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Movin' on up? Bears not ready to announce pricing structure for 2009 tickets

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TAMPA, Fla.--NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said at his state of the league address Friday that roughly three-quarters of the league will not raise ticket prices for 2009.

That leaves about eight teams that are increasing prices in a weakened economy. You're going to have to wait another week or two, at the most, to learn which side of the fence the Bears are going to be on.

"Everything has not been 100 percent formalized,'' team spokesman Scott Hagel said. ``We're going through budgeting right now and ticket prices are part of it.''

The Bears have raised ticket prices, in some form at least, for five consecutive years. They bumped all non-club seats $3 or $4 last year and club seats increased $10 each. The hike was not announced last year until Feb. 21 and invoices for season-ticket holders were mailed March 7.

"We have announced, very aggressively, that we are going to look at all of our season ticket prices,'' Goodell said. "Each team is doing that evaluation. I believe about three quarters of the league will hold their ticket prices flat. They're going to have to work harder and be more creative and offer extended terms in some cases to our fans to allow them to try to get through this difficult cycle."

Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson Jr., who was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday, said at the press conference, "I'm advised in this economy we're not supposed to raise ticket prices."

It's not known if that came from the NFL or advisors Wilson has with his franchise.

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Do these people know the status of the economy? How many people do they think can afford expensive tickets? Gee, tickets or food? Tickets or bills? Etc. If you want increase in sales, DECREASE PRICES!!!!!


It doesn't matter whether they know the status of the economy or not. The fans that buy the tickets every year and year out will pay anything to hold on to their seats. In most cases, they make enough to absorb whatever cost and most likely are not feeling much personally from the financial crisis. The bears organization knows this and will most likely increase prices.
It's not like a family thing anymore to go to a ball game. You don't bring your kids to these games anymore because they cost too much. Its been like this for years. So it doesn't matter.
If they added 20 bucks to each ticket, they would still get sold out. The waiting line for season tickets is quite long. Plenty of die hard bear fans ready to pay any price for the seats.
What I am surprised about, that the nfl hasn't devised a way to got to a virtual in holographic so they can televise a holographic game in real time at another location so they can collect more money for these games.
Bottom line is...if couldn't afford to go to a game this past season, you can't afford to go to one next season. So it doesn't matter. Let them increase the tickets.
You can help yourself by watching the games on TV and not buying anything from the advertisers.

Good luck selling tickets when you still have Bob Babich ruining the Bears defense. I'm going to root for a team that plays with a real defense and heart, the Steelers. I'm not even buying league pass next year. Lovie sucks.

Haven't you heard of supply and demand? Why would they decrease ticket prices when there isn't an empty seat at any home game! I live in Ohio, and I attend one game per year. I would love to see the ticket prices go down, but let's face reality that the NFL can do anything they wish to do!

Bear Down!

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