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Big name safety goes off the board

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Strike one of the name safeties off the board.

Not that the Bears would have considered Gibril Wilson any way. Wilson didn't waste any time finding work after getting served his walking papers in Oakland earlier this week, agreeing to a deal with the Miami Dolphins, according to Alex Marvez of

Wilson doesn't fit what the Bears need--a free safety with range to play the deep post. He's a classic in-the-box safety who struggles the further you move him away from the line of scrimmage. It was just a year ago that Wilson pulled down a $39 million, six-year contract to leave the then defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants for the Raiders. Some experiment that turned out to be.

Wilson's landing in Miami makes it less likely the Dolphins will look to re-sign Yeremiah Bell, a veteran safety who will become a free agent when the clock strikes 11 tonight (Bell has reportedly agreed to terms on a $20 million, four-year extension). Bears general manager Jerry Angelo expressed optimism fourth-round pick Craig Steltz could become the free safety for the Bears. He said players who do well on special teams have a solid track record of making the transition to defense. The question is whether or not Steltz is best suited as a strong safety, a position Kevin Payne will likely occupy.

Keep your eye on the market moving forward today. Some more big names could fall before free agency opens. Wide receiver Torry Holt could be cut in St. Louis if the Rams don't find any takers and based on the veteran's contract, that's not likely to happen. Stay tuned.

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You can scratch Eugene Wilson off the list as well, he re-signed with the Texans for 3 years.

Brad your killing us with all this Craig Steltz crap. The kid hasn't even shown that he's a great special teams guy OR that he will ever even be good enough to compete at the strong safety spot. Other than the 1 interception he made, he looks out of place in the secondary, and is probably nothing more than a back-up strong safety who provides special teams depth, PERIOD. If Eugene Wilson is not brought in it will be a major disappointment. He would give us and instant quality free safety who brings "versatlity" to the secondary by having experience at corner and nickel also. Were all talking about not having a right tackle on the roster, but you can say the same thing for the free safety spot. With Manning playing nickel, Payne at Strong safety and Stleltz backing up Payne at Strong, we have NO FREE SAFETY ON THE ROSTER, and if that wasn't bad enough we don't even know if Steltz can help at strong safety if Payne was to go down. That is the real analysis of where were we are with the safety position, and not just a bunch of unrealistic talk like Jerry is giving. Let's get real and stop kidding ourselves.

hes not kidding anyone...its just honest reporting...if the season started today stelz would be the starting fs because both JA and Lovie have stated they wanna keep manning at nickel...

i dont see brad big upping stelz...hes called his ability unknown several times...

just because he isnt acting like a stark raving meatball doesnt mean he isnt being truthful

you should be ashamed for even suggesting that he isnt

Jerry is just not tipping his hand. He is trying not to tell the whole league where their weaknesses are right before Free Agency and the Draft. And out of respect for the players on the roster he's not going to come out and say we really need a free safety, just to appease a few fans who think he doesn't know what he's doing. I guarantee they will get help at free safety either through free agency or the draft. Jerry is just doing his typical double talk before the start of the offseason. Contrary to popular belief, he's not a complete idiot.

GSH, if you recall, last year the Bears biggest need was WR, S, OT, RB, and DE. This year the Bears biggest needs are WR, S, OT, DE, I really don't think he is fooling anyone. He actually usually does what he says he is going to do in the draft and FA. Last year he said he was going after an OT, and he drafted an OT. He said WR could be found in FA, he signed Lloyd and Booker, he also said they were going to give Bradley a shot at the number 1 reciever spot. They did, but Bradley got hurt, then he went to KC and got hurt again.

This year in the draft they will take the best player available at a need. Just like he says they are going to. He said he is giving Bennett a shot and I believe, he said Manning is the Nickle and he did not say steltz would start at FS, he said he is in the running for the job, I would also Guess Zack Bowman is in the running for that spot along with Manning, who is said to be considered.

Contrary to popular belief, he's not a complete idiot.

LOL!!!! This page just gets inadvertantly funnier and funnier every day.

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