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Marinelli will not bring linebackers coach in package deal

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Business is business and family remains family.

The two will not mix for the Bears.

Rod Marinelli was hired as the defensive line coach and assistant head coach today, the same day his son-in-law Joe Barry took a job as the linebackers coach for the Seattle Seahawks.

It was expected Barry could come to the Bears with Marinelli in a package deal. Lovie Smith needs to hire a linebackers coach after firing Lloyd Lee earlier this week The Bears are also in seek of a secondary coach.

Barry replaced Smith as the linebackers coach in Tampa in 2001 and was the Lions defensive coordinator the last two seasons.

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I'm just spit-balling this but...offer Mike Brown the job of the secondary coaching job and demote Babich to LBs coach and hire a DC that can create an overall MONSTER OF THE MIDWAY set.

are you nuts? offer brown a job? he was the only one of the DB's to do any good. he was crushing people until he got hurt. you cant say that about anyone else back there. you can talk about how vasher had 1 good year, and tillman choked on alot of plays. maybe the bears can get a DB coach who'll have his cornersbacks play up on the recievers to throw them off there route. maybe we can get rid of babich totally, he doesnt deserve to be anykind of coach for the bears!!! now lets focus on the offensive coach, get his A$$ out of there to and get someone who'll call plays to move the ball the whole game instead of part of it. coaching staff is a joke, they talk a good game they just dont coach a good game, period!

I like the idea of offering Mike Brown the secondary coaching job but only as an assistant until he gets a little experience at coaching. It would be a good move over letting him play because of being injury prone. The bears might opt to let him go because of the injuries. I'd like to see him stay and coach.

As for firing babich and turner. I say fire the whole bunch, top to bottom (except for special teams coach..he's the only one worth a lick). While you are at it, fire Angelo. He has proved that he can't draft players...and while we are on the subject of firing, lets include phillips for not seeing the writing on the wall with those bozos below him and getting them off this club.

Sorry to say, that wish isn 't going to happen for us fans; not this year anyway.
We need another 8 and 8 season to wake up the McCaskys.

I seriously think that the cover-2 (prevent defense) has been figured out by most teams and it just doesn't work anymore. If it still worked, tampa would have gone futher this year.
Which team is left in the playoffs that are playing cover-2 ?
Because of this and Lovie living in denial (or the past), we will have the same kind of season. Hopefully less mistakes by the offensive signal calling, but other teams are going to pass all day against our defense. Cover-2 allows for 10 yard passes all day long.
By the time the 4th quarter comes around, the defense is bushed and tired of playing on the heals for 60 minutes.

Which teams are playing cover-2 ? ..from Wikipedia
In traditional Cover 2 schemes the free safety (FS) and strong safety (SS) have deep responsibilities, each guarding half of the field. The NFL's Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears, and Detroit Lions run a variant of this defense called the Tampa 2.

So, for total defense for 2008 season...
Kansas City was #31
Tampa was #9
Buffalo was #14
Colts were #11
Chicago was #21
Detroit Lions were #32

Is there anything in these stats that would indicate that the cover-2 is the way to go?

Read this from wikipedia on coverages...

Val, good work on the cover two stuff.

The best D is one that is a variant style D that can move from man to man at times and other styles similar to Buddy Ryans D but with more variations, like his sons use. The Baltimore and Pittsburgh style of D play might be a little more effective for the BEars. Cover two can work well in certain situations but the D line has to be totally dominant with a surge to the QB not allowing anytime for the QB.

This years Bears team seemed so milk toast, how much pressure with or without a blitz, very little. How many times on third down and long did other teams convert? Way too many times, Atlanta, Carolina and Tampa a few examples.

Babich, can't work with him?? Toub should have already earned a promotion somewhere on the D and we hve got to get an exceptional D backs coach, if MIke Browns playing days are done, there is no one else that I would rather see working with that group.

Angelo can't draft players: Tommie Harris, Devin Hester, Matt Forte, Nathan Vasher, Charles Tillman, Alex Brown, Lance Briggs, Bernard Berrian, Greg Olson, Chris Harris. You can say the defensive players underachieved this year, but with better coaching they will be back on top.

As for firing the offensive coordinator, it is not his job to move the ball down the field and be able to catch the ball. It's the players' job. It's hard to sustain drives when wide receivers can't hold on to the ball. Shut up before you speak.

I believe that marinelli will be a good aquisition for my Chicago Bears. You see being a resident of Minnesota, I hope the Bears can regain that defensive swagger they had in years passed. Born and raised in Chicago, I always was and will always be a BEAR. We need to shore up the Defense as well as the offense. ie; QB, Receivers,etc. Let's go Bears make some more moves that we Fans can be proud Of. Thank You!

Sincerely, Bragging Rights In Minnesota.

Two words: Chris FARKING Williams ... Yeah, Jerry is a draft genius.

Two more words: Michael Okwo, Dan Bazuin, Cedric Benson, Mark Bradley, Garret Wolfe, Michael Haynes, Rex Grossman, Leon Joe, Todd Johnson, Airese Curry, Tank Johnson, Claude Harriot, Craig Krenzel, Ian Scott, Tron Lafavor, Roosevelt Williams, Terrence Metcalf, Bobby Gray, Brian Knight ...

Oh and how is Chris Harris doing nowadays, I hear he's some sort of Pro Bowl safety. Too bad some genius GM traded him away for a sack of magic beans ... In essence Chicago traded a pro-bowl safety for a 5th round pick. Zack Bowman better be the greatest CB in Chicago history.

I agree with Da Church of Da Coach!!! Dont forget letting Thomas Jones fly the cooupe. Angeloose cant draft. What about Danieal Manning.....they thought that he was the best safety 4 years ago in the draft form a D2 school!!! UUUGGGHHH!!! Why dont Blago do there drafting?

I think that we should replace both Turner and Babich, their both too predictable. As far as Coach Smith and Mr. Angelo, I like both of them and all of you have to remember that this is Coach Smith's defense. The same defense that was so great in 2005 and 2006 is the same as it is now (same scheme and players). However, Rivera was running it and Babich can't.

Mr. Angelo and Coach Smith have drafted many good players and some who haven't worked out too. However, complaining about players who haven't worked out is dumb, because I can make a list for every NFL team with players that are long gone. Overall, Mr. Angelo has a great strategy and has done an above average job despide all of you angry fans thinking that EVERYONE should be fired.

My concern, however, is now that the Chicago Bears management and coaching staff has become the good 'o boys system. If Coach Smith or Mr. Angelo chooses to keep Babich and Turner, that will began to show me that their friendship is superior to results and at that point, I would be in favor of Mr. Angelo and Coach Smith being fired. This is something that Mr. Phillips needs to be looking at. Friendship can NEVER come above results in the NFL.

Please, change is needed at the O.C. and D.C. positions.

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