring ineptitude to a whole new level when he said free safety is not a need because Chicago has Craig Steltz. This guy is starting to make Matt Millen look like an attractive option.

// I did say in the future I will use the word "farktard" so that there will be no ambivalence.
// If you don't like my use of words please do not read my posts because I could give a rats behind.
// You guys do realize this message board is moderated, right?

Coaching ability is what matters most. Lovie stinks in that department. One good thing though... having him run the defense might worry people that it will detract from his head coaching. Well he doesn't do squat there, so there's nothing to lose. That's the good news for this season. Oh, and that we're "real close".

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