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Dollars and sense: The Basanez contract

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Unless the Bears make a move for a quarterback in free agency, and the crop of available passers has already dwindled, then there is a growing chance Caleb Hanie and recently signed Brett Basanez will battle for the backup job behind Kyle Orton. The only way a rookie would get in the mix is if the Bears spent a high draft pick on a quarterback and given the draft class and the team's other needs, that could be viewed as a longshot at this point.

Basanez signed a two-year contract to come home. The Carolina Panthers wanted him to return and he had interest from other clubs, including the New York Giants, but the lure of returning to his roots and the Bears' depth chart made Halas Hall the most attractive destination.

Basanez did not receive a signing bonus in the contract but the Bears did float him a little money in the form of a workout bonus. He can earn $17,280 if he meets criteria in the contract for the incentive. He has minimum base salaries for 2009 ($385,000) and 2010 ($470,000). Basanez's workout bonus in 2010 is the standard amount of $7,280.

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I know I am a few days late with this but with Tait possibly retiring the need for an OL round 1 is now a lock. I think Britten would be great. GO BEARS.

Brad: How many teams have started a season with 2 rookie bookends and how did they finish? With this being a possibility please answer this one.


They still need at least one more camp arm, but OK go with it. These players are young and unproven, but they are not rookies. Basanez is going into his fourth(?) year and Hanie is going into his second. They thought enough of Hanie last year to protect him on the 53 man roster instead of the practice squad.

Everything points to the 2009 Bears being Kyle Orton's team. OK, so be it. Now what?

I think the idea of having a "old" vet on the roster is over-rated. The best case scenerio is that you have one or more young, developing QBs on your roster. Ideally those guys either grow up and compete for the big job, or offer serious trade-bait going into their contract years. If the Bears think either one, or both, Basanez and Hanie could come in and play competitively, then don't pay the vet. Develop the new kid instead.

The only problem is that they have to be able to play when, and if, the whistle blows for real. That's why you see old vets. They usually have BTDT and have the T-shirt. But they have no enduring value. When they go, they leave nothing but a hole in the roster.

Well now I assume that we have chosen our passers, we have to solidify our receivers. I like Hester for a deep threat, and Olsen and Clark for short threats, but I would really love to see an experienced WR on the other end of Devin, and to be able to teach Bennett on consistency and the other traits of a WR. Hopefully Orton picks up the pace and keeps it going throught the year. I like the guy, I wish I truly knew why his game sloped that badly after the injury, sure he has a horid deep throw, but maybe with enough training and focuss on the deep throw he fella can improve and we might have a Brady/Moss/Welker connection with Orton/Hester/and you name the third guy. If not then so long Kyle.

I would love to have someone like Boldin or Ocho in the Navy Blue and Orange, but unfortunately I don't see Angie taking those risks, and I pray to God that I am wrong on that. I refuse to get stressed out and place myself on the edge of my seat when it comes to Angie and Lovie choosing players in FA and arguably the draft, because it just causes too much stress and anxiety for me.

I just hope and pray that we get a damn good WR, and killer SS, and a few petrifying OLs so that when teams face us they won't know whom to focus most on.

Da Bears!

I don't think the Bears will draft a QB at all this april, especially with the recent signing of Brett Basanez. Its hard to tell if a free agent will even be brought in. When Angelo said, "we still need to get the QB position right," a lot of people took it differently. I still think Angelo believes Kyle Orton is his man, he just wants to see Orton put together a 16 game season with consistency, and durability, before committing long term. When healthy, Orton has proved he can get the job done, Angelo might want to see if Orton has the durability required to be an NFL starting QB, this might be Angelo's biggest quesion mark for Orton.

If Orton goes down, you have Caleb Hanie, who looked good in Turners offense last pre-season and should only look better with a year in Turners system. Caleb Hanie has the arm, coming out last spring, many scouts felt Hanie had the second strongest arm to Joe Flacco. Hanie has the ability to buy time in the pocket, he is worth developing. QB might be one of the reasons the Bears moved their off-season workouts to march, if Hanie looks good in the march workouts, I guarantee no QB will be drafted. Also, like I said before, the fact the Bears placed Hanie on the 53 man roster proves they think they have something in him. GO BEARS!!

We are doomed with Orton as starter!!!!.....Draft that dude from Kansas State....or let Brett and Caleb fight it out for the starting spot.....Orton is a good third stringer!!!!!!!

Tom, the Bears drafted back to back bookends in the 70's can't think of there names or the exact year and I am to lazy to look it up right now. But you can start with NFL draft wiki and that will give all the draft picks for every team going back to what ever year you want.

Two things, it's Britton ok, not Britten, it's a pet peave for us TON people. My suggestion for you is if you have a question for Brad put it in 4 down territory. He posts it 4-5 days a week and he usually answers the first 4 questions that are not stupid. Oh and don't ask any Orton vs. Rex questions. If not for Brad for the rest of us, it's gotten real old.


If the Bears draft an OT, there wouldn't be two rookies starting, as Chris Williams will be a second year pro next season.

In the 80s, the Bears drafted Jimbo Covert and Keith Van Horne in back to back years. That worked out pretty well.

Tom not TomK, Jimbo was drafted 2 years after Van Horne, Williams is basically a rookie though. We have no clue as to how he will play or if his back will hold up as well. He did herniate the same disk twice in 3 years. By the way thats the same injury that cut Jimbo's career short. But you are very right in that it worked out pretty well with those two. That whole line was awsome.

In fact if you look at the history of the Bears. They have always had good teams when they had really good offensive lines. Even the Bears fight song speaks of this. Even in 06 the Bears line gave up fewer sacks then anyone else.

The Bears have 9 Offensive linemen in the hall of fame, and 11 have played for the team all during the late 20's to early 60's. In the 80's the Bears made it a point to draft Oline. In 85 the Bears had 2nd year Covert a two time All Pro, 2nd Year Bortz a two time Pro Bowl, 4th year Hilgenberg 7 pro Bowls 2 All Pro, Rookie Tom Thayer, and Van Horne in his 4th year. Wow a young and talented offensive line that featured two 1st round OT's, hmmm what a novel idea.

Bears have stayed away from drafting much in the way of Oline for a long time. The Bears have produced Olin Kruetz and not much else in the last 10-15 years. Beekman is the first guy Angelo has drafted that started for the line and he was average. Williams is next up, will se how he does and I get the feeling Beekman will be a backup this year behind Garza and Buenning.

I would Love to see a OT and a C taken this year, I would love to see the Bears trade down in round 1 and Alex Mack(yes I know it wont happen) and then a Saftie in round 2 followed by a RT prospect in round 3( I figure he can be more of a project cause St. Clair will probably be signed and will be starting). My other option would be Britton in rd1, Delmas or Johnson in rd2, Eric Wood in round 3.

The Bears just have so many needs, I wonder who's fault that could be hmmmmmm? Jerry Angelo is not shooting fish in a barrel, he is sitting on a frozen lake with a fly rod. Thats for the fisherman out there.

kyle orton the bears qb lol. are you kidding me. what is this world coming to.

Creighton agreed with last blog. I wouldn't even mind seeing Angelo go for 3 O-lineman who could be starting in the next 2 years.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Bears draft a RT either, since this is supposed to be a deep crop of OT like last year. And if Tait doesn't retire this year it will probably be next. I also wouldn't mind seeing them draft a G in the first 4 rounds. I would be alright with them signing St. Clair as a stop gap until the draft pick is ready. Hopefully sooner than later. I don't know how anyone can say we don't have any idea how Williams will play. He has the same talent level as the guy that was drafted as a 1st rd pick. People come back from injuries all the time. Yes tackles and back problems don't mix, but are you telling me nobody at OT has been able to come back from a back injury. Williams had back problems in college and he still did alright against SEC DEs. Hopefully this surgery has fixed the problem. Throwing away that pick and saying he can't play is ridiculous. The jury is still out.

I'd love to see the following scenario:

Bears trade #18 down 10 to 12 slots and pick up a 2nd round pick for their troubles. I'd also love to see us get a 3rd round compensatory pick from the league.


With #28-#30 I'd take WR Hakeem Nicks . . . that guy is FANTASTIC.

I'd take the best available OT with the first 2nd round pick, and the best FS or OG with the other 2nd round pick.

With the 1st 3rd round pick I'd go best FS or OG (whichever one I didn't address in round 2) and then an RB with the other 3rd round pick.

Round 4 would bring another WR or maybe a DE.

Round 5 would bring whatever round 4 did not.

This all said, if we were to pony up and get Jordan Gross, I'd say:

Jeremy Maclin at #18 . . . although I still wouldn't mind trading down and getting Hakeem Nicks
Best FS or OG in round 2.
Round 3 - whatever I didn't do in round 2.
Round 3 (compensatory pick) - RB
Rounds 4 & 5 same as above


Please, please, please do not say you want Freeman from Kansas State.

He's Jamarcus Russel with a weaker arm and even less football smarts. He's destined to be a bust. The only way I see us taking a QB is if Sanchez fell in the first, maybe Davis in the 2nd, but even that could be a reach (depending on how things go at the combine).

Shore up the OL and DL, and any QB can win games for us.

The Vikings will be tough, but are taking some hits this off-season. The Packers will be a mess switching to the 3-4. The Lions are, well, the Lions. We're not far at all from winning the North.

Freeman a bust????????....Then where does that leave Orton???

We need to get playmakers. With Angelos draft track record in recent years I could see us going for SS. But with no real 18th pick worthy SS out there I can see JA swapping our 1 to someone for who knows, a later 1 and a 2. This would put is in a better place to pick an OT in 1, get an SS and WR in 2. However it is done, JA needs to get at minimum 1 OT, 1 SS and 1 WR that can start in the next season.

Does anyone know which team leads the NFL for most draft picks to not start in year 1? I would like to see that stat cause I am sure the Bears are close to first. Look at recent draftees and their starts in year 1.

Williams - 0
Bennett - 0
Forte - 16 (WOW!)
Olsen - 0 (I can't remember if he started ahead of Clark in year 1)
Bazuin - 0
Okwo - 0
Wolfe - 0
Hester - 0 (Special Teams and CB at the time)
Manning - (too many times)
Benson - 1
Bradley - (I think he had one or two starts before he got hurt)

What a pathetic track record. You take Forte out of the mix and we have some development issues. And I am not even listing Grossman, Berrian, Haynes and company. Let the rookies prove themselves already.

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