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Lovie reacts to retirement of Dungy

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Lovie Smith, who first came into the NFL as a member of Tony Dungy's staff with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1996, reacted to Dungy's retirement from the Indianapolis Colts on Monday.

"I'm happy for Tony and his family, but sad for our league because we are losing one of the all-time great coaches,'' Smith said in a release. "He is one of the modern-day pioneers of our game. His résumé includes achievements no other NFL head coach has accomplished, which I'm sure will lead to a spot in the Hall of Fame. And as great of a coach as he is, he's an even better person.

"I owe Tony a lot. I would not be in my position today if it wasn't for him providing me with an opportunity and mentorship. I learned a tremendous amount of football in my time with Tony in Tampa and made a friend for life. I'm proud to be a member of his coaching tree."

Smith lost to Dungy and the Colts in Super Bowl XLI when they became the first African-American coaches to lead a team to the Super Bowl.

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Despite the praise it is apparent that Lovie learned little about the NFL game from Dungy.

Lovie's approach to the game has been horredous and an embarrassment to every Bears fan as well as wvery player who ever put on the Navy Blue and Orange.

Adios Lovie - I can't wait til your gone.

"I owe Tony a lot. I would not be in my position today if it wasn't for him providing me with an opportunity and mentorship." - Smith

Thank you, Mr. Dungy.

@ Ralph

Yea your right i guess its a good thing he learned little from him.Because Tony Dungy defense hasnt been good since he left Tampa.If even his defense was half as good as Lovies,I believe they would win the superbowl every year with the Offense they got.They year they won the Super Bowl there Defense was bad but really stepped up for the playoffs are a moron!!! From your Warner comments to this one...SHUT UP ALREADY!!! Root for someone else if you don't like the Bears!! Warner still sucks....I bet you he fumbles at least once this Sunday!!! are a moron!! You and everybody else don't hold your breath cuz Lovie is going nowhere!! Lovie should have been coach of the year finishing 9-7 with the scrubs he had to deal with!! I wonder if Dungy would have been so good if not for Peyton Manning!! Oh think Kurt Warner is so good....he sucks...I bet you he fumbles at least once this Sunday!!

Dirtyharry and Moses you guys are dead wrong, lovie smith is a horrible head coach.He's screwed up at the end of how many games ?calling game and season ending plays? I hope lovie and babich and turner all go.Where do you guys get these ideas? The bears had a great team and lack of leadership by the coaching staff and players led them to mediocrate.U should be ashamed of your team they suck from the owners to the coaches.We have great players on defense and some great off players and their being slain by the coaches. The only good coach on the bears staff is rod marrinelli as a d line coach.Even the special teams sucked except for brad maynard.Wake up fans!i cant belive u guys r sticking up for Lovie and his staff of morons! They stink point blank.Coach of the year? yea right maybe in the arena leauge!ha ha ha u guys r unbeliveable!!

Hey Brad would someone tell these guys that haveing the chicago fan syndrome is bad.I have been a fan for 30 yrs and all i ever hear is oh we will wait till next year.Im sick of waiting...the bears coaching staff stinks.U guys have no right defending the bears staff they stink..And thats one reason we never get anywhere. u fans never stick up for yourselves.We need all season ticket holders and fans to NOT go to bears games not watch on tv then maybe the McKaskeys will get the hint. just like cubs and bulls and white sox fans u all need a wake up call.u just dont let the owners control u .u pay for the teams thier salaries and all stick up for youeselves!!For once plz!!!I have to say im ashamed at the fans for not speaking out.And moses and harry u guys need a reality check!

DirtyHarry/Moses/Mr. Eastwood...umm, who are you yelling at? There's no Randy here.

"U should be ashamed of your team they suck from the owners to the coaches."

Good, ok, no disagreements there. Maybe Toub should get an exemption.

"The only good coach on the bears staff is rod marrinelli as a d line coach."

Woah. Mr. 0-16? With the obscene number of first and secound round draft picks and FA acquisitions Marinelli had for his d-line in Tampa, I think my cat Muffins could have also excelled as the Bucs' d-line coach. Hold your praise, sir.

Ok mike maybe i was going a little too far but marinelli WAS a good d line coach and yes he did have some bomb players.but i did say as a d line coach lol.

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