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Grossman: "Sometimes home games felt like away games"

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Are the Bears ready for Rex Grossman twice a year?

The former quarterback named the Detroit Lions as one of the more interesting teams he has an eye on as he heads to free agency. Grossman called Calvin Johnson one of the best, if not the best wide receiver in the league, said he'd like playing home games in a dome and lauded new Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.

"They're not as bad as their record,'' Grossman said earlier today on Sirius NFL Radio, appearing on the Blitz with Adam Schein and John Riggins. ``They are a good team. I would love to be there.''

Now, in the interest of full disclosure from this interview, Grossman said he'd love to be just about anywhere, including as the backup to Tony Romo in Dallas, with the New York Jets, or just about anywhere else. In fact, he didn't rule out a return to the Bears, but we know that's not happening.

Grossman has been working out in Tampa, Fla., with ex-NFL quarterback Steve DeBerg, who he worked with before the draft.

``Basically what I told my agent [Eugene Parker], the ceiling is I want to compete to start,'' Grossman said. ``And that is really what I want. But the floor is I want to have a good job. If that's being a backup, that's being a backup. I really want to compete to start. There are a few situations out there where I feel like they don't have a solidified starter and I'd love to get on one of those teams and I'm not sure if that's the case, but whatever happens I am going to be more motivated than I've ever been in my life to get back to the Super Bowl and be a starter and finish what I started in Chicago.''

Grossman said things began to turn on him in 2005 when he missed the majority of the season with a broken ankle. He said that is when the ``culture'' of fans following the Good Rex/Bad Rex phenomenon began.

"For whatever reason I was kind of a lightning rod for the media and the fans,'' he said. ``It was kind of a topic of conversation for several years, Good Rex/Bad Rex and all this. It just seems like I was the focal point. The negative fans and the negative people tend to be louder than the people supporting you so I just kind of tried to ignore it as much as possible. But it kind of had a culture starting in '05.

"It was something I had to deal with. Some of my home games felt like away games. Every incompletion was booed. We had a practice that they booed me when they introduced me [at Soldier Field] to start the year which is not how you want to start the year but you know, it was something I had to deal with. They cheered good plays. Every little detail was magnified as far as my performance.''

Other highlights:

*** "It's pretty humbling to sit back as a backup on a team you took to the Super Bowl two years before and sit there all 16 games and watch. Well, I played one of them. That has driven me to motivation I never thought I would get to."

*** "I had a lot of great times. Won a lot more than we lost there with me playing. It's a situation where I love the players, love the coaches.''

*** "I've got a goal in mind. I want to prove to everybody in Chicago, I want to prove to everybody in the media, in the NFL and to myself that I am one of the best quarterbacks in this league. I'm starting a long journey to get back there. I'm near the bottom and I am trying to make that journey back to the top. Knowing I have a long ways to go motivates me to do everything I can to back there. I've got a lot of confidence in my ability.''

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Good luck, Rex!!!!!....The Bears will be sorry!!!

Now this is getting quite exciting... We could face Rex Grossman AND Sage Rosenfels twice a year each? Making the playoffs just got a lot easier for Lovie and Co.


I still think that Rex could be a pro bowl QB and playin him twice a year does'nt sound that good

Not a huge difference in the won/loss with Orton or Rex - We needed upgrades at all positions - The QB is the least of my worries right now. Rex took us to the Super Bowl, I don't really feel Rex got that worse, the other teams learned how to play him, but they were able to overpower our aged Oline to do so, and JA did not upgrade the Oline and it showed in overall offense production. Look at our WR, not a star among them, all 2-3 stringers on any other team, 2 Olinemen retired since the Super Bowl - both RB's gone, but like JA said, it's the QB.
Rex can play good for a team with decent players as any QB can, Atlanta upgraded the entire offense, RB/OLine and look at the production from a Rookie QB. Now if Rex went to Minn. I would be extremely worried as the Vikes are really getting serious about adding good players and the Bears are not.

Rex has the physical ability to be a top 5 QB, he Also Has the mentality to only be a Back-up. His confidence and on field awareness really needs some work, hopefully he'll go to a good team with some fantastic WR and find his grove, because as good as he is, he simply isn't a good fit for the bears.

Rex seems to be a good fit in Detroit...had a hunch about this one

This is the best thing that could happen to Rex. He needs to get out of town.

The most telling thing to me that said he needed to grow up as a professional, even more so than the New Years Eve game, was the following statement:

It's pretty humbling to sit back as a backup on a team you took to the Super Bowl two years before and sit there all 16 games and watch. Well, I played one of them. That has driven me to motivation I never thought I would get to."

If it took getting benched to motivate him to start working on his shortcomings, and the multiple single digit QB rating games didn't, he needs a lot more maturity than he would ever get here. If he is able to progress, and make a new career for himself, then more power to him. I will be interested to see whether he gets a lot of attention in free agency

Will give him a look, I doubt Detroit bothers, they have the number 1 pick in the draft plus Clpepper as a backup already. Rex will get plenty of options though, not a good QB draft class and lots of teams need help.

Rex as a top 5 QB? I swear Chicago fans are delusional. Spread offense QB, hahahaha. Swear to god you all think every player the Bears have is the best ever, yet they can't get in playoff's cause there ummm unlucky or some other pathetic excuse.

Actually Joe that can be looked at 2 different ways and probably both could be right in different situations, Chris Carter was released by Buddy Ryan and then became a star WR for the Vikings - Chris stated himself that Buddy releasing him motivated him as he was drinking/parting too much, so sometimes losing what you take for granted is a big motivational tool it depends on how you react to it, fall down and pick yourself up is tough but admirable as some people don't pick themselves back up.
He does have the abilities and lets face it the Bears Oline went downhill after that Super Bowl run as well, and Kyle has not taken the Bears to the big game - mainly due to that Oline shortcomings.
There are some who say that Rex actually outplayed Kyle
(you already know I like Kyle) but Lovie could not name a QB that gets bood by the fans a starter, so give Rex the benefit as he did not have the best team after that SB run, and it was weird how Orton, Olin fumbled the ball just like Rex/Olin huh? wonder about that one, maybe Olin???

He was let go by Ryan in 1989, however, due to off-the-field issues. Carter was signed by the Vikings and turned his life and career around, becoming a 3 time All-Pro and playing in 8 straight Pro Bowls

Grossman said things began to turn on him in 2005 when he missed the majority of the season with a broken ankle. He said that is when the ``culture'' of fans following the Good Rex/Bad Rex phenomenon began.

Oh, pleeease!! Fans were fully behind Rex on his great early run in 2006. They didn't start turning on him until he was exposed. There never really was a "good" Rex. Like Mark Anderson, other teams just figured him out and the '06 game against the Dolphins in Chicago was the beginning of Rex's end. One of the last nails in his coffin was when he admitted mailing it in against Green Bay on New Year's eve that year because he was too preoccupied thinking about the evening's festivities. That's taking your job seriously. Bye, Rex. Don't let the door hit you in the a-- on the way out.

Rex is going to light us up when he faces us, and the fans who booed him are NOT real Bears fans, they are bandwagoners and make me sick.

Grossman is and always has been a class act. The fans and media who started and persisted that "good/bad" crap couldn't separate their personal frustrations from the ups and downs of a professional who laid it on the line for his team, never badmouthed anyone, not even the morons who booed him at home, and always came ready to give his all.

Who knows, in a different scene, with different coaches and teammates and schemes, maybe he will succeed and I sure hope he does.

Just because he couldn't handle a pass rush or make good decisions didn't give fans the right to march with pitchforks to the castle. Grow up Bears fans. We all want a franchise QB. It's just a game.

To be fair: Rex missed a couple years due to very serious injuries. But he wasn't allowed to develop- he was held to a 4th or 5th year veteran standard when he was really more like a second year guy due to mising time. By that I mean the fans weren't very tolerant of the "young guy" type mistakes. He was a fierce competitor that would try to make plays even when they weren't there-- this led to forcing some throws and tossing some pics. He was roundly criticized for this but his other choice would have been to just throw the ball away. With the bad line and lousy WR's that dropped passes and wouldn't fight for balls, he should have just thrown the ball away more. By the last year he started he was learning to do this. The "punt" mentality is what a defensive coach like Lovie wants to do. A guy like M.Martz would rather have you try to make the big play. Anyway, he has learned a lot in the past 6 years and he's ready to be a decent veteran QB. He's going to get another chance somewhere and you'll see that, with a solid line and some decent targets, he is going to do pretty well. The moral of the story is that if we get another promising young QB we have to be supportive through the growing pains. If you want a Favre you better be ready for a few pics. Also, any Center will tell you that O. Kreutz squats on the football and causes fumbles. Note that he isn't making the probowl anymore even on his bogus reputation.

No Rexy,

It was you only-care-about-wrecks apologetic frauds who blamed everyone BUT him for his own mistakes(his 0.0 rating, his 1.3 rating, his amazing absence of pocket presence, just to name a few)are NOT Bears fans. You were wrecks fans all along.

Since you were never Bears fans to begin with, you can join wrecks in Detroit while real Bears fans try to came up with ways to fix this team.


We will see what happens.It will be good for Rex and bad for the Bears.Sorry but as much as people complained about Rex.Orton just is'nt the answer ,he sucks.Nice size ,garbage arm-Our whole play book =(dink-dink-Miss Devin.Punt.If we had 1.better protection,2.kept Thomas Jones 3.Got Marriotti to quit sooner we may have a different qb in #8.I hope Rex does well and that Iam wrong about # 18 but I doubt it.Good luck Rex

If anything Lovie and co. weren't patient enough--they caved in to the pressure and took the easier way of using Grossman as a scapegoat. The fact that Rex didn't get a 2nd full season to develop after he led the team to the Super Bowl--don't forget the playoff wins--is inexcusable. He showed more than flashes of greatness during the Super Bowl year. He displayed resilience throughout the playoffs and when he returned following the Griese flop. His courage and resilience were quiet and overlooked--he showed strength to not respond in kind to the cacophony of the barking dogs and loud parrots who joined one of the most bizarre media frenzies of recent time. Rex had one real season, went to the Super Bowl, and is nothing like a T.O.--he's a guy who had the quiet strength to keep his mouth shut and not blame coaches or teammates.

I can't recall many Bear qb's who showed the potential as Rex did, nor many who had the number of amazing games in one season as Rex did. Fans and coaches should have had the patience to let him develop. Instead, they bound themselves to a proven backup qb who can't complete a pass over 30 yards--despite 2 full mediocre seasons, they're going to give him time...

I hope Rex gets the chance to make the parrots turn their babbling heads elsewhere and to have Lovie and co. find another goat. Oh and The Suntimes should've silenced Marioti about 2 years ago. He was the main one feeding the negative frenzy SINCE MIDWAY THRU the 06 season. I love the Bears, but I will be pulling for Grossman when he comes back and rip the Bears a new one.

This is a damn shame. Now I know the majority of Bear fans never played a down of football in their life so I'll just breeze through this really fast. Rex Grossman took way too much crap in Chicago.

- In his first full season he threw for 23 touchdown passes and helped the Bears make it to the Super Bowl. If you think the defense did everything, than you don't understand the game. A defense doesn't carry a offense. It's the Bears having a balanced attrack that made us so sucessful in '06. That and a solid running game which helped Grossman with the play action pass, something that was missing with Benson starting(not to mention pass protection).

- Being booed at home is ridiculous. I still wore my Grossman jersey with pride at the end of the year at my college. When people started complaining I simply said " Grossman helped us get to the Super Bowl. Thats more than what we have had in the last 20 years".

- The guy can throw

- The guy wasn't a mental midget, he wasn't dumb,he wasn't scared,he wasn't not tough(the ignorance of some people. This is the same guy who tried walking off a broken ankle, dove in for a touchdown even as he tore his acl and not to mention delt with tremendous amounts of boos for no good reason. Every young qb goes through trials.

- I'm going to laugh and smile a little inside when Rex lights it up for some team next year. Not so much because I'm happy for the new team, but because I'm happy to see a good guy who was never a prick to fans(like Mcnown) but someone who came out and tried.. Not only that but was a tough sob and made a lot of plays. I'll be happy to see him succeed, and I'll be more than happy to look at other Bears fans who threw him out of town so fast, and simply say "I told you so".

Good luck Rex. Trust me, there was a lot of Rex-Fans still here in Chicago till your last game.

I'm with you Jermaine!


That FACT that you wish wrecks would "rip the Bears a new one", validates that you wrecks apologists were never Bears fans to begin with. He had six years to prove who he was. SIX YEARS! That more than most teams would have given him. The Bears and the fans were MORE than fair! Instead he was excused by you apologists, while you blamed everyone else. The wr's, the OL, the defense not getting off the field so wrecks couldn't build any rhythm. etc.... Everyone was blame for his poor decisions except for him. I have not heard one apologist say that wrecks screwed up. Not one!

Whereever he ends up, become a fan of that team.

B/c real Bears fans don't want you here.


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