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Report: Marinelli blows off "ladies" from Detroit press corps

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Rod Marinelli was in no mood to chat it up with Detroit media when he arrived at the Senior Bowl on Monday.

As Tom Kowalski of Booth Newspapers and reports, Marinelli referred to three Detroit reporters as "ladies" and basically motioned for them to hit the path. The three reporters who approached Marinelli were male. Kowalski was joined by Nick Cotsonika of the Detroit Free Press and John Niyo of the Detroit News.

Marinelli was happy to talk about his new position with the Bears when cohort Mike Mulligan tracked him down. Those who have played for Marinelli in the past only have glowing things to say about him.

The end of his three-season tenure with the Lions with punctuated by the highly publicized question from former Detroit News columnist Rob Parker, who asked Marinelli if he wished his daughter had married a better defensive coordinator than son-in-law Joe Barry.

Parker said afterward that he was joking and had a good relationship with Marinelli. If Parker did, maybe he was the only member of the Motown media corps who did. The Lions became the first team in NFL history to finish a season 0-16.

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Marinelli is a loser...just what we need...another loser...

Somebodies bitter at the press. But hey, freedom of speech, man. Have to back him on something.

Maybe Marinelli will be able to fix he coaching problems with the Bears defense. Clearly he could not do so for Detroit and that is not the problem of the reporters from Detroit. It was Marinelli who went 0 and 10 for an NFL first, not the reporters.
But even if Marinelli is the answer to the Bears Defensive coaching woes under Lovie Smth for the last TWO years...
Who is going to fix the Bears Offensive coaching woes? Not Turner with his play calling and inability to develop either a Quarterback or even a single wide receiver...
Who is going to be responsible for drafting players who actually turn out to be good NFL players who actually then play for the Bears? Not Jerry Angelo who promised to draft men with solid floors but who in fact has drafted failure after failure...
Who is accountable?

I'd have done the same. What is the worst they going to do, print bad things about him?

Did any of these reporters rebuke the jerk who asked about his son-in-law, or did they silently stand by and nod their heads?

I don't blame him one bit.

This qualifies as news? This sounds like my sixth grade gym teacher. Big deal. Please report real news, not this rubbish. Now I suppose we'll get a Slezak column on how this is sexual harassment.

If true,I'm happy. Not saying all male reporters are the brightest stars in the sky, but everyone knows why women got their jobs. Ever try watching ESPN with those stupid $$s "football reporters" on the sideline? Or in the studio doing the news? Like a 5 year old.
It's Prop 9 getting them these jobs. I switched on a game and a woman was doing play by play.AGGGGGGGG

If Warren Sapp and Chris Hovan vouch for Marinelli's cred, that's good enough for me. Athletes, pros included, crave good coaching. And, in the words of Ronald Reagon (who I didn't vote for nor admire, but I love this quote): "make 'em feel the heat and they'll see the light." if Marinelli can do that, I'll be happy.

I have portraits of Ronald Reagan and Mike Ditka on the wall in my den. I use pictures of Warren Sapp and Dion Sanders to pick up my dogs poopie when I walk him. He doesn't seem to mind.

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