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Four Down Territory, Feb. 6: Hating Grossman is misplacing the blame

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Long day with plenty of non-related football activity. We're happy to get this Fourth Down Territory in before the day is out.

Q: Since the Bears signed the quarterback from Carolina, Brett Basanez, do you see them releasing Rex Grossman? That would just be so awesome.

Nada, Parts Unknown

A: You have nada clue when it comes to the situation, apparently. Grossman is out of contract and will become an unrestricted free agent when the period opens Feb. 27. You cannot release a player you do not have under contract.

Why would it be awesome for Grossman to be released?

It's very apparent he did not fulfill the expectations that the organization had for him, or those that he probably had for himself. Grossman has not been a pariah like Cade McNown was. Grossman hasn't been a former No. 4 overall pick busted twice in five weeks for booze incidents that he was eventually cleared of in court. Grossman didn't get it done. I'm not a Grossman backer, Grossman supporter or Grossman apologist, and you can find those types. I didn't care that he got booed at Soldier Field by hometown fans, who pay for tickets and can do as they please. But I can't understand how he is Public Enemy No. 1 for so many people. Fans are disappointed, understandably, by the Bears' long struggle to right the position. Grossman is just one guy who didn't get it done. It strikes me that he's somehow become the target for the failings of an organization. Grossman didn't draft himself. He didn't sign Jonathan Quinn. He didn't draft McNown. He sure as heck didn't trade for another quarterback from Indiana in Rick Mirer. But people want to see him fall flat on his face, preferably in a puddle of mud. Seems like the blame is being misplaced here. Grossman should get credit for handling himself like a pro during six seasons with the organization. Just remember, he didn't tell booing fans to stay at home and serenade their television set. Who knows if it will work out for him elsewhere. We'll see.

Q: Your article on the Bears' ticket price freeze was great. However, I wish someone would write an article on how the Cubs gouge their fans by allowing Stub Hub to market their tickets. I was hoping to get a decent seat for the opener but Stub Hub was asking $450 for tickets in Section 115. Let the public become aware of how the Cubs take advantage of their fans.

Tom M., Parts Unknown

A: You will find that Stub Hub has a professional relationship with the Bears as well. Unfortunately, you've come to the wrong place to air grievances about the Cubs. At last check, they still seem to sell the joint out on a regular, if not daily basis. I never fared real well in Econ 101, but that's basic supply and demand.

Q: Why is it that no one ever raises the red flag over the fact that our recently renovated stadium was redesigned to have the smallest seating capacity of all 32 teams? Chicago is the second largest population when it comes to cities that are home to NFL franchises. How did these architectural plans get approved, and who approved them, the Bears or the Chicago Park District? I believe Soldier Field only seats around 60,000-65,000 total, where other stadiums in the league and in the NCAA hold 100,000 or more. With Chicago and Illinois politicians known for their corrupt ways, it wouldn't surprise me if someone in the city or state government took a nice payoff to approve this ridiculous stadium. The McCaskeys not having a good relationship with Mayor Daley probably put them at his mercy too. Whoever ultimately approved this stadium to be rebuilt the way it is now should be spending some years in Joliet for wasting taxpayers' money.

Matt S., Mount Prospect

A: I believe the official seating capacity of Soldier Field is 61,500, which was 31st in the league until the Indianapolis Colts moved into their sparkling new home this season at Lucas Oil Stadium. The Bears' long quest to get a refurbished or new home spanned well more than a decade and there were more twists and turns than we have interest in getting into this evening. The largest stadium in the league this past season was Washington's FedEx Field, with a capacity of nearly 92,000. Dallas' new stadium, which will open in 2009, is expected to exceed that. The stadiums that seat 100,000 fans are in the college ranks. Here's my question about those stadiums--I've never been to one that large--how in the world do you see from the far reaches of the stadium? I think it's fair to assume the Bears would love to sell 75,000 seats to every home game, but that's simply not a reality.

Q: If the Bears are "close" as Lovie Smith has stated and don't appear to have much to do with extensions for current players this offseason, why wouldn't they use cap room to make a big splash on a difference maker in free agency? Reports in your paper and others seem to indicate they are likely to depend on new coach Rod Marinelli to raise the level of play of the current personnel rather than add a big-ticket item on the defensive line and the free agent market is weak at wide receiver save for T.J. Houshmandzadeh (whom the Bears are unlikely to wage a bidding war to secure his services). If that is the case, do you see them doing more than simply adding a Chris Simms as the No. 2 QB and hoping for some immediate help from the draft? What would you recommend they do to take the next step?

Joe B., Oxford, Conn.

A: The flip side of your argument is that if the Bears feel they are close, they don't need the big free-agent splash to get them over the top. They're on the brink. I'm not saying I agree with that, I'm just saying that's another approach to that way of thinking. There is no guarantee at this point a serious pass rusher will be on the market. Teams were allowed to start exercising the franchise tag on Thursday and the deadline is Feb. 19. Julius Peppers and Terrell Suggs are not free yet. Tennessee's Albert Haynesworth has secured his freedom but has had some talks with the Titans about returning. I'm not sold on Houshmandzadeh being a true No. 1 target. Chad Johnson is the guy most defenses were worried about the last several seasons. He's a nice player, but he's probably more of a possession guy than a gamebreaker. There's no guarantee yet that the Bears go out and sign an experienced quarterback but I'd say chances are good that happens. Yes, I expect them to do something in free agency. No hints have come out at this point. Maybe they make a play for a safety. Maybe they make a play for a cornerback and then address safety in-house. We've got to see exactly who will be available. Realistically, how many blue-chip players are going to be on the market? The number has to be less than five, right?

Thanks for the questions and comments all week. We'll dive into another Q&A on Monday. Shoot in your questions and we'll line them up for next week.

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Biggs makes accurated points concerning Grossman and his overall blame and or animosity that surrounds his legacy here in chicago. Yet, i think the point has to be made that it was not only Grossmans underachievement as a former first round pick for the Bears that had fans riding him, but it was his performance during the Superbowl that left most fans disgustedand fed up with the ongoing good Rex bad Rex saga. Moreover, his press conferences, however professional, left many wondering " this guy just doesnt get it!" His comments about New Years Packer game preparation definitely deserved to be maligned. Certainly, there was some fan reaction to Grossman that was over the line, but the Quarterback is the most important part to a championship run. If Jim McMahon had thrown 3 Ints and fumbled twice and the 85 bears blew Superbowl 20, fans would think McMahon was a bum too. It's just sports and its just fans.

I too think we are close....we are sitting on a move, bad or good, and we are either up or down.....GET A QB!!!!!!! Orton = average!!...Draft one or trade for one!!!!!

Moses draft who? trade for who? You donot understand the dynamics of the NFL or any professional organization. To draft someone there has to be someone worthy there is no 1st round franchise QB's in the draft no one is going to trade you a starter or a quality back up. Most teams draft and develop, that is were the Bears have failed in their approach during the Grossman era. They were wrong they gave the keys to the car to a unlicensed driver and got burned they would not bring in competition that is not Grossman's fault. It is also not his fault he is what he is they tried to make him something he simply was not. Instead of having a real QB coach who just might have played the position and had a clue they have some nobody who never took a NFL snap or read a NFL defense, and wonder why a QB is not developed. Hanie has size, arm strength and escapability let's see if they develop him or continue to develop Orton who's development they stunted years ago for Grossman.


I was wondering if you could provide any insight into the future at the Chicago Bears Offensive Line Positions at this time. With Williams healthy this year we have an answer at Left Tackle. Do you believe Buenning gets a true chance to start at Left Guard? If he works out, it would give us a solid, young left side and allow us to focus on the right. Is Beekman the future at Center, or is the organization unsure of what to do with him? With Tait having one year left, do we focus on another tackle this year in the draft? How serious do you feel our need is at the Guard position?

If time allows, could you also provide a short list of draft prospects you believe best fit the Bears blocking scheme that may be available in the first three rounds?


you said.."I'm not a Grossman backer, Grossman supporter or Grossman apologist"

Well...from reading you response to Nada, you sure could have fooled me. Have you ever thought about becoming a politician?
They seem to talk just like you. And when they get done scratch your head and try to figure out what they said.
In addition, you apparently don't know how us fans feel about Grossman. I would rather never to hear his name again. Just talking about him makes me puke. can blame lovie and angelo for this (I sure will) for keeping him around so know...wishing and hoping that he will come around. Wishing and hoping doesn't make it in the NFL. So you can throw those 2 bozos on the scrap heap as well.
Please more Grossman. He's done. Good luck to any team that picks him up. I will be laughing at this end when that happens.

I'd like to see a large proportion of our draft this year focus on linemen (both sides of the ball) with perhaps a receiver. I'm not willing to give up on earl bennett yet. The only free agents worth pursuing this year are Nnamdi Asomugha, Haynesworth and Suggs. Peppers is too streaky, and has already stated he wants to play LB in a 3-4 defense, so the chances of him landing on the bears are remote. You have to figure after resigning Briggs last year there's too much money tied up in the linebackers for us to go after Suggs either, and Haynesworth will be priced far above Jerry Angelo's budget. I honestly believe that Asomougha is worth the kind of ridiculous contract that 'top' corners such as nate clements have been receiving over the last few offseasons, and though it may hurt to get him, we would be better off in the long run. As for safety, it is blatantly obvious that we should wait for next year, when the (slightly overhyped) Taylor Mays will be available in the draft, but more importantly, Tenessee's Eric Berry will be a junior, and hopefully come out, providing easily the best safety in the draft since Ed Reed, and arguably the best defensive player for many years. Start stockpiling draft picks for that possible trade up Angelo....theres no way we should let him get away. I don't think pittsburgh really regretted trading up for Polamalu a few years back, and i think that was the first time they'd EVER traded up in the first round....

I think people, me including, were fed with Grossman's inconsistency. Either he was hot or threw interceptions, fumbled, got sacked...with the latter being more often than the former. Grossman is stoned if he thinks he took the team to the Superbowl. It was the D that did it for us.
All of us have been saying this for long, the ability to develop players within the Bears is zip. Look at the Patriots and what they did to Brady and Cassel! As for QB, we atleast know what we are getting with Orton. We know he cannot throw deep balls, unlike Grossman where it would be either a caught pass or an interception. I think the D is too cocky and arrogant refusing to believe that they suck. Hangover of 2006. As for the draft I think the biggest needs this season is OL and safety. But I guess the draft is weak this season for both positions.

I'm glad Biggs brought up Stubhub, the stadium, and the Bears, because it reminds me of a particular spur under my saddle. When the Bears organization puts single game tickets on sale, THEY SELL THEM TO SEASON TICKET HOLDERS FIRST! Why do they need to sell single game tickets to people who already have tickets?!? So, if you already have season tickets, the Bears let you earn a little extra by buying and legally scalping other single game tickets and the guy who can only afford to go to one game a season now can't even afford that because he can't get his hands on a ticket at face value. Forget the Green Bay game entirely unless you have season tickets, because not a single ticket from that game will ever be on sale to the general public and the season ticket holds can help pay for their tickets by buying and scalping single game tickets. PUT SINGLE GAME TICKETS ON SALE TO EVERYBODY AT THE SAME TIME.


I keep hearing talk about getting another running back to have a two-back attack. How bad was Kevin Jones that he hardly ever got on the field? Do we all ready have that second back, but just don't know how to use him (same goes for Wolfe)? Jones played pretty well for some terrible Detroit teams. Seems like he should be that 2nd guy. It also seems the Bears have a knack for drafting players, letting them sit on the bench for a few years, and then letting them go only to be productive somewhere else. I'd hate to see that happen to a drafted running back this year, when we have so many other needs.

With Berrian departing as a UFA last spring , what will the Bears receive in terms of a compensatory pick ? And when are those awarded by the league?

Brad, I agree with you on Rex. I was a big supporter because I thought he had the tools to be the man, after so long. However, it became apparent in the 06 AZ game and that he simply couldn't handle a pass rush and was prone to errors when pressured. On top of that, he just didn't have the accuracy. That's it. That's all. He was, and is, a great kid with a great work ethic and the respect of his teammates. He gave his all, and he never took cheap shots. He didn't blame his OL or his WRs or his coaches or the fans. He said Moose was a "great" receiver, and Benson a "great" back, etc.

As much as some would like to forget it, he was a big reason the Bears got to the SB, and for that he will always have my admiration. He was also a big reason we lost, and that is why his time is up.

But to treat him like he is a Wall Street banker getting a huge bonus while many of us are unemployed is a miscarriage of justice.

I wish him well and I wish the fans who have targeted him for their venom would get a life.

OK, don't all roll your eyes, but if you want to know how close the Bears are, compare them to the Steelers. They have similar offensive and defensive philosophies: get off the bus running (the Steelers even had the Bus!) to set up big passing plays; and pressure the QB into making mistakes.

Now, substitute Kyle Orton for Big Ben and Brown/Ogunleye for Harrison/Farrior.

That's how close the Bears are. That's why I maintain, for the fastest upgrade, they need to target QBs and DEs in draft/free agency.

Shouldn't they take a serious look at what it might cost for Matt Cassell, Peppers and Suggs if any/all are available? And shouldn't they look at what it might take to get Mark Sanchez and that English kid in the draft? Anyway, that's my two (or three) cents.

Hi AJ,

Are you serioulsy saying the Bears have never developed any players? Come on, now. You know that's not true.

Re Grossman, no less an expert than Ron Wolf, who knew a thing about QBs, said he wanted to draft him. Ron Jaworski said he reminded him of Brett Favre. Jon Gruden said "the ball just explodes out of his hand." He was the real deal coming out of Florida. But that's just it. He looked great in the fun and gun where he hads water bugs flying all over the field, wide open and he had tons of time to hit them.

It is always the case that the pro game is a huge step up. Grossman never could get out of the way of a pass rush. And he was a 54 percent passer. That's not good enough. Orton BTW is 55 percent, that's not going to cut it either. But those are not personal issues, like DUIs or wife beatings. They are professional limitations. Get off the guy's back.

BTW, Pete Carroll apparently talked Belichek into drafting Cassell. Shouldn't the Bears take a hard look at him if the Pats make him available? And what about that other SC QB that will be available, Mark Sanchez. Come on Bears, sure it's a crap shoot, but roll the dice!

Deputy....there are plenty of backup QBs on other teams that are better than we got...I'd rather have Leinert, V.Young, Troy Smith, M. Cassell, Derek Anderson,etc, etc, etc....should I go on?? Orton is nothing but a manager....average...25th out of 32!!! I take that back, he's not average...he's below average!!!

This is the kind of blog that drives me to post and post.

OK Deputy, game on.

You say: "Hanie has size, arm strength and escapability let's see if they develop him or continue to develop Orton who's development they stunted years ago for Grossman."

Re Hanie, that description fits a lot of QBs who can't make it in the NFL. Bill Walsh said the three most important attributes for success are accuracy, athleticism and intelligence. Arm strength? Grossman had that, Montana didn't. Who would you rather have. Grossman and Orton are both mid-50's percent QBs. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. That's why Orton misses a wide open Hester too many times. Don't pretend it didn't happen.

Second part: Did the Bears commit too long to Grossman? Not really. His first three years were stunted by injury. You don't give up on a first round pick who has player seven games his first three years. But then he started 16 in 06 and three in 07 when he was lifted. That's actually a pretty short leash.

As far as Orton goes, he started 15 games as a rookie, as many as Big Ben. And the Bears D was pretty good then. He started 15 games this past year. That's two full years. You pretty much know what you have in a QB by then, don't you think? And you can't say Grossman "stunted" any of those 30 games.

Get in the real world.

As I said it once, I'll say it again, if the Bears do not decide on signing Rex Grossman to a one year contract, and ends up being signed by another team, we better hope that this team is not within our division such like Minnesota who really are not set at quarterback yet, I don't think there current quarterback is the answer not to mention they do have a pretty good offensive line which is all a quarterback needs to play better. I just think that we're bashing Rex for the wrong reasons, especially when the problem is at the offensive line to begin with. Also through in some play making wide receivers, and you'll see a different Rex Grossman on this team, let's me just say, a better Rex Grossman.

Right on, Anonymous......We better sh#$ or get off the pot and get a real QB in here before Minnehaha does or we are doomed!!!...We'll see how true to his word Jerry is on how bad he wants to fix the QB know darn well the Viqueens will go hard for Cassell....

Hey Brad,

Do you think there's any chance at all the Bears could end up being involved in a trade for Boldin? You've already addressed the fact that drafting a receiver is somewhat less than a sure thing, while the best of the free agent class this year is Houshmandzadeh, who, as you said, is more of a possession receiver and isn't going to be worth anything near the price he's going to command. But, what then might the trade market be surrounding someone like Boldin, who openly wants to be traded and whose team seems pretty interested in trading him? It seems like corner was a pretty big weakness for Arizona this year. Any chance the Bears could see their way to including Vasher (or maybe Graham) in a trade for Boldin? I'd hate to see either of those guys go, but if that's what it takes to get someone like Boldin--a strong receiver with plenty of game-changing ability, who could really offer a consistent target for Orton and make opposing defenses have to account for more than just Hester--it might be worth it. Or is the size of contract Boldin's gonna want after any trade likely dissuade the Bears from even considering making a play for him?


Marcus, Sioux Falls

The fans didnt want grossman to fail, He became a victim of fans expectations. There was a lot of hope put on grossman and he kept getting injured, But fans kept the belief that he would be the one to take the quaterback mantel. Then during the first half of 2006 he played very well. Then he began to play awful. Youd see the same bad decisions, the fumbles, the interceptions, the lack of pocket presence. The same awful mistakes being made over and over/ Fans got sick of it, he showed no ability to improve, to correct his mistakes. So you started to expect bad things from him, and he always delivered and people got sick of it. Sure he handled himself like a professional. But isnt that what hes suppose to do?? What was asked of grossman was consistency, He didnt deliver, peoples patience ran out. He got booed. Thats how it is, and he can go somewhere with legitimate receivers, but you will see the same bad decisions the fumbles, no pocket awareness. Those things wont chnage. He is what he is and its simply not good enough. Sorry rex.


You don't need to worry about Grossman going to someplace like Minnesota. What would the Queens do with him? They need a QB with a little experience who can occasionally pull the ball out of AP's gut, freezing nine guys in the box, drop back with plenty of time behind a really good offensive line, and hit Berrian with a sweet deep ball.

That's what the Queens need, they don't need Grossma...........????. Oops.

Well at least he would have no extra incentive to play well against Chicago......??? Oops.

I for one really hope he winds up in the AFC.

You know I blew off the talk of Rex and Minnesota, but now I see how that would work MS - hmmm, that would'nt be funny, Grossman to Berrian TD!

Why does everyone talk about the Bears landing guys like TJ or Haynesworth? They are high profile, big money contract FA that just don't fit into what the Bears have historically done in FA. Besides we already have a "under tackle" in Harris. His contract is huge and the team should look towards the draft for D-line help, it's a deep and talented crop this year. Draft O & D line in the draft, period. As for receiver, for the love of god stop repeating everything you hear on the radio/TV and think for yourself. We can pick up 2 receivers in FA that would make an immediate impact on offense. First; Mike Furrey is getting released from the Lions, and yes I know the Lions suck, but if you've ever seen him play, he is a very good slot receiver, who at the very least can push Davis to meet his potential. Second; the other receiver we should pursue is either Nate Washington of the Steelers or, and this would be my preference, Antonio Bryant from the Schmucs. Both are fairly young (25 & 27, TJ is 31) but still multi year vets and have very good size (6'1"), and speed. Also both would require a much smaller price tag than TJ or Boldin. 2 receivers who could start right now on the Bears for less than the price of 1 big name FA. Worth it in my humble opinion and the far more likely choice for the Bears. BEAR DOWN!!!!!!!!

I know the talk has been about Matt Cassel and as unlikely as it would be for the Patriots to trade Brady, what do you think the Patriots could get for Tom Brady (with all things considered including his past greatness, his current injury, his age, his contract)? losers will always be bellyaching about your QB....they have always sucked.....even the punky QB sucked....I could have QBed that team!!!.......You'll be sorry when you get rid of Rex!!!

It's nice they're not raising the ticket prices........they should be paying people to go watch you losers...........

To Matt S.: Have you ever sat in the 400 level seats???? I have, 2 rows from the top even, and I can honestly say I would rather watch the game on TV. I'm glad the Bears have the smallest stadium. Fans may pay more overall for tickets, but 10,000 fans won't get ripped off for crappy seats and expensive beer.

The Bears probably need a QB. We will see if Orton can take the next step next year (I don't think he can). In the draft this year the QB's worth taking will be gone. The Bears need line help and some good players will be around in the 2nd rd.

Maybe the thing to do is trade the 1st rd pick for a 1st rd pick next year. If they have 2 #1's in 2010 they might be able to trade up for McCoy or Bradford. If they keep the #1 this year they will probably have to "reach" for a DE, or OT at that spot. A ORT can be found in the 2nd rd.

Screw getting a QB, and screw getting WR's.

We know the Bears won't win the Superbowl this year. Forget about all the BS and create an identity for God's sakes.

They should be doing everything they can to become the most physical team in football. They should beef up both lines, add a mean LB to take Hillenmeyer's spot, sign another corner (and move Tillman to FS), get a monster FB, and another power type running back.

It starts with free agency. Either Peppers or Haynesworth. They could afford both with the level of overall fan support. No way the Bears ever lose money. But one would be awesome, and preferably Haynesworth. Sign him to a crazy 13 mil per year deal. Only part of it is guaranteed, so who cares. Make an offer for Asomugha too (maybe they could get lucky).

In the draft, take lineman or linebackers early.

Make this team the most feared team to play against in the NFL again!! Make it tough!


By DeputyDawg on February 7, 2009 8:05 AM
"Moses draft who? trade for who? You donot understand the dynamics of the NFL or any professional organization. To draft someone there has to be someone worthy there is no 1st round franchise QB's in the draft no one is going to trade you a starter or a quality back up"

Yeah there are never any quality QB's in a draft other than the one's people think they know are great. You mentiioned , Both Brady and Cassel, Brady a 6th round pick who nobody cared about and Cassel a 7th round pick who nobody cared for.

Hmmmm seems like there can be really good QB's in a draft you just need to identify them.

Oh and as for your claims that the Bears have stunted Orton's growth, you do realize Matt Cassel was drafted in 2005 same as Orton and sat on the Bench all this time and his growth seems to be pretty good. In fact I would much rather have Cassel than Orton. See this is why Angelo sucks and you suck niether of you has a clue as to what a good QB is unless you see it on Mel's big board. Look at the Pats they can find two nice shinny QB's who nobody wanted like they are picking apples off a tree, and the Bears couldn't find a nice shinny apple if you left them in the Motts apple company Orchard, and if they do find him they can't develop him. I guess the Bears just keep droping the apple.

Hadji and everyone else Cassel has been franchised and I don't think anyone is going to trade 2 first round picks for him and the Pats still need a QB as Brady may not be ready. So forget Cassel.

Grossman to the Queens?? Has anyone seen his numbers there or the fact that he hates playing on that turf were he got his 2nd major injury.

Go for Boldin? It's not a bad idea but remember it's not just a trade, he wants a new contract as well or he is gonna sit. Angelo is not showing any signs of giving anyone a new contract and is being tight with the money after last years mess. Teams may be able to get Boldin for a second or third if the situation keeps degenerating in Arizona, in which case I would think the Bears would be obliged to go after him. Howerver he is very talented and a lot of teams will want him. Almost every team above the Bears needs a WR and they all have a higher pick to offer in each round.

Hey I know some Packers fans like to get worked up about there QB's but here is a thought. With the current contract set to expire the salary cap good very well go bye bye, while this would not effect the Bears a major large market team, small market teams such as the "PACKERS" would not be able to afford to keep there players and would eventually go bye bye. I think Packer fans should keep that in mind while considering the future of there Poor, Bankrupt little team.

As for Stadium size, it's not the size of the ride but the motion ocean. Ok actually the reason college stadiums have such a large seating capacity is because most of them still use benches, while the Bears don't have a ton of seats most of the newer nfl stadiums are in the 60-70 thousand range. The Bears were limited in what they could build because of location, could you imagine how ugly that stadium would be if it 80 thousand seats, it's already an eye sore to begin with. It's nice but it's an eye sore. It is also the most expensive stadium in the NFL if you account for inflation. Only the Cowboys new home will be worth more.

By the way Brad, the Grossman answer was perfect.

I always find it amusing when teams with worse records try to taunt teams with better ones. Who sucks? Anyway, personally I'd like to know who's available as a free agent at safety. I think this could become our most pressing need given our defensive scheme and I'd rather have a veteran presence come in at least to provide depth at the position. Any chance we get Mike Brown back for a huge discount? If not, who else is there for the Bears to pursue?

lineman is the way to go in this draft!! last year at this time in THIS same blog, all everyone talked about was how the O-line needed an overhaul. It's NOT a "one and done" when we picked Williams last year. The line has been neglected for years( we got lucky picking Garza of ATL's scrapheap!!)
JA always is a patcher , NOT a permanent fixer. And this FA/draft season will prove that. We need O-line,D-line,Safety, And WR....and the FA's available combined w/ the draft class will NOT plug all the holes. Seriously, the WR...who in their right mind DIDN'T see that coming w/ last years' HUGE splash signings of Booker and Lloyd.One yr fixes, if that!!!
I'm sticking w/ Robinson from OU as the first pick....and I'll sleep better not going thru the "what if's" ...a Cassel, Haynesworth,Boldin, LJ, Tony Gonzalez,Farve, emmit Smith, Lester Hayes induced Bears "Dream Team" !

as for Rex...why do I see him in Detroit haunting us for years? Thanks Rex for taking us to the Bowl !!

Yes good answer on the Grossman q Brad,

`but 10,000 fans won't get ripped off for crappy seats and expensive beer.' - LOLOL

Feb. 27th Answer Day!

I haven't always been a Grossman backer but that kid was wrung out in the media and by the fans something aweful.
Those that say he didn't take the bears to the SB... He was rumored in Probowl talk early in the season. He scored a ton of points with an aerial attack never seen in Bear country.. the weather eventually turns cold and it's necessary to rely on the ground game, which the Bears did late in the season..
Play-offs.. It was Defense and running that covered us against New Orleans but against Seattle that year The D wasn't playing all that well and the ground game was stalled. Grossman had to make play through the air or we don't advance..
SB.. I still don't know why Grossman catches as much flak as he does. The D is playing well and the running game is working, Thomas Jones rips off a few good runs and a really long run. It's a downpour.. Manning is struggling with his passes and stops throwing the long ball altogether except for that blown coverage play, which Grossman had nothing to do with.. Grossman wasn't calling his own plays. He didn't have the checks and freedom to change plays as much as Orton does now. Yet he is still throwing deep. The only thing I can say, is he was running the plays that Turner was calling. Turner went away fromt he ground game and put the ball in Grossmans hands when our running game was clicking and our D was bending but not breaking too bad and it was raining like hell. Grossman did not lose that game for us. Turner did and he has not been vilified the way Grossman has been.

bob k, to say Kyle Orton is not accurate enough to be an effective NFL starting QB, judged solely on his career passing percentage, 55%, is a little off based. Also, Orton was not ready to start as a rookie, Orton should have actually sat a season, which he did in 2006, so judging Orton by his rookie completion percentage is moot. This season, now that Orton is more NFL ready, he finished with a 58.4% completion percentage, which isn't bad.

bob k, you obviously don't think a 58.4% is bad either with your Ben Roethlisberger comparison, because Big Ben had a 59.9%, thats pretty close to Orton's 58.4% wouldn't you say? Also keep in mind, Big Ben had receivers like Hines Ward & Santonio Holmes, who did Orton have at receiver, Devin Hester, who has a whole 2 years of experience at the position. Another thing to keep in mind, with Hines Ward & Santonio Holmes at receiver, Big Ben had 17 td passes this season, with one less start, and no Hines Ward or Santonio Holmes, Kyle Orton had 18 td passes.

I think the ankle injury slowed Orton down, before the injury Orton was completing 62.0% of his passes, I don't think its any coincidence Orton's numbers went down after the ankle injury. Setting your feet is everything to being a successful passer, ask any NFL QB, I've heard more than one NFL QB say this. With a bum ankle, this became difficult for Orton to do. I think Orton can be a good QB for the Bears, week 17, the last game of the season, Orton threw 2 td passes and had a QB rating of 97.1. So it isn't like Orton got worse as the season went on with a healthy ankle. I think in week 17, Orton's ankle wasn't at 100%, but was as good as it was gonna get for the season, being almost a month after he was injured, and a 97.1 rating with 2 td passes and 0 ints is pretty good. I say give Orton a chance, I think he is gonna be pretty good GO BEARS!!

Kevin Kevin Kevin, 58.4% is bad considering Orton through most of his passes short. His completion percentage at 1-10 yards was about 65 percent, the farther he through the Ball the less his accuracy became. Which is standard but his accuraccy took a major drop as compared to a minor drop. Also looking at Ortons numbers, he struggled in the second half of games all season long, his numbers are at there best in the first 10-15 plays of a game and in the final 2 min of a half. The one thing those three things have in common is they are scripted.

When Orton try's to call his own plays is when he becomes really bad. In the first Quarter of a game Ortons comp percentage is around 70% after that it drops to about 54% with the 3rd Qt being his worst quarter. He also struggled in the red zone. Orton struggled more at home than he did on the road throwing 9 of his interceptions at home, his lack of arm strength seems apperant at Soldier Field were he struggled to adjust to the wind later in the season when it picks up. He also as you well know struggled on deep throws to a wide open Recievers several times.

His passer Rating was also about 76 at home as compared to 82 on the road. He further played better on turf in a dome, were his rate was at almost 84. I would further point point out that Orton did not have to play the Titans, which would have lowered his percentages at home even further. I would also point out his best game on grass came against the Texans in Houston, on a warm day with little wind against a bad defense after he hurt his ankle. His numbers after the ankle injury were almost the same as before the ankle injury except he started throwing picks. Picks are mental mistakes not ankle mistakes. He also struggled in Harsh weather which he only had to face about 4 times this year. I would also point out the Matt Cassel and Orton were drafted in the same year and Cassel played in worse conditions against better opponents, unlike Orton, Cassel had never started a game in the NFL till this year and proved to be the better of the QB's. That is what a developed QB looks like. Cassel has had less coaching than Orton and was not prepared to start the season when he was thrown into the role of starting QB.

You see Kevin you can develop a good QB if you pick the right QB(Cassel), and you know how to develop him like the Pats do. I believe Orton has peaked in his 4 years, he just doesn't have a very high ceilling, lacks arm strength, poor field vision, bad mechanics from his feet through his hips, and has no touch on the ball, his football IQ is also not that great.

Brad any chance we can pay New England to draft and Develop a QB for the Bears? I mean there really good at it and they already got two of there own. How about we give them one of our draft picks of there choosing to use for the pick, we throw in a number 2 pick next year and pay for his contract plus some extra cash. Pick him up in 3 years and Boom Bears finally have a franchise QB.

Or back on planet earth we give up two first round picks for Cassel. Angelo will just blow the picks anyway might as well use them on something worth getting. Also how about we trade Hester and a number 3 pick for Boldin? Now the Bears can go sign TJ Whosyourmomma or a cheaper option in Henderson. Boom throw in Cassel, Boldin and TJ/Henderson with Forte, Olsen and Clark, have Williams at LT, Buenning at LG, Beekman as a backup, St. Clair at swing or RT, Olin and Garza, and go get a OL prospect in the 2nd or 4th round and you should have a damn good offense. Not to mention the Bears should have an extra 3rd or 4th this year with Berrian loss to help make up for the loss of picks. Oh and before anyone says anythin about trading two first round picks. These are the last four first round picks. 2005 Benson, 2006 traded it to the Bills and got Manning and Dusty, 2007 Olsen, 2008 Williams. Is there anyone here who would not trade Benson, Mannign and Dusty for Matt Cassel, or Olsen and Willimas? Is there any two combos in there you would not trade for a Franchise QB?

Bob K is right on about Rex Grossman. It was nothing short of totally shameful that the idiots who go to exhibition games booed Grossman when he stepped onto the field and BEFORE HE HAD EVEN DONE ANYTHING. I live almost 2,000 miles from Chicago and I was embarrassed to be a Bear fan at that moment. Same goes for the morons who booed him at the family night scrimmage or whatever it was. I'm no Grossman backer -- I've never seen any potential in him to be a good NFL quarterback, just a good passer -- but he's been a stand up guy the entire time he's been in Chicago, working hard and not publicly complaining about being benched or disrupting the team in any way. While I was angry and eventually furious with Bear management and the coaches for anointing Grossman instead of making him compete and failing to realize for so long that he was never going to be a good NFL quarterback, none of that is his fault. It's gotten to the point where I actually feel sorry for the guy and wish him well elsewhere, though it's not going to happen, he just doesn't have the tools. Unless a Bear player doesn't give his full effort, does something detrimental to the team, or does something egregious off the field -- none of which Grossman did -- there's no excuse for hating him or treating him the way Grossman has been treated.

That said, Bob is totally wrong about Caleb Hanie. Forget what Deputy Dawg said about Hanie's arm strength, though size and escapability do matter. Anyone who watched him in preseason should have seen the intangibles that make an exceptional quarterback. It's hard to articulate these things, but it's attributes like pocket presence, escapability, reacting to the defense, etc. "Winning quarterback" just oozed out of Hanie and the Bears are fools if they don't develop him as fast as possible. Of course, this is an organization that has developed one good quarterback in the last 50 years, so even that effort is likely to fail. But if the Bears don't try, they're even more clueless than I already think they are.

Idiots!!!! Still crying about Grossman vs. Orton!! Its like choosing between a turd and a giant douche (in the words of South Park). It's like choosing which is the better trailer to live in.

Either way, it is not good. Grossman sucks, and so far, Orton has shown no play making ability. There are only 5 QB's in the league who consistantly made clutch game changing plays last year. Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Peyton (not Eli) Manning, Warner, and maybe McNabb. That is 5/32 teams. And Brady will be back next year.

There are maybe 5 more QB's who can get the job done in the right system. Other Manning, Rivers, Romo, Hasselback, and Flacco. I am sure some of you have your own opinions or other QB's, but shove it for now.

Why settle for that crap?


The best bet for the Bears is to do what I said above. Get physical, and build the team on the run and defense. It can work to get you in the playoffs, and maybe anythng can happen once in a while. It won't give you a dynasty (that requires a super QB), but it can make you a winner.

This bickering between Orton and Grossman is just pointless. Get over it.

Ryan said: "There are MAYBE 5 more QB's who can get the job done in the right SYSTEM. OTHER MANNING, Rivers, Romo, Hasselback, and Flacco??????????"

Gee Ryan, I guess the SYSTEM the Gians ran last year, that Eli [the other] Manning won a SUPER BOWL with, was all wrong for Eli [the other] Manning huh????????? Ryan do me a favor, don't come on this board and call other bloggers idiots, and then say something stupid yourself.......okay.


Did (or why didn't) the Cardinal coaches bring to the attention of the "refs" that Holmes had celebrated after his winning touchdown.
How can a pro coaching staff miss that opportunity?

I am not into favors, just tell it like it is. And I am sure the Giants won last year with that great offense huh? Yep, that was a potent passing attack for sure.

Durden.... the Giants had a top 3 running game with a top 5 defense that became even better in the playoffs in 2007. Where was Eli this year against the Eagles?

Besdes, you missed the point. You must like choosing between mediocre things, because that was the only thing that was my beef. I called out noone in particular, just retard QB opinions in general in the Chicago area.

The big point was that the Bears should build in another way because getting a real good QB is lucky at best.

Nuff said, GO BEARS!!!

P.S. and Durden, this is a blog. I can say stupid things if I want to jerk head!!!

The front office and coaching staff are the real problems.

I followed Grossman through college and think it is a shame for what the guy has had to go through. Essentially, 2006 was his rookie year and believe me I am not leaning towards making excuses for him. However, he proved to be a standup guy this last season in what I believe to be an uneven playing field when it came to competing for the job. I followed the practices and saw the Seattle preseason game. Orton does not appear to be an NFL caliber starting QB and I believe he will be exposed for that in year 2 when he is expected to throw the ball to someone more than 10 yards away from him. I hope Rex signs with a team with a decent O line and wish him the best.

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