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Bears tender offers to exclusive rights free agents Roach, Hamilton

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The Bears have sent contract tenders to exclusive rights free agents Nick Roach (above) and Marcus Hamilton, NFL sources confirmed.

Roach started nine games at strong-side linebacker and finished with 40 tackles including a season-high eight in the final game at Houston. Roach is expected to enter minicamp atop the depth chart at the position although he will be pushed by seven-year veteran Hunter Hillenmeyer, 28. Hillenmeyer has made 56 career starts but fell out of favor.

Hamilton appeared in eight games last season, primarily on special teams, after the cornerback was claimed off waivers from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That's how the Bears acquired Roach, the former Northwestern standout, by snatching him off waivers from the San Diego Chargers in 2007. Entering his third year, Roach will earn the minimum, $460,000.

The Bears' moves are ahead of Thursday's deadline to tender exclusive rights free agents.

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From what I saw of Roach, I think I saw more production from him than Hunter. I would not mind seeing him with us long term.

If the Bears in fact trade the #18 spot and gain a late 1st round swap and another second round pick I would love to see them choose Pat White. I have not really been a fan of his, but he sure looked sharp at the combine. Out of all of the QB's he impressed me the most and I would love to see the team still take a tackle with the first round pick and then take White with the 2nd pick and a receiver with the extra second round pick. Who knows if this scenario will play out and if White will last until they pick in the second round. He is athletic, can really move and can make all of the throws. I'm an Orton fan, but White would definately be an upgrade.


Tomk4054......Pat Whites' son would be an upgrade from Orton!!!!!!....Any QB in this draft would be better than that loser but we're stuck in mediocrity.....Let's hope the big shots wake up before it is too late and we're chasing Minnehaha and the Slackers all year long!!!!....ORTON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally some moves, I like Nick Roach, 40 tackles in 9 games isn't bad. I still think the Bears need an upgrade at the linebacker position. I wouldn't mind a player like Ohio States James Laurinaitis or maybe Zack Follett of California, but the Bears have more pressing needs than an upgrade at strongside linebacker. If no linebacker is added through the draft, Im sure Nick Roach should only improve with more playing time, he should be fine. The Bears top need on defense is free safety.

Free safety is the position I'd like to know what the Bears are gonna do about. When GM Jerry Angelo was asked about the position, he mentioned 2nd year player Craig Steltz, who is a better fit at strong safety. At LSU Steltz showed the ability to play the ball, and had a nice int for the Bears this past season, so maybe Angelo does really see Steltz in the mix at free safety? Then theres Danieal Manning, this site confirmed Manning will stay at nickle, then on the Bears official web site I read coach Lovie Smith said, "Manning will be in the mix at free safety," again, who really knows? Maybe its smoke screening, this is a weak class of safeties coming out in the draft, maybe there is someone the Bears like, but don't want anyone knowing about it so the player can drop to them in the second, I hope its Alabama's Rashad Johnson who could be available for Chicago in the second, maybe its a free agent like James Sanders of New England, a 5th year player out of Fresno st who could come in and help the Bears at free safety, only time will tell GO BEARS!!

I do not White. I do not want the Bears to waste a draft pick on a QB uless they would trade up to get Sanchez. Call me carzy which everyone will but I think Caleb hanie could be a special player given another year in the system and I think Basanez could fill in nicely as the backup to Orton this season. Like Jim Finks always said and did your teams success is built through the O and D lines. Look at how good the Bears D made average at best QB's look this season because they had all day to pass. You get protection and pressure and you will be fine. i would love to see the draft go like this in order. OT, OG, S, WR, WR, S, DL, and then with any other picks they may get through trade or Comp get a CB, LB, and OL. This is if they keep Kevin Jones which I hope they do, StClair and Nick Roach stays.

I mostly agree with Wybo. Any quarterback can look great if he has the protection and receivers who have all day to get open. I would say that a defensive end pass rusher would be a great pick at #18. Yes, there are other critical needs, especially the offensive line and a quarterback who can throw the long ball accurately rather than three-yard dinks,often thrown too hard and even more often just dropped.I also do not know about Hanie. I hope he develops fast and beats out Orton because Kyle just does not strike me as a starting quarterback. I like him better as a back-up who can come in and "manage" a game or two when needed.

Tomk4054, I really like your idea regarding Pat White. You are a bit off in your trade proposal...if we trade down into the mid 20s (which I'm hoping that we do), the chart says that we would get back a 3rd round pick rather than a 2nd. With that being said, I don't think we would need to reach into the 2nd round to get Pat White. He is a tweener and history tells us that teams will not take him high. Everything you hear about this kid is excellent and he did perform very well at the Combine. I heard a stat on the radio about him that is mind-blowing. He played in 5 bowl games at West Virginia and won 4 MVP awards! Don't forget he played along side Steve Slaton who is no slouch himself! This kid is a winner through and through, we would be lucky to add him to our team. Now I'm not a big fan of the Wildcat but think about White and Hester lined up in that formation? Or what about a 2RB Shotgun set with White sandwiched between Forte and Hester? My point is the possibilities are endless.

The way I see things right now the best thing for the Bears to do is trade down to the mid 20s and use that pick on the tackle we want. It is likely that was can get Britton or Loadholt at that spot. That frees us up to use our 2nd round pick on a WR (hopefully Robiskie, Nicks or Britt are still there).

Don't let QB performance at the combine fool you. Finding a QB is all about the game film. Throwing drils at the combine will not tell you mutch about a QB. He has no line in front of him and no nobody trying to kill him. All they are doing is playing catch. They don't clock the ball speed, and you cannot tell if they can make reads or have field vision. Every great QB was found by a coach that studied game film. Walsh studied hours and hours of film on Montana, and saw the best feet he has ever seen on a QB. The Combine is about athletisism, and football knowledge, but not so much about playing, guys who fly up the boards because of great combine workouts are often busts in the NFL because they are not good football players but rather great athletes playing football.

Kevin tackles are a bloated stat, if teams attack certain parts of the defense a guy may get a ton of tackles. But how many yards is he giving up. Me I have not seen enough of Roach, but I would like to know how many TFL's he has had. Also how good is he at covering the TE. I was very disapointed in the Bears ability to cover on the strong side. I don't think roach is athletic enough for the position. Not saying he can't play the position but I would like to see it upgraded. Would you shake a stick at Aaron Curry at SAM? Yeah I know no shot, but Follek, or Cushing might look really good there.

I like Roach too. He's faster than Hillenmeyer which facilitaes the break coverage in our scheme (which I think should be thrown out the window). And Pat White will never be a starting QB in the League, maybe a #2 or slot guy. The Spread is a gimmick offense that only works in college.
Good call on Follek by the way I saw him tear up Michigan State this past year. The guy is smart. Please no more Aaron Curry talk. I've haven't seen a hybrid guy excell yet and I don't think he's got the moves.

Steve, Curry is not a Hybrid, he's a LB, always has been. Here are a few hybrids that have excelled though. I know there is no shot of him being there at 18 I was just throwing him out there for fun.

James Harrison nfl Defensive Player of the Year
L. Woodley
Sean Merriman
Richard Seymore 5 TECH DT hybrid
Terrel Suggs
Demarcus Ware
Brian Urlacher, Yes Brian is a Hybrid, played Rover in college and was converted to MIC. 6'5 260, not normal for a MIC.
Reggie White, Hybrid DE/DT, best defensive player ever.

Now I didn't list all of them and there have been plenty of flops but that can be said for any position. However that is a very very talented group of guys, that show yes hybrids can be very good. Aaron Curry will be on the list one day, I just hope detroit does not take him, cause i do not want to see that guy twice a year.

White blew away everyone @ the Senior Bowl...his first time running a pro-style offense. Del-Rio even put him in for the 2 minute drill when it wasn't his turn!
then at the combine when the recievers were doing the post drill, his recievers under-estimated where the ball would be...The Kid looked hands-down DOMINATE!!!
Have to look hard at him if he's available in the 3rd...wish we had the luxury of taking him sooner.


You must have Orton confused with REX. REX SUCKS !!!!!!
Orton if far better. Don't believe me, check the records between the two. Or...check the record of Orton against the top 10 QBs in the league. Make sure you look at win/loss record and interceptions per game.

Now that this is settled. I don't think Orton is a great QB either.
But he is much better than what we know ...a major improvement. There is no telling how good Orton can be. He has never had a good cast around him. And playing against the stupid mistakes of the coaching staff makes it just that much harder to win a game.
Should we draft another QB? Absolutely. Good competition at that position will improve play by whoever wins the starting QB position.
I don't even like QB ownership of being a starter. I would prefer puting QBs into play just like pitchers in baseball. If you aren't having a good day, then you try someone else.

Ummm Val Orton and Rex have almost identical records. I mean there really close. Besides if you think Orton had anything to do with those wins in 2005 you need rethink what your saying. Like you I am not a Rex or Orton fan, but I think they both suck. But saying things like Orton led the team in 2005 is like saying Rex led the team to the Super Bowl. Neither did either, it what was defense.

KO:Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Sck SckY Rate Att Yds Avg TD FUM L
505 913 55 5319 5.8 30 27 59 362 71.1 53 92 1.7 3 20 10

RG:521 962 54 6164 6.4 33 35 58 420 70.2 55 80 1.5 3 19 10

Not really a big difference in numbers. Not a big difference in wins either. Orton is 21 and 13 but take out 2005 and he is 10 and 8. Rex is 19 and 11 so again not much of a difference. I think there twinzees, seperated at birth like in the Movie Twins, except there both Devito.

I think it is good that the Bear tendered for Nick Roach. He has a lot of potential and I think the Bears are going to be solid with him – 40 tackles and a huge work ethic with great physical attributes.

As an aside, I also just read that Nick Roach is a real foodie who loves to watch the Food Network! Can you believe it! A closet chef dressed up in man-killing pads and a helmet!

Check out what Nick Roach has to say on his blog at, the growing sports social network dedicated to fan interaction with the players.

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