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Pittsburgh running back in close contact with Forte

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TAMPA, Fla.--It doesn't look like Bears rookie running back Matt Forte will be chosen as the Diet Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year, which will be announced Thursday. Forte is one of five finalists for the award along with Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco, Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan, Tennessee running back Chris Johnson and Houston running back Steve Slaton.

In fact, word is honors will belong to Flacco. A source said Flacco is flying in to Tampa and that's likely to collect hardware at the noon press conference announcing the winner. The winner was chosen by fan vote.

But Forte hasn't been forgotten during the week. Pittsburgh running back Mewelde Moore, who preceded Forte at Tulane, was asked about the Bears' star and whether or not they keep in touch.

"All the time,'' Moore said. "I talked to him before he got into the league, I talked to him as he was playing and progressing in the league, and also just giving him information and letting him best apply it to his situation. That's what we do, we stick together, and anything and everything I can do to help him, I am definitely there for him. He's a starter and I'm so happy for him, because that's his place, being a starter.

"I prepare to be a starter, but right now I'm a third-down guy, return guy, that's what I do, that's my niche and that's what I do well. That's the thing, you've got to know your roles and know exactly what is asked of you and don't get outside of that. Those are the types of things that we talk about, and I'm so happy for him that he did well this year and he'll do well again next year."

Forte is expected in town too for a charity bowling event.

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Is there any Bears fan that doesn't know that if JA had got us some more Offensive Line help last year, that Forte would have the rookie award?
Pretty kool that Moore was talking to Forte and preparing him for the NFL, too bad Ced didn't have any Texas guys talking to him, - I have a feeling he will do better in Cincy though. He looked alot better at the end of the year.

Are there gonna be any SB score predictions?

Arizona 24
Pitt. 19


O'contrare, Ced had Ricky Williams ... er, ummm ... yeah, it is too bad he didn't have someone to talk too.

As for Drinky McBusty, he had one good game at the end of the season. Before then he was averaging a blazing 3.0 ypc average and seemingly got into his buddy's "green stash" when he claimed if he was in Chicago he would have already run for 1800 yards. Maybe he meant for his career?

It's too bad Matt Forte won't get the award but it's not surprising. Chicago was 24th in rushing even though we had the 2nd-coming of "The Ultra-back." My biggest fear is that Forte will turn into another A-Train ... don't get me wrong I like him and his work ethic, I just don't see him as a game-changer or "a special back" (to borrow an Angelo-ism).

How the heck is Flacco going to win rookie of the year over Ryan? That's completely absurd, and huge mistake. I guess they're over valuing the playoffs. Ryan took a team in a complete rebuilding year, and survived the worst PR nightmare in NFL history, and carried them to the playoffs. Flacco road the back of the Ravens defense.

Any chance the Bears could pick up Moore to spell Forte?

Not to argue Ryan didn't have a good year, but ATL brought in Turner and a couple? Offensive Linemen as well. Turner was awsome. I really wanted us to grab him last year. It goes to show it's tough to do it w/o some help which Forte didn't really have, we didn't go out and get Offensive Line to help him and our QB/WR sure didn't help him much.
Yeah, I drafted Ricky Williams thinking he was his old self in Fantasy Football, huge mistake.
and you are correct I waivered for Ced at the end of the year and I believe he was getting like 3.0 yds.


I'll admit A-train came to my mind too. I don't think that is where this goes though.

Where I think this goes is that they need another back, or combination of backs, to take at least 1/3 of Forte's reps next year. If they do, I think Forte will be just as productive. If they don't, the dude will be done as a feature back within 3 years and will probably never play in the postseason even if the Bears get there.

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