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Bargain shoppers: Angelo counting on coaching, attitude to improve Bears

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INDIANAPOLIS--General manager Jerry Angelo discussed upcoming free agency and the draft in his hotel suite Saturday afternoon and urged you to be patient if you're looking for a fix in free agency.

Angelo reaffirmed what we've thought for some time, that the Bears are going to be bargain shoppers if and when they venture out into free agency. Remember, they didn't sign a single unrestricted free agent last year, choosing to pick through the discard pile of waived free agents.

A few nuggets from the talk:

*** Angelo said confirmed Saturday's report in the Sun-Times that the team has had discussions with the agent for offensive tackle John St. Clair. Angelo would like to bring him back.

*** Angelo said wide receiver Michael Crabtree could fall in the first round because he will not be able to run a 40-yard dash because of the stress fracture in his foot.

*** He said six to eight defensive linemen could be selected in the first round. He projected six to eight offensive linemen going in the first round as well as five linebackers and perhaps three quarterbacks.

*** Angelo said he's counting on coaching and attitude making the team better in 2009, specifically the defense.

*** He acknowledged the Bears have more holes to fill than in the past.

*** He said because of those holes it will allow the team to go more than a couple different ways in the first round with the 18th pick.

*** You will not be able to find an elite pass rusher at No. 18, Angelo said. Maybe a lineman with good traits, but he'll have flaws in his game.

*** Basically, Angelo put it on the players to make the defense better and admitted it will not be the unit it once was.

*** As we've previously reported, Danieal Manning will remain at nickel back. Angelo said that is where Lovie Smith wants him to be.

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Why would anyone care what this no-drafting-talent putz thinks or sez?

Yikes!!!!Here we go again.....and why is Jerry smiling???? With all that money he makes, you think he could afford to go to the dentist!!!

"Angelo said he's counting on coaching and attitude ..." voodoo, invisible sky wizards, El Nino, Obama's stimulus package, Paris Hilton's new line of clothes, gay marriage, the Watchmen movie ... and anything else that doesn't make Jerry actually do his job as GM "... making the team better in 2009, specifically the defense."

There Brad, fixed that for you.

After reading this, I predict the Bears trade out of the first round or trade lower...It sounds like Jerry is not happy with anyone rated that he is too tight to pay an 18th pick...

Saw this on the combine blog:

"The combine is an exercise focused on NFL teams becoming familiar with more than 300 players. The teams rank the players with the help of workouts and interviews. But some of the players pay attention to the process and flip it. They leave with their own inkling of which of the 32 teams has it more together than the others.

After surveying several players here at the combine, two teams kept surfacing that were more impressive in their approach than most. Those teams were the Chicago Bears and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mississippi offensive tackle Michael Oher reflected some in the group when he explained: “They seemed a little more organized in their questions. They seemed a little more focused in what they wanted to know. They worked together as a group pretty nicely.”

–Thomas George"


I'll bet their more focused in what they want to know. They want to know if they'll sign for cheap.

Oh, now I feel better. We have more holes than usual, but we won't be trying to fill them with quality players. We have so many holes we could pick just about anyone with our first pick, but they will be flawed players. Rather than improve the team, we'll try to change their attitude.

Thanks for the pep talk Jerry! Can't wait to go renew my season tickets!

well if jerry and the love boat cant get it together this season they may be sailing into the sunset and take the " mac cheapies" with ya between the lines "JA put it on the PLAYERS for the D to get better"! Something may have clicked and he's going for O in the draft...FINALLY!!!! Yes Neckbeard, Orton still sucks!

I hate to hit this pity party with any sense of optimism but...

That's exactly the kind of bland, nonsensical, give away nothing, New England kind of answer I hope we would get out of Angelo at the combine. Remember the first ones reading anything he says are the other 31 teams. They read that and have not a clue what he is going to do in the draft and don't worry at all about him signing somebody out from under their nose.

That's exactly what needs to happen.

This really flies all over me. One of the biggest problems I've had with Angelo is that by draft day everybody and their brother knows where the Bears are shooting for the first day. That's bad. People know to trade up to get somebody they really want before the Bears take them, confidently trade down because they know the Bears will not take somebody, or sit tight and wait for it to come to them.

The best thing for the Bears is that we all are clueless on what the Bears plan to do in the draft.

Of course that assumes that Angelo is dumb like a fox and is not the one who is actually clueless. I give him the benefit of the doubt, but he has already used up most of his Mulligans.

MS if you don't think other teams have an idea were players are going you better think twice. Remember agents know before anyone were there player is going and they are in talks with multiple teams. How do you think teams know to trade ahead of other teams to get a player it's not just the Bears? When the Bears go into talks with players they know who else is talking to them. The first pick in the draft last year was signed before the draft started. There is not a lot of Shadow Games anymore, the draft is just to heavily followed. Plus when it comes to draft day once trades start everything becomes a scramble.

Last year everyone on this board new Willimas was gonna be the pick if he was there. Some of us hoped he wouldn't be the pick, but he was. Angelo checked out Clady a couple of times last year but the Bears never had a shot at him. Lovie took him out to lunch but didn't actually watch him workout.

Like when the Bears pick, we all know Stafford, Curry, Raji, Monroe, J Smith, E Brown, Orakpo, Crabtree(no he will not be there he is working out at his pro day), Jenkins, those there not there at 18. The Bears are drafting in the middle of the second Tier of the first round talent. Other things everyone knows. The Raiders won't budge, Angelo will not trade up but will seak to trade down for value, and KC, DEN, GB, are all switching to 3-4 defensess so they need a lot of new defensive players, you look at Pitt and the Bears and they need Oline help, Pit has no LT and we have no RT, literaly. Throw in a teams system and at the very least you have a good idea what a team will do. Like do you think the Bears will take a TE with the first pick? Even though your just a fan you know they wont. But if Oher is sitting there, he's probably a bear. If Crabtree does fall to the Bears, I am sure they will grab him. Angelo normally wouldn't do it but he is huge on value and WR is a need. But normally he is not big on WR. He would prefer to go DLine, LB or CB all day.

I like MsBearfan's dream, though there's no reason to expect that it has any chance of materializing. Notice that the Bears acquired no unrestricted free agents last year either, as Brad Biggs pointed out, even though they were a 7-9 team.

This is an organization of conservative cheapskates, which is why it hasn't been any good since the 1940s, with the exception of the Ditka years. There are free agents out there who would significantly improve the team, such as Albert Haynesworth, as much as I hate the guy, but the Bears won't try to get them? Gimme a break! (Sorry Ms, but they really won't try to get them.) This team is quickly falling back toward being a laughingstock -- does anyone else remember the last nighttime national game where the TV announcers noted how Bear receivers can't get any separation and how generally inept the Bear offense is? -- and we have ownership and management to thank.

MsBearsFan wrote - Of course that assumes that Angelo is dumb like a fox and is not the one who is actually clueless. I give him the benefit of the doubt, but he has already used up most of his Mulligans.


Most?? I would tend to say he's used all of his, borrowed all of Lovie's and has worked his way 3/4 down the entire coaching staff's mulligans...

wow, We are going cheap again? No way. The Bears go cheap? I don't believe that!
Jerry is saying he is gonna trade down, he is telling the fans that no player is gonna be worth the 18th pick anyway.

To look at all previous Bears Draft picks go here
note all the DT taken by JA.

Creighton you are are both right and wrong. Yes they all have a good idea of what the other is going to do, but it only takes one surprise to throw it all into the great unknown. Usually there is a surprise by pick 7 or so. When it happens you want the whole league to wonder what you will do.

For example I bet Brady Quinn would be interested in commenting on your theory.

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