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Lovie to call the defense; Babich retains coordinator title and will coach LB's

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Lovie Smith said he would essentially take over play-calling duties on defense, and that defensive coordinator Bob Babich would return to a more hands-on role as the linebackers coach, the position he held for his first three seasons on the staff.

More to come soon.

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To Brad Biggs and the rest of the ST sports staff. I want to congratulate you -- once again -- for excellent coverage of the Bears. Time and again you are the first to get news to Bears fan around the globe. I love your work. Again thanks.

That's just wonderful. I can see it now:

Lovie Smith: ZZZZZZZZZ.

Ron Turner: Coach Smith, wake up!

Smith: Huh? What? Turner! What is the meaning of this? And what is that infernal racket?

Turner: Coach, my sincerest apologies but that noise is the home crowd. We're in the middle of a game! And you vowed to call the plays on defense, remember?

Smith: Confounded! I was just having the most wonderful dream where I was being paid a fortune to do nothing but sleep all day and give my best friends high-paying jobs. Very well, what's the situation?

Turner: It's 3rd and 2 and the Vikings just sent in Adrian Peterson. It looks like their going to try and run it to pick up the short yardage. What's the call?

Smith: Hmmm...Cover-2.

Turner: But sir!

Smith: Blasted, Turner! Don't you ever question the scheme again or I will personally have you stuffed into a crate and shipped back to Illinois!

(Peterson runs for a gain of 63 yards. Touchdown.)

*Post-game Press Conference*

Some reporter: Lovie, what the $#^%*&^%& happened out there!? The defense got roasted alive!

Lovie: It's simple. We didn't execute. Or, wait. We've had some injuries. Take your pick. Any more questions?

(Chicago media folds like a cheap accordion, as usual, and Smith goes on his merry way.)

Lovie: Ok then, thank you.

To Brad Biggs: Why do you print all this negative stuff from all these "fair weather fans" that have nothing good to say about anything?? They want Babich out, then now Lovie says he will call defensive plays now they want to rip into that!! All you losers go root for the Packers, Lions, or Vikings and shut up!!!!!

Yeah Brad!!! What the hell is wrong with you? It's like you're fostering some sort of community fan-base where differing opinions hold the same weight. That's not journalism!!! Journalism is people like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Mann Coulter, or Sean Hannity telling people how they should think and then a bunch of other morons echoing that same sentiment! Right, Hadji!?!

Does anyone still want Ron Rivera? He did such a great job Sunday, didn't he? Hahaha I heard he needs shoulder surgery from patting himself on the back. Just because he played for the Bears doesn't mean he can coach. He's a big game choker!!! I hope he goes to the Lions. Two easy wins a year for us!!


and it's my birthday today too. thanks bears.

babich keeping the title defensive coordinator is somewhat absurd, no?

Right on, Hadji! I completely agree.

And shame on you Mr. Biggs for allowing thoughtless, negative, Bear-bashing posts such as the garbage that follows:

"By Hadji on January 10, 2009 9:11 AM

Who gives a rats a#* about ex Bear players?? I'm more worried about the scrubs we have now!! I'm also sick of hearing that we have the 2nd most wins in the last four years!!! What has that gotten us?? The little success that brings us just satisfies everyone to thinking we are good when we're just mediocre. CLEAN HOUSE NOW!!!!!!"

Da church......get lost! Go kiss Berrian's a$$ in Minnehaha.

Second funniest post I have read today. If Hadji and Shemp aren't the same person they need to get together and go bowling or something.

FINALLY! You know, Lovie Smith is a great defensive coordinator. I still believe in him as a head coach but this year will be the make or break year. If the defense turns around then all of his bashers get a to a great big turd sammich. If it's more of the same, Hasta La Vista!

Bob Babich is a good linebackers coach as evidenced by his first years here in Chicago. He is a terrible play caller as evidenced by his last two years in Chicago. Put him back to what he did best and let the defensive minded coach with a history of success call the plays. I am perfectly ok with this.

I still believe Rod Marinelli has a lot of prove that he was not a product of the system in Tampa but that will be answered too.

For all, this is a good move. If you hate Lovie and want him gone, you get your wish if this season goes in the tank. If you hate Babich and want him gone ... belated Merry Christmas. And if you love the Bears and want to see some improvement, it looks a little brighter today.

Someone else is stealing my name!!!!

By Hadji on January 13, 2009 4:06 PM
"Someone else is stealing my name!!!!"

Oh no Hadji what will you do without your name. Quick lets get out jet packs go find who stole your name. Will use our reverse name stealer device that my dad Dr. Quest invented.


Wow Hadji you got your name back. Yeahhhh!

In order to Fire Babich, we have to fire smith(Best friends)Lovie can't and will not fire his best friend.'re a funny guy, or are you a girl? Hard telling!!!

Oh no two Hadji's, evil Hadji a crazed bear fan and angry Hadji who I think is ok.

This is great and exactly what I predicted about a month ago. Lovie wasn't going to fire Bullet Bob. Defensive Coordinator now means making sure they don't run out of cream and sugar in the meeting room. Donuts at least twice a week.

We know Lovie can coach defense. Or maybe you guys think he was a product of that defensive genius(?) Martz's "system" in St. Louis?

DaC of DaC we, the rest of the literate world, know Marinelli can coach defensive line.

I don't know what you want. Two months ago you were about the d-line being the problem. So they go out and hire the best d-line coach around and you are still Ten years means Marinelli was an integral part of the "system". The Bucs were good when Dungy was there, and after he left. They were good when Lovie was there, and after he left. The "system" was good players taught by good coaches.

Now, could a one year wonder like Rivera be a product of the system? Yes. If you say he still has something to prove, I'm OK with that.

The other thing is that, for the most part, these guys who have gone back from HC to position coach or coordinator have really excelled. I think this is a big week toward turning the Bears around.

Right on Da Church. But I believe it's pronounced Sean VANNITY or MANNITY, and Billo the Clown (as Olberman calls him) on Fox Noise. On the other note. So who is ultimately going to be the REAL DC? This to me has becom a disfunctional family. We need to become a well-oiled machine and we need to get that done immediately, and end the mediocrity. GO BEARS!!!

Predictions: Lovie will do a great job with play calling. Defense will improve. Harris will be healthier. D-line will improve and Marinelli will get the credit he deserves. Of course, if we pick up a new DE somewhere along the line, people will still not give him credit. And finally, most people on this post will enjoy their turd sandwich and ask for seconds.

GSH......LMAO on that one my friend, thanks for the levity !

By the way they better improve or heads will have to roll.........

I like angry Hadji best as well!
Come to think of it the Defense could use angry Hadji big time, anchor that hole in the middle!


Oh no Hadji what will you do without your name. Quick lets get our jet packs and go find who stole your name. I Will use our reverse name stealer device that my dad Dr. Quest invented.


There that should do it! Your name is reversed now...

Someone else reversed my name!

lovie just hired a coach who is NOT his "buddy" and doesnt even have experience with the cover-2 hes not apart of the system...

so again...

this whole he only hires his buds and never would fire his friends is absurd...if he only hires friends...then its safe to assume the 3 position coaches that got told to kick rocks were his friends...but if thats true...that would mean he just fired 3 of his friends...which contradicts this whole silliness...

out of the approx 8 position coaches and can say 2...only 2 are his of which is widely considered the best DL coach in football by his coaching peers...

so can we bury that as well

he just demoted his "buddy" and stripped him of his responsibilities...thats more damning than firing him

Bottom line in my view is that Lovie has to stop living up to his name, or else little respect will travel with him. He needs to become more of a drill seargent and stop worring about offending his players. He needs to start making these kids into men and into fear mongering machines. He needs to start acting like a true rugged Texan, and treat this team like the Texans (the locals of the state, not the Hou team) treat their teams. I'm reading that he's claiming to be a big boy and he can make the calls and take charge of the D, well who's been in charge these past two years? I pray to God he lives up to his statement and becomes more assertive, and no more mister Nice Guy attitude to be produced. GO BEARS!

Chitown Bear, if they don't improve, then I agree it's time for heads to roll.

if you really think yellin at the players more is going to positively affect their performance you are deluding yourself...these are grown men...this isnt HS...

the yelling screaming mad man only works when you are winning...tom coughlin was like that...but calmed down yet still held his team accountable...and guess what his players responded and he won a super bowl...

the yr b4 that tony dungy wins a sb and hes even more "nice guyish" than Lovie...

the idea that lovie is too nice and thats why players arent playing to their "potential" is just plain silly...

you dont have to yell and scream to get results...they just need to know that what they are doing is right...and if they dont feel like this is the right set to be in or the right play to call then there isnt motivation...

which is, i presume, part of the reason lovie told babich to sit down sir...

the fire and passion lovie was absent in 05 and 06

Jay is right on point and everything else is noise in the system. Only one more year before the housecleaning takes place. Go Bears!

Wow Hadji you got OWNED.

i think that lovie calling the plays will be a good thing since thats what he used to do so well. It cant be any worse trhan babich can it??

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