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Dreamy thinking: Warner to Bears never had a chance

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All you quarterback dreamers out there can stop.

The third time won't be the charm for the Bears when it comes to Kurt Warner. You know, the two-time league MVP and former Super Bowl MVP and nearly Super Bowl XLIII MVP.

Yeah, that Warner. The one the Bears told "no thanks" to after he left the St. Louis Rams in 2003. Yes, this is the same Warner the Bears said "no thanks" to after he left the New York Giants in 2004. Warner stopped by Halas Hall in 2005 after getting out of Gotham. It was a fit that wasn't meant to be with the organization's undying devotion to Rex Grossman at the time.

If Warner plays in 2009, it's not going to be for the Bears, or anyone else other than the team he just led to Super Bowl XLIIII and brought within two minutes and 30 seconds or so of a Lombardi Trophy after a furious fourth-quarter rally. As much as his Chicago-based agents might want him to dip his foot into free-agent waters, if you take the man for his word on Tuesday, it won't happen.

"That's my mindset," Warner told reporters in Arizona. "If I'm going to keep playing, I don't want to change teams."

Warner is reportedly looking for a two-year contract worth about $9 million annually. It's not like he would have picked the Bears any way had he gone into free agency. Going from having Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston as targets to Devin Hester, Somebody, and Somebody Else isn't the career path a potential future Hall of Famer charts for himself. General manager Jerry Angelo could have put a full-court press on Warner starting Feb. 27 when free agency opens and Warner would have been the one saying "no thanks" this time.

But the Bears have started their work at the position. They signed Arlington Heights native Brett Basanez. He replaces Grossman on the roster for now and will get to work on learning the system beginning Monday. There's still a possibility they make a run at Chris Simms or Byron Leftwich or David Carr or one of the other quarterbacks who won't be in position to challenge Kyle Orton for the starting job. There's still a possibility they could pull the trigger on a quarterback high in the draft. Angelo said he wouldn't rule anything out. The only thing you can rule out now is Warner.

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thanks, jerry! i saved this quote from angelo because i found it so ludicrous then and even more ludicrous now:

'We like Rex Grossman and what he's doing," the Bears general manager says. We're not trying to create competition for Rex. We made that decision a couple of years ago. We made him the No. 1 guy, and we want to see that come to fruition." Jerry Angelo 4-26-2005

insulating any position from competition is just imprudent and shows how misguided angelo has been as bears gm, especially on offense.

bears down.

What are the odds of Carr coming over to play for us? Or is it more likely that Simms will be a backup?

Does it matter who we get??....We'll stick with Kyle like we stuck with Rex and keep on being average. No top receiver will want to come here anyway....they want to live!!!

We replace a first round draft pick with an undrafted free agent...........nice job, Jerry!!!!!

"Given what Jerry Angelo said about the importance of the quarterback position and getting it stabilized, I would assume that Matt Cassel is someone that the Bears will at least consider pursuing this offseason in free agency or via a trade should the Patriots put a franchise tag on him." Larry Mayer

I pray to God Angelo would play ball here and get Cassel, but I'm not holding any breath.

You guys are dreaming!!!!...No QB in their right mind would go to that cesspool you call Soldier Field!!....besides you have nobody to throw are stuck with that neck haired loser forever..hahahaha

I'm not sold on Cassel as being a great or even a good QB. He hadn't started a football game since high school until this year. Then he comes in under Belicheck (a HOF coach)in a system known for getting the best out of everyone. He throws to Randy Moss and Wes Welker, and has a solid team built around him. But all of this is moot, since the Pats won't trade him until Brady is 100%...which won't be until the fall. The same people who want Cassel were the same ones who wanted Derek Anderson from the Browns...a one year wonder. Haven't we had enough of those here already???

Packer D-Bag you are that kid that we all love to pick on because you are just that stupid. Here's some advise: take your Farve blow up doll, your cheesehead and do us all a favor and go play frogger on the free way. If not then STFU.

GO BEARS. and all your other fair weather Bear fans can take your advise and put it where the Bears are.....on the bottom looking up at us!!!!! Our local high school has a better offense than you guys do!!!....By the way...I've got some Geritol for your defense too!! hahaha

Fair Weather....I attend a Bears game every year since I live in California. I was actually at the Monday Night Game this year and remember a Packer team that lost and a Bears team that won.

Also, enjoy your new blow up doll of Aaron Rodgers you loser. Don't forget to stick that cheese.....well you know your a packer fan???


Now I know why you act like you live in California!!!!....Yikes!!!....Good luck this year with that immobile, weak armed, colored blind, neck fuzzed, loser from're gonna need it!!!!!!

PackerBacker, that's pretty tough talk coming from a team that finished 6-10 in 2008. If anyone is looking from the bottom up it's your team. And if it wasn't for the Lions, you'd be the cellar dweller.


Too many dreamers. The bears are what we thought they were.
Until Angelo and Lovie are fired....this team is going nowhere.
Take a year off. This time next year, you will be talking about a new coach and who is heading the organization.

Hmm, let's see: Fitzpatrick or Hester? 75 degrees or 20 degrees? A beautiful new stadium or that flying saucer by that cold lake? A team that's on the cusp or a team that's "close?" Yep it's a no-brainer.

The kid from NU can carry the clipboard as well as Chris Simms. We don't need Simms or the other guys available in free agency.

Mark Sanchez may be available of 18. If he doesn't go by say, 13 or 14 trade up to get him. The Vikings will want him. He's everything you want: big, strong, accurate, athletic and he's a winner.

Come on Angelo, walk the walk and pull the trigger. If Orton beats him out for a year, great. But I don't think Orton is ever going to be accurate enough to be the guy. Sooner or later, he's going to go and hold a clipboard.

There will be DEs, OLs and Wrs available later. A guy like Sanchez? No way. Take him, take him, take him.

**This time next year, you will be talking about a new coach and who is heading the organization.**

LOL!! Yeah, right. Lovie will be around at least until 2011 and Angelo will be around at least until 2013. Outside of pouring lots of new money into nearly washed up defensive players (e.g., Vasher and Urlacher), the Bears are too cheap to do anything different. You had me going there for a second, though!

"It was a fit that wasn't meant to be with the organization's undying devotion to Rex Grossman at the time."

I just died, right now.

As I've said before, the Bears refuse to have a quarterback with a strong personality, which means they'll never have a good one. That attitude, in addition to the attitude that allowed for the anointing Rex Grossmanas the starter instead of making him compete for the position, among other things, poisoned what might have been a team that could compete to get to the Super Bowl for a few years.

What's infuriating about all this is that the Bears were in the Super Bowl just two years ago. Since then they've become nothing but an average team, at best, and wouldn't even be that good if not for very good special teams play and an offensive coordinator who magically gets something out of nothing every week. At least when Ditka's Bears failed to return to the Super Bowl they won the division every year, got back to the NFC Championship game once, and only failed to get to the Super Bowl the following year because they didn't have a good backup for Jim McMahon.

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