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Houshmandzadeh sounds off and it sounds like Bears aren't a match

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Just like there are not a lot of starter-quality options in free agency when it comes to quarterback, it's a thin class at wide receiver.

Cincinnati's T.J. Houshmandzadeh is head and shoulders above the rest of the group. He joined Waddle & Silvy this morning on WMVP-1000. You can find the interview here.

We've said before Houshmandzadeh would be a longshot to join the Bears. It's been rumored all over the place that a likely destination is Seattle, where the Seahawks are in about as bad of a way at the position as the Bears. There are a couple issues at play here when considering Houshmandzadeh. The first is that the Bears are unlikely to set the bar for anyone in free agency. With Houshmandzadeh the class of the group, he's going to command top dollar even in a weakened economy. If the Bears were not willing to come close to keep Bernard Berrian last season, and keep him away from a division rival, they're not going to overpay for someone who is not a home-run threat.

Houshmandzadeh is 31, the same age Muhsin Muhammad was when he signed with the Bears. He's got similar skills too. While he might not throw quarterbacks into the oncoming path of speeding buses, Houshmandzadeh would be a similar type of player. He also took a page from the Brandon Lloyd playbook and seemed to think Rex Grossman was a better option for the Bears, even though Grossman is entering free agency himself Feb. 27, and will not be back. Here are some highlights:


Houshmandzadeh: "It's just one of those things. I'm excited, to be honest with you. Can't wait for, I believe it is [Feb. 27] March 1st or Feb. 28th, whenever free agency begins. I'm excited about it, and I can't wait to see what the future holds."


Houshmandzadeh: "I haven't narrowed it down because I don't know who's interested and who's not interested. So, once you get a feel for who would be interested, then you begin to look at the roster; look at the offensive coordinator and the coaches and the quarterback, and things of that nature."


Houshmandzadeh: "I'm familiar with the NFL. I pretty much can tell you every quarterback and offensive coordinator through the league. I'm open to everything. I just want to win games, really, to be honest with you. Been playing eight years, really, and been to the playoffs, and I was one and done. So, I just want to win. I want to get on the big stage and play."


Houshmandzadeh: "Ced came in there. He did a good job for us, and Ced practiced hard, man. I don't know what the reputation he had in Chicago, but Ced practices really hard. Everything he does is full speed. It's so full speed to the point where in walkthrough; he's running guys over in walkthrough. He practiced hard, and he got a chance to play, and he did well. I don't know what happened; why things didn't go exactly the way they planned in Chicago, but a running back is only as good as his offensive line. So, Ced didn't have the success there that he would have liked, but he went to Cincinnati last year, and he did well. So, he might not be back. So, there's a lot to remain to be seen at what happens."


Houshmandzadeh: "No, I don't know. You know what's funny, man? Y'all probably going to laugh at me when I tell you this; I kind of like Rex Grossman."


Houshmandzadeh: "No, but I'm saying ...I always watched on T.V. how they give Rex Grossman a hard time. I don't know why. He takes chances, but when those chances pay off, nobody talks about them.


Houshmandzadeh: "Oh yeah, yeah, I know. I'm just saying, you know, just his arm strength; he gets the ball down the field. He has that cocky confidence about him, and I don't even know him. It's just from what I see on T.V., and I liked that in him. When he had Bernard Berrian, he did pretty well getting the ball down the field, and you put Devin Hester in that position, had he had got a chance to play some games this year, I think Devin Hester would have had a better season just because of the fact that he's going to get the ball down the field. He's going to give Devin Hester chances to make plays with his speed and his explosion."


Houshmandzadeh: "I don't know much about Kyle Orton. I know he went to Purdue. I know he played well as a rookie. I know he was a starter this year, and I know he fought his way back from an ankle injury because he didn't want Rex Grossman to play too well while he was hurt. He played well, though. He played well since his first year from starting compared to his rookie year. So, he did really well. I'm open to everything, I promise you that."

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Not a big shocker that he doensn't want to come here. Honestly, even with him not throwing QB's under the bus, I'm still too mentally scarred from having Muhammad here. Top dollar for a WR over 30? I know it takes time, but can't we please develop our own draft picks? Bennett? Hass? Rideau? Bueller? Bueller?

Bear Down!

I've said it all along and T.J. agrees!!! The Bears will regret the day they let Rex go!!! It's funny when other receivers say they like Rex!!! He's a gunslinger!! Kyle is a dink, dunk, boring QB that no good receiver will come and play with!!!.......THE BEARS WILL BE SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even other teams' receivers are smarter than Angelo, Lovie, and the home fans!!!! Rex is the best QB this team will ever see in a long time!!! You fans that booed the man out of town should be ashamed!!! He will be a star elsewhere!!!! Lets hope it's in the AFC!!! We are doommed as long as Kyle is starting!!!!

Our own young receivers will never develop until we get a QB!!

Just a little note on Rex and I think Brad can confirm this. Rex looked better in practice this year during training camp than Orton. I don't think Rex will ever be a star, he does not have the skill set, but in a simple offense with good recievers and a great line he will do well for himself. He has a cannon arm but his feet and eyes are his problem, he is easy to read and inaccurate. He is not a rookie or even close and he should have fixed these problems by now. Rex himself has stated more than once he needs to work on his feet. Oroton has similar problems and lacks Rex's arm, but he takes little in the way of risks, unlike Rex so this is why the team went with him.

F T.J. he is not a number one reciever and will be 32 this year. The Bungles use him in the slot, without Palmer you can see how good recievers look with a bad QB. It's all about the QB.

Ced practices hard? Well, that says a lot about Bengals' practices. Probably has something to do with their glorious playoff records.

Look people, let's get one thing straight about both Grossman and Orton. They BOTH have the same problem. They simply are not accurate passers. It doesn't matter how weak or strong your arm is, if you can't hit receivers that are even a bit open, you're not going to succeed.

On top of that Grossman got exposed in the AZ game in '06 and this has never changed: he cannot avoid a pass rush. Never has, never will. I believe Orton got the nod because he is a bit more athlete than Grossman.

But neither one of them, IMHO, is the guy.

GIVE REX A LINE.Rex cant take pressure well, but he will quot destroy u if u give him time.Orton is the better QB for this team.Rex is not as smart as Orton is when it come to blitz pick and check downs.Its going to take a few years before we get our line together.(younger with experence).I wouldnt be surprised if Rex becomes great on another team.But i would be also be surprised if another team picks him up to be no more than a experienced third qb on the depth chart.I dont think no coach in the nfl can look at his film and trust him to be a number 2.As far as Benson goes,i loved him coming out of texas.Loved him on the bears.I Didnt love him behind our offensive line.If you look at it forte's numbers are similar to bensons.But forte could do more blitz pick up and catch.So thats y people didnt get on him.

1st: tj wouldnt be the reciever everyone is making him out to be if it wasnt for chad johnson. teams have to double up on johnson so tj gets open more often. hes not bad, but i wouldnt pay crap for him.

2nd: cedric benson, what can we say about him. oh yeah i know, WHAT A JOKE!

3rd: it was no big deal with orton this year, knew he was going to get these little dump off passes. he also got some surprising protection from the line, which always helps. also having a running back like forte will always make the QB look better.

4th: i personally cant wait until grossman gets somewhere else and proves to chicago they made the wrong move. (AGAIN) if rex wouldve had anywhere near as much time as orton in the pocket he wouldve blew ortons performance out of the water. im wishing for him to find a city and team that wants him there.

5th: whats with the bears? theyre always saying that haas does great and never drops anything, but when its time for the game they never play him. lets put people like davis inn who cant catch SH*T! give haas a chance bears and see how he does, your paying him you might as well use him.

Great move to get rid of CED, bad apple spoils the bushel, plus can't block for the QB and could not catch well out of the backfield, poor excuse for the 4th pick in the draft.

Rex well, love the arm, he does not prepare well enough and think on his feet. His reading of defenses is not as good as Orton and he takes chances that he should not sometimes, although he was getting better just before they pulled him to number 2. I would love just one more year with Rex as backup in case Orton gets hurt and HOUSH may be right about hester doing better with Rex than Orton because of the long ball.

Housh would probably be a little expensive but would make the
Bears better, they need a WR like Housh.

Dice, Forte's number YPC was similiar to Benson but his effort was greater. Benson never broke tackles and had no leg drive. The line was actually better when Benson was there! Forte is far superior to Benson.

I still believe in Kyle Orton, before the ankle injury, Orton was completing over 60% of his passes, Orton is accurate. Between weeks 3-7, Orton was putting up around 250yds a game, he even threw for over 300yds once during that span, and came close vs the Falcons, 286yds passing, and the Vikings, 283yds passing. You don't avg 250yds a game, and not have the ability to go deep. Its funny, during that span, the recivers weren't as big of an issue as they became after Orton's ankle injury....why's that?? Oh yeah, through week 11, Orton only had 4 ints.

Chicago doesn't need a super star receiver, they need a big possession type to complement Hester. Orton and Hester started getting a rapport together as the season went on, they should only get better together with a full off-season of work. Throw in Greg Olsen and Matt Forte, and the weapons are there, again, the Bears are only lacking a big possession type at receiver. I look for 2nd year receiver Earl Bennett to help out a lot this season also. I say sign a free agent like 49ers receiver Bryant Johnson. Now, don't get me wrong, Johnson is no super star, but he does have nice size, 6-3 212lbs, and could be the big possession receiver Chicago is lacking. Johnsons stats this season won't blow you away either, 45 catches for 546yds and 3tds, but either would the 49ers QB situation. I think part of the reason Johnson didn't put up big numbers this season is do to the fact he changed QB's a couple times. Also, Johnson is a lot better than what we had this season, I say bring him in, and draft someone to develop behind him, just a thought as always GO BEARS!!

So let me try and make sense here. Some of you are still acting like you know more about football than an actual NFL wide reciever? Unbelievable. I guess TJ was held at gunpoint just like when Berrian was saying nice nice things too, right?

It's a damn shame and a mistake Grossman wasn't the starting quarterback this season. If anyone who has acutally played the game(includes all you who booed Grossman) understands football. Then you can understand that it's a TEAM SPORT, and Grossman took wayyy too much blame for the collapse of the Bears. Stupid fans who think they know everything go on and boo the one guy they know the best, Grossman. Because they have no knowledge of anything else except "boo Qb who got us to the Super Bowl".

RJ, Grossman did get us to the super bowl and had a great year that year, other than the SUPER BOWL! do you not remeber him throwing int's and getting one returned on him? I appreciate grossman for that year and how much fun it was but he is too short, bad eyes, bad decision making, bad feet, but has a strong arm. Orton is just a better football player overall and we will get better. If RON TURNER can stop the little 3 yd dump offs and hitches maybe we can gain some real yardage. Everyone knows our WR's dropped way too many passes, but also our D-LINE didn't play that well either. we have much to work on in the off season...lets hope for a much tougher training camp instead of Lovie's vacation camp....BEAR DOWN!

Look back to the '06 season and examine how the Bears got to the Super Bowl. They did it as a balanced team with the defense being superior. People forget that a great defense will generally prevail, especially in the playoffs. Imagine last season, the Bears offense with the Steelers defense and estimate how far this team would have gone. I think possibly the big game. Remember, it was the defense that pretty much gave the season away, not the offensive ineptness. Those untimely dropped passes, by all recievers, throughout the season, simply magnified the defensive failings. Fix the defensive problems on the team and the offense will immediately improve. Go Bears!!!

RJ, I agree 100%, the fans should not have booed Grossman, especially REAL BEARS FANS. But, with that being said, its time to let it go, Rex came, he got his chance, and he failed. RJ, your going off on other fans that have a different opinion on Rex than you do, and saying, "Some of you are still acting like you know more about football than an actual NFL wide receiver?" And then you said, "It's a damn shame and a mistake Grossman wasn't the starting quarterback this season." So RJ, your saying, YOU know more than a professional NFL coaching staff, the same coaching staff that saw both players in training camp last summer everyday, and as professional coaches, and evaluators, made Orton the starter, your saying YOU know more than professional coaches. Because RJ, with your "damn shame" statement, you basically are saying you know more than Professional coaches. I think the Bears coaching staff knows a little more about who should be the Bears starting QB than Houshmanzadeh and I think some of you guy's need to just let Rex go, and get back to supporting the BEARS, you know, your favorite team, and their current starting QB Kyle Orton, give Orton a chance, don't be the fan that hated on him all off-season, then turn around and be his biggest fan when he is winning football games with the Bears next season.

Tyler: Nice Job.


Dice I agree with you, and to add...Rex isn't consistent, throws too many interceptions and is easily read by most defenses. I believe that it has a lot to do with Lovie Smith/Ron Turner play calling. Klye Orton is the better quarterback and he'll be much better this season. In addition, If Lovie Smith, give the receivers (Haas, Rideau) a chance along with Lloyd and Hester, I feel they'll be a much better team. They really don't need a receiver, look at how they faired in the early part of the season. If the defense picked up their game (panthers, buccaneers, falcons, and @ green bay) they are in the playoffs. All blame goes to Bob Babitch. I have great confidence in this season, and wish the BEARS well. I'm not a professional sports writer, commentator, nor scout, but I like the BEARS and as much as I watch (since they won Superbowl XX) I feel that in my honest opinion, they will make the playoff this season. Cedric Benson is a bust, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh is going to go for the money. They should look for an outstanding cornerback (the guy from Oakland Raiders), move tillman to safety, drop ole crybaby ass bryan urlacher (unless they utilize him better this season and make him earn his money) and BEAR down.


I don't think you're understanding what I am saying Tyler. I'm saying that it was laud and ridiculous for everyone to throw Rex under the bus after getting us to the Super Bowl. Did he play great in the Super Bowl? No, absolutely not. But neither did the defense. And as I'm sure all of you remember, it was hurricane type weather down there and I still have no clue why Ron Turner was calling deep post patters/seam routes when there was no way a quarterback was going to have a good zip on the ball in that weather.

And no I don't think the guy failed. Failed in the sense that the team didn't win in 06? Sure. But he sure as hell done more than any other quarterback in the last 25 years has done for us. Yet all anyone wanted to do was blame him for everything. It's funny, I remember reading that Alex Brown was quoted as saying " All Rex did was take us to the Super Bowl and yet all everyone wants to do is boo him." And it's so true. Yet like TJ said in the article, when things were going great for Rex noone said a thing. Yet when things got bad all hell broke loose, it was as if the guy never got a break even after getting us all the way to the Super Bowl. And people can't throw the whole 'defense got us all the way' crap at me. If anyone who played the game knows that if you want to go far you need a balanced team, a team which can run, pass and defend. Which we did in '06.

And it's not Ron Turners fault he is calling to Ortons strengths. Orton is not a quarterback who can throw long passes and stretch defenses. There is a reason why Orton was quoted as saying Brian Griese was his mentor, because they are both game mangers. One thing you guys need to understand about Orton is that he's had this down field accuracy problem since college. So for everyone to blame Turner for the play calling is not getting "it". Orton can't throw that deep, nor can he stretch a defense which equals Fore will still be seeing 8-9 men in the box.

No, I don't know more than an NFL coaching staff. But I find it funny that this coaching staff wasn't jumping for reasons to start Orton over the past 3 seasons until Rex went down with that knee injury against Washington(which he was playing a lot better after his benching in '07). What does that tell you about talent evaluation if Orton was on the bench as the no 3 for 3 plus seasons if he is so good? He's not!

And call me crazy but I do believe this competition wasn't exactly fair. There was no way in hell Lovie would start the quarterback who was getting booed in preseason and family night. Thats season long away games, man. You don't throw in someone who is going to get constantly bombarded and booed on even at home. What does that do to team morale?

It's just ironic and funny two Wide Receivers in the past month have blantly come out and said positive things about Rex. Were they held at gunpoint to say these things or something for Rex? No. I think what you're seeing is a fact that two wide receivers have more knowledge than any fan does. And regardless of what Lovie claims, there will be competition for the starting spot. And I still believe it's a "damn shame" Rex won't be in contention.

Housh is a very good WR, and I do feel Ced is probably practicing/playing harder as he knows this is it for him - give him credit for that, he could have just gave up, but he's trying to stay in the NFL, it's too bad he couldn't have done that here. I would love to have Housh, he still put up good numbers with a backup QB, and when another NFL player says something you have to listen and bear in mind who is doing the talking i.e. Housh has never been a loudmouth so I beleive what he says. It would be a mistake for him to come here as as much as I dislike Moose for his attitude he was correct, this is where WR come to die. No doubt.
Still I would love for the Bears to try and get him, he is heads above what we have now.

Get it right, it isn't the QBs! It's the Offensive Line, the Defensive Line, and Special Teams. The other pieces compliment this. Receivers and Defensive Backs, they protect the pass, but the winning starts at the line of scrimmage, and the proof is in the top teams(Colts, Chargers, Patriots, Steelers).
They have it on both sides of the ball, so whether it's a problem with the Coordinators or the Players remains to be seen, but the problem with your quarterback is who is giving him time to make the reads.
I really don't think against Minnesota that Orton has enough time to look to his 2nd or 3rd read. Seriously, the protection gets better then the Offensive play of your quarterback will get better.

Can we give Rex a break ? He'll be gone in a few weeks and Bears fans can BOO him when he come's back and beats this dead from the neck up team over the next 10 years ! Rex is a good QB, he never had a PROFESSIONAL qb coach here in Chicago. Pep Hamilton is just another Lovie lap dog. There is a reason he was FIRED by S.F. Look at the GREAT job he did coaching up Alex Smith ! With a NFL caliber offensive co-ordinator and qb coach, Rex will do fine , then the Sun-Times can write about ANOTHER former Bear in the playoffs !!

The couple of you defending Wrecks Grossman should never be allowed to blog or post a message ever again. He is a 5'11 QB (And not Drew Brees) who can't run at all, and constantly turns the ball over. Put it this way. He had Muhammad and Berrian and still stunk. Kyle Orton besides Hester, had a group of WR's that would find trouble making arena league rosters (Lloyd, Davis, Booker, etc.). No QB would be successful with those types of non-playmakers. I find it amazing Orton was putting up those kinds of numbers before the big ankle injury. Bottom Line, Rex Stinks, and he will be a career backup, and he has a confidence problem. I don't care if he can throw the ball 300yds, it doesn't matter when he constantly turns the ball over, get's passes batted down, and is too much of a SKIRT to tuck the ball away and run with it. This was Orton's first full year and did great with a terrible supporting cast at WR. Give him just two WR's. Heck I am not obviously expeciting a Fitzgerald, or Boldin, just two #2 Quality WR's. Oh, and the Bears aren't getting Housh or Boldin. Angelo is too cheap and won't gamble on them. So you guys can forget it. Go Orton!!!! Ignore all the idiots on this site!!!

I have now seen TJ, Berrian and Bradshaw all say good things about Rex. I agree with RJ for the most part. I think TJ knows what he is talking about, but he is an accomplished NFL WR. The key word being accomplished. Meaning he has proved himself as a starter. The Bears coaching staff hasn't proved anything except that they don't know how to adjust at halftime. Thus the Bears coaching staff is the one who made the the players who play the game know more about it than people like Ron Turner.

I have now seen TJ, Berrian and Bradshaw all say good things about Rex. I agree with RJ for the most part. I think TJ knows what he is talking about, but he is an accomplished NFL WR. The key word being accomplished. Meaning he has proved himself as a starter. The Bears coaching staff hasn't proved anything except that they don't know how to adjust at halftime. Thus the Bears coaching staff is the one who made the the players who play the game know more about it than people like Ron Turner.

When will the Bears use Brandon Rideau, he has had two great training camps a row. He is a big target and he can be used in the red zone. Give the man a chance. I think the Bears can trada for Boldin. Receiving core has to get better. I hate we got rid of Mark Bradley.

All I know is are QB's are good for half a season and then teams get enough film on them and they are not so good anymore.

Kevin cherry picking weeks to try and make Orton look good is pointless. 3-7?? Why do you leave out weeks 1 and 2? His ankle was fine then. I would not call the Tampa game a good game either, he tossed two picks and one of them was a pick 6. In week 5 he played Detroit who everyone lit up, and that was also his best game of the year, what a shock. As for Atlanta, they have a horrible defense. In the second half of the season Orton only had a bad Ankle against good teams, against Bad defenses he seemed fine, like St. Louis, and the Jags, he struggled against GB who have a good secondary because they play bump coverage on the Bears recievers. The Vikings also shut him down after his good Game against the Rams.

I guess it's good ankle bad ankle, also note that most of his picks were bad reads by Orton, not bad throws, well the throws were bad because he should not have thrown the ball into triple coverage. Also he he never completed a pass of over 30 yards week 1-16, he did it the last game of the season against a bad defense that has a weak pass rush. How was his ankle fine then but bad the week before. Everyone plays with injuries, stop making excuses for Orton, to his credit he never made an excuse and put the blame were the blame was due. Maybe you should to.

good ankle bad ankle lolol good one
I agree Sean, it is the OL/DL the OL played pretty good this year and our offense was better than anticipated, not great but decent, the DL played poor and the Defense was the loser in most of our losses.
and yes WR know more than the fans as to which QB is better, but loyalty runs deep in any business and Kyle has yet to earn his stripes.
Housh and a new RT would do wonders for our passing game and open up the run for the real rookie of the year Forte.

I can't wait for Rex to leave town and take all his brain-dead groupies with him

Orton is worthless and always will be. The BEARS will suck as long as he suits up. My suggestion is to pray for a QB from anywhere to replace Orton. But the good Lord will probably frown on that because we already had a QB in Rex Grossman and we threw him under the bus. So I guess we are stuck with Orton and whatever worthless QB's we have signed and will end up out of the playoffs again. The good news is then we can get a real GM and head coach when they are fired. Is that too much to ask?

the good ankle bad ankle thing was funny. anyone on this board taking up for orton has lost all sanity if they think he's good. i always listen to players with credentials because to me they are the guys who know the game and play it well. how many people must come to rex aide for them realize how dumb this staff is. staging a qb competition in camp was obvious to the entire league. berrian, moose, bradshaw, theisman, thomas jones and now tj hous all players that lobbied for rex. hmm i see a couple of hall of famers in there. you stupid fans don't know anything. all you do is listen to the media and cry like little school girls. how rex is the problem. well tell me something i recall kyle playing all year and we took beating this year we never took in team history. as long as kyle orton is here we will be a laughing stock. i wonder how the media must feel about this. as for waddle saying that rex wouldn't be here and then following up to throw more fire by saying but he's no carson palmer. he's a bum. i guess he feels proud to be one of the better wrs in chicago. well that's not saying much since we've always been a franchise that likes to run. where's the competition there. waddle your lucky you played football many moons ago when they picked guys off the streets because you would have never made anyone's roster in today nfl.

Creighton, whats up guy? Alright, here we go.....

Creighton said: "Also he he never completed a pass of over 30 yards week 1-16, he did it the last game against a bad defense that has a weak pass rush."

Creighton, your right about the Texans game, it was 37 yards to be exact, but what about the Panthers game, long of 32 yards, the Lions game, long of 52 yards, the Packers game, long of 36 yards, the Jaguars game, long of 31 yards, the Eagles game, long of 34 yards, and the Vikings game, long of 65 yards??????? Creighton, Im pretty sure all these games happend between weeks 1-16.

As far as weeks 1-2, I'll give Orton a pass because he never really got a full off-season of work with the starting offense, he was in and out with Grossman in the QB derby. So agree or disagree, Orton was at a disadvantage coming into the season last fall for not getting all the reps as the starter with the starters during the pre-season.

Creighton said: "I guess it's good ankle bad ankle, also note most of his picks were bad reads by Orton, not bad throws, well the throws were bad because he should not have thrown the ball into triple coverage."

So Creighton, you do realize Orton went the first 11 weeks of the season with only 4 ints...right?? With your "bad reads" statement, you basically admitted Orton went 11 weeks, [most of the season] and only made 4 bad reads...uh....that seems pretty good to me, but its your theory, Im just going along with it.

Creighton, you can go on with this, he played so and so, and they had a weak pass rush blah blah blah, bottom line, you play the games on your schedule. You could say the same thing about any player in the league, everyone plays bad teams and good teams. Bottom line, Kyle Orton is the Chicago Bears starting QB, until otherwise, I'll support him 150% GO ORTON!! GO BEARS!!


I don't have much time to school you on your post so I'll make this short and sweet.

1. He had Muhammad(over the hill player) and Berrian(one route madness! Seam Route baby!! and took us all the way to the Super Bowl. Still want to complain?

2."Skirt"? Rex Grossman? I'm assuming you aren't talking about the same guy who tore his acl while diving in for a touchdown against Minnesota? I mean the skirt did still dive in even though a ligament was snapped. And I am pretty sure you aren't talking about the same Rex Grossman who snapped an ankle in half and tried to walk it off during a preseason game against St Loius. One thing to question a mans ability to play, another to question his play(making you look really dumb).

3. You say "This was Orton's first full year and did great with a terrible supporting cast at WR". Well, Grossman had a decent set of Wide Recievers in his first full year and we made it to the Super Bowl. So your excuses only work for Orton, I understand.

4. You say Rex Grossman "can't run at all". Last time I checked Kyle Orton was having troubles maneuvering in a pocket.

5. Noones saying Orton didn't have a lack of talent surrounding him. But it's hard for those receivers to catch when Ortons floating 30 yard passes 15 yards in front of the designated spot(the hands of a receiver) or under throwing. Take your choice, Orton is not a threat.

And nice job on the whole 'wrecks' nickname. I've never heard that before. Oh wait! Yes I have! Mostly from fools who never played football and don't understand injuries happen and Grossmans injuries weren't exactly the type that could be walked off.

And you can argue all you want about how you know football or whatever. But when TJ and Berrian, neither who play with Rex, are stating that they like Rex a lot as a quarterback.. Well, that tells me a lot about his ability. But then again, you probably know more about football than two legitimate wide recievers.

Of course wideouts will like Rex more than Kyle. Rex locks on to one target, and doesn't care whether it is the best decision to throw to them, or even if they are open. What WR wouldn't like that? Kyle distributes the ball around, and checks down quickly when he doesn't see any options open.

So let's all make sure we take the "opinions" of NFL wide receivers with a grain of salt.

Is Rex more physically talented as far as arm and touch than Orton? Probably. Both have struggled in extended action, but if I have to pick one to stay on the team, I would rather take the guy who has been in the league 4 years and is still developing, over the guy who has been in the league 6 years and is still developing. The fact that a former 1st round pick is either even with or lagging a 4th rounder from 2 years later in development should tell you all you need to know about Rex's ability to be a franchise quarterback. It is not going to happen. Maybe it isn't going to happen for Orton either, but Rex has to go elsewhere. He needs a new start, and someone who can work with him and actually teach him. We do not appear to be able to do that for any of our QBs of the last 15 years.

The question is whether Rex is the next Harbaugh, or the next McNown as far as ex-Bear QBs?

No, I never played football, but Charlie Weis hasn't either. Oops, never mind, (Hey, anybody got a cheeseburger?). Anyway, the near great Rex has some serious problems. But I can boil it down quickly here. EVERY defense in the NFL knew that if you kept rattling Rex's cage and bang on the bars, he would melt like the wicked Witch from the East. He is not a student of the game. He did not improve his game. He had AMPLE opportunity. Great arm, no brains. Also, he did not seem to be a team guy. Resentful of competition. Stood on the sidelines by himself. I never had the feeling he was going to get better. So all of you Rex fans should follow Stings song from The Police. "If you love somebody, set them free". It's a catchy tune, maybe Rex will catch on somewhere else. He didn't here.

It sad to say but it's been a few decades since the Bears have placed faith in a QB to not only manage a game but establish the offense. Jim McMahon had a poor workout ethic yet he was last notable Bears qb to consistently take them to the playoffs. I think the Bears have failed to respect the all around characteristics associated with being a game changer at the quartback position in the NFL. I agree with some of what RJ has said here, the fans were horrible to Rex how much of a role did that play in him fumbling snaps, making bad decesions and throwing interceptions? No one can tell but out of all the positions on the field the qb has to have the confidence to move the ball down the field in all situations. Rex wasn't given a fair shot by the fans that lead to him being canned by the coaching staff. Did he play a role in his own demise of course but just like in a old western many fans showed up at the trial with rope in hand after the so called fair trial. Orton was promoted primarily because he was the only option. He knew the system, had the fan support and put in the work. Was he accurate of course, how many of us writing here can accurately throw a ball 0-15 yards, or hand off to a good back? I know no team is threatened by him like the fear generated with Kurt Warner and AZ receivers or letting a Peyton Manning or John Elway have the ball with two minutes left on a game clock. A good qb warrants respect for what he can do to force a defense to play honest and penalize it for its blitzing and stacking the box. Orton can manage a game for you but will not represent a threat and Rex could open the field for you but could not manage the pressure. Chicago needs a qb that can do both. Orton is here for a season but we need a qb that wil be a game changer for a lifetime in Chicago and developing one as other teams in the league have done is the only way to get that accomplished. He will have to endure the irascibility of the fans during his growth and maintain the confidence of his coach and team mates. It's been said that if you can make it in NY you can make it anywhere but if you can throw and win games in Soldier field in Nov & Dec you can play anywhere. RJ Rex should have been respected for who he was just like that fool that threw the shoe at G.Bush we don't like him very much either but we respect the office and position to not corrupt it with such misgivings. We should have respected Rex by not consistently shaking his confidence after every series of downs. Orton is good and accurate but if he was a game changer would Jerry Angelo be on a rage for a replacement? Just like not team wanted to come and play for the Bulls after managemnt disbanded the team after it final championship no receiver will want to play for the Bears until we start developing a qb TJH knows that like the other players in the league. Chicago is a city that forces actions to line up with words and until that happens at Halas Hall this debate about qb will perpetuate.

The Bears should ahve kept Mark Bradley. He had as good a year as any of the Bears receviers even though he joined Bears mid-season. He was run out of town by the groupthink to get rid of Angelo's offensive picks.

This Rex/Kyle argue is BS. Agreed with Sean,
Does anyone stop to think that JA threw that crap out there to get the fans mind off the fact that he also missed on the Offensive Line, Wide Receivers, Running Backs (several busts before Forte AND let Jones get away!)JA drafted bad, and brought in no free agents worth didly and now befuddles the fans by saying he missed on the QB! LOL Jerry! You forgot to mention that you did not upgrade the offensive line that protects the QB in all that time as well,
Fans! It's not the QB! It's the other positions that JA did not upgrade at all. Does anyone believe that a great QB would be great with our WR/Offensive line? Orton and Rex would both shine if they had the supporting cast to help them. (shine is not the same as probowl) :)
I love Jimmy Mac to death! But the man had a great offensive line to protect him (remember the Bortz/Randy White fight? That offensive line would take no prisoners. Jerry has let this team go downhill and now says it's all the QB fault and these fans are falling for it too.
Rex did not have all the chance as JA did not get him an OL, rattling a QB's cage is a little hard to do with a good Oline,
But Orton is our QB, (don't let JA fool you, it's about the money)so Orton is who I support. But Orton needs that Offensive line upgrade as well.

This Rex/Kyle argue is BS. Agreed with Sean,
Does anyone stop to think that JA threw that crap out there to get the fans mind off the fact that he also missed on the Offensive Line, Wide Receivers, Running Backs (several busts before Forte AND let Jones get away!)JA drafted bad, and brought in no free agents worth didly and now befuddles the fans by saying he missed on the QB! LOL Jerry! You forgot to mention that you did not upgrade the offensive line that protects the QB in all that time as well,
Fans! It's not the QB! It's the other positions that JA did not upgrade at all. Does anyone believe that a great QB would be great with our WR/Offensive line? Orton and Rex would both shine if they had the supporting cast to help them. (shine is not the same as probowl) :)
I love Jimmy Mac to death! But the man had a great offensive line to protect him (remember the Bortz/Randy White fight? That offensive line would take no prisoners. Jerry has let this team go downhill and now says it's all the QB fault and these fans are falling for it too.
Rex did not have all the chance as JA did not get him an OL, rattling a QB's cage is a little hard to do with a good Oline,
But Orton is our QB, (don't let JA fool you, it's about the money)so Orton is who I support. But Orton needs that Offensive line upgrade as well.

RJ, and some of you other guy's need to get your priorities straight, are you a Bear fan, or a Grossman fanatic?? Some of you guy's on this board remind me of Robert De Niro's character in the movie "The Fan" and how De Niro's character had an obsession over his favorite sports star played by Wesley Snipes, if you haven't seen the movie, rent it, and think about it....seriously. In the movie toward the end, De Niro's Character found out that Snipes character could have gave a sh#t less about him, or any other fan. Snipes character actually couldn't stand the fan base or its fans, like it or hate it, agree or disagree, Grossman probably feels the same way about most of you guys, the Bears fanbase. Let Grossman go, lets support the Bears, and their current QB Kyle Orton. I am a Bears fan first, then whoever is their QB, also, fan obsession over a player isn't healthy.

RJ, again, I agree that Bears fans should not have booed Grossman, but to think the reason he did not get the starting job because he got booed in the pre-season & at family night, is absolutely ridiculous. Again, not to make up excuses for the fans that booed Rex, but their was a reason he got booed. Grossman had ample amount of time during the pre-season to step up and become the starter. Grossman got the entire first half of the Seahawks game during the pre-season, with the starters, and didn't fare to well. If you remember, Orton came in toward the end of the second, vs the same Seahawks defenders, and moved the ball, I think this was the reason Orton got the nod, not because the fans booed him.

Also RJ, Orton was not on the bench for 3 seasons as the #3 QB, it was actually for 1 and 3/4. Orton started his rookie season, was he ready to be a starter, probably not, but then again, most rookies aren't, he then sat his entire second season in the league. Orton then spent most of his 3rd season as the #3 and as a backup. During this very season, 2007, Orton's 3rd season, both players in front of Orton, Grossman & Griese were benched, and yes RJ, being benched is failing. After Griese was benched, Grossman got another chance, he then went down with an injury, this is how Orton got his chance. Again, the Bears gave Grossman 2 chances to prove himself that season. Orton came in and did what neither Grossman or Griese could, he lead the Bears on a 2 game winning streak. Grossman got another chance during the pre-season and fell short to Orton, agree or disagree, like it or hate it, thats a lot of chances to prove yourself. Its now Kyle Orton's time.

As far as Grossman getting an endorsement from T.J and Terry Bradshaw, if you listen to either one of their comments toward Rex, its more sympathetic than an endorsement, especially from Bradshaw, who like Grossman, was booed heavily during the early part of his career. Other then Waddle, who was one tough SOB when he played, remember all them catches over the middle he made for our Bears, I've heard other legit people endorse Orton, they are: Hall of Fame QB Troy Aikman [I think he knows a thing or two about QB's], Jimmy Johnson, Steve "Mongo" McMichael [I wouldn't argue with ol Mongo], Bears Hall of Famer Dan Hampton, and one of my all time favorites, hall of famer Iron Mike Ditka, these are just a few of the legit NFL minds that I have heard endorse Kyle Orton, I think these gentleman know a little more than T.J whosthatguyagain. Give Orton a chance, he just might surprise you, the Bears come first, then their starting QB so BEAR DOWN!

The BEARS and good quarterbacks are an oximoron or maybe the Bears are just plain not capable of getting a franchise quarterback. Lets face the facts the BEARS QB with the best stats of all time was Brian Griese.

Yes, read up on it Brien Griese has better career stats than any Bear QB in history. Although when I read this I also wonder why George Blanda was not included in this Bears history because it seems to me he would have been the best in BEars history.

Yes the Bears even traded Blanda and he played as a great QB for Oakland about another 10 years.

The BEARS fans always like the number 2 QB better than the #1 QB and seem to have always booed #1 in favor of #2 except maybe McMahon and one or two other QB's.

JA and Lovie are just part of a long Chicago Bear lineage of General Managers and Coaches that knew nothing about good Quarterbacking, the proof is in the pudding!!

RJ -- let's be honest. Rex Grossman did not take the Bears all the way to the Super Bowl in 2006, as you keep saying. The Bears defense and special teams did.

i find this funny that the one person who acts like he is some kind of pro(rj) has things so wrong.first to the ace who said rex is 5-11 he is 6-1,get your facts to rj just because you played highschool ball or you play catch on the weekends or madden on xbox does not make you the all knowing. i dont care if walter payton was playing with rex just because he says rex is a good qb doesnt mean he should be the starter. there is this thing that a lot of players do and that is speak fondly of other players in the nfl. so get off this if so and so says it they would know best.anyway how many times do you here players saying bad things about other players anyway. now i like rex but he was to up and down, and you can talk about his acts of strenght all you want but that is part of the game so spare me the litle speech aout "how it makes you sound dumb". if you admire that so much i hope you sent a get well card to him and all the other players who have done the same sort of thing. now if you want talk about the wideouts of 08 and o6 and say orton had just as good of options,you really need to slow down and think about what your saying. bb and mm were alot better wrs then what we had in 08. and just for the record the bears play cover 2 only 30 percent of the time. its not the only coverage they use just like other teams in the nfl, for all you people who keep thinking otherwise. now if this sounds harsh sorry but nothing is worse then a arguement over bad facts. last of all if i said something that (rj) did not say,my bad. ps.. rj dont get me wrong you seem to know alot about football but dam keep your rex grossman fan club feelings out of it. i love the bears but you have too look at it in the way they are. not this glass is half full sort of view when the glass is cracked and leaking. i guess what i am saying is stick to weekend catch and try to suport the fan club, you sound like you could be the pres.

Tyler it is hard to be scared of a man always holding a dog like Paris Hilton's. Mongo didn't do anything to Steve Austin after he stole his wife which is worse than questioning someone's football knowledge so he can't be that tough.

rex grossman maybe a good player but his reckless play cost him his job.not the crowds not him getting hurt his play save the love affiar with him,and just look at the facts.just so you know the bears are a better team without him.thats if you understand the stlye of play that they want to use.and dice as far as forte and benson, ypc might have been close but production was not even close.forte produced where benson did not and im not talking about recptions. and dahlilama are you forgetting about sid luckman he kinda holds most of the bears passing records and is in the hall of fame. where is brian g.? thats right a backup in tampa. as far as orton people should hold off and see how he does with a better wrs. that could be what is holding him from really taking off.the key is seperation when wrs have it it allows a bigger zone to throw the ball in, we did not have it this past year. i hope they get boldin not tj houz. he is at the end of career and wont match the money with production. tj houz is on the small side at 6-1 and has pretty much the same skills as mm. i think they should go younger and more of a big play type. they should also go for a backup who is still young enough to be the starter if needed. but to say they are looking for a replacement for orton already is just not true. im sure they wiil draft a qb some where in the late rounds but not in the first. for the person who said something about trading picks to get crabtree you need to know that they would have to give almost all the picks they have to move up to get him. crabtree is a top 10 if not a top 5 pick, and there a lot of teams who would love the shot of getting him.the bears hold the 18th pick the chances of moving up to picks 4-7 where he will get picked is not good.

1. Of course a receiver would like Rex Grossman better than Kyle Orton. It has nothing to do with how much he knows about football. It's because the vast majority of receivers would rather play with a quarterback who is more of a gunslinger; it's more fun for them and gives them more opportunities to make big plays. But that's not what determines the quality of a quarterback. Furthermore, receivers have a very myopic view of things; the coaching staff has a broad view and is concerned about winning games, not how many passes a receiver catches or how many big play opportunities he gets.

2. T.J. Houshmandzadeh is a possession receiver, and a damn good one at that. Same for Muhsin Muhammad, though Muhammad's personality leaves something to be desired and his hands are not as good. What receivers like this require in order to perform well is a good speed receiver who requires double coverage or at least the opposing team's shut down defensive back, if they have one, to cover him. That's why these two play well on Cincinnati and Carolina: Chad Johnson and Steve Smith. If you try to make Houshmandzadeh or Muhammad your top receiver, neither one will perform well. If Devin Hester continues to improve and makes opposing defenses respect his speed and big play ability, a good possession receiver will perform very well. But this is totally dependent on Hester's continued improvement, without which even a great possession receiver will do nothing.

3. Rex Grossman was NEVER a good quarterback for the Bears. At times he was an excellent passer, but there's far more than that to being a good quarterback. Once teams started pressuring Grossman, he went to pieces. He has major problems reading defenses, reacting to defenses -- including defensive pressure -- and foot problems. These are all things he needs to greatly improve if he's ever going to be any good; otherwise, opposing teams will bring the house every play and he'll just continue to go to pieces. While Kyle Orton is no great quarterback, he's significantly better at reading defenses and reacting to pressure than Grossman. One problem for both of them is that, aside from possibly Devin Hester and once in awhile Brandon Lloyd, they had no one to throw to. Even a good quarterback needs his receivers to get some separation, and the Bear receivers can't do that.

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