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The Bachelor chooses success for Grossman

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TAMPA--The Bachelor has a choice and he's picking Rex Grossman to be a winning quarterback in the NFL.

Somewhere else other than with the Bears.

Grossman's college teammate at Florida, Jesse Palmer, said he was a little surprised Grossman's career didn't continue on an upward path with the Bears, who drafted him in the first round in 2003.

"A little surprised to be honest,'' said Palmer, Tuesday afternoon at media day at Raymond James Stadium. "He's such a great competitor and football means so much to him and he has so much natural ability. I think the circumstances might have been a little tougher for him than anticipated, but at the same time he is a great competitor. There is no doubt in my mind he is going to succeed in the NFL somewhere else.''

Grossman is headed toward free agency and it's unknown where that might lead him. One thought was he could wind up here with the Buccaneers, but that might change now that Jon Gruden has left. Former Bears quarterbacks coach Greg Olson is with the Bucs, and he tried to recruit Grossman to Purdue out of high school. The Bucs could be in the market for a passer. But movement for Grossman is a month away with free agency opening Feb. 27.

"To get through the NFC the way Rex did, the way he played at certain times was unbelievable, the production,'' Palmer said. "But I guess the inconsistency in the end may have been a little bit of an issue. Having played in the NFL, I know that is the one thing they look a lot at, consistency week in week out. Maybe they were looking for a guy to manage games, keep them in games rather than a guy who is either very hot or very cold. I think you understand really why they did that and what you're going to get from Kyle Orton on a week to week basis.''

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He earned the nick name Good Rex Bad Rex, so yes Jeese the inconsistency was just a small problem.

Brad I have a question for you. Why is Jesse Palmer getting interviewed by anyone? Was Rex on his cell feeding him this stuff.

How can they being looking for a QB again? Didn't they have 6 or 7 in the preseason?

It's anyones guess why he has not excelled, I don't feel being short is the real issue as other short QB's have made it. The Bears certainly don't have a record of developing QB's at all....but I think a change of scenery would do wonders for him. He took us to the Super Bowl so I am backing him, as thats more than any other QB did except Mac.
What he really needs is a very good offensive line, I feel that would get him straightened out, but that works wonders for any QB. Rex needs room to step into his throws and if the opposing DT pushes the line he has no step up.
When JA said QB was his achilles heel, he forgot to mention WR as well. We could do just as well with a Orton and Free Agent Vet and Hanie - unless JA upgrades the OLine via Free Agency big time then maybe Rex could do it.

I've always loved Rex. He experienced enough events such as multiple injuries, ups and downs in play on the field and media drama to already write a book worth reading. But in the end he just couldn't put the consistency together, although I still thought going into last season that he would beat out Kyle and get his consistency down and be successful for us. Ultimatly that didn't happen and now I just wish Rex the best, and if he can get his play straightened out without such dramatic disparities in the level of his play than he can still be a great quarterback in this league. He is going to need the right situation where and offensive coordinator really takes him under his wing and guides him and works with him on his fundamental problem areas. Rex I wish you the best and I still believe in you. GO BEARS!!!

He has the talent, hope he can get it together and land in a healthier environment. Bears fans tend to be more brutal on their QBs than a lot of other fan bases, I think we inherited a lot of that from Ditka, who was notorious for his abuse of QBs. Not saying some of them didn't deserve it, and in the end millionaire athletes need to man up and take command of their own situation, just saying I hope Grossman can do that for himself at some point. Its never good for the game of football when good talent goes to waste over poor mental/mechanics/emotional development.

I was always a big Grossman fan and believe he took way too much criticism from people who never even stepped on a football field. To say Grossman was the sole reason for the collapse in '07 is illogical. Grossman is a solid qb if given talent around him. But what everyone fails to realize is that every qb needs solid talent, and Rex is no different. The booing he received this year was totally unwarranted, but I'm not too surprised to be honest. Most Chicago bear fans never played football and are too drunk by 12 on a sunday to know whats going on other than to boo the guy most notable on the field.

I mean hey! He only took us to the Super Bowl. Alex Brown said "All Rex did was take us to the Super Bowl and all everyone wants to do is boo him."

And then we have Bernard Berrian being quoted as saying Rex was "his guy" and one of the reasons Bernard didn't come back at a discounted rate was because Rex wasn't guaranteed to start. What does that tell you about his confidence in Orton, or Rex's ability?

Creighton, Palmer is (unfortunately) an NFL analyst for TSN (The Sports Network) in Canada. He's kind of like the Canadian version of Sean Salisbury. Terrible QB who couldn't start and somehow got a job doing t.v. work.


Why are you wasting our time with REX anything. He is a has-been.
Everyone knows why he isn't successful. He lived and died by the long ball. That is why he has more interceptions than touchdowns.
He doesn't have the patience to play the short pass. More importantly, he can't sustain a drive. just don't know which REX will show up on Sunday.

Good riddens to him. For those that are still scratching your heads on why he wasn't successful, you don't know very much about football. Try another sport that is more to your


What you should be writting about is the draft prospects and an honest opinion on what the bears are going to draft in the first 3 rounds.....knowing that Lovie is on his last leg.
You should also write a whole bunch of why lovie is a failure (you can add angelo to that mix). Please don't bring rex up again.
This town as a whole, is sick and tired of his name.

I am still A Grossman fan. He had a Head Coach that doesn't know how to eluvate talent thats evident by Bob Babich. His First Full Year as a Rookie he took us to the Superbowl yes he had his Ups & downs but what rookies didn't go thru that. If we had a better Offensive Line and Wide Recievers he could excel with a little work with stepping up in the pocket and foot work. But it seems this organization doesnt want to devolp a quarterback that is a proven fact because the bring in the wrong coaches time after time that can't devolp but losing records .Even Turner has said before when Orton is at quarterback he is limited on the playbook he can only give 50 -75 % of playbook . Orton is not the solution for our long term needs his accuraccy is something to be desired his deepball isnt even close he always under throws it or over throws it his arm strength isnt all that great. He even had problems throwing his best ball 0-15 yards before he got hurt. Why get any good recievers if our Qb best ball is under 20 yards and u can only go deep 1 or 2 a day and thats it. Plus it doesnt matter what vet Lovie brings in he will stick with Orton like they did with grossman not like what they see and anoint the vet as our starting Qb and you hear the same Bs story from Lovie and JA well we had to go in another direction and we play players that can make us win . We need a Qb Orton can be a # 2 backup and if he left Chicago right now there isnt a team that he would have a serious chance at being the starting Qb only reason chicago hasnt got another Qb is because at that postion the Organzation cant devolp talent and there really isnt nothing worth go after i take that back there are worthy Players going after like Matt Cassell from NE but the bears won't do that bears will only go after medicore QB's plus if there was Another Tom Brady or Peyton Manning they would get ran off from the organazation because they dont wanna fork out that much cash for a Qb they instead wanna fork cash out to GM and Coaches for there sucky performance.

We'll be sorry and regret the day when Rex leaves!!!! Mark my words!!!!!!! He is better and will always be better than Kyle ever thought of being!! It will be many years before the Bears find another QB as good as Rex. The Bears will always be average until they find a QB!! Don't let Rex go......he will succeed with a better offensive coordinater and fans that appreciate him!!!

I thought Grossman had it all at Florida and would be the answer for the Bears. But there is such a leap in difficulty to the NFL. Bill Walsh said the most important quality for success was accuracy, followed by athleticism and intelligence. Rex was plenty smart, and had moxie, but he simply was not accurate and he couldn't get out of the way of a pass rush. That's not going to translate into success anywhere in the NFL, so don't look for him to be great with some other team, IMHO.

BTW, my main issue with Orton is accuracy too. I mean, how many times did he miss a wide open Hester? If he doesn't make a giant leap in accuracy he'll be a goner in '10 or perhaps midway though '09.

It was said that Rex and Orton were pretty close in the training camp battle, and Rex said that he was surprised that he didn't get the starting job. That should tell you that Orton and Grossman are in the same ballpark in the short to middle game.

In the deep game, Grossman throws a better deep ball. When the Bears were getting beat, Grossman got plays to throw a ball up and hope a Bear came down with it. Not smart when the opposing defense is expecting exactly that.

Matt Forte would make any QB look better.

I still like Rex, I'd prefer to see him in Chicago and competing for the job this training camp, but if he leaves, I hope he gets a starting job and kicks the crap out of the Bears every time we play him.

We will be adding him to the list of guys like Thomas Jones, and all the starting wide receivers out there, who we ran off for no good reason. Bad drafting and cutting NFL starters is going to catch up with us sooner or later--and maybe it already has!

Rex sucks. He had 1 good season and he rode a great D and a running game that put up over 1800 yards to get us to the Super Bowl. Glad to see him go. Where ever he lands you know that he will fumble his first snap and then throw an interception. That is VINTAGE Grossman.


"To say Grossman was the sole reason for the collapse in '07 is illogical. Grossman is a solid qb if given talent around him. But what everyone fails to realize is that every qb needs solid talent, and Rex is no different."

Really ???

So, he didn't have (2) solid WR's in Moose and Berrian ??

He didn't have Thomas Jones running for over 1000 yards ??

Desmond Clark is really just a bum even though the Clark/Olson tandem is near the top of the league for TE's ??

The 2005 / 2006 O-line wasn't one of the top(10) groups in football ??

Rex didn't have a top-5 defense behind him and the (7) TD returns of Devin Hester for the 2006 season ????

The booing came from all those awful Bad Rex games, you all remember the QB ratings of 47.1, 68.4, 64.9, 10.2, 36.8, 23.7, 1.3, 0.0, 53.7, 56.0, 23.7 ect... ect...ect...

The booing also came from his career 35 INTs, 19 fumbles, QB rating of 70.2 in (36) games played in (6) seasons.....

"mean hey! He only took us to the Super Bowl."

If Rex took us to the SB then Rex lost the SB for us using your logic !!! Rex had one of the most up and down seasons of his career in 2006.....

Here is his weekly QB rating for 2006:
98.6, 148.0, 64.9, 100.5, 101.2, 10.2, 137.4, 36.8, 105.7, 81.4, 23.7, 1.3, 114.4, 104.3, 80.4 and the infamous 0.0.

Post season 76.9, 73.2 and the SB 68.3.

He certainly started off great but after say, game (6), nobody knew if Good or Bad Rex would show up, Just sayin !!

A Qusetion... What has Jesse Palmer done in his brief career to garner any kind of credibility as an expert of QB prospects ??? His opinion doesn't hold much meaning since he was a failure just as Sexy Rexy was/is as a QB !!!

Oh since Jesse Palmer said it, let's resign wrecks to a 10-year 100 million dollar deal. I mean...after all...."Jesse Palmer" said it.....

PLEASE. Wrecks was given chance after chance after chance to be the guy. Most teams would not have held on like the Bears did. He has ZERO pocket presence, ZERO ability to read defenses, ZERO ability to look off the scondary. He locks on to receivers. He doesn't know how to STEP UP when the pocket collapses. He just falls back, back, back like Chris Berman then trips over his two feet onto his cute wrecks face...

Good qb's progress over time. Wrecks still had the same issues from beginning of the season to the end. I am GLAD that he is finally gone and all the apologists are gone with him. You couldn't criticize him, you couldn't point out his mistakes. But those same apologists had no problem saying it was everbody else's fault(OL, wr's, etc.) Real fans were called "haters", "arm-chairs" and "not Bears fans". These FAKE Bears fans would cheer when the Bears lose just so they could say "wrecks would have done better".

Good riddance to wrecks and his apologists.


This is from Jackie:
"I am still A Grossman fan. He had a Head Coach that doesn't know how to eluvate talent thats evident by Bob Babich. His First Full Year as a Rookie he took us to the Superbowl yes he had his Ups & downs but what rookies didn't go thru that. If we had a better Offensive Line and Wide Recievers he could excel with a little work with stepping up in the pocket and foot work."

First of all Babich is on the defensive side of the ball and could care less about Rex. Second he was not a rookie when he took us to the Super Bowl. Third the offensive line was great that year. Fourth we had wide receivers Moose, Berrian and Davis who could catch that year. He also had FIVE years to work on his footwork and stepping up in the pocket. He SUCKS.

Please learn football before you spew anymore garbage about Rex and the Bears.


More Crap By Jackie on January 28, 2009 6:37 AM

"Even Turner has said before when Orton is at quarterback he is limited on the playbook he can only give 50 -75 % of playbook . Orton is not the solution for our long term needs his accuraccy is something to be desired his deepball isnt even close he always under throws it or over throws it his arm strength isnt all that great."

Sorry I didn't read the whole blog first. Orton has full knowledge of the whole playbook and Turner lets him change the plays at the line. Look how great the no huddle ran this year. Also, if Orton is lacking arm strength how does he over throw receivers??????


If I said this time, and time, and time again, the initial problem on this darn team is not with Grossman, Orton, or any other quarterback that's played on here in Chicago. The real problem is the defense for the quarterbacks on this team who cannot defend against the blizt, or any other pass who seem to out run the offensive line which as in resulting our quarterbacks to scrambble for there lives after every other snap they take, and this trend will continue no matter who we get as our quarterback. As I stated in my last blog, teams like Pittsburgh, Arizona, Minnesota, and yes Baltimore with a rookie quarterback understood the concept of giving the man in the middle plenty of time to look down the field to make a good pass t his receivers, and on the subject of receivers, shouldn't the Bears be looking at the as there number one priority?

Yes let's say we get rid of Rex Grossman, or say we're all glad to see him leave Chicago. But then again let say Rex goes to a contending NFC division team that we might have to play against some day, hopefully not an NFC Divisional or Championship game, and suddenly he torches us for a 300 or so yards as his new team squashes us let say? 40 -7, then we can blame Jerry Angelo for getting rid of another good Bears player off this roster. Smart thing to say right? As I pointed out before the problem is our depleated good for nothing offensive line. It's defense that wins the big games. Just ask Pittsburgh, Tennesee, and Baltimore.

Obviosuly jesse palmer knows atleast more then you ever will Creighton!!!! ANd nice job knowing/not knowing that he does in fact cover sports. way to go your so smart.

Mark my words all of you will be SORRY when Rexy skips town and signs on with a REAL team that knows how to use him. I'm guessing the vikes will sign him and then Rex and AP will literelly DESTROY "da bears" like they deserve to be for the way thy treat him!!! hahahahah!!!!

Sorry? Sorry for what? When he signs with a real team? The Bears went to a Super Bowl in spite of Rex, not because of him. HOw much more real does it need to get!? The Bears lost that super bowl because of Rex! Nobody else, just Rex. 25 other starting QB's in football that year would win that game simply by not screwing it up. Rex couldn't beat out the neckbearded Orton in preseason for a starting job, and certainly wouldn't oust Jeff Garcia at this point in their careers.

I was as excited in 2003 as anybody, but the honeymoon with Rex is long over. Time to go Rex, and please take the painful memories with you. I'm sure he'll make an excellent assistant recruiting coordinator at Florida someday, but lets tap the break on any future in the NFL.

any true bear fan knows it was not rex's fault but lack of a running game and an offensive line that failed and turners terrible play calling that made the year after the superbowl so bad. We had 2 rb's to take the pressure off rex and the line then we are down to 1 running back who is not committed and a head case and turners terrible play calling. now we are starting over with the great find in the kid from tulane to help the running game now we need wide recievers because this year recievers didnt help so now we have to draft new ones .JA what a football mind he is

You can over-complicate this question. I too thought Rex was going to be the winner of the QB sweepstakes last year. I don't know of any reasonable explanation as to why the Bears would not want him to succeed, so you have to assume it was a fair race...and he lost. Orton was, and is, the starting QB. That said, I think the coaching staff made a mistake in not playing Grossman as backup, at least in Green Bay and maybe another game. Orton was hurt and came back too quick.

You can also under-complicate this question. When a team has a problem with QB consistency with multiple veteran quarterbacks, the question is harder. Do you have a problem with your whole stable of quarterbacks, or do you have a problem with your offense in general so that no quarterback can play successfully? That is the tough question.

All Palmer really said is that he thinks Grossman will succeed somewhere else. If true, that is actually good news for the Bears because it means the problem is with their offense, but not quarterback. They already know the answer to the Orton-Grossman question. If Grossman does succeed elsewhere it means that Orton should also be able to succeed at an even higher level if the offense is upgraded around him.

The Bears have spent 5 of their last 6 high quality picks on offense. (Rounds 1 & 2 & 3). They have also emphasized offense on their FA signings. The results have been mixed. I'm hoping these players continue to develop and we see some real progress next year. Personally I think we are going to see a real jump in offense, but it is a fair question. If we don't, they have to start looking up the ladder for the problem.

I'd have to say that Rex could be a decent QB for some other team out there, and I wish him the best. I really don't think that the Bears will be sorry (and I know I won't) if he leaves and sees success with another team.

Its really simple. The Bears are just not a team that can win with a hot/cold QB like Rex is. Kyle Orton is now, and has been a better QB FOR THIS TEAM. Trying to compare quarterbacks without considering the team they are on is pretty pointless.

Why do Vikings and Packers fans waste their time posting on Bears blogs?

The NFL Network is reporting that the Cleveland Browns may be willing to part with wide receiver Braylon Edwards for a first-round draft pick. I’m aware he has had some questionable hands as of late, but is that a trade you would make?

I see Rex in Minnehaha and in next years Superbowl. Eat crow, Angelo!!!

One thing we can be sure of the Bears do not understand how to make a QB better.
Even though I like Rex alot, Orton was running those audibles pretty darn good, he went down hill after the injury, I couldnt even trade Housh for him when he was hot in our Fantasy leaugue - everyone wanted him then, but as soon as he had the inj, nobody wanted him after that..

I like Rex and I feel he has the skills to play QB with a better line and WR, But Orton is our QB, we should let Rex go - Orton does not need a shadow, he needs Offensive Linemen and WR's. JA/Lovie need to settle on a QB and go.....and develope Hanie as second string and a older vet to back them/teach them would be nice.

What has Orton done that Rex can't do or hasn't done?......NOTHING!!! What has Rex done that Orton can't do or hasn't done?.....Throw the deep ball, win a playoff game, etc,etc,etc............

Ish wrote:
"The NFL Network is reporting that the Cleveland Browns may be willing to part with wide receiver Braylon Edwards for a first-round draft pick. I’m aware he has had some questionable hands as of late, but is that a trade you would make?"

Nope. Leading the league in dropped passes is not something we need more of, unless you want to make Rashied Davis feel more at home. I am not saying he is not worth something but hardly a #1 and I don't know what his cap number (along with his salary number) would be.

He might become a cap casualty just like Vasher might. So no I think that is too much.

Now if you do like him -- and you didn't really say anything positive about him -- tell us how he would fit in with the Bears.

Hadji wrote:
"What has Orton done that Rex can't do or hasn't done?.....NOTHING!!!"

Not true, Orton has more hair on his neck than Rex. Has Rex ever shaved?

Rex has the ability to be very good with another team, given a good offensive line and running game he could be awesome.

The Bears would do well to have Rex as #2 next year if they could somehow work it out, who knows if he would be #1 by year end. Rex had very little to work with and yes Orton is a better game manager and seems to be a smarter QB but Rex by far has the better arm for the bomb!

I hope he go's to the AFC.

how can anyone think rex grossman was the problem with this coaching staff. chicago has never developed a qb due to lack of real coaching. i always said terry shea was doing a better job developing rex than ron turner. the thought of rex leaving chicago makes me wanna puke. how can they not look at ron turner after drafting all of these weapons and think he's not the problem. how many more people are going to leave chicago before they realize that primitive thinking and defensive minded coaching will only get you but so far. rex has all the tools physically a qb needs minus the talent around him. all of the players they drafted to help rex never even cracked the lineup. earl bennett the most ready wr to play out of the 08 draft sat the bench. how many other rookies did you see play and do so significantly to help there teams. only the bears have problems getting rookies on the field that should be a sign to tell you turner sucks. anyway i really hope rex goes to the vikes he's earned it to have a better organization a better coach and better players around him that actually care. i hope rex kicks the crap out of the bears every time he plays them. kyle orton sucks and everytime i think about how they are promoting him just makes me laugh. they realized that they messed up so they are trying there best to discredit rex because if he's anything like the other players that leave he'll prove this coaches to be inept.

Hadji wrote:
"What has Orton done that Rex can't do or hasn't done?.....NOTHING!!!What has Rex done that Orton can't do or hasn't done?.....Throw the deep ball, win a playoff game, etc,etc,etc........."

hmm, lets see

Kyle Orton: Career 505/913, 5319 yds, 55.3 compl%, 5.83 avg, long 65, 30 TD's 27 INT's, 59 sacks 71.1 QB rating

Mad Bomber: Career 521/962, 6164 yds, 54.2 compl%, 6.41 avg, long 62, 33 TD's, 35 INT's, 58 sacks, 70.2 QB rating

seems that Kyle has a better TD to INT ratio, has a better completion percentage, better QB rating and also boasts a higher winning percentage....

As far as Kyle not winning a playoff game goes, you have to give Kyle some more time.... Rex didn't notch his first playoff "w" until 2006, Rex was the incumbant starter from 2004 through the first (3) dismal performance of 2007... Kyle has only started in (2) of his (4) seasons as a Bear, first being his rookie year because Rex got hurt for the third time in as many years and 2008 because Rex couldn't beat him out!!!

Fair is fair fella's, Kyle deserves the same opportunity that Rex was afforded. Kyle as a rookie won (10) games behind the leagues best defense and was benched in favor of Rex who promptly choked vs the Panthers. The next year, choked vs the Colts ect...ect...ect...

If you followed the Bears website during the offseason, the daily updates listed in all the picks Kyle threw and the prettiest pass of the day usually went to Rex. The Seattle preseason game was a joke and Rex ran for his life. Job security for the coach led to Orton being named the starter IMO.
It's nice to see Palmer stand up for the guy that everyone trashes. 1st round pick, torn ACL running for a TD against Minn, and a broken ankle, That is alot to ask of a young QB to prove he was worth it after 3 years. Subbing for Kyle in 05, you could feel the opponents D change because noone feared Orton to burn them deep. I'm not pretending that Rex is the best ever, but as a Viking, Panther, Bill, Chief, Seahawk or Buc I feel that he could be very successful. Poor decision to strip his veteran skill players away starting out. If the Bears were to draft Maclin they would have to move him to RB so Kyle could get the ball to him.
I would like to have seen Rex with a full season with the talent they have now, but the coaches need to stick with Orton. Personally, I would draft a RT in the first round.

Jesse Palmer was a great quaterback that was never given a real chance in the NFL. Now everyone tunes in to ESPN hear his opinion and picks. So to say "why was anyone interviewing Jesse Palmer" was very stupid.

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