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Sunday roundup: Injuries aren't culprit this time around

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When the Bears nose-dived to 7-9 in 2007 following their appearance in the Super Bowl, injuries were cited as one of the primary reasons.

They were the eighth-most injured team in the league that season, according to research compiled by the Dallas Morning News' Rick Gosselin.

Well, his new chart is out for 2008 and perhaps it comes as no surprise that they are on the other end of the chart. The Bears ranked as the 12th healthiest team in the league, according to Gosselin. Of the top 12, eight teams qualified for the playoffs. The Bears had just three starters land on injured reserve, and strong safety Mike Brown wasn't placed there until the final week of the season.

So there is encouraging news, the team managed to stay healthier.

*** The Bears' scouting staff has converged on Houston for the East-West Shrine Game. It's just like the Senior Bowl, just a little more low-profile with not the same caliber of top prospects. Still, it will be scouted just the same and one of the primary initiatives is meeting with players the team is interested in for interviews and background work. Northwestern running back Tyrell Sutton is in the game as is Western Illinois linebacker Jason Williams, the DuSable product. Fourteen Big Ten players are on the East roster. The Bears also sent assistant defensive line coach Eric Washington for the week, presumably to work with some linemen.

*** There is a good read on the Rod Marinelli hiring. After an 0-16 season, James Brown on Showtime's "Inside the NFL'' named Marinelli his choice for coach of the year.

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Congratulations Bears, Marinelli will prove to be an outstanding line coach and certainly one that can give Babich some pointers along the way.

Lovie and Babich, maybe JA should take charge and let Babich go since Lovie will not? Cleveland just gets one of Buddy Ryans sons and Baltimore has the other. The Bears need a good and aggressive D coordinator.

This generates a question for me; is it better to have a starter playing at 80% or to have a back-up at 100%??

I have alkways liked the job JA did here but lately I have no faith in his drafts.
To me this draft this year seals his fate with me. and I only hope he is blowing smoke about the QB. Surely he can not be stupid enough to believe the QB lost those games and not his Defense?but he was on the stand and testified against himself. That is just plain dumb.
Hopefully it's smoke and he will draft a top DE (one that actually gets on the field)
Go Old Man Warner!

as far as injuries, we really don't know about Harris and URL either, they played injured or they just sucked (or scheme), we will know next year though
But Babich or whoever (Lovie) have no excuse and yet here we go again next year
Go Old Man Warner!

The Bears sent assistant defensive line coach Eric Washington to the East-West Shrine game, so the Bears must be checking out some of the defensive linemen, the Bears need an edge rusher [an end], and a nose tackle with some beef inside to help on run defense. The player I hope the Bears keep a close eye on is, Boston college nose tackle, Ron Brace, Brace is on the East team. Brace has the size [6-3 325lbs] Chicago lacks inside at the nose position. Along with his size, I like Brace for his ability to collapse the pocket, as a junior, Brace had 7.5 tackles for loss with 2.5 sacks, this season, Brace had 10 TFL to go along with 2.5 sacks, for a nose tackle, this is impressive. So not only can Brace clog the run with his 325lb frame, Brace can also penetrate from his nose position.

The Bears already have Marcus Harrison, at 6-3 313lbs, Harrison could also add some size inside at the nose position. But if Chicago was to bring in Brace, with his 325lb frame inside at the nose position, this would allow the Bears to keep Harrison at the 3-technique. Chicago could then boast an inside combo of Harrison at 315lbs and Brace 325lbs, this would do wonders for the Bears run defense, and free up Urlacher & Briggs, so they can drop back in coverage more often. Also, both Harison and Brace have the ability to penetrate, this would also help the Bears pass defense with their ability to penetrate the pocket from inside.

As far as an edge rusher, I liked George Selvie of South Florida, but he will return to South Florida for his senior season. In the first round, Chicago could either take, Michael Johnson of Georgia tech, Johnson had an impressive 17.5 TFL to go along with 9 sacks, and at 6-7, Johnson had 7 pass breakups. I also like Greg Hardy of Mississippi, Hardy has nise size at 6-5 260lbs, Hardy only appeared in 8 contest for Mississippi, but still had 9.5 TFL with 8.5 sacks, this guy could be the real deal at the end position putting up these kind of numbers in only 8 games. Either one of these guys could give the Bears the youth, and ability to rush the passer the Bears need from the end position GO BEARS!!

Too bad Rod can't suit up.....I think that's the only way to improve this current bunch of no-pass-rushers. Randy...old man Warner stinks!!! Give me time and I can throw it up for grabs to Fitzgerald and look great too!! I bet Kyle wishes he had a WR like that!


As much as I like your insight, Chicago - correction - Lovie Smith will never go for it. His scheme is based on quick, undersized players. I think a run-stuffing DT would be great but look how long it took Lovie to activate Anthony Adams this season. Why? Because Adams is a big bodied guy who doesn't fit the one-gap, quick shooting DT's that Lovie wants. Until the scheme changes, look for more of the same.

None of this talk will matter if the Bears don't change their "country club" training camp and go back to basics!! (live blocking, live tackling, scrimmages in full pads......etc,etc) I heard on the radio that Izzy didn't even know what a blocking sled was!! Yikes!!!! Hopefully Rod will get it right!!

Kevin, Hardy is good pick and may be there when the Bears select, I think I told you before but Hardy missed those games because of a foot injury he had, he missed about 6-7 weeks total if you include camp.

Johnson is gonna be real good but he will go in the top 10, I would also like to see him put on 10 pounds. I like Selvie too, but you must be hoping Cowher comes here and the Bears switch to a 3-4 cause that is were Selvie belongs as a rush LB. So what I think your secretly saying in your own way, is that you want Lovie and Angelo gone and the Bears to go after Cowher next year, and for the Bears to switch to a 3-4 defense. That also explains why you want the big NT. Yes Kevin you may not realize it but you are subconsciously hating Lovie and Angelo and wishing for Cowher and the 3-4.

So yes I agree with your subconscious and probably with your Id which is screaming for Angelo's blood.

Kevin what will you do if the Bears draft a QB with the first pick?

Dahli, cearful what wish for? Rod may not be that great of a line coach. Outside of Sapp who may have just been great to begin with he never developed anyone and he was given some major draft picks to develop. He also never developed a DE who was better than decent. He was given 4 top 15 first round picks, 1 top 25, 1 top 100 pick, Simeon Rice and a hand full of others who never developed into anything special. Upshaw was a let down, McFarland was ok, Jones was blah, Rice was great before he got there, and Spires was ok. So basically in 10 years he may have developed one awsome player, but has nobody else that he can brag about and was given a lot of high draft picks to work with. I hope he does well but we don't have Sapp or Rice.

but why aren't they sending scouting staff or Eric Washington to the senior bowl where there will be more true top players, game-changing playmakers? instead, true to Angelo and Lovie, don't just look for mediocrity, guarantee that's what you're going to scout.

why can't they split up and go to both all-star games? Angelo and the Bears scouting staff have absolutely GOT to start hitting more homeruns with their day 1 picks, while sticking their necks out and be willing to take the risk to find a game-changing playmaker in round 1... will that player be at the East-West Shrine game, for Pete's sake?

dirtyharry: jealousy is not good
Yea right he stinks ....he's playin,your not, Orton's not, P. Manning's not but yeah right he stinks, there's alot of good QB's with WR thats as good as Fitz that are not playin and do not put the ball on the spot.
geez what an argument you have there! Look at his stats this year, duh, uh also he didn't have Boldin but still put the ball in the hole, (but you could do that too. lolol
You need to drink a nice cup of shut the f... up with that cheese you cut.
If you don't like him then say it aho but tell it like it is, he's winnin and your not.
Theres a difference between puttin the ball up and puttin it on the spot! Did you see the ball Ftiz jumped up to grab? If Fitz had run it through it would have been right in his hands - not a jumper. Look at the tape.

That also explains why you want the big NT. Yes Kevin you may not realize it but you are subconsciously hating Lovie and Angelo and wishing for Cowher and the 3-4.

ok that was good lol

But yeah Kevin, I agree those guys would be great, with Harrison - I saw some things from Adams at the end as well. What is the scoop on why he was on injured reserve so long? He sure came in and made a difference. But didn't see enough games with those 2 to know for sure what they are capable of doing, same as Bennet.

Creighton, I don't see the Bears drafting a QB in the first round, Tim Tebow of Florida, the guy you wanted, will returnt ot Florida for his senior season. Sam Bradford hasn't said if he is coming out yet, and who knows whats going through his head right now? And Matt Stefford won't make it past Detroit, especially if Bradford returns to Oklahoma, if Bradford does come out, Stefford won't make it past the Chiefs. Theres no other QB worth taking at #18, speaking of #18, thats the Bears QB anyways, Kyle Orton. At #18 in the draft, Chicago goes either William Moore the safety, or Greg Hardy the defensive end.

Oh yeah, Bill Cowher will be a Dallas Cowboy going into the 2010 season.

Creighton, speaking of subconscious, could it be, all the time you spend bashing the Bears on this blog, your subconsciously telling yourself to be a Packers fan?? It sure seems that way to me, but to each his own!! oh well GO BEARS!!

Warner's career record speaks for itself, and unless your Matt Leinart (maybe you are lol) then nope you could not accomplish that as Matt couldn't do it. which is to say that alot of QB's could not do it.
But yes the Cards do have some good WR's but if anyone could do it - I bet Matt would be playin

Kevin I never said I wanted Tebow, were are you getting that? I said Angelo wants him because he is a giant Rex Grossman and we all know Angelo is very attracted to Rex.

Posted By Kevin:
Oh yeah, Bill Cowher will be a Dallas Cowboy going into the 2010 season.

I agree, and Lovie will be a looking for work. I hope you will be ok with that.

Posted By Kevin

Creighton, speaking of subconscious, could it be, all the time you spend bashing the Bears on this blog, your subconsciously telling yourself to be a Packers fan?? It sure seems that way to me, but to each his own!! oh well GO BEARS!!

I have never bashed the Bears. There is a differrence from bashing and being honest. You just happen to have blinders on when it comes to this team. I don't need to point out all your Super Bowl comments and how the Bears only make perfect draft pick comment or how Lovie is the best coach ever comments or Orton is the Best QB in football comments or how they have all the best players in the NFL comments in order to point out that you get caught up in the hype and don't actually look at the team for what it is. Again when people told you Williams had a bad back and it was reported he had a bad back you actually refused to believe it. But it was true. I point out stuff that is trye and you refuse to believe it and think that makes you a fan. Im an objective fan, and your a fanatical fan.

I think if you actually opened your eyes a bit and became a little more objective you might actually understand what I am talking about. I think you have a good head for the draft but when it comes to the Bears you think no matter who they take that guy is awsome. Look at Steltz at the end off the Season you said he looked great this year. Dude you are the only person in the Bear you who thinks that.

Kevin if I bashed this team then I am wrong about what I said, what I said would have been incorrect. If you can find a post of mine that points out something I said about this team that was wrong or incorrect, then I will apologize for saying it, but to this day you have never found a post like that have you? Why cause I am not bashing them I am just being honest. I may be harsh but that doesn't make me honest, you however have made tons of mistakes in your judgment of this team over and over again. Does that make you an idiot? i don't think so, I just think you are an over excited fan boy who gets caught up in the hype. The good news about you Kevin is with that blind faith of yours you have a great future in a corrupt government as a political aid.

Nice Article on Warner:;_ylt=AhFuu_4B9baz8rSLVL4C81v.uLYF?slug=ms-thegameface010209&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

I don't feel the Bears will draft a QB either, Hanie and/or a Free Agent. I feel JA was nudging Orton and his contract. Wonder about Rex though.

Creighton, hook, line, and sinker on that one buddy, I'd knew you would bite on the Tebow comment. Creighton, I know you never said anything about wanting Tebow, I just took what you said in an earlier blog about you THINKING the Bears would draft Tebow, not anything about you WANTING him, and I twisted it around to make it look like you wanted Tebow. But Creighton, do you realize why I wanted you to bite on that comment???? Because for one simple reason, DOESN'T IT SUCK WHEN SOMEONE TWIST AROUND WHAT YOU SAY TO MAKE THEMSELVES LOOK BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BEARS!!

P.S. Kevin Bumstead say's, lay of Orton, you might be sorry if he has a big year next season, bash him during the week, then root for him on sunday, even Mr. Bumstead knows thats called being a hypocrite! but again, GO BEARS!!

Creighton, don't take what I said in my above blog [or any other blog for that matter] personal, lets not become enemies just because Im an optimistic Bear fan, and your a pessimistic Bear fan, bottom line, were both Bear fans, we both have different points of view. Thats what makes these blogs so interesting, hearing the different points of view. Despite our many arguments [and Im sure there will be many more] you don't seem like a bad guy.

Creighton, you tell me to look at things a little more objective, and I'll know where your coming from. Well, same goes for you, you need to look at things with a little more optimism, and you'll know where Im coming from. Creighton, you say Im wrong over and over again with my optimistic point of view, Creighton, so are you with your pessimistic. Creighton, do you realize you were against the Bears drafting Matt Forte [their best player on offense] before the draft. You wanted Mendenhall over Forte, just because of level of competition, and you said, "Forte will fumble the ball to much, if he did at Tulane, whats gonna happen when he is at the pro level?" Also, you were positive left guard Josh Beekman sucked [thats called bashing by the way, and Creighton, you have said this on more than one occasion], just because he never saw the field as a rookie. Creighton, not every rookie is NFL ready straight out of college, I must sound like a broken record telling people this ALL THE TIME, but its true, and for the life of me, I can't understand why you don't get that??? Here we are a year later, and Josh Beekman doesn't look that bad 16 starts later now does he. And now here you go again with this years rookie class, that either never saw the field or wasn't an all-pro straight out of college. Creighton, come to me in a year with this talk that Chris Williams or Craig Steltz is a bust. Steltz might not ever be an all-pro, but he might not turn out that bad either. All Im saying is give these younger players a chance before running them out of town, some will make it, some won't, thats just the way it is. And Creighton, no matter how you look at this, optimistic, or pessimistic, it doesn't really matter, only difference is, me with my optimistic point of view, will be a lot happier than you and your pessimistic point of view. And Creighton, theres one thing that I get and you don't, in the end its just a game, so why cry about things you have absolutely no control over. If the Bears get a player you don't like, why sit around and say he sucks, whats the sense in it, I say support the player and hope the best for him, Creighton, whats so wrong about that?????? Creighton, who really cares if a player I support doesn't turn out that good, again, who really cares, its just a game, the Bears are a team that I, as a fan, have no control over, as far as what players they sign or draft, so why cut them down all the time, your just making yourself look like a fair weather fan or a band wagon rider when you root for them if they turn out good, cough cough Forte cough!! I say if your a fan of a team, support the players, thats what being a fan is all about. To me, next to my wife and kids, you can't beat a sunday afternoon sitting back and watching a Bears game, good or bad team, sadly, the joy of watching a Bear game is one joy you will probably never have and all I got to say about that is GO BEARS!!

Yeah, I know. Without all the injuries you have a 12-4 team. Then Lovie goes 5-11. Then 11-5. Oooh what a big difference, coach of the year. BS!

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