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Bears' competitor in play for Houshmandzadeh

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One of the Bears' primary competitors made a huge splash in free agency a year ago when the Minnesota Vikings signed wide receiver Bernard Berrian away with a $42 million, six-year contract. The Vikes then made a major splash in signing safety Madieu Williams and their biggest move of all was the sign-and-trade deal they engineered for defensive end Jared Allen.

Now, the defending NFC North champion Vikings are in play for the top wide receiver in this free-agent class--T.J. Houshmandzadeh. He's reportedly headed from Seattle to Minnesota for his next free-agent stop. The Vikings, who already have the top run defense in the league, would have an even more improved offense with Houshmandzadeh to work with newly acquired quarterback Sage Rosenfels.

It's unknown what the market is like right now for Houshmandzadeh, who reportedly was looking for a deal that paid him $10 million a year. Houshmandzadeh's agent Kennard McGuire told the Sun-Times on Friday that the Bears were not in play for his client.

Appearing on ESPN Thursday night, Houshmandzadeh identified the Vikings, Seahawks, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles as teams he had interest in joining. He could also return to Cincinnati.

Houshmandzadeh isn't the only big name remaining in free agency. Middle linebacker Ray Lewis hasn't found a home yet. He could return to Baltimore. Cornerback Leigh Bodden remains on the market. But it looks like the big money that was flying around in the two weeks leading up to free agency, and the money paid out Friday is quickly drying up. Stay tuned.

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Well that's super.

Any news on Bryant Johnson?

You snooze, you lose!!!

Housh is not going to the Queens, first the Queens would then be paying him and Berrian number 1 reciever money. Why would you do that on a running team that has 3 lousy QB's. Speaking of there 3 lousy QB's why would Housh go to a team with three lousy QB's? He already turned down the Seahawks, he will turn down the Queens next.

Lions reportedly signed Bryant Johnson. I'm still hoping the Bears land Brandon Jones, who in my mind would constitute the better BJ.

Bryant Johnson just signed with the Lions.

People who defend Jerry "stand pat" Angelo are idiots. If the Vikings get Houshmandzadeh, we might as well kiss the division good bye.

I can't wait for non-moves Angelo to get on TV and tell us how great out team is going to be next season. All teams around us are looking to get better and are not afraid to go out and look. Even teams within our division.

The blind pride at realize that he needs to make moves instead of sitting on his hands while team around us get better staggering.

What a joke.


The Bears are so weak. Haynesworth,Houshmandzadeh,Shepard, O my all e??? Are you freaking kidding me? The Bears Brass are a joke. Worse then the Clippers. At least the Clippers don't hide the fact that they dont care about thier fans. Bears are the worst franchise in the NFL.

you guys need to wake up. who cares about T.J. he will be 32 years old this year and is a good #2 WR. he is not a #1 WR a #1 WR are players like (Moss, Smith, Marshall, Johnson in Detroit, Johnson in Houston, Fitz in arizona). you should be more upset that the chiefs just traded for matt cassel and only had to give up a second round pick. i thought angelo said upgrading our QB situation was a priority. i dont care who he drafts in the second round, they wont be as good or as high a value as getting a player like cassel. i know he was in that pats system with moss and welker, but this is why Sid Luckman still holds all of our QB records. Angelo sits on his hands and is too scared to make a move or take a chance. the firing of smith and angelo cant come fast enough

Brad: any ideas who we are entertaining??? I see where some people are quickly taking the money off the table, but so far we only got the O-lineman who may help, but we got some money to spend and other than St.Clair no one on the team to spend it on. Any word on the status of Mcallister?? I still think he can switch to free safety and b a big upgrade, he's coming off knee surgery so this may be his best position going forward. what do you think?

woah, I heard Cassel was traded to the Chiefs but I did not hear a 2nd yet. Da Bears should have jumped on that. Housh would have really taken the pressure off Hester, AND he will make the Vikes alot better, and don't be so quick to count the Vikes out they have been major players with Free Agents lately, they are not cheap like the Bears.
Correct, Jerry said he has failed at QB and lets Cassel get away for a 2nd?
Its the same thing every f... year The Bears fans sit here like idiots hoping and picking up marginal Free Agents while other teams get the star players.
We all sat here last year hoping Jerry would bring in a good Free Agent OL and NOT! SSDD

I corrected my post Biggs..

Bryant Johnson just signed with the Lions.

People who defend Jerry "stand pat" Angelo are idiots. If the Vikings get Houshmandzadeh, we might as well kiss the division good bye.

I can't wait for non-moves Angelo to get on TV and tell us how great out team is going to be next season. All teams around us are looking to get better and are not afraid to go out and look. Even teams within our division.

The blind stubbornness at sticking with his philosophy than realizing that he needs to make moves instead of sitting on his hands while teams around us gets better is staggering.

What a joke.


Randy, It was a 2nd for Cassel and Vrabel, OMG thats got to be the steal of a liftime. I thought Pioli would go after O'Connell because the asking price on on Cassel was so high. This doesn't even make sense. Who wouldn't give a second round pick for Cassel. This must have been a deal between Pioli and the Pats when he left or something. I thought maybe they would grab Cassel if Brady was ok. But not for a second rounder. Thats insane. It has to be some kind of thank you for all his good work. A 2nd round pick a is insane. I know the Pat's had to cut cost at the position but my god. They must love O'Connell, thats the guy I wanted the Bears to trade for.

Chiefs get Pioli and Haley, nab Cassel and Vrabel and it only costs them a second round pick oh and there switching to a 3-4. So every single thing I wanted the Bears to do the Chiefs are doing. I actually would prefer Josh McDaniels as the new head coach along with Pioli but close enough. If the Chiefs grab Curry at the 4th pick I am gonna loose it. Also I predicted they would trade Dorssey on my mock, I get the feeling that is not to far off.

Bears stand pat as usual. Kyle Orton is probably doing back flips, yeah no Matt Cassel. Angelo wouldn't trade for Cassel because he would have to pay him top QB money and Angelo is not going ot do that, when the clown and the Bears have proven over decades that they do not value the position.

Guy, I think we have already kissed the division good bye. Like we are really making a big splash in free agency right? Oh I forgot, we have the draft to improve our team with. Sure...

I give up ! This team is run by a bunch of MORONS !!! An O lineman w/ ONE start, THAT'S our big FA signing ? Sell the team NOW, I can't take another year of the Ted, Jerry and Lovie show !

Last year we waited to see what the Bears would do in the free agent market and they got us players that should have stayed on the FA market. We never draft a QB because we had a QB competition and now one is out and the other J.Angelo not sure about yet. This year we won't draft a QB again because Lovie think Orton is his guy. Last year Grossmon gave us the best chance to win. Super Bowl year they told us ower team was set we just have to add depth, then Angelo turn and wasted most of the picks on player that he cut or put on IR.
Every year is the same thing, they tell us they have a plan and then we see players that don't make the field and others that end up on IR. When the Steelers draft there two blue chip LB's, we draft M. Okwo and J. Williams. The Bears say they liked Flacco last year and never did what it takes to get the players they interview or scout. The year S. Holmes was drafted we needed a punt returner and a WR, with about two teams ahead of us they let the Steelers trade up and take the only WR in that round becuase we trade down after that. we got Hester and Manning, were always a step behind everyone else.
Let get Blue Chip players
go bear !!!!

Housh is surprised by the Bears mediocrity lately?

OK, here we have it. A team SERIOUS about winning and a team that would rather save money for the owners than win. Simple as that. Guess which one the Bears org is...

Matt Cassel for a second round pick. Hoosyourmama to the Vikes (potentially). Bears...a backup OT from Carolina, but "it's ok because we're pursuing John St.Clair still". GIVE ME A BREAK JERRY!!! Stop sitting there and letting talent go by the wayside. DO YOUR JOB and make this team better. I am so sick of being a non-player in free agency and the laughing stock of the draft (well not as bad as the lions) but we still suck at it. The writing on the wall couldn't be clearer. Jerry needs to go.


Once again the Bears have proven they are incapable of evaluating any player do they plan on bringing any FA in for a visit . I ve heard that in the cover two system saftey is very impotant to it ,and with that position being week in the draft you would have thougt they would have adressed it here.I guess tha Lovie got Jerry to drink the same kool aid he's been drinking where as we believe were real close to being back to the top other teams are actualy moving that way. They probably justify it by saying that they didn,t raise ticket prices. Last year at this time I wrote that they weren,t being agresive enough in FA and I was blasted by another person looks like thier is a few more disatisfied fans.Come on sun times get on thier case they get off way to easy . It seems to me they were to satisfied with just participating in a Super bowl I want to see tropheys that will show me how close we are get it together Bears!!!

Bears fans....remember what you were told? The biggest free agent signing for the Bears was Rod Marinelli.

This team doesn't need new players, just better coaching. Remember this squad went to the Super Bowl a few years ago. Now just because the defense has totally regressed and aged since then doesn't mean anything.

Jerry will have another solid impact draft....meaning the first round pick might start a game this year. But don't count on it.

You ever wonder what happend to the 2006 Bears
We had 9 starters on the offense that were FA's
1 Guy was a Hatley Draft pick
1 Guy was a Jerry Angelo draft pick. The Angelo guy is gone and the Hatley guy is still starting.
On defense we 4 starters that were either FA or drafted by Hatley or trades
On special teams 3 of the 4 best players were FA's.

You know the more Angelo works his draft picks into the roster the worse the team gets. Usually you build through the draft, but the guy can't draft offense to save his life and the defense is falling apart with age and injury and his replacments are doing very well. Just go get some damn free agents at least we could compete when we had a lot of them on the team. Over half the starting roster in 2006 was free agents, trades or Hatley guys. Even Jauron had some guys on that team. The last time I saw GM who wouldn't admit his mistakes and refused to listen to anyone and kept trying to do the same thing over and over his name was Matt Millen. Jerry Angelo is getting Millenesq. Both of them even hired Rod Merinelli and both implimented the Tampa Two defense. Niether one of them could draft and both work for organizations that would rather make money than win championships. If Lovie tries to sell me another orange Jersey I will loose it. Angelo loves DT's like Millen worshiped recievers. Both are one demensional GM's that struggle in drafting impact players. While Angelo is not as bad as Millen the similarities are and he becoming more and more like him. Being a GM is like playing poker and Angelo has been sitting at the table loosing money for way to long. The longer he sits the bigger his bets are becoming and the more he is loosing. He keeps hoping for the big payoff but he might as well by a lottery ticket, poker is not a game of luck but of skill and Angelo is at the point were he is hoping to get lucky.

If you look at the 2004 Bears roster it is very similar to the one we have now, and he is doing the same exact things he was doing back before the draft. He is also looking to fill almost identical needs. He is trying to play the same hand the same way and everyone out there can see it. Biggest problem with doing it is that his core players are older, slower and some have injury issues. The ground work for the Super Bowl team was put down by Hatley when drafted Lach and Brown, Angelo built around Lach in 04 adding 4 defensive starters in his first 4 picks, he put the offense together with FA's. The 04 team was a massive bust but it laid the ground work for 05.

He does not need to draft Berrian cause he has Hester who is very similar to Berrian as a reciever. Does not run good routs and has bad hands but is fast. He has compared Bennett to Moose and Booker so he thinks he has a posetion reciever, his OLine will probably be made up of FA except for Olin and Williams, who is in a situation a lot like Qasim Mitchell, actually the team is like a mix of the 04 and 05 team, we still have a problem at FS and DT, and we need an edge rusher, on offense we have question marks at QB, WR, Oline, a number 2 back. In 04 we got Tait to play RT, now we are trying to get St. Clair to play RT. Angelo is doing the same thing basically he did then, except he is putting the team together with weaker parts.

He is trying to stop gap as many positions as he can so when he goes into the draft he can take the guy he likes. Which is usually not the best player available. But someone he has gotten high on like Haynes, Grossman, Benson or Williams. He had to have them even if they had huge question marks around them.

Fans, what did I tell you???..This team is a joke...Another franchise QB traded to another team for a lousy 2nd round pick!!!..All the while "Kyle Orton is our QB and we'll go from there"...I'm sick...I hope we lose every frigging game this year!!!!...I think that's the only way we'll get this crap fixed. Orton sucks........So does Jerry, Lovie,etc,etc,etc............I can't wait to tell you all "I told you so...ORTON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!"

Housh is not going to the Queens, first the Queens would then be paying him and Berrian number 1 reciever money. Why would you do that on a running team that has 3 lousy QB's. Speaking of there 3 lousy QB's why would Housh go to a team with three lousy QB's? He already turned down the Seahawks, he will turn down the Queens next.

From your lips to Gods ears.

Please, people, brain wash me into thinking that the Viqueers wont get Houshmenzada, because, all I can see here is just grim darkness. All Gerabladi does is cheap transactions, and I am sick of it. We need to have him fired and hire a GM that is not afraid to spend money.

wonder what the asking price is for Cutler? kinda interesting to hear he was being shopped in the Cassell talks...

A couple of thoughts:

KC's second is pick 34. That's pretty close to a one. Lots of difference in value between there and the Bears second pick. I wonder if maybe KC has really had Cassel for more than a month and we are just now seeing the final chapter.

It's hard to get worked up over the Queens overpaying for another player. I've always thought the Queens were trying (badly) to be the northern version of Washington/Dallas on the free agency scene. How's that worked out for the Skins and Boys?

Wow so now the Bears shouldve traded their first rd pick for the franchise QB Matt Cassel ? Wow lol just insanity

If this team wanted to win and knew what they were doing, they would have signed Haynesworth and Ray Lewis, and traded Brian Urlacher for a good offensive lineman, a defensive end who can consistently pressure the opposing quarterback and be solid against the run, or a good receiver. That would have fixed several positions at once. But wait, Jerry Angelo said all the Bears need is some better coaching. Excuse me, I can't figure out whether to laugh or puke.

i want to know why we are just watching and not making a play for someone i mean I have been a bears fan since i was little and i'm a huge Urlacher fan, but unless Angelo gets other players to help he is not going to get a ring and i will have a new favorite team when Urlacher is gone. If you want to fix this team find a way to get
1. get Darren Sharper S from Min
2. Crabtree to have a true #1 receiver
3. Trade 2010 1st rd pick to get back in the first rd and pick Andre Smith T from Bama I know he has issues , but put a lease on him and watch your young bookends make holes for Fotre.
4. Draft Michael Johnson from Georgia Tech in the 2nd rd.
5. Move up into the 2nd rd by trading this years 3nd and next years 3rd rd picks to get Rashad Johnson from Bama.
6. Bring in Chris Mccalister from Baltimore.

I know this seems crazy but look you solve the S problem with Sharper and picking R Johnson will allow him to learn under Sharper. Michael Johnson will be great with coach M teaching him. Johnson will fit in nice with our 3 DE's to make a nice pash rush keeping players fresh and with a good corner added to the mix maybe Tillman can move to the other safety with Vasher and McCalister at C. Crabtree, Hester, Olsen, and Forte will give Orton enough weapons to make Chicago's offense scary for the first time since Walter Payton played. With my plan Chicago can make one last run for a championship with Urlacher playing for them.

Matt Cassel = Scott Mitchell

Cbgrunt- that's one of the worst comparisons I've seen in my lifetime as a sports fan. The Clippers? Have they ever been to the finals? Nope. Have they made the playoffs 3 out the past six years? Not even close.

Wow, they're a bunch of haters on this site! First off, you can't build a winner through's been proven over and over again. Look no further than the Jets, Jags, Cowboys from last year, and the Skins just about every year. HW is getting long in the tooth, and probably will have a drop-off in production have his huge payday. Housh is way overrated, and it showed after Ocho Cinco wasn't on the field (9.7 YPC and 32)..that's worse than our TE Olsen had last year.

(Prophet) your right, but the teams that build off the draft like steelers, make real good quality picks ever year and not picks players that show that they need years of work to get better, or show that they wheren't scout properly. Patriots shows every year that a few FA can help your team win. So I'm saying that FA and Draft works to help your team. The Bears one year neglect the OFF and went in the next year having to pick mostly, for the OFF because of bad drafting. They couldn't pick the best player at that point because thay hade to pick needs.

What is Angelo saving the money for ? The future? The future of the team that won't include him? He is a horrible business man. All the teams are looking to get better next season, not 3 seasons down the road. Keep saving that money Angelo, it will find up financing your contract buy-out.

What the Bears Organization doesn't really understand is that the season never ends and sometimes you need to make moves in the often season if for nothing more than to keep your opponents from making the move. That means signing a player for a little more then they wanted to in order to keep their conference rival from signing them. They won't do it though, A la Berrian. If the Bears let Housh enter the NFC north on any other team but the Bears... Lovie and Angelo need to be run out of town and PSL holders need to stop wasting their money...

Unfortunately all our bitching doesn't mean anything because as long as those PSL's have a long long waiting list the ownership won't care. Lesson 1 from Tribune School of Team Ownership

Jerry is laying the ground work? The ground work for what? A team that will exist when he isn't around? He has x amount of years with the Bears, if he doesn't win with them it's not going to look good. Ron Rivera getting them to the Super Bowl doesn't count. Does he not realize that if he doesn't win "now" he won't have a job "tomorrow" ?

Housh is just using the Vikes to drive his price up. How long before the Vikes best player get what he should ask for after watching marginal players get paid like Berrian? You should never pay average great when you have great being paid average. It'll come back to bite you real soon. what's going to happen when it's time to pay A.P. what he deserves. He should get triple what Berrian gets because he more than 3 times the player that Berrian is. If Berrian has a 45 million dollar contract when will the true star get his 120 million especially when Hayneworth is getting 100 million for a team who didn't draft him or isn't the marquee player of their team?

kinda hope the Queens get Housh...their cap might be screwed up for years w/ all those high priced players..and Peterson due for a new contract in the upcoming future!

bears suck vikings rule!!!!

the method may work but the Bears do not make good enough draft picks to augment the Draft with a great Free Agent every now and then, Heck we don't make trades or ever pick up a great Free Agent, AND we don't draft good.
as far as Housh, you really feel he wouldn't help us? Don't forget to mention he had a inexperienced QB as Carson was injured last year, and you can not discount his number w/o cinco as the D had only him to key on w/o cinco, so any catches are admirable with the QB they had.
So, lets say Hester gets injured? You wouldnt want Housh playing?

Randy- well it's certainly worked enough for the Bears to get to their second SB (no other GM can say that since the mid-eighties). Housh having a lot of catches surely is admirable, and I wouldn't mind having him on the Bears, but not at his asking price. Big money WRs are paid to take it to the house, not get first downs.

Marvin- I don't think it's fair to compare the Bears to the most successful NFL franchise in history. The fact is that JA has had some success in the draft, which had a direct impact on turning around one of the worst stretches the Bears organization has had in awhile.

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