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Basanez didn't have to bare it all to join Bears

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Brett Basanez was so interested in coming back to town he was willing to prove it in his boxers.

One of the questions the Bears asked the former Northwestern standout was if he had a problem playing in the cold weather after spending three seasons with the Carolina Panthers.

"I said if they need to test me I'll come out there in February and wear nothing but my skivvies out there if they want,'' Basanez said. ``I don't care.''

The Bears signed him to a two-year contract on Tuesday, effectively replacing Rex Grossman on the roster. This gives the Bears three quarterbacks as they head toward mandatory veteran minicamp in five weeks. It will run from March 17-19.

The St. Viator graduate was on the Panthers' practice squad last season. He spent 2007 on injured reserve after suffering a wrist injury in preseason and was on the practice squad and active roster after being an undrafted free agent in 2006. Returning to the area wasn't the only draw for him, though. He knows the Bears' situation at the position and liked it enough to cancel a workout he had scheduled today with the New York Giants. He also left an offer from the Panthers on the table.

"Everywhere you go there is going to be competition, the fact that I get to come home and play for the hometown team, there is nothing more you could want than that,'' he said. "I know the whole thing with Rex and Kyle [Orton] and now Kyle is the guy, and Jerry [Angelo] goes out and says we need to solve the quarterback. That's what is going to happen in Chicago. The people are going to be hard on their players and I want a chance to compete to try to be that guy.''

For now, Basanez will compete with Caleb Hanie to be the guy behind Orton. Grossman becomes an unrestricted free agent Feb. 27 and will not return. The Bears could still address the position in free agency or the draft. The bottom line is Basanez has an opportunity to make the team after being the No. 4 with the Panthers last season.

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With Brett I find it the most interesting that he had another offer from Carolina on the table. That tells us that the Panthers liked what they saw in him while he was there, and with the troubles and uncertainty of Delhomme, they were probably willing to give Basanez a closer look. And they were not alone with the Giants also checking him out. I am anxious to hear what other's who have seen him play either at Northwestern or Carolina, have to say about him as a QB. I really believe in Kyle and I think he WILL take that next step, but we might just have picked up a good player who will bring in solid competition.

Basanez was part of that NU team that used to light up the scoreboard. It's a good reach if he can be anything like he was at NU could be a steal down the road. The biggest thing is the Grossman era finally and mercifully ends, good bye and good luck SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!

ill be honest i dot even know who this guy is.. figures but like the fact the giants and panthers were interested and rex had to go..

NU. Ughhh. Chicago is such a hopelessly homer town. And to think that there were so many people there who wanted the Bears to draft Mendenhall instead of Forte. Just goes to show that the McCaskeys are hardly the only fundamental problem with the Bears.

Well his name ain't Manning. In fact I don't remember hearing his name, but OK. I like it a couple ways.

In the first place it sounds like he can move. So can Hanie. A backup either needs to be an old vet with a quick trigger, or needs to be able to move. When the backup comes in, the first thing they are going to see is max-blitz. They keep seeing max-blitz till they beat it by quick release, or beat it by running out of it. Both of the current backup candidates can move.

The second thing I like is he has survived a couple seasons in the NFL on a well-coached team. You don't see that a lot from an UFA unless they have some game.

They can get a look at the dude in mini-camp. If they like what they see, it takes a little pressure off the draft. They don't necessarily have to spend a second day pick just to have enough camp arms. On the other hand, if somebody they like in the draft falls into a good value pick, like I said, his name ain't Manning.

Just another body in camp. If Jerry Angelo is serious about walking the walk on the great QB search, and I hope he is, Mark Sanchez should be available in the first round for them. What's not to like about Sanchez? He's a winner, accurate and he has athleticism. Then, take Brian Robiskie in the second round. You can't go wrong with a wide receiver from Wide Receiver U (OSU). Just ask Pittsburgh.

If the Bears don't make moves like this, smarter franchises will. The Colts are rumored to have Sanchez as their number one pick, and they don't exactly need him, do they? And I'm guessing smart evaluators like Pittsburgh and NE will seriously look at Robiskie, who has great bloodlines and a ton of heart, something the Bears sorely lack at that position.

Draft Sanchez and Robiskie. If Orton's the guy, Sanchez can wait and learn. But if Orton continues to have problems with accuracy, Sanchez is the guy in '10.

Of course, all bets are off if the Cardinals will take a first and second round pick for Boldin. Then the Bears need to pony up and do it.

And then maybe this NU kid becomes intriguing. Unless of course there is another good QB in the third round.

See, once you talk the talk about QBs this is what you open up.

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