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Booker one of three players released

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Marty Booker's return to the Bears was short-lived. It lasted one season. The veteran wide receiver was released Friday, one of the three players cut loose.

Booker leaves with 329 receptions as a Bear, tied for the third-most in franchise history. He is the only Bears wide receiver since 1972 to be selected to the Pro Bowl.

Booker was brought back last offseason to help shore up a group that lost Bernard Berrian and Muhsin Muhammad. He was seldom used in training camp and barely played in preseason.

He appeared in 13 games, making five starts, and had 14 catches for 211 yards and two touchdowns.

Linebackers Gilbert Gardner and Marcus Riley were also released.

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No surprise there. He was never a speedy guy in the first place, but had clearly lost a step this season. He struggled to gain separation, and didn't get very much playing time, which should have told you everything when you look at who he was competing with for time.

I thought Riley and Gardner would have been decent special teamers, but I guess LaRocque, McClover, and Williams are better options.

I am looking forward to free agency to see what Jerry has in mind.

Well there's one good move on the release aspect. Hopefully the next move will be not re-signing Lack-luster Lloyd, dropping Dropper Davis, not re-signing Kevin Jones, and release our Anything but a Runner Adrian Peterson, and our Offense should be on a better route. Go Bears!

Marty Booker is a class act guy, and we should all be proud to say that he was a Bear. Yes he lost a step, but I think that is coupled with the fact that Kyle wasn't the same in the second half of the season with his ankle. He can still play in this league, and I certainly wish Marty the best. The only interesting thing that the release of Riley and Gardner signify is the fact that Jerry must believe that they both would not have brought enough competition to next year's team, and a late round pick or two in the draft would accomplish the same thing.

Well Booker has seen better days, we appreciate his efforts and Joe you are right. But I was hoping that Booker was going to be the Bears franchise quarterback of the future.

By dahlillama on February 13, 2009 4:19 PM
Well Booker has seen better days, we appreciate his efforts and Joe you are right. But I was hoping that Booker was going to be the Bears franchise quarterback of the future.

Well he does have a better arm than Orton.

Ish, Lloyd only had a one year deal.

When will they cut Orton???????????

Let's hope Kyle Orton goes with him!!!!!

Ish, Adrian Peterson was always been a stud on special teams, filled in admirably at RB when needed, and been a great teammate. He's a bargain and a player. You betray your lack of smarts when you lump him in with deadbeats like Lloyd. Get your head out of your rear when you "evaluate" players.

What is this acid mentality towards Orton? Your talking about a 18 TD and 10 Int season with absolutely zero Wide Outs period. Fact is, If Jerry Angelo is smart he'll acquire that long awaited number #1 type WR and some additional help come FA period, then wait and see what having the resources to become successful do for a guy with Orton's potential.
Given the tools to become successful, Orton will instantly transform from a 18 and 10 guy to a 24 and 10 guy (maybe make the pro bowl). Fact is when healthy last season (prior to the injury), the Bears ranked in the top three in total offense with at 28pts per game avg with only Hester, Olson, and Forte as offensive threats.
IF I'M JERRY ANGELO, I TRADE THE 18TH PICK FOR BRAYLON EDWARDS OR ANQUAN BOLDEN IN A CLEVELAND / ARIZONA SECOND. If it's not feasible, then wait and see who slips in the draft such as Darious Heyward Bey, Hakim Nicks, or the speedy Maclin, or even Harvin to compliment Hester. Throw Earl Bennett out there to see if we caught lightning in a bottle. Then we've already become a more creditable offense IMO!!!! GO BEARS!

Yeah, I agree with releasing marty Booker. But, let's these guys are the next to go:

Rashied "Look Ma No Hands' Davis
Dusty "HGH: he Got Hurt' Dvoracek
Terrence 'Look Out' Metcalf
John "The Toxic Avenger" Tait
Roberto "No Mas" Garza
Brandon "I Got a Boo Boo" McGowan

Marty, sorry it didn't work out. You were pretty amazing during your 1st stint. Much thx to you for that, Good luck and Godspeed...

Marty Booker would really benefit a team that already has two established starting-caliber players at wide receiver at his age. The Bears don't have any, although I'm pulling for Hester to reach his potential and all that. The situation is so dismal that the Bears are almost forced to acquire a veteran instead of using a Day 1 pick on a WR to avoid gambling the entire passing game on an unproven commodity and unfairly burdening a rookie in the process.

No offensive line is going to give a quarterback like Orton time to find an open Rashied Davis on a regular basis. I'm really pulling for Earl Bennett getting to play this year too, but it's going to be difficult for him or Hester to develop at all if they're not joined by a capable, experienced receiver on the field at least part of the time. Bring in someone who is recognized as a Guy Who Can Play at WR and use the Day 1 picks on a CB/FS and an OT - Tait and St. Clair battling for a starting spot makes my stomach turn, and Fred Miller should be on a coaching staff for this team, not the starting lineup.

I'm a Bears fan from the U.K. and this is what cracks me up. You people genuinely believe that these players, coaches and office gits actually care what you all say and think about them?

Bob K, you honestly believe that Adrian Peterson, actually cares what you or Ish think about him? HA HA HA HA HA HA

Bloody hell! You guys actually think that If you piss and moan about your hatred and disapproval for these players that they will not be able to fall asleep in their million dollar abodes. You actually think that your approval for them matters? Have you nutters learned nothing from the past eight years of your dumbest president? Once they get where they want you don't matter!

I give you people credit who actually attempt to "give your opinion" on these blogs under the delusion that your voices will actually be heard by the higher powers. If you truly wish to fight for what you believe is right, then get your arses outside of the offices of the Bears HQs and throw class A protests with fan strikes. Threaten to not buy products, tickets, etc. then when the mogles don't make their money THEN they will finally open an ear.

You Americans and your obsession with capitolism should know hoe to outsmart the wealthy. Until then, stop pissing and brooding about things that cannot be done by simply typing on a blog.

If you are true "fans" then you will correct each other in a more united way rather than hammering each other in a hostile mannor, no wonder us Brits don't like helping you tosspots out of all your messes. You can't even decide who to unite with even when it comes to your own mates.

oh Nigel...just cuz we bailed your pompous ass outta another Beckham contract and continue to cover your your cowardly ass in Iraq, a couple piss warm pints in your system to spout off is freakin' hilarious!!! Start wearing a beret w/ your "london fogs", cuz you officially took the "wuss" title from the French!

Our President was in pretty tight with your uh, Tony, uh Queen? no, uh King? no... uh Prime? Yeah! Thats it Prime Mister! The queens servant.
As far as the Bears caring what we think, I agree we need protests, kinda like the Boston Tea Party.
Go Bears!

So our big Free Agent aquisition was released? No Way! We need to keep our Free Agent signings! Thats what makes the Bears so great! All these major Free Agents JA brings in must stay!


Good idea, a revolution might make the BEARS better, lets overthrow Hallas Hall and take over Soldier Field!! Lets susceed from the Union.

You blokes are funny and it clearly shows that the inbreeding over the centuries in Europe has truly had an adverse impact.

Of course we know that no one gives a rats ars as to what we have to say, we just have to say it anyway. Can't you tell by just reading some of this stuff. Actually, it is kind of funny sometime.

You are right, it is probably better to go the games like you soccer fans do in Europe and get into huge brawls, have a few people die and get arrested, what great fun!! And that is really using your head isn't it.

Nigel, when you wake up after your hangover, go take a whiz and pull your head out of your ars.

Regardless of what any of you gents say, I admire your "football" as well as ours around the world, so sorry to have offended you lads with the truth behind my statement.

Truth be told, I must admit that I forgot we began the "war on terror". I forget that it is our smart and caring leader that got us into the economic disaster we are in, and that we overpay our sports figures that don't play up to their paychecks. Oh, wait! that's not us!

By the way, your highness lama you might want to stop watching green street hooligans, because we don't actually fight as often as your naive self likes to think, mate.

To Mr. Texas, howdy! With all due respect, you, sir, at this moment don't have the right to say anything about offending ANY other nation due to the fact that your latest neocon president who was a war mongerer hailed from your home state, mate. Beckham wanted to become an American because he was playing for money instead of the love of the game, unfortunately like the majority of the American sports players. Quite heartbreaking, and not too iconic for children. And by the way, no respectible Brit would play American soccer, so he was not a real loss to us.

Randy, my fellow commerad! How are you, mate? The Tea Party eh? So your knowledge of insulting history to us is all the way back in 1773? Wow! Good play! Never would have thought of that knife in the back. And with all due respects, it was your kid genius president who by the way can't afford to open up his own library (of coloring books I imagine)even with all the money he robbed you folks of, who was desperate to get aide in his grand war which is why we felt sorry for the crying child in the begining. Ultimately we smartened up and pulled out of that war and now we for some reason are still safe from "terroists" that are all over this world even though we are no longer there. So Randy, get your politics and your history right before you attempt to insult people, lad. It took you folks eight years of torture (literally) to realize that Bush truly loved you and cared for your folks. Didn't he help everyone find jobs and aid the families who desperately needed it?

Sorry lads to break it to you, now go and grab your tissues and wipe your tears.

I for one am very proud that the Iraqi people are voting, bc our President stepped in and our soldiers died so the Iraqi people could be free, (freedom is not free) Can you imagine what would have happened if that man had thrown a shoe years ago? He would have been tortured till dead. (if he were lucky)
And Nigel you are a naive person if you believe that the terrorists stopped just on their own inititive, they stopped because we stopped them and now you and I do not worry about being blown up in our homes.
Do you know anything about `Chemical Ali' Saddam's cousin who sprayed the Kurdish people (women and children) with poison and killed them just because they were Kurds? He does not do that any more!Do you know anything about the prison where Saddam had the children! of his antagonists jailed! That prison is not there anymore!
Do you know anything about Saddam torturing his own people bc they did not follow his rule?
You are a naive person Nigel, but I support your beliefs as that is Freedom and my ancestors died for that freedom from who? So don't be lecturing us on our President.
Freedom is not Free and I believe that once you have that freedom you owe it to help others be free, Like we all helped the Iraqi people be free.
So can we all just talk Bears and not political Nigel? You will find it easier to get along by talking Bears and not politics, we would love to talk Bears with you.


Love the fact you like the BEars and US. football. I agree with Randy keep it to that and it is all good.

Nigel, we know that our politics right now are quite substandard, the Congress is ineffective and we have some challenges. But lets talk about what the Bears need to be successful like an Offensive Tackle not the US or Great Britain for that matter. One thing I have always wanted to do but have not is to have a few swills in one of the English neighborhood pubs, would be great I bet.

Whats that old saying about don't talk about Religion and Politics?

There is a reason that old saying is old, because it is true.

Booker was the best receiver on the team. He had by far the best hands; he was big, strong, and fast. I think it is totally Orton’s fault for not utilizing him. Booker should have had about 200 yards after the first couple of games, but all of Orton’s passes were over or under thrown. He hadn’t lost a step he just got screwed by Orton. Our passing game is much weaker now.

And then for the second half of the season Orton went to Hester all the time, who could be our worst receiver. He has the worst hand and can never find the ball on long passes. He is like a chicken with his head cut off. The only reason he had a lot of receiving yards is because Orton would only throw to him.

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