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Introducing Four Down Territory

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There are a lot of moving parts this time of the year.

The Bears are making moves to their coaching staff, free agency begins seven weeks from today, and draft preparation has already cranked up.

We were going to wait until Monday to introduce a feature we're going to do (our best) to get to five days a week--Four Down Territory. But why wait through the weekend to get to some of the mounting questions that are filling up the in box? We'll do this through the draft and see how it goes from there.

Here is the deal ... we'll take four questions a day and do our best to answer them. It will be more manageable than a weekly Q&A and help us address some of the issues more quickly.

So, we've already gotten a handful of questions to pick through, but submit your own on the blog or via e-mail and we'll get to them as best we can. Include your first name and hometown.

Four Down Territory to come later today.

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Hi Brad. With the Bears in desperate need of offensive playmakers, why dont the Bears try to use Garrett Wolfe like the Jets use Leon Washington? I think GW has some of the same types of skills as Leon Washington. Ron Turner's lack of creativity concerns me.

Can you please answer why Bennett was not used this year. With the poor receiving corp we had, why not? Just doesn't make any sense. Lloyd was out six weeks and Booker was just getting open. What was the coaching staff thinking? Just a wasted year for him

Why hasn't Bob Babich been fired after two of the defense finishing in the bottom five after years of being in the top five with Rivera? It makes no sense.


It appears Torry Holt will be cut by the Rams.......Do you think Angelo is more likely to sign someone like him or more likely to sign T.J. Houschmanzadeh? What about the WR position in Rd 1 of the draft. Thanks.

Hi brad!

Great idea!With Our cap about $28 million under( after hamilton's bonus is added back) and no real big signings of free agent bears taking up alot of space (st. clair,mannelly and izzy? maybe)

Do you see the Bears making a big effort to go after a DE like Peppers or Suggs and a Cb like Asomugha and maybe a secondary offensive lineman like Vernon carey?

How do the Bears rank in the NFL when it comes to judging talent? Or better yet - Where do the Bears rank overall in the NFL in percentage of draft picks who 1) end up contributing to the team within 3 years; 2) end up starting for the team within 3 years; 3) end up being cut within 3 years.

I believe a lot of the Bears defensive problems stemmed from the defense being on the field too long. It seemed like whenever the defense did come up with a big stop they were put right back on the field after an interception or 3 and out. Do you have any stats on time of possession to support this, like where the Bears ranked in Time of Possession compared to the rest of the league? Is there a correlation to Wins and Losses or Yds/Pts allowed?

Please answer me this! Why in the world would I send you guys ANY questions regarding the Bears when I know a hell of a lot more about them than any of you. I am the Bears #1 fan, and I have already expressed all of my concerns for the upcoming year with Jerry Angelo via his voice mail. What would make you think you can answer anyone's questions regarding my team simply because you write stories on them. It takes passion for this team, and a overall attitude of willingness to do anything to help them to win a Super Bowl that is the criteria to answer any questions about our beloved Bears. Brad I am not saying you don't know a bit on my team, but to think in your own mind that their is anything that I would need to be informed about through your "opinions" is a huge leap. Why don't you e-mail me and I will answer questions for you about my Chicago Bears, I can tell you this, the answer's will certainly be informative and passionate. Keep up the good work Brad.

Chicago Bears #1 fan,
Bill Holland

Hey Brad

What are the chances of the Bears trading for Anquain Boldin? Does he still want out of AZ? I am hoping the Bears can pick him up, and if not him, TJ Housh. Also, who is out there for free agent guards. I think the Bears need to upgrade from Beekman, even St. Clair would be an improvement. And i thought Garza had a pretty mediocre season as well.

Bill Holland... Are you serious? Cuz wow, thats just embarrassing dude.

who is the most likely free agent QB the Bears will pursue? Chris Simms? Angelo left no doubt that more competition will be coming at the QB position.

Bill Holland, I think this Q&A thing is a good idea, besides, Brad Biggs has a lot more inside access to the Bears than any of us do, this could be a great way to find out info on the Bears, especially during training camp. Also, Bill, everyone knows Creighton's the Bears #1 fan. Alright, here's my question.

Brad, will Devin Hester have to change his number from #23 to 11-19 or 80-89? I remember last summer you did a blog on jersey numbers, and a breakdown on what positions can wear what numbers. Just wondering if he will have to wear a different jersey number, especially now that he is a full time receiver, if not, you would think this would cause some problems with other players coming into the league who want to wear their college numbers, but can't. For example, Reggie Bush, when he came into the league, he wanted to wear #5, but couldn't because of the criteria on jersey numbers, just wondering? GO BEARS!!

Can you explain what the Marcus Hamilton bonus or whatever is? I read the paper most every day, but I seem to have missed this one.

Well hey, not to sound like a know-it-all, but I think I can provide a somewhat substantiative answer to these questions.

Unfortunately you answered your own question. Turner is very uncreative and the trick plays seem to only be used in meaningless games. We saw the direct snap to Hester and Forte in St. Louis, a HB option pass from AP to Berrian in last season's closer against New Orleans and I think Booker tried to throw a pass in the first Detroit game (not sure). But yeah, other than that Turner will keep the game plan plain and basic; just like opposing defenses like it.
As for Wolfe, while he showed some flashes of playmaker when given the chance, Turner really liked Forte and all the things he could do. So while we do have capable players on the roster that could have helped us, old Ron thought it was best to overuse Forte into an early retirement.

Bennett didn't start but he did see some action although sparingly. WRs take time to develop and Brad's following post showed that Berrian only had one start the year he was drafted. WRs have to know their routes, understand audibles, etc. And maybe Bennett is a slow learner? Plus, we were fighting for our playoff lives up to the last game so the coaches felt most comfortable with the vets.
And while no WRs looked good this season (well, Lloyd was a nice surprise) Bennett didn't exactly shine either in his preseason debut minus the punt return.

Welcome to Camp Lovie, sir! You want Babich gone then you'll need to surgically detach his nose from Lovie's rear. Since that ain't gonna happen, the answer is to get rid of Lovie and bring in someone who will surround himself with capable coaching minds and not just childhood buddies.

If Holt has a history of injuries and would settle for being paid the league minimum, then yes, Angelo will personally send him the cab fair to come here (Airlines are too pricey). As for Housh, Jerry has already made it known that the offense starts with the quarterback and Housh isn't a quarterback. Get my drift?

Patrick D,
Peppers? Suggs? The Bears are only interested in "rewarding their own" and may consider a FA if he is an under-sized defensive player which is what Smith loves for his glorious Cover-2. Keep dreaming buddy.

The Bears have more talent than a traveling circus. The problem though is that we have no ringmaster which lets the clowns run the show. This is best evidenced by the success of former Bears players who were sent packing for no reason like: Chris Harris, Muhsin Muhammad, Cedric Benson, Thomas Jones, Ron Rivera etc. etc. etc.

While that may be true in some games, you still have to look at the fact that we had zero pass rush. Be it from the undersized front four laughably operating in the Cover-2 or the entire team laughably operating a blitz.

This years' defense couldn't have sacked Virginia McCaskey if she was playng quarterback.

You push down then twist to open your meds.

See my response to Sean.

Brad: My question has to do with Richard Dent's Hall of Fame chances and why aren't Chicago media doing more to push his candidacy. When they talk about Dent all they do is mention his impressive sack totals, but this guy also played the run well and forced numerous fumbles in his career, could you comment and post all his career stats as they compare with guys like Bruce Smith, Derrick Thomas and others he is competiting with this year ?

THE Bill Holland answers your questions ($0.05 , the doctor is IN)

By Tony Randazzo: Can you please answer why Bennett was not used this year. With the poor receiving corp we had, why not? Just doesn't make any sense. Lloyd was out six weeks and Booker was just getting open. What was the coaching staff thinking? Just a wasted year for him.
Bennett? Please! Bennett needs to learn there is only one "I" in Bill Holland! You gotta be passionate and informed to play on "Bill Holland's Bears" (trademark pending) and can you believe a rookie who doesn't know Bill Holland?!? So that's why he's not playing. Wasted year? Not if he took the time to learn all about "the B to the Hizzy!"

By Colorado Jeff: How do the Bears rank in the NFL when it comes to judging talent? Or better yet - Where do the Bears rank overall in the NFL in percentage of draft picks who 1) end up contributing to the team within 3 years; 2) end up starting for the team within 3 years; 3) end up being cut within 3 years.
What the hell kinda question is that? First off, we are talking about Bill Holland's Bears not "the rest of the NFL." Who the hell wants to know about the rest of the NFL? Colorado Jeff ... first of all you need new name. Colorado? What are you one of Travis Henry's leftover offspring? This is Bill Holland's board don't ask about the rest of the NFL; now you go back outside, change your damn name, and come with some fire and passion if you want to talk to Bill Holland!

By Pete in Maryland: who is the most likely free agent QB the Bears will pursue? Chris Simms?
Obviously Pete doesn't read Bill Holland's posts because yesterday Bill Holland told you Chicago would get a veteran free agent like Kerry Collins or Jeff Garcia. Someone tried pointing out that Kerry Collins wouldn't go from being the starting QB on the best team in the NFL to playing backup to Kyle Orton but was drowned out by the sound of Bill Holland's own AWESOMENESS. Sounds to me like you're just another ignorant Bear "fan" who needs to get know some Bill Holland. Ya better ask somebody, stupid.

I'm of two minds about TJ Housh. On the one hand the Bears have a roster and practice squad full of possession receivers and need more speed receivers.

On the other hand, their current possession receivers have a problem possessing the ball and TJ Housh should be a good fit with Ron Turner's short and intermediate range passing offense.

Where do you come down on this? Thanks.

Hey Kevin you have asked Brad that same question 3 or 4 times in the past. How about you get a new question. I am also glad to see you ackowledge who the number 1 fan is. Now go find yourself a poster of Steltz drool over as he is a Kevin A special and the greatest saftie to ever play the game.


The OLine of the Bears seems to be there biggest problem in the run game. I heard you on the radio talking about it and I agree they need to get younger and more athletic. I know they don't run much zone blocking but Forte seems like a good fit for a zone blocking scheme. Any chance they actually try to address the line this year or change the overall scheme to maximize there best offensive player? If they do what position do you think they will address first? For me it would be Right Tackle or Center given there age and decline and there is some talent in this draft at both positions.

Oh and for all the reciever questions out there. Like 10 of you asked the same question about TJ. Give it a rest we were desperate for a reciever last year too and look how Angelo addressed it. It will be Bobby Engram's turn to make a return to chicago. Oh and Kevin A just a reminder, Orton is a weak armed QB who is below average at best, Steltz sucks, Williams back will not hold up to the NFL, Lloyd is a lousy reciever, Booker is a lousy reciever, Hester is stupid and drops more balls than he catches, the Oline is old and can't support a running game, the offense was ranked 26th and the defense was ranked 21st and you claimed all of it was great and that all Angelo's moves were great. Thank god you are not a GM you would try to draft every player you ever met cause they would all be awsome to you and no matter how bad the players were you would never cut them. Your hippy name would be Sunshine Happieness and you probably wear flowers in your hair.

Creighton, the last time Brad did one of these Q&A things, I asked about Dent's chances of getting into the hall, and if Brad himself had a vote. Creighton, again, stop making #hit up ALL THE TIME??!! I never asked anything about jersey numbers before????????????????? Oh yeah, Creighton, how about you go find a Rashard Mendenhall poster and drool over it ha ha ha!!

Creighton, the Baltimore Ravens play in the AFC north, not the east there buddy...guess thats a Creighton special.

Another Creighton special, Joe Thomas the left tackle of the New Orleans Saints?????????? Auh...Creighton, that would be Jammal Brown, c'mon guy???

See Creighton, I don't [nor could I] make this stuff that you say up, guy, THINK before you type???

Also, Creighton, what are you talking about Forte would be a good fit in a zone blocking scheme???????????????????? A couple weeks ago, when I wrote in a blog, where I was comparing Forte to Steve Slaton, and how Forte would put up numbers, like Slaton, if he was in a zone blocking scheme playing for the Texans, and Creighton, [I know you know what blog Im talking about,] you said, "Forte was a better fit in the Bears power running offense with his one cut style of running????" Again with the making #hit up stuff??? Now your changing your story, now all the sudden Forte would be good in a zone blocking scheme???? Creighton, get your story straight.

Creighton, NO #hit Im not a GM, never claimed to be, Im a Bears fan, and as a BEARS fan, I will always, and continue to, support the Bears players, be it Steltz, Williams, or Orton. Creighton, I CHOOSE TO SUPPORT THE BEARS, no one is making me root for the Bears. If someone was making me support the Bears as in being a Bear fan, I could see the sense in sitting around and crying about Jerry Angelo and all his missed draft picks, but again, whats the sense in it?? Jerry Angelo will probably be here for 3 more seasons, if not longer. If you don't like how he is building the team, go root for another, Im sure no one is making you root for the Bears. Creighton, all we can do as FANS, is voice our opinion, and then support the players the Bears have, again, no one is making you root for the Bears, if your not happy with them, GET ANOTHER TEAM!! Creighton, you think your bashing me when I support the Bears players, and they turn out bad, your not, IM A CHICAGO BEARS FAN, IM GONNA SUPPORT THEIR PLAYERS, AND BRAG THEM UP NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE, THEIR BEARS, AND THATS ALL THAT COUNTS TO ME. Creighton, you act like I drafted these players, I didn't, some I would have, some I wouldn't, but if their Bears, Im gonna support them, and continue to brag them up. You can go ahead and call me a fanboy [thank you by the way for calling me that earlier this season] or what not, Im still gonna support the Bears. My only advice, go become a scout, and build the Bears yourself if you thing you can do any better, until then, stop being such a crybaby about Angelo and the Bears. Watching football was ment to be fun, and to me, it is. NEWS FLASH, no NFL team is perfect, or ever will be, if you think this is possible, you are gonna be a, sad sad sad fan, for a long long long time.

Lastly, Creighton, Im sorry, Crap-ton is the Bears #1 fan, again, sorry. Oh well, GO BEARS!!

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