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Kordell: Stick with Orton

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According to one former Bears quarterback, the Bears need to stick with their current quarterback.

That's what Kordell Stewart says. His advice to general manager Jerry Angelo is to stick it out with Kyle Orton and give him the opportunity to grow into the position and stabilize the position. The entire interview is available right here.

Visiting Friday morning with Sun-Timesmen Mully & Hanley on the The Score, 670-AM, Stewart said Angelo needs to put an end to what we on the Inside the Bears staff like to call the Quarterback Carousel. Of course, Angelo has already stepped out and called the quarterback position his No. 1 priority this offseason. Given the slim pickings available in free agency and considering the Bears' draft position at No. 18, chances are the expected move at the position will be the addition of a journeyman veteran to the mix.

"No disrespect to Jerry Angelo, but they need to stick to their guns right now, stay with Kyle Orton, give him a chance to play,'' Stewart said. "Allow Rex Grossman to be the backup or bring a veteran in that you know can stay here, be here, help us win. Because the defense is stable. They don't have too many missing pieces.

"They need to get out of this thing of trying to bring another quarterback in, allow [Matt] Forte to have a guy who can make the calls, allow Olin Kreutz to have a guy to make the calls. Allow the defense to have a face on the offense that they can respect so they don't have to say, `Oh my goodness, here we go again. We gotta play offense on defense to get this thing done because we don't know what we want to do at the quarterback position.' So, I think it's unfair to the team that they're consistently going through all of these quarterbacks to try to figure out what is going on. Stick to Kyle Orton. Let him get it done.''

Stewart knows something about the QB Carousel. He was a part of the 35 changes at the starting position the franchise has had in the last 155 regular-season games. That's one every 4.4 games if you're keeping score with us. Twice, Stewart was inserted into the starting role in 2003 and twice he was taken out of it.

But the foundation that was in place that season for a strong defense moving forward has changed. He's going to get considerable disagreement with those who have watched the team closely that the defense, which ranked 21st this past season and 30th vs. the pass, is stable. Yes, it doesn't look like there will be a lot of moving parts given the number of contract extensions recently done on that side of the ball, but that doesn't mean there are not missing pieces, as Stewart suggests.

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Wow, this is news. I didn't even know Kordell Stewart was alive ... much less relevant enough to do an interview with. The more you know!

WOW! I wish Kordell had those smarts when he was Bear as I agree with staying with Orton. Though, I think bringing in David Carr to compete with Orton and Caleb Hanie would make the QB position better.

Though, one thing I don't understand is why any of the offensive assistants haven't been let go, especially for not helping to make the proper adjustments in 6 of 7 games in which the Bears led and then lost the games; as all the fault can't rest on the defense. Hell, even an assistant stregth and conditioning coach (an assistant!) was let go.

I believe one area the Bears need help is having a veteran quarterback coach and offensive coordinator assist Ron Turner in making game adjustments. A coach that would be a 'non-threat' to Ron Turner.

And, one coach I think that would help the Bears is former Chicago Rush head coach, Mike Hohensee. Hohensee would bring enthusiasm, knowledge, and 'straight-forwardness' in giving his opinions to Turner and making the offense run more efficiently.

Well, Butch I think the reason the O's assistant have kept thier paychecks is because they don't have as much to work with. A thrown together Offensive line, a rookie RB, an indefinate at QB, no real wide receivers. Yes Forte turned out to be a God-send, but the fact reaians when you compare the payrolls or pro-bowl invites, the D has the glaring personnell advantage, hence the it can't be the players, it must be the coaches.

I never thought I'd say this... we should listen to Kordell Stewart.

Jerry Angelo's signing of Cedric Benson set us back four years anyway, and not just because he was a horrible player in Chicago. We'll be set back at least another few happen again if we do something stupid like spend a lot of money on a quarterback because we don't need one right now, and there's no can't-miss Hall of Fame guy on the draft board this year, and he's not on the free agent list either. If someone who looked good in college is available in the third round, great, let's take him. But with the obvious holes at FS, RT and WR there's NO WAY we can or should be wasting time dealing with the QB position. I can't believe this. If it's true that the Bears organization actually cares about the position, ditching Orton after holding onto Rex for so long could only mean that they actually truly believed all those years in a row that Rex was a star NFL quarterback waiting in the wings. That alone should mean immediate firings and kicks in the shins for everyone in the front office and the coaching staff.

Wow 1/2 of the Colorado connection speaks. Well that is advice folks, really good advice. Let Orton have another shot. Why not? There is not much in the free agent market as far as QB's but Angelo may go after Simms who he likes. If Tebow comes out I am sure Angelo will fall in love with giant Rex and draft him. He needs at least 2 years of development before he is ready to play or in the case of the Bears he will not be developed at all. So Orton will start until he gets benched mid season and Orton fans will still be saying wow that ankle injury was bad it's still bothering him and Brando will be running around going it's Creighton's fault and Kevin will be like I don't understand a passer ratting of 65 is good why it's almost awsome no it is awsome.

Kordell is an idiot but the Bears are stuck at that position anyway, what are they going to do draft a real QB? Common, we have the longest running position draught in NFL history why ruin it by drafting a good QB. It would be like the Cubs winning the series, afterwards fans would be like what do we do now? The Cubs have lost there mystery. This the only major sports market in the country that likes to have loosers. Just ask Kordell he played here.

Keep Orton. Add another low draft pick and wait. Caleb Hanie is another Matt Cassel waiting in the wings.

Slash was an idiot then (when he played for the Bears) - - and i see nothing has changed . . .

I am all for keeping Orton as QB and see if he can develop some long bomb potential. A little more arch and a guy like Hester can run right under the pass for a TD.

Also I would love to see Tebow in a Bears uniform. He is a throwback ala a Bobby Douglas but with far more potential. I loved the article today about him, he would be a perfect Chicago type QB butting heads with the D and with the O line after touchdowns just like McMahon.

Bears got to get a #1 receiver in free agency or draft or the offense will be stuck in mediocrity.

Draft order of need, 1st pick DE or FS, round 2 OL or QB,round 3 linebacker or WR. Maybe Tebow in round 2.

If Lovie sticks this year he must absolutley be gone next year if the D is bad again or the Bears miss the playoffs. Babich must go this year by not firing Babich the Bears are accepting and rewarding poor play and mediocrity.

What are we going to do, pull off a blockbuster trade or something? I hope Angelo DOES bring in Chris Simms or someone similar because Orton will outplay him in training camp and the preseason. Angelo will look foolish for paying a backup even more than we used to pay Griese and be one step closer to being shown the door. I wish we could keep him on as a mid-round draft consultant. I hope the Patriots don't think of that.

Kyle Orton is capable of being a little better than average at best. Caleb Hanie, if properly developed, is the future of this franchise at that position. Who wants to hold their breath counting on the Bears to 1) choose the right QB (Hanie) and 2) properly develop him?

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