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Marinelli: "We'll wait a few days and see how things work out''

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Perhaps the Bears will know early next week whether or not Lovie Smith will rejoin forces with longtime friend Rod Marinelli.

Marinelli met with the Houston Texans on Thursday and according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, that was about Marinelli becoming the defensive line coach on Gary Kubiak's staff. The Texans have three openings on the defensive side of the ball, including the coordinator position following the removal of Richard Smith, but Marinelli is reportedly not in the running for that gig.

It was the third stop for the ex-Detroit Lions coach on a tour that started at Halas Hall on Jan. 2. Marinelli interviewed in Seattle for the defensive coordinator position there, and from the sounds of things, Marinelli could pick his place of employment soon.

"We'll wait a few days and see how things work out,'' Marinelli told McClain.

Obviously, there are more teams out there reshuffling defensive staffs, New Orleans and Green Bay to name two. Unless Marinelli has more trips in the works, the teams involved will probably want an answer from him before the Senior Bowl, which kicks off a week from Monday. That's a crazy few days of coaches looking for work, an informal coaching convention, if you will.

Stay tuned.

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Maybe he's "waiting a few days" because he's waiting to see if Babich gets FIRED in the next few days. Fingers crossed..

marinelli is one of the best d-line coaches of the modern era. the bears would be lucky to get him.

The Bears maintain they have the talent on defense. After all, it's pretty much the same lineup on defense that took them to the Super Bowl. So what's changed? Rivera got fired and Babich replaced him - Lovie's decision. Everyone - players, media and fans - knows that the problem is Bob Babich, Lovie's buddy.

Rather than really fixing the problem by firing Babich and hiring a QUALIFIED defensive coordinator with previous NFL coaching success (whether Marinelli or someone else), Lovie blames everyone else on the coaching staff. A staff that Love personally selected.

So when will Angelo do to Lovie what he did to Dick Jauron when he refused to fire his offensive coordinator? If Lovie will not fire Babich, then Angelo needs to fire Lovie and move on. Yes, the Bears will owe Lovie some money. But the Bears can make a lot more money if they are a consistent Super Bowl contender, like Pittsburgh or Indianapolis.

I would like to see the Bears get Rod Marinelli, I think he could really help the Bears front four, especially with his knowledge of the cover-2. I think with players like Tommie Harris, Alex Brown, Anthony Adams, and second year tackle Marcus Harrison, with Marinelli's help, could be a really good unit.

The 0-16 record is horrible, but Marinelli isn't going to be asked to be the head coach, Marinelli wil be able to concentrate on what he knows best, the defensive line. For example, take a guy that is one of the best drywallers you've ever seen. Now, say he gets a chance to be the head foreman of the construction company, he fails as a foreman, thats still no reason to throw him out of the construction business all together, because the guy could still help as a drywaller, something he is good at. Same thing goes for Marinelli, bad coach, like the drywaller is a bad foreman, but this doesn't mean Marinelli can no longer coach defensive line, becauce the drywaller can still drywall, and Im sure Marinelli can still coach defensive linemen. Another example, Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, failed as a head coach, was run out of Cincinnati, but given another chance to coach just defense, he is back to being one of the best. Also, Marinelli can't be that bad, or so many teams with coaching vacancies wouldn't be after him. I still hope he comes to Chicago to help get this defense right, and it all starts up front GO BEARS!!

As i have said before...all babich does is call plays and puts together the defensive gameplan...the position coaches are the ones who truely coach and are the ones who have the most contact with the players....every mistake ive seen has been an execution problem...someone not being somewhere they are supposed to be...thats either bad players or bad coaching...the position coaches are on the sidelines with groups "prepping" them for the upcoming defensive posession...

the cover-2 base defense (even though they were in it only about a 1/3 of the time and blitzed more than any other team in the nfl) is successful in other places...the only difference between others successes and our failures is player (an issue with evaluation by not only JA but Lovie as well) and coaching...

dont get me wrong...i think babich is over his head and i wouldnt be upset if he did get told to kick rocks BUT hes not the main issue here...

we NEED position coaches with real nfl experience...

the plays called are coming from Lovie...its his defense and babich is only an extension of that...even with a new DC the cover 2 would be called as well with other 4-3 based defesnes...the cover-2 is as old as the fwd pass

Anyone getting the same eerie feeling this could turn out like when Angelo tried to get "good friend" Nick Saban to join the Bears and we missed out on a good coach? I'm glad we didn't get Saban, because he'd be back in the college ranks by now, but I would love to have Marinelli. For those that are concerned with him being the head coach of an 0-16 team, that doesn't have anything to do with what kind of D-line coach he is. Numerous people have said he was the best D-line coach in the league before he left for Detroit.

AHHHH!!!! You people are driving me crazy!

"marinelli is one of the best d-line coaches of the modern era. the bears would be lucky to get him." -bob sakamoto

"Numerous people have said he [Marinelli] was the best D-line coach in the league before he left for Detroit." - GSH

Fabulous. Numerous people also thought Ryan Leaf was worth a #1 draft pick. So what does it matter what numerous people think? It doesn't! Enough about what people think, here's what's known: With behemoth DT Shaun "Big Baby" Rogers on the roster, Marinelli had Millen trade him to Cleveland for a cornerback.

Oh yeah, this former D-line coach sure knows what it takes to build a good line. Genius! To think, his "specialty" was the biggest weakness the Lions had as they couldn't stop the run if their lives depended on it.

"Marinelli wil be able to concentrate on what he knows best, the defensive line." -Kevin Armstead

And hey, yeah you Mr. Armstead. Don't think I didn't notice. This post applies to you too young man.

ryan leaf had no NFL success at all...marinelli had a decade of it...

bad analogy

never mind the fact that rogers has largely (minus 2 seasons) has been quite avg.

and the fact that the detroit lions have exactly 1...thats ONE good player...

its obvious he wasnt ready to be a HC...but his track record as a DL coach is undeniable...

Mike, obviously you don't know a whole lot about football or you'd know about Marinelli's reputation as a D-line coach, not just his recent failures as a head coach. When I said numerous people consider him the best D-line coach in the NFL, I was talking about front office people, not people on the street. I heard and read about numerous "people in the know" say he was in their opinion the best. How do you think he got to jump from position coach to head coach in the first place. Obviously he wasn't ready for the jump. Millen made a bad choice, which brings me to my next point. If the Lions D-line was a weakness its because of the talent that Millen brought in, not Marinelli's coaching. And that's a horrible analogy with Ryan Leaf. Leaf had never been an NFL qb. Marinelli already has a proven track record as a D-line coach. Now, I would not hire him to be head coach, but that's not what the Bears are looking to do are they? If he's an excellent D-line coach, hire him as a D-line coach. If he's a terrible head coach, don't hire him as a head coach. I don't know how to make it any clearer.

Speaking of clarity GSH, let me try and clear things up for you and JustAnnoying.

In Tampa, Marinelli had Warren Sapp, a first round draft pick with unheralded quickness, and Simeon Rice, defensive ROTY with Arizona, who was already a great, established NFL player. And you want to credit Marinelli?

Should we also credit Vikings RB coach Eric Bieniemy for making Adrian Peterson the top RB in the league?

What about Lions WR coach Shawn Jefferson? Does he get credit for taking Calvin Johnson and turning him into an outstanding wideout?

Wait, hold on! Patriots WR coach Bill O'Brien was brought in last season by New England as was Randy Moss when they got him from Oakland. Moss set the record for most TD receptions by a WR in 2007.

Hmm, could it be that maybe the players were really, really good to begin with? Hey, the Bears just fired LBs coach Lloyd Lee and Briggs went to the pro-bowl! I guess, according to your reasoning, Briggs will be worthless now that his position coach has departed.

"How do you think he [Marinelli] got to jump from position coach to head coach in the first place?"

You answered your own question when you brought up Matt Millen, didn't you? He hadn't a clue of what he was doing. And like you and JustIrritating, he probably heard this guy was the top defensive line coach without doing his research. Do you think any other teams except the raiders would have brought in Marinelli for the head position? No.

The Ryan Leaf thing? That whole analogy was to show how people's perceptions didn't mean diddly squat. You and JustIncapableofUnderstanding took it further than you should have and for some reason thought it had to do with NFL success. No, it didn't.

So let me ask the two of you. What do you know about football?

Oh yeah, and you guys want to talk about the Lions' talent on defense? Guess what. That's the squad that Marinelli personally oversaw and designed. He had Millen trade for a bunch of players out of Tampa Bay to fit his scheme. So the defense finishing last for two consecutive years is largely his doing.

Big Baby is a major disruptive force on the line JustUninformed. Have you watched any Browns games?

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