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List of players invited to the combine released

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Have a senior you're thinking about already with an eye toward the combine?

The list of invited players has come out, and the annual meat market for draft picks is just around the corner.

Players start reporting to Indianapolis on Feb. 18 and the action runs through Feb. 24.

We'll have more draft information as the combine approaches.

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During the week of the senior bowl Chicago was all over Oklahoma linebacker-safety tweener Nic Harris. My guess is the Bears like him as a potential strong side linebacker. Harris has nice size 6-2 233lbs for the position, he'll be worth keeping an eye on during the week of the combine. Also, one of the Bears biggest needs is a strong side linebacker with coverage ability, Harris just might be that player.

Another possibility for a linebacker with coverage ability is James Laurinaitis of Ohio State. This kid has old school Bear linebacker written all over him, he's an animal [not to poke fun at his dad] who plays with great intensity. Laurinaitis racked up 121 tackles this year, and has had a 100 plus tackles the last three seasons at But what a lot of people don't realize about him is his ability too drop back in coverage. I would love for the Bears to get Laurinaitis at #18, but with a great 40 time at the combine, he could shoot up draft boards.

Number one on my wish list is still Eben Britton the offensive tackle out of Arizona, especially if Angelo doesn't sign a free agent tackle like Jordan Gross or Vernon Carey. If Angelo does sign either Carey or Gross, I say bring in Missouri receiver Jeremy Maclin if he is even there at #18. If Maclin is gone at #18, Chicago should then go with Laurinaitis, but don't be surprised if the Bears take Mississippi defensive tackle Peria Jerry, who is the prototypical three-technique for Chicago's defensive front. I realize they already have Tommie Harris, but the thinking might be to bring in another player to effectively man the three-technique. I also realize the Bears have Marcus Harrison, who is also a three-technique. But toward the end of the season Harrison played a lot of nose tackle, and didn't look bad at the position. With his 315lb frame, he might be a better fit at the nose position. If Chicago were to bring in Peria Jerry, this would allow the Bears to move Harrison to nose tackle for good GO BEARS!!

Kevin, where did you pick that up?, this was the guy I was talking about earlier in the year, some reports I saw had downgraded him quite a bit, but I thought he would be a great fit,had no idea he was that big, I thought he was around 210 and a bit small for LB, I was hoping he was fast enough to be the hitter at safety we need. Almost missed this post due the many entries Brad has out right now, thanks and good catch!

This is the city I live in, and I know there are a lot of people affected by this. Stuff like this really shows what love and community is all about."

Meanwhile, the owner of a gun range told the AP that Holmes applied to join the club last month but never became a member because of his behavior and a "bizarre" message on his voice mail.

He emailed an application to join the Lead Valley Range in Byers on June 25 in which he said he was not a user of illegal drugs or a convicted felon, said owner Glenn Rotkovich. When Rotkovich called to invite him to a mandatory orientation the following week, he said he heard a message on Holmes' voice mail that was "bizarre — guttural, freakish at best."

He left two other messages but eventually told his staff to watch out for Holmes at the July 1 orientation and not to accept him into the club, Rotkovich said.

Ritchie Duong, a friend who has known Holmes for more than a decade, told the Los Angeles Times that in high school he liked to play cards and video games. They both attended undergraduate school at the University of California, Riverside, where they saw each other once a week to watch the TV show "Lost."

Duong last saw Holmes in December when they met for dinner in Los Angeles and saw a movie together. His friend seemed fine, he told the newspaper. Academics came easily to Holmes both at high school and at the UC Riverside, Duong said.

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