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With the 18th pick in the 2009 draft, the Bears select ...

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The bowl season isn't over and we're already seeing mock draft machines get cranked up. Maybe it's that time of year. The NFL, after all, released the tentative order for the top 20 picks in the draft earlier this week and we know the Bears are slotted at No. 18 unless the San Diego Chargers reach the Super Bowl.

Todd McShay of ESPN takes a stab at the first round and the thing that makes his mock realistic is he includes draft-eligible underclassmen. Of course, the problem with that is there is no guarantee as to which underclassmen will come out early but a record number applied for an evaluation of their draft status for this year and the entire draft is expected to be loaded with juniors. In fact, McShay has juniors going with the top three picks, including Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford to the Detroit Lions with the No. 1 pick. In all, he has 20 of the top 32 picks being underclassmen.

If you just watched Southern Cal become the latest team to whip up on a Big Ten foe, then you got a good look at his projected selection for the Bears. He has the Bears choosing quarterback Mark Sanchez with the pick. Sanchez was interviewed on the field after the game and was asked about whether or not he intended to stay in school or come out. He didn't provide a hint.

Just judging off general manager Jerry Angelo's comments earlier this week, quarterback would not be the Inside the Bears' bet for the position the Bears address first. Angelo's thinking these days is that a winning quarterback can be found in the middle of the rounds and then developed. The Bears are going that exact route with Kyle Orton right now and it's expected the club will seek someone with experience to pair with Orton not a top prospect. But it's far too early to tell and if the Bears saw a quarterback they deemed as a can't-miss guy, you can't rule the position out.

I'm sure the Bears' offseason plans will be a healthy part of the conversation in the morning. I'll be filling in with Pro Football Weekly publisher Hub Arkush on The Score from 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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We'd be crazy to bring in a QB with no standout WR or a decent oline. We need to be looking at all the WRs and CBs that declare. lots of first round potential at both positions.

Mock draft talk already? Here you go:

(1) Myron Rolle Safety, Florida State
(2) Max Unger Center/Gaurd, Oregon
(3)Shonn Greene, RB, Iowa
(4) Larry English, DE, Northern Illinois
(5)Kevin Barnes, CB, Maryland
(6)Alex Boone, OT, Ohio State
(7)Richie Brockel, FB, Boise State

J.A. is blowing smoke, he is not going to do anything about the QB position in the draft. Da Bears will find a QB and WR in FA, they need to focus on the old O-line and the weak secondary in the '09 draft.

Balls, I have way too much time on my hands.

With some luck, maybe angelo will be shown the door along with Lovie. McCaskies may be waiting for an opportunity to talk to some coaches that are still in the hunt for the superbowl.

With that in mind, other than a fast wide out and another OT, there may not be anything wrong with our defensive players.
When you run a prevent defense (also known as cover-2) all of the time, the defense is going to look bad.
Scratching my head...but there was a time not very long ago, where our front line was very capable of producing sacks and putting pressure on the Qb. Either they all got old and tired or the defensive scheme has changed so much that they can't do their job.
Lovie has got to go. Can someone show him the door?

Lovie and Jerry are now in panic mode. If they don't win next year they will be gone!!! I don't think they can afford to develope anybody! They better pray Kyle gets better quick or Mr. Mcnabb comes home!!

Drafting Mark Sanchez would be the height of stupidity for Chicago. Just watched the Rosebowl and I didn't see any showcasing of arm strength. The Bears already have a great game manager.

I honestly think Neckbeard would beat him out for the job in the first week of training camp so drafting Sanchez is just going to take money off the table for potential free agents and draftees who will actually be able to help the Bears next year.

I'm wondering, are the Bears going to keep Devin Hester at wide reciever and continue to play pattycake with the QB position with unproven commodities and guys that can't throw the deep ball?

(Sorry Kyle)

If the Bears want a quarterback and truly want to "solidify the position", they need to go and get Matt Casell, Derek Anderson, and a notable wide reciever like TJ Hoosmadazood or Brian Johnson. They'll come at a price for sure. But they are proven commoddities and that's what the Bears need on offense at this point.

I KNOW THE BEARS NEED HELP AT OFFENSIVE TACKLE. If you look at draft statistics, typically it's easier to spot an NFL tackle in college than it is a QB.

I like Angelo for the most part, but am afraid he'll roll the dice and lose in the first round again. What a freaking joke.

Wasn't he notorious for not being able to implement a quality QB in Tampa Bay?

With the 18th pick in the 2009 draft, the Chicago Bears select Missouri free safety William Moore, or South Florida defensive end George Selvie, or maybe Florida st defensive end Everette Brown, and then there's Oklahoma guard Duke Robinson as a possibility? Hopefully one of these prospects will be there at #18 when the Bears select. I would love to see safety William Moore there, this guy could come in from day one and fill a need area, free safety. But, as a lot of my buddies on this board will probably critique me on this pick, Moore will probably not be there at #18, if by some chance he is although [and stranger things have happened] the Bears have to take him. With Payne at strong safety and Moore at free safety, the Bears secondary becomes legit, and from day one.

If Moore is not there, Chicago has to go with one of the defensive ends that will hopefully be available, South Floridas George Selvie or Florida st defensive end Everette Brown. I can't see either one of these guys coming in from day one and starting like safety Williams Moore could, because Selvie nor E.Brown will upseat Alex Brown at right end. I can see Selvie or E.Brown as the third end, and everyone knows the third end in Chicago gets a lot of playing time anyways. Botttom line, the Bears need some kind of pass rush, hopefully Selvie or E.Brown could come in as the third end and do what Mark Anderson was suppose to do as the third end, pressure the QB! I can see George Selvie coming in as the third end as a rookie, then eventually the starter, this scenario could work out very well for Chicago. Left end Adewale Ogunleye is due to become a free agent after the 2009 season, this would allow Brown to stay at right end for a season, long enough for Selvie to develop. Going into Selvies second season, he could come in as the starter at right end, and Alex Brown could move to the left side, just an idea.

Then theres Duke Robinson, the guard out of Oklahoma, at 6-5 330lbs, this guy could be a road grader that could really open thing up for Matt Forte inside. Robinson could do for the Bears, much like what guard Justin Blalock did for the Atlanta Falcons running game. Oh well, its a long time till draft day, a lot can change from now till then with free agency, we'll just have to wait and see GO BEARS!!

Hey estevenj, If it's easier to spot a NFL tackle, perhaps you can explain how we ended up w/ Chris Willams ? According to J.A. he was the most NFL ready tackle on the board. Yet, even after returning from back surgery, was used ONLY as tackle eligable on goal line situations. After watching the Bears give up HUGE chunks of yardage (Berrian's 99 yards) and being unable to stop an opponent on 3rd and whatever,drafting a big, physical CB should be a top priority ! Move Tillman into Mike Brown's safety position and find a D-end who is capable of getting to the QB. As much as I dislike Jared Allen, he certainly made Minnesota better. J.A. spent LOTS of money on the defensive side of the ball last years and the Bears got WORSE, not better. J.A. needs to re-eveluate his "rewarding our own players" philosophy, and indentify quality free agents to fill the GLARING holes on this team instead of throwing more money at players who are ALREADY under contract. Do you feel Urlacher or Hester "earned" their new money ? How about "the mouth that roared" Tommie Harris ? The only player w/ a new deal that showed up this year was Mr. Briggs !!

And THAT is why ESPN is a joke ... Mark Sanchez is not a first-round talent and WOULD NOT be an upgrade at the quarterback position.

I am a USC fan and Mark Sanchez is not the answer. He's probably the weakest QB I've seen in the last 10 years. He sat behind JDB last season and looked piss-poor in relief. This season he's been inconsistent at best despite a plethora of NFL-ready talent on that offense. Sanchez is weak-armed, inconsistent, and the product of a system. Think Rex Grossman without the ability to "unleash the dragon."

I don't follow the college game enough to make suggestions, but that the Bears need a pass rusher, a wide receiver, and a quarterback who can throw the long ball is self-evident. I thought Rex had the potential to develop into a pro-bowl quarterback with his college stats and his great arm, and that could still happen somewhere else, but obviously not in Chicago. at least that Orton is not the answer has been made clear this year.

All due respect fellas but there are several very large offensive linemen in the draft, [1] Oher, Ole Miss. 6'5" 320 [2] Loadholt, Okla.6'7" 349, Johnson LSU 6'7" 356 on deffense and could be around in the 3rd Raji B.C. 6'1" 335 to anchor the middle of the defense. The Bears need to get bigger and stronger this quick and small has been caught up with by big and strong.

Hopefully Todd McShay will be wrong as usual. Sanchez may translate better to the pro game because of his mobility, but he still will not be a game-changer by any stretch. I would rather see us draft a punter in Round 1 before we draft Sanchez. Jerry's overall plan actually works well with what we need. We need pass rushers, and people who protect against pass rushers. Build from the inside to the outside, spending your early picks on offensive and defensive line. You supplement with key free agent signings, and develop your depth.

Granted, this coaching staff has done a horrible job of developing depth, which has required us to keep bringing back our own free agents. But offensive and defensive line are priority #1 and #2 in this offseason. I would be tickled if we got Selvie or Brown in round 1, and Loadholt in 2. That would solve our two biggest problems, and leave us free to get S, WR, LB, G, and QB help through free agency and the later rounds. Loadholt may not be there in round 2, but then again, who would have thought Brohm and Henne would have been there late into round 2 last year?

I think Jerry will get what we need out of this draft, because our two greatest needs are strong positions in the draft (OT and DE). We cannot count on a rookie WR with this coaching staff, so free agency would appear to be a better route to go. You get improved offensive line play, and Forte and Orton both look a lot better. A better pass rush, and the defensive backs get more shots at INTs, and cover better. It all starts and ends up front, and that is what JA has to prove he can evaluate. If Chris Williams is the guy on the left, then we just need a guy on the right, and some competition at guard, and our offensive line should be solid. We get a solid pass rusher for the right side, we can move Alex to the left, and have a very good tandem. Brown will never be a 10 sack guy, but I believe he can do very well on the left because of his strength and motor. Maybe 8 sacks on the left? We need to cut Tait, Ogunleye, Booker, Davis, and maybe Vasher this offseason, and put the money right back into free agency. We get some relief from the cuts of this past year, so we are probably in pretty good shape as far as cap room.

Biggs, can you find out what our cap looks like for this offseason? I think we gain from Manning Jr, Benson, Muhammed, Miller, and Griese coming off the books this year, but maybe I'm wrong.

I like the DE's mentioned by Kevin except I do see them starting as OG did nothing this year, (did anyone?) so I would not hesitate to start them.
I would love to see us get one of them and then a RT in the second, Tait has to go for sure! with a WR picked up via FA. Yes I feel DB is a priority but we can only get so many players in the first 3 rds. Who helps each other the most? DB helps DL or DL helps DB? We simply can not give the QB that much time next year. CB is a highly sought after position as seen by the high priced trades of premier CB's lately, but can we afford to ignore our lines any longer? But as noted below the Top DB's are usually drafted early. Champ Baily Rd 1 7th pick, Dre Bly Rd2 41st pick, and Pacman Rd 1 6th pick, Safety Bob Sanders Rd 2 44th pick? Can Chicago imagine giving up a starting RB for a Top CB? Thats what we are talking about for a Top CB trade, that aint gonna happen and a Top DB will not be cheap in FA either. So we ignore the lines for a DB? or ignore the DB for the lines? We are in a tough situation for JA to remain next year unless he goes Free Agents and fires Babich. He can do it but it will not be easy, he HAS to be right on with his first 2 picks and get that Free Agent that will make an impact with the draft picks and we all know Babich better go or we will be soft again due to the scheme, and then bye JA.


I agree with what you're saying but I'd make one slight change. True, it all starts up front and a better pass rush will make the dbs better, but I think the problem is with the tackles not the ends. When Harris and Tank Johnson were creating pressure up the middle and forcing the quarterback to move, Brown, Anderson, and Ogunleye were there to pick up the sacks. The Bears created absolutely no pressure up the middle this year (even when they blitzed). Better tackle play will make the ends ends better just like with the dbs. Sure a top DE pass rusher wouldn't be a bad pick, but I think Brown and Ogunleye could do the job if the tackles were doing theirs.

I am waiting on making any predictions on the draft now which does not come until April. I think the Free ageant list that come out in Feb. will give us a good sign at what the BEARS will do in the draft, once we get a look at who Angelo tries to sign, when he got Muhammed a few years ago he got in quick and that allowed him to take a chance on people like Hester, and Anderson in the draft. The positions the bloggers are talking about are right on though, safety (free) strongside LB and or Rush DE, and Wide Receiver are most glaring, depth on the O-line would not hurt but we may be in good shape there if williams develops and one of the practice squad auys come on after a year of red-shirting in the system. Hiestand showed he can put together a decent line this season and given some size and youth could improve it dramtically next season.

As for the QB situation, bringing in someone to push Orton is not a bad idea, I asw some people ranting on Sanchez, but remember he did that against a PennSt defense with corners play off and small, based on what I saw a high pick on him would be a mistake, do not see any real Matt Ryan prospects in this draft, taking a look at the guy from Ball St or Utah as developmental QB's make sense in round 3, or trade up late in round 2 to get one for the future, as for FA QB's on the market, best of the bunch is Anderson from Cleveland, but he throws a lot of picks and with our defense and overall strategy I'm not sure he's a good fit, I had mentioned simms before but everyone thinks he's a bust still I'd take a flyer on him because we knwo that Kyle can win ball games. Soring up the tem in a few areas will make a big difference, we do have some tradeable parts also, but they will only bring back picks, still the way angelo drafts from round 3 on that makes senses to me to build depth for the future. How about the Mays kid from SC, he's big and a hitter could really help the Bears, if he's available at 18 I'd take him, but Kevin A's guys is solid as well, keep an eye on the Oklahoma safety in the champioship game he should be on our radar also he can be aplaymaker in the league

The Bears better get wise and draft some Buckeyes!!!! Trade up for Larrinitis or Malcom Jenkins....draft WR Robiskie later and QB Todd Boeckman even later. You watch, Boeckman will make a great pro QB. Better than anything the Bears have now anyway. He will come cheap too!!! If Beanie comes out early I'd grab him too!!!! Forte can back him up!! Get Boone if available too. GO BUCKS!!!!! BEARS TOO!!!

The draft:

1st pick best available talent at either DE, OG, CB or Linebacker.
Ultimately Tillman should move to free safety, he would be great there and would resolve the safety position issues with Payne starting strong safety.

My preferred 1st pick is the OG from Oklahoma Duke Robinson supposedly an immediate sure thing, there is very little talent at OG otherwise. Garza's is getting pushed around some, with a big bruiser OG the running game would surely benefit and St Claire could either move to right tackle or play any of the guard positions in case of emergency. At some point in the next few years Beekman may have to replace Olin, with Buenning coming into play guard and Tait moving on.

2nd Pick continue with the best available talent for those previous positions but add QB and or WR (if not addressed in free agency).

My preferred second pick would be Linebacker as there is loads of talent at the linebacker position and you might be able to pick up a gem in the second round. Maybe a Laurainitis might fall to mid second round who knows?

The DE position may need to be addressed with either FA (Peppers) or another draft. The Bears may need to utilize this years D line with the hope that fresh coaching blood would motivate the line. Picking at 18, it may be a reach going DE when most likely the great DE talent will be drafted already. Lets face the facts if the Bears DT's particularly Harris would have had a consistent push from the inside this year the DE's would have had a better pass rush and the corners would not be left out to dry, it all works in tandem.

THE TWO MUST HAVES are to obtain two pick ups in free agency Peppers and Boldin, yeah I know I just got done smoking some really good stuff.
But with these two on board, watch out.
Please, even if the Bears got one of these two, the whole draft need would change and the BEARS could be an immediate contender for the title.

The offense would be completely different and very formidable with Boldin and the defense also would be as well.

Go BEARS, but please fire the coach Lovie, hire Shanahan, fire the Babich and the D line coach, hire Marinelli and promote Toub.

Kevin Moore is a great first pick, but Angelo may feel he can find a saftie later in this draft. Also Payne can't play SS there is a reasoon Brown got moved back to SS, also Moore is a natural SS at 230 pounds. It's a good pick but you have them in the worng postions. Robinson would be a great pick but I would rather see Mack or Unger if there available in round two. As for DE, they need Johnson to drop, Selvie is to small and will wind up in a 3-4 were he belongs, Brown also would do better in a 3-4. Now Hardy out of Ole Miss might not be a bad choice. He was dealing with that offseason foot surgery which set him back as the season has gone on he has gotten stronger and better. Dominated against Florida don't be surprised if he becomes the second best 4-3 rush end in this class.

Todd McGay continues to show why any shmuck can work for ESPN. As for the QB position, Angelo will probably make a play for Simms who he really likes or may get talked into going after Tebow if his Florida connection can convince him again.

I got one player the Bears should get with the 18th pick (if he comes out): TAYLOR MAYS!!! You can just has go a reciever or pass rusher in the later rounds. Plus the Bears should trade the 2nd and 5th round picks for Chad Johnson or Boldin from AZ! A beast like that only come around ever so often! Close your eyes and imagine Taylor Mays at strong or free safety for the Bears and Ocho Sinco and wideout opposite Olsen and Hester!

With how sad the first round picks have been in the past the team should trade it for Boldin or Ocho Cinco. A top flight receiver would compliment Hester and make our offense better. Please also draft a safety with the ability to bring some pain.

What is it with all of these morons who still think WRs are the best play. I would NEVER waste my 1st round pick on a WR, and I loved Curtis Conway (1st pick 1993-USC).

Take Jerry Rice, Art Monk and Tim Brown. How many catches would these three have had in 2008 with Kyle at the helm?! None would have had a Pro Bowl year, yet so many morons out there still think that a Jerry Rice (insert Hester) is what this team needs. NO, it's a QUARTERBACK!!!!! Does Tom Brady need any of those three WRs I mentioned to win? Of course not, in fact, Hester, Lloyd and our awesome TEs is all he would need to make it to a Super Bowl WIN!!!

How many completions did Kyle have of 20+ yards in 2008, NONE!!! He is solid upstairs, but lacks the mechanics to be a good QB. Sexy Rexy is the the inverse. I say we bring in a vet to takeover while we develop Hanie. Does anyone remember Hanie in the four preseason games and how precise he was? He also had terrific charism and poise in the pocket. He knew when to upstep up or roll out and make the completion. If Hanie doesn't end up being the answer than fine, but we will never win with a Jerry Rice UNTIL we have a Joe Montana. WE NEED A QUARTERBACK FIRST!!! After the QB, we need to continue developing the OL than maybe we can think about the OVERRATED WR position. QB and OLineman first.

Jay I think they like Hanie, but will be drafting a QB in the 4th-6th rds. They may have finally realized this is a QB's game and you have to always try and develop one. Look at NE. They put a franchise tag on Cassell. Now they are sure to get some compensation even though he is a free agent and they have another QB they're developing they drafted in the 3rd rd last year.

As far as WR goes look for them to pick one up in the 3rd rd. or better yet free agency. They have a bigger need at OL & DL. The good news is if they find a DE in the 1st rd. there are good odds they can find a RT/OG in the 2nd rd.

Wait Tom Brady.....Randy Moss, Wes Welker do these names ring a bell ? Don't be fooled JL. U are compairing the Pats with the Bears, a team everyone thought would be the worst team in the league this year. Oh Hanie looked great in PRESEASON versus guys now working along side each and everyone one of us at regular jobs. Our D looked and played like garbage, Tillman seems overwhelmed, Hester is developing, Forte was better than most of us expected. But both lines need help, the secondary and yes the WR position need to be upgraded.

Sorry BdubL, I guess I didn't make myself clear or you misunderstood what I was saying.

I don't know how you figure I was compairing the Bears with anyone, actually I was just talking about the WR position. And refering to Rice, Brown and Monk, I figured were better examples than Moss and Welker or well...anyone else.

Sure, Hanie played the preseason games against guys that were watching football by the first of Sept., but it still showed his arm strength, accuracy and poise. I guess you missed that point too.

Like I said before, start with the QB and than move on to the OL. A fast, quick DE would be nice too, but QUARTERBACK FIRST!









Assuming the Bears sign some players of obvious need.
1. Peppers
2. Houshmanzadah

Round 1: Michael Oher T Mississippi 6'5" 330
Round 2: Tim Tebow QB Fla 6'5" 260
Round 3: Fili Moala NT USC 6'3" 321
Round 4: Louis Vasquez G Texas Tech 6'3" 331
Round 5: Grab a safety, CB, or LB, WR
Round 6: LB, S, WR, CB
Round 7: LB, S, or WR, CB

Peppers will take care of Ogunleye's spot better. He is bigger, and commands a double team every time. Would take a heck of a lot of pressure off T. Harris. Houshmanzadah would definitely give Orton a number 1 receiver. The combo of him, Hester, Olson, and Clark (don't forget Forte) would be killer. T.J. also would command a double team almost every pass play. Leaving Hester 1-1. Would be awesome. I hope the Bears go after more FA's than that.

In the draft, Oher is a freak athlete at 6'5" 330lbs. He player lots of left tackle, but is also powerful. He has no injury history, and could play at either tackle position. He could be insurance in case Williams is not good, or he could replace Tait if Williams is good. Tim Tebow gives the Bears a major boost in talent. I know he is not graded highly as an NFL QB, but he is just one of those rare athletes. He is Bronko Nagarski with a cannon arm. He can catch, run, block, and throw. Think Hester, Forte, Tebow combo in the wildcat formation. Nice. Plus, he may just be a good QB in the NFL. The Bears are due for some great QB luck. Moala is just a huge run stuffing NT. This is exactly what the D-line needs. He should be available. Vasquez is a huge guard, but just don't make him pull too much. He is best just lining up and smashing the opposing defenders head on. He would definitely give the Bears O-line a huge push.

Rounds 5-7 are fill in players. Just athletes that can come in and contribute on special teams. Maybe you get lucky once in a while (see Marcus Colston). The Bears needs some fresh blood on special teams. They didn't have the bone crushing hits that I've seen in year's past.

I have read above that some think the QB should be changed. Some thought the CB's are teh problem. Some think the Lines are the problem. I am all for improving the lines first, then figure it out from there. Dominate the Line Of Scrimmage.


Creighton, yes, Kevin Payne can play strong safety, this is his more natural position. Back in early november, before the Bears switched Payne and Brown, Payne was actually leading the team in tackles with 77, Payne was leading the Bears in tackles almost the entire time he was at strong safety. Chicago swapted Brown and Payne partly because of a calf injury Brown suffered while backpedaling in early november. Because of the wear and tear on Browns body, the Bears had to swapt him and Payne, Brown simply couldn't cover anymore due to the calf and other various injuries, Payne could, this is why Payne was moved to free safety, not because he couldn't play strong safety, thats ridiculous to even think that. How does a guy that leads his team in tackles, like Payne did when he was at strong safety, not able to play the position? Kevin Payne is a better fit at strong safety, when he is at strong safety, he is a tackling machine. Mike Brown & Kevin Payne are both better fits at strong safety. Brad Biggs said it himself in a recent article he wrote called "Mike Brown has left large paw print on the Bears," in the article Biggs says, "The issue for the Bears is that they lack someone with the range and skills teams seek in a free safety." Again, the Bears need a free safety, and Moore has the range and skills Biggs is talking about to play free safety for the Bears.

As far as William Moore goes, Creighton, go to any draft site, and you will see scouts feel Moore is a better fit at free safety because of his coverage ability. Don't get me wrong, Moore could play strong safety, but why would you want to waste a guy with such good coverage ability by putting him at strong safety? As a junior Moore had 8 ints, this season as a senior, Moore played most of the season on a sprained foot, and still had 5 pass breakups, again, with these kind of skills in coverage, why would you play him at strong safety, even if he is 226lbs, who cares??

Creighton, I also like Hardy, but George Selvie is to good of a pass rusher to turn down. Scouts feel Selvie could play either 3-4 rush linebacker or 4-3 rush end. With Selvies size 6-4 250lbs, he fits the mold for the type of defensive end the Bears like in their cover-2 defensive scheme, smaller quicker ends, both Alex Brown & Adewale Ogunleye are 260lbs. Creighton, remember, back during the 2002 draft, many experts felt a guy named Dwight Freeney at 6-1 260lbs, could play 3-4 rush linebacker or 4-3 defensive end, much like Selvie. And I think Freeney turned out pretty good as a 4-3 defensive end. Again, the Colts, like the Bears, prefer the smaller quicker ends in their cover-2 scheme. I think Selvie could do for us what Freeney does for the Colts.

Creighton, one last thing, I agree, Angelo will probably find a safety later rather than sooner. If I was Angelo, I would use my second rounder on Alabama safety Rashad Johnson, the 6-0 190lbs safety had 82 tckls and 5 ints, two of them pick 6's, and on top of that 11 pass breakups. Johnson is not a fluke either, as a junior he had 6 ints and 8 pass breakups. Rashad Johnson could be the big play free safety the Bears have been missing since Mike Browns younger days. Aside from the big play stuff, what sold me on Johnson the most was what his coach Nick Saban said of him. Nick Saban said, "Johnson is one of the smartest football players he's ever coached. Johnson knows every defense for every formation." To me, this is very Mike Brown like. I say draft defensive end George Selvie in the first, and free safety Rashad Johnson in the second GO BEARS!!

Kevin,I'm not sure I'd spend a 1st round pick on Selvie from South florida, I agree with Creighton here, he's another version of Wale and if we pick him we might as well keep Wale on the team, and hope Marinelli if he comes on board can coach him up to playing at a high level again. Safety or LB is where we need to go in 1st round to try and be sure we get the player on the field for immediate improvement. I still would like to see Malaluga be our pick, or Mays from SC,William Moore would be a third option. Everyone is down on Williams because he could not get on the field due to injury, this is a glaring issue but was not the porblem for the team this season, the jury is still out on this pick, Forte was the steal of the draft and we were lucky to get him for our team.

Ryan: "Tim Tebow gives the Bears a major boost in talent. I know he is not graded highly as an NFL QB, but he is just one of those rare athletes. He is Bronko Nagarski with a cannon arm. He can catch, run, block, and throw. Think Hester, Forte, Tebow combo in the wildcat formation. Nice. Plus, he may just be a good QB in the NFL."

It may seem like I'm picking on Ryan here but this goes out to every person who talks about Tim Tebow: TIM TEBOW SUCKS. HE IS NOT AN NFL QUARTERBACK AND NEVER WILL BE

Tebow is a 3rd-string QB for life, nothing more. His best hope would be to convert to safety or tight end with his 4.71 speed. You would think by now the NFL would be fed up with Florida quarterbacks.

And Ryan, spending a 2nd-round pick on a guy who does not even grade out as pro material is EXACTLY what I would expect Jerry Angelo to do so you'll probably get your wish.

Kevin - I know you like Selvie but he will probably go in the top of rd 2. If the Bears really like him they can trade down and get him. If the Bears can't trade down the best approach is to go with "BPA". At 18 they should have Robinson OG, Black OT, Hardy DE, Maclin WR, and maybe Moore FS/SS available.

I'm guessing they will go with Hardy. He is about 20 lbs bigger and an inch taller. The thinking will be he played a better level of competition and being bigger will hold up better. The big question is his foot.

In the 2nd rd (if they take the DE in the first) they will go with Okung OG/OT or Tupou OT/OG. It will be the 3rd rd on down they look for a LB, FS, WR, RB.

Angelo has fired a shot across Lovies bow with his comments about QB. What better way to be the last man standing then to rebuild the lines first and then concentrate on skill positions in the following years when you have a new coaching staff coming in.

wmfights, George Selvie is a projected top 25 pick right now, but is not sure if he will forgo his senior season or not. I like Hardy also, I just think Selvie was a more consistent pass rusher through out his college career, and like you said, "Hardy has the foot issue," durability problems, this is why I would go Selvie over Hardy. Also, I disagree with the Bears thinking Hardy played better competition so he might hold up better than Selvie who played at South Florida. If that were the case, the Bears would not have drafted "Tulanes" Matt Forte last april in the second round, when he was a projected 3rd rounder, they would have went after a runner who played at a bigger school than Tulane, if that was their way of thinking, thank god it is not. Level of competition has never scared the Bears away from any prospect, from Forte of Tulane in 08, to Tillman of Louisiana-Lafayette in 03, to heck, Payton of Jackson st in 75. Don't get me wrong, I like Greg Hardy, he would look good in a Bear uniform, I also like your other first rounders, especially Duke Robinson, I just think Selvie could give the Bears the pass rush they are lacking.

Chitownbear, I totally agree with you on Chris Williams, I think he will be a good left tackle for the Bears. I also agree with you on Maualaga the inside linebacker out of USC and Taylor Mays, the strong safety out of USC, I just don't see either one of them being there at #18 when the Bears pick. Chitownbear, if Selvie could be a younger Ogunleye, I'd take him all day long, the Bears need a younger Ogunleye, in other words, they need the type of pass rusher Ogunleye was in his younger days, I think Selvie can be this type of player for the Bears.

Bottom line guys, its to earlier for me to get in a debate on who the Bears will take, its a long time till april, a lot can change between now and then. You got free agency, the senior bowl, and the combine, someone rated as a first rounder right now, could be a second rounder in april. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. Don't get me wrong, I like talking about the draft and Bear football, we'll just have to sit back and see what Angelo does GO BEARS!!

Dear Jerry Angelo,

Here are things you need to do

1. Stick with Kyle orton as ur QB.
3. Draft Jeremy Maclin in the 1st round. Yes, 1st round. He is a stud.
4. Move tillman to FS.
5. Cut or trade Wale ogunleye, Mike brown, John tait.
6. Draft the best RT prospect in the 2nd round
7. Keep Danielle manning in the nickel package. Do NOT put him at FS
8. Draft the best running back avaiable in rd 3.
9. Draft the best pass rusher available in rd 4.
10. Move Brian Urlacher to strong side lb and Hillenmeyer to the middle. Brian is on the decline.
11. draft the best available cb in the 5th round
12. Sign Jeff Garcia
13. Draft the best FS in the 6th round
14. Draft the best available SS in the 7th round.

All of you Madden 09 lovers who play with the bears, follow this format.

Respectfully Submitted,


Things to do list:

1. In free agency sign Simms/qb, Henderson/wr(saints)
resign St Clair

2. Trade Urlacker to Cinn. for Ocho Cinco(hes anal but talented, and Brian in on the decine)

The draft: round 1 Maualuga/USC or Launrintas/OSU MLB
round 2 Chung/Oregon FS
round 3 English/NIU DE
round 4 Dillard/Rice wr
round 5 Jennings/Liberty RB
round 6 Tepper/Cal OT
round 7 Bell/Memphis OT

You have brought in Simms to compete for the qb position
You promote Bennett, Rideau, add Henderson, Ocho Cinco, Hester and Dillard to have a better slate of receivers.
Your offensive line is Williams/LT; St Clair/LG; Kuenz/center(w Beekman backing up) Bruening/RG (w Garza backing up) and Tait RT with some young tackles to groove for Taits spot when he retires.
Your line is bigger up front to get to a point to be a better running game.
You add Jennings to have a big back to spell Forte. You start using Wolfe as SD use Sporles to add a different dimension.

You add a new line coach in Marrinelli, and another pass rusher in English, and hope they become a force up front again.
You bring in some new blood at MLB and hope it fires up the defense to play more aggresive.
You start Chung at free saftey, and Payne at strong saftey, and find consistency in the backfield again.

Hopefully this puts us closer to being a good team again.

Ocho does nothing every year, why in heck would you want him? I tried him in Fantasy Football for 2 years and I will NEVER pick him again, he does nothing! Stas are everything in FF, No stats? why draft him?
T.O. maybe a headache as well, but look at T.O. stats!!! No comparison. We need a great WR not a headache with no stats.
Now Henderson might not be bad.
Tait is old now, he must go now, we cannot wait till we develope that position. That is why we need a DE/RT in the draft that can start asap.
and you are correct in that we need to get a WR in FA

I agree with some people on these comments but some of you are truly idiots.
OCHO CINCO will single handedly take an upcoming young team and smash it i mean i want the bears to go free agency but like some of you guys said boldin are "HOUSSYAMOMMA".
Then during the draft the need to fill saefty smartest thing to do would be let corey graham great developing corner start and move charles tillman to free safety kevin payne will become a great hitter like carolinas chris harris(keep in mind that chicago also made him).
if they dont getta receiver in free agency they need absoulutely to draft Jeremy Maclin with their first pick or Darius Hayward-Bey.
Maclin and Hesters speed would be something to see except kyle ortons deep ball is ridicoulously horrible. i think we can hold off on the pass rusher one more year mark andersons still great its just after his great rookie season teams are startin to scheme around him when this offseason comes down to it FREE AGENCY is number one priority BIG NAME RECEIVER if they go pass rusher offer JULIUS PEPPERS thee absolute best in the game more then the panthers do its simple Jerry Angelo can have one hell of an offseason or just tell his wife he got fired!!! By the way LOVIE SMITH is a great coach look what he did to chicago when dick jauron was the coach it was horrible mike shannahan is more prestigous but lovie is the cover two coach and with a great offseason with chicago we will be back with the cream of the crop!!!

These are all very good ideas regarding solving the Bears issues.
One of the things that I feel the Bears need to do in the draft is to GO BACK TO THE BASICS. And that can be done inside out by way of focusing on the Linemen.
As Jim Finks did in building this team. Thie first pick really does not yield an impact player that can step in immediately on the OL. Therefore, I think the Bears should look to move down in the first round to pick up additional picks that can be translated to the OL they need.
Players like Phil Loadholdt of the Sooners, Alex Boone and Steve Rehring from Ohio State, and Kraig Urbik of WI Badgers. These players can really add depth to an aging offensive line and also add insurance in the event Chris Williams is not healthy.
Bill Parcells has a theory... Get big, nasty and mean on the offensive line. Play smash-mouth, power footbal and control the game. Our QB is not good enough to depend on an air game. This is what the Bears need to do.

#1: Fire Ron Turner - he is, always has been and always will be worthless.
#2: FA - QB and WR
#3: Draft order (no rookie qb and if wr not gotten by FA): WR, DT, OL, Safety, LB

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