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UPDATED: Hot Rod? Marinelli talking to Seahawks

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If Lovie Smith and the Bears cannot lure Rod Marinelli to town, then what?

Multiple reports are that the former Detroit Lions coach is in Seattle where he will meet with newly promoted Seahawks coach Jim Mora Jr. about joining his staff, possibly as the defensive coordinator. The Sun-Times first reported Friday that Marinelli was at Halas Hall to meet with Smith, who the agent for both men Frank Bauer described as "best friends." If Smith cannot get his best buddy to join him to help turn around a defensive line in need of repair, what does that say about the Bears' defensive situation?

Brick Haley, the line coach for the last two seasons, is on his way to LSU. Marinelli is just as respected by Seattle president Tim Ruskell as he is by Bears general manager Jerry Angelo. They were all in Tampa together when Marinelli earned a reputation as one of the finest position coaches in the league. Bauer told the Sun-Times that Marinelli was not necessarily looking for a job as a defensive coordinator, suggesting he would be willing to come to the Bears as a line coach and perhaps snag another title such as ``associate head coach.'' But Adam Schefter of the NFL Network said Marinelli could be in line to replace John Marshall as the defensive coordinator of the Seahawks.

Marinelli spent 10 seasons as the line coach of the Bucs before serving as the head coach in Detroit the last three seasons. The Lions were 32nd in defense last season and held the same dubious ranking in 2007. When asked why he didn't replace his coordinator Joe Barry, also his son-in-law, Marinelli said he was heavily involved in all aspects of the defense himself.

No official announcement has come yet on Haley's exit. League insiders have expected Marinelli rejoining forces with Smith was a done deal. We'll see what direction this moves in next but is it possible the Seahawks have a more attractive situation?

Marinelli isn't the only coach on the Seahawks' radar. A league source said that Tampa Bay linebackers coach Gus Bradley will interview for the defensive coordinator position in Seattle on Tuesday.

Bradley was the defensive coordinator under Bob Babich at North Dakota State.

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The Bears better move quickly to make Rod a solid offer, he is and outstanding defensive line coach and would be a great addition. Here's hoping we don't lose out on a great coach to another organization.


Even Lovie's best freinds could smell the stink around here. They don't want to be around when the house comes tumbling down on Lovie and Angelo.
If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, its a duck.
Talking to stoneface Lovie yields same results as talking to a bowl or porridge.

reminds me of that old andy griffith episode where barney fife is singing in the chorus and is on a crusade to see which one of them is singing off key...guess who!!!...too bad we don't have andy griffith to run the show here...andy for general manager...howard sprague to coach the team (whoops...already have lovie...about as dynamic)...opie can coach receivers (we saw him run track one time)...goober can run the offense (whoops, already have ron)...and aunt bea and the ladies auxilliary can coach defense (remember that episode?..."and never, ever mess with the ladies auxilliary")...that should bring the defense back to where is was before the good ol' boy network decided to fix what was already working...of course, doing the right thing with this coaching staff is about as optimistic as getting to star in a rerun...

How do you get Rod Marinelli to join the bears staff? Give him the job he deserves! D coordinator! Bob Babich should have been fired last season after taking the number 3 defense in the country down into the double digits. He is terrible at best. Look at how predictable an ineffective the defense has been? its like high school back there. If this is lovies d and babich is just his puppet, than lovie should be gone too. its a disgrace to chicago football. in fact, babich is so bad im surprised lovie hasnt been fired just for hiring him. marinelli wont be as good as our last d coordinator (rivera? SD offense turns the ball over 3 times and the defense still hold INDY to 17 pts? amazing!) but he'll sure as heck be better than babich. demote babich to jock sniffer and bring marinelli on as coordinator.

Hey, chitownbear, at least we have a QB!!!! You guys are stuck with neckbeard for as long as Lovie ("Kyle is our quarterback") is there! Good luck with that loser! You guys will be sorry you didn't treat Rex better! You fans booed the best QB you'll ever have right out of town! He'll be a star somewhere else, you watch!

There was a day when everybody wanted to join the Bears!! They are so bad now, the GM and coaches' best buddy wants no part of this sinking ship!! What a team in dissaray!!

Now with Hot Rod hopefully not being with us maybe the Bears can fire Babich and hire a DC who knows the sport, but knowing them they'll take the guy the Slackers just fired. My God! We are pathetic! Go Bears.

Lovie doesn't want Marinelli. He's too much of a threat. If Marinelli comes in and gets results, just how stupid does that make Lovie. Somewhere between very and really.

I smell some tension between JA and Lovie. I hope it gets real tense.

Wait let me get these events straight, PackerBacker:

1. Green Bay went 13-3 last season.
2. Green Bay went to the playoffs last season.
3. Green Bay lost the NFC Championship last season.
4. This season they gave Aaron Rodgers the starting job.
5. Green Bay finishes 6-10 with basically the same team as last year only a different QB.

.. Oh yeah, Kyle Orton is DEFINITELY the "loser" in this word problem.

How about 0-8? Do you know what 0-8 is? That's Green Bay's record this season when trailing at halftime. For all those great stats, Rodgers has yet to lead the Packers to a 4th-quarter, game-winning drive ... or a winning record for that matter. But hey, at least he's not Kyle Orton, right?

Hey, Da Church.....can you honestly sit there and say you'd rather have Orton than Rodgers? Are you related to Angelo? You must judge talent the same way!! I hope you keep Orton...that means Bears will suck!!!

HOLLY CRAP, Seattle has a President....that's a great idea, we should get one !

You Bears are a joke!!!!! Who else would try to get anybody that had anything to do with a 0-16 team??? Stupid is as stupid does!! Maybe you can try to make Forte a WR like you did when you ruined the greatest kick returner of all time and made him a mediocre WR!! What a bunch of retards!!! Keep up the good work!! Hahahaha

"UPDATED: Hot Rod? Marinelli talking to Seahawks"

Please! Let them keep talking!

Brad, I find it amusing how you wrote this: "The Lions were 32nd in defense last season and held the same dubious ranking in 2007. When asked why he didn't replace his coordinator Joe Barry, also his son-in-law, Marinelli said he was heavily involved in all aspects of the defense himself." And yet the posts that follow express worry and concern that Marinelli might not be coming here after all to "fix our defense." I'm already aware of Holland's mental shortcomings, but what's wrong with the rest of you? D-boy? Colbear? What's going on, guys? Get those hats on. This midwest cold can affect the brain.

Speaking of affected brains, I see PackerWacker is back. You basically pose this question: Do you want a QB who puts up pretty numbers or a QB who can march down the field in the 4th and win the game. Geez, I dunno. You tell me!

I'll take the guy who doesn't choke in the clutch and has gone 13-2 as a starter at home.

Seriously? You are trumpeting a guy who just lead a 13-3, playoff team from the year before to 6-10? Seriously?

His numbers are great, over 4,000 yards, 28 TDs, 13 INTs ... so my question is: Is Aaron Rodgers the biggest choke artist in NFL history or is the rest of the team just a complete vortex of suck?

I mean if the team can go 6-10 with numbers like that, what happens when Rodgers has an average or below-average year? Green Bay could join the Lions at 0-16 maybe? I would suggest putting the entire state of Wisconsin on suicide watch when they figure this out, but that would imply I'd want to stop them.

You have to think Marinelli is using the Seattle job interview as leverage against the 'team most likely to throw nickels around like sewer lids'......Marinelli is guarenteed $2M from Detroit next year, and you have to think Ted Phillips is trying to 'low ball' him into taking a two-year deal worth 1/2 to 3/4 of the going rate and is taking Lovie's friendship into account in negotiating with him and his agent.

Does anyone know if Lovie's agent is the same person representing Marinelli?

Da Church dude....Rodgers doesn't play defense, or get field goals blocked..etc,etc. When you guys sucked last year it was mainly because half your Defense was on IR. That's our excuse this year, not because Rodgers "choked" as you say!! I guess only time will tell who has a better career!! Orton is worse than Grossman, that you will see too!!!

Brad you are so narrow minded. Give the guy a break. Marinelli, will always be known as the guy who lost 16 games and record wise probably the worst coach, statistically, ever in the history of the NFL. He comes to Chicago to see his best friend. Who according to your insightful and productive journalism, tells the city of chicago that Lovie is going to make him the defensive line coach. What do you think he is going to do? If I was a head coach, you think I am going to accept an offer to be the defensive line coach and work for a dork named babich who doesn't know his head from his A** when it comes to football? Come on please.

I was hoping Rod would come in as D Coach, not Line Coach, but the fact is I just wanted to make sure that Babich left, in my opinion anyone would be an upgrade over Babich.
Untill the Bears make a decision on Babich, we can only assume he will remain. Can we all be wrong about him? Was it the players fault or the line/backs Coaches fault? - It doesn't matter! The D did not perform period, The D Coach must go regardless, and untill the Bears announce that - there will be no talks of D Coaches coming in, just line/backs Coaches.
Which Rod would be stupid to sign on as - he can look at the market as long as he wants too and still come back as a line Coach here if it doesnt work out elsewhere!

perfect anonymous:
Work for a dork, wish I had said that, Totally true!

Mike, you have no idea at all what you are talking about when you say that "you already know about my mental shortcomings". We'll I'm glad you know that without having ever talked to me in you life. When it comes to how I feel about Coach Marinelli it begins with the fact that he is and outstanding defensive line coach, and with Haley leaving I don't think you can argue that Rod would bring solid expertese to that area. I never said that I felt he should be given the Coordinator position, yet I stated the opposite in and earlier entry. The Bears should definetly either let Babich go, or put him back with the LB's. Who we get at the defensive coordiantor's position is still yet to be determined, howevor I do believe whoever it is needs to first address the nose tackle position, since we lack a true big man and a lot of our defensive problems I believe stem back to this deficiency.

If Marinelli was such an outstanding D-line coach, how come he let Shawn Rogers go to Cleveland and the Lions sucked as noone has sucked before?? Stay away from this loser!!

Packerslacker: see you can't sneak in on our site and get away with anything too many quality fans on here know who to "hate" and why, you come on our site to learn football and you get a great education from us, you should be greatful, but no you are what all pack fans are scumbags...we got the last win and the next one is coming soon....yes, you have a QB, you have always had one since Farve, but WE have the better TEAM, currently and historiaclly, check the results of the current series.......DUH.......Hey Da Coach & Mike glad to have you guys on my team, we can fight and disagree on a lot of things when It come to the BEARS, but one thing we all agree on the Pack are jock sniffers.....they call it cheese......LOL....
Orton wins games, Rodgers builds stats.....BEARS fans want wins especially over the packers.......

I'm sorry PackerBacker I couldn't here your answer over the sound of Kyle Orton's awesomeness. Did you know that Green Bay's defense was actually 20th in the league? Did you know that the Bears were 21st? No pro-bowl wideouts, an o-line that featured John "Human Turnstyle" St. Clair and Josh "How is this guy playing - oh yeah Metcalf sucks" Beekman on the left side. Not even a viable slot receiver on the team ... And Chicago goes 9-7. I'll tip my hat to Ron Turner who did a whole lot with too little and the man running the show in Kyle Orton.

BTW, I never blamed 2007 on "injuries on the defense." I blamed it on Bob "34-points in the 4th quarter to the farking Lions" Babich and Rex "Fark it, I'm going deep-unleash the dragon!" Grossman. I have no idea what your love for Rex is but the guy sucks out loud and in stereo. Everybody talks about how rough he's had it and how hard he tries like he's competing in the special olympics. This is PROFESSIONAL football, if everyone could do it I wouldn't be commenting on some blog right now! Rex - given the right situation, and possibly stilts, mobility, and good decision making - could some day make us regret getting rid of him, but I would take my chances if I were Jerry Angelo.

Come on now.How can you fans get mad at a season that nobody had hope for in the first place.which one of you guys who are crying over our season thought the bears where going to win the superbowl this year??

How we came into this season

1.Not knowing who our QB would be

2.Not really addressing our offensive line (c.williams hurt)

3.Rookie Running back

4.No WR Booker (15 years older than he was when we he was first here),B.Lloyd(wasnt going to be picked up by any team if the bears didnt grab him)R.Davis(how is he,uh that guy from arena football)


1.Anybody who thought Urlacher was going to be the same must have been sleep during the 2007 season.So with that said ,what u tought hunter was going to step up??

2.anybody who thought harris was going to be 100% for this season must have not checked up on the type of injury he hard

3.Tillman been getting burn since that game with steve smith (nothing new)

5.Who thought mike brown was going to be the same player or let alone stay the whole season??

6.McGown is mike browns lil brother so he wasnt going to last.

7.who thought alex Brown was going to get after the Qb and have 13 sacks this season??

8.Awale (who ever thought he was going to ever put up the sack numbers we signed him 4)


1.Vasher not playing well

2.Anderson not feeling in in that 2nd dE roll like he did 2006

3.Hester no longer being good KR or PR

With that Said What Are U fools Mad About?We need Better Players.They Only Reason we fell is because we wanted to believe our players wasnt getting old or was going to step up there play from the season before.WATCH KRUTZ PLAY BAD NEXT SEASON

This from ProFootball Weekly:

`While Bears GM Jerry Angelo’s admission in his season-ending press conference that he was not entirely sold on Kyle Orton as the undisputed starting quarterback raised more than a few eyebrows, what really surprised team insiders on the scene was his glowing endorsement of veteran MLB Brian Urlacher, who, according to one observer, “is just not a Pro Bowl guy anymore.”

Thats right they said `Team Insiders'!
Everybody knows whats wrong with the Bears except JA and Lovie apparently.

This from ProFootball Weekly:

`While Bears GM Jerry Angelo’s admission in his season-ending press conference that he was not entirely sold on Kyle Orton as the undisputed starting quarterback raised more than a few eyebrows, what really surprised team insiders on the scene was his glowing endorsement of veteran MLB Brian Urlacher, who, according to one observer, “is just not a Pro Bowl guy anymore.”

Thats right they said `Team Insiders'!
Everybody knows whats wrong with the Bears except JA and Lovie apparently.

By Walter 'Butch' Brzeski on January 5, 2009 3:54 PM
Does anyone know if Lovie's agent is the same person representing Marinelli?


Yes, he is. He is also Babich's agent: Frank Bauer. Which means Babich will probably stay. I am for Marinelli joining. He can bring his son-in-law if he wants. But keeping Babich is not a good idea.

I suspect that if Marinelli joins it will be as DL and some other exalted title much like one from the Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo (LOWB). And if Babich gets off to a slow start he is canned.

While I am not first among the fire Babich crowd I don't think it is fair to throw the DB coach and the DL coach under the bus and allow the DC to stay. All for one and one for all -- or whatever Fred and Barney would stay at the LOWB.

MD Kevin: Is Bauer the same guy from '24?' LOL

I'd bet Lovie, Babich, and Hot Rod would rather have Jack Bauer in contract negotiations with Ted 'Toe the Line' Phillips and Michael 'Montgomery Burns' McCaskey. Though, Frank was able to squeeze the Bears for nice contracts for Lovie and Babich. And, next would appear to be Marinelli.

I still believe the Bears will go with a 'three-headed' monster as defensive coordinator with Babich the 'media guide' DC. Though, unofficially, Marinelli will be calling most of the shots from the press box and talking with the defensive player on the helmet headset with Lovie and Babich making the adjustments from the sideline with defensive audibles and the personnel rotation.

As you may notice, I didn't give a player's name for the one wearing the defensive headset. My wish is for the Bears to move 54 to SLB and sign Zack Thomas to play MLB with the Bears drafting one of the top MLBs in the draft to learn from Thomas.

Da Church of Da Coach, please don't play into this guy's [Packerbacker's] BS by bashing our own players, namely our linemen John St.Clair and Josh Beekman. Contrary to popular belief, the Bears offensive line isn't really that bad. This season the Bears line only allowed 29 sacks, and paved the way for a 1200yd rusher, not many other teams out there can say that. Yes, a lot of the credit should go to line coach Harry Hiestand, but you got to give some credit to the players.

I wouldn't call tackle John St.Clair a "Human Turnstyle," St.Clair isn't an all-pro, but he by no means sucks. Week 17 vs the Texans, St.Clair didn't allow the mighty Mario Williams to get a single sack, Williams lone sack of the game was vs John Tait, other than the sack vs Tait, Williams was held to only 2 tackles, thats not bad line play. I would bring St.Clair back to man the right tackle spot next season, and then develop a rookie behind him for a season.

DC of DC, come on, don't knock Josh Beekman, Beekman really came on as the season progressed. I think Beekman was slow at first because this was basically his rookie season, as Beekman got more comfortable as a starter, I noticed more push from Beekman, and in the second half of the season, I never once heard Beekmans name called on any penalty, holding or off-sides. I noticed on a lot of Fortes long runs, ol number 67 was right in front of him blocking. Heck, on another site on the net, they had Josh Beekman as one of the pleasant surprises for the Bears in 2008. Beekman is going to be a good offensive lineman for the Bears.

With Chris Williams at left tackle and Dan Buenning getting a shot inside at guard, this line will only get better GO BEARS!!

Zack Thomas is a terrible idea. Sorry, but he looked bad this year for Dallas. He is for sure not fast enough to cover the deep middle in cover 2. I just wish that they would follow thru on their philosophy. If they want to play that way, then they must get a stronger D-line. The 2 greatest teams that played pretty much straight cover 2 were the 70's Steelers and the Dungy Bucs. All 4 Steeler down lineman were probowlers for most of the decade. There are 2 hall of famers on their line. The Dungy Bucs had perrenial pro-bowlers Simeon Rice, Bubba McFarland, and Warren Sapp on their line.

The Bears have maybe 1. Tommie Harris needs some more horses on the line with him. I saw enough explosion in his first step to know he will win one on one most of the time. And that what being a pro bowler means. That you win one on one most of the time.


Sign Haynesworth and Peppers! Then there will be 4 pro-bowlers on the line next year. Alex Brown and Harris will be more productive with the addition of those 2 freaks. That is what Chicago defense used to be about. It was that we just had complete physical freaks of nature to overpower the opposing team.

They could still do that by signing Peppers and Haynesworth. Damn the system! This is so easy. Sign them, their contracts are not guaranteed anyways.

Then trade for Boldin, and draft Tebow, and some O-lineman. Make this team a winner by next year.

A few things that may bear watching (no pun intended) are the players which agent Frank Bauer represents in addition to the coaches. As I believe Bauer still represents QB David Carr (backup to Eli Manning at NYG) and he could represent LB Marcy Riley (Bears practice squad). Could Rod Marinelli be part of a 'handshake' deal with Carr and Riley included in the mix?

Carr could the competition Angelo was alluding to for Kyle Orton and Caleb Hanie. In addition to being on the Giants roster with a 1-yr contract with incentives for 2008, he joined former Houston Texans coach Chris Palmer on the Giants. ( Carr could be an unrestricted FA after the '08 season and the Giants have Andrew Woodson on their practice squad. I think it's highly doubtful Carr would stay with the Giants at his age and he has the ability to win a starting position.

Riley recorded 222 tackles in a 4-yrs at Fresno State (same college as Carr) and was signed as undrafted free agent by Green Bay and played with St. Louis as well. Riley was excellent against the pass at FSU, but, injuries cut short his senior year (though, he still finished 4th on the team). Could Riley be in line to compete for SLB with Hunter Hillenmeyer, Jamar Williams, and Nick Roach? Or, Riley could land at MLB if the Bears choose to draft a SS and WR in the first two rounds and move Brian Urlacher at SLB.


Thanks as I couldn't find out if Bauer represented each or not. Though, having Carr in to compete at QB and Riley at WLB or SLB would be interesting, especially having Carr compete with Orton with one year left on his contract and Caleb Hanie.

Carr would be a better alternative than Mean Machine WR Michael Vick. Was was Carol Slezak thinking with that article?

Plus, another Fresno State pipeline (Bernard Berrian went to FSU) would be good as my buddy's kid Red-shirt Junior 'to be' Ben Jacobs starts at MLB for them and was 37th in the nation and 3rd in the conference in tackles

Kevin A. The Bears had one of the worst running teams in football and could not use there run game to control the clock. Forte had a 3.9 average rushing and that is not impressive. I do not blame him though, how often did you see him avoid a tackle in the backfield and make a play. Niether of the Bears tackles can pull and when was the last time you saw the bears interior run a counter, trap or stretch play effectively. Then there is the fact thatthey have no depth on the Oline. If anything helped that line it was Orton's abilty to recognive zone schemes and Forte's one cut ability and quick first step also the Bears ran a lot of short passing plays on three step drops. It also isn't just about sacks Orton was under pressure all season long and that was on quick fire plays. Then you have the fact that the Oline is old. Garza is bad, Tait looks like he is nothing more than a backup anymore, and St. Clair gave up the most sacks on the team. Olin also looks to be ending his run. Beekman is fine if you put talent around him to cover up his size and lack of athletic ability but you yourself said that Forte would have had a much better season behind that Huston line or in a zone blocking scheme like the Broncos run. So you do admit the line could be better. Also St. Clair is a UFA, do you bring him back or try to find someone else? Oh as for Mario Williams he didn't play but a half of game and the Bears doubled him and actually schemed against him. I don't know about you Kevin but I would take Mario on this team any day of the week. I know you probably think Brown is better but I myself like Williams. Well Mario Williams that is not Chris Broke Back Mountain Williams. Maybe we will get lucky and Oher will fall to the Bears in the Draft and then we can draft a real LT. Not some first round bench warmer who has a busted back. What did you say about him? Oh yeah first you said he would be a Pro Bowler this year, then you said he would be an All Pro, then you said after you found out about his bad back which I had told you about before the draft that after he is Better he will be starting in November. That would be strike one, strike two and strike three. HE GONE!! You know what I do like about Chris Williams Kevin? His ability to warm a bench and cash a check for doing nothing. Even if Williams is good how is he going to help the line from the center to the RT? I will also never get the image of Chris Harris blowing up Garza like he was a child. Safties are not supposed to destroy RG's. Oh and Dan may not even be on this team next year, the Bears did not seem interested in him at all, but hey maybe a guard will get injured and he will be given a shot. That seems to be the only way to crack this line. Also St. Clair was playing in a contract year and you know players always seem to play a little better in those years. Lets see how he does after the contract if he is still with the Bears. Then again Angelo seems to think that the real problem is QB and you don't need recievers or a good OLine. This should really help the Bears, I think Tebow at 18 will be a great special teams player. Then will grab Mack in round 2 and convert him too our new number 1 reciever. No corner in the league will be able to jam him on the line at 6'5 320.

Kevin I am just messing with you in part. Beekman played much better than expected. But the line needs an upgrade. It needs to get younger and more athletic. I myself would like to see our guys getting too the second level on a regular basis and I would love to see Forte run a HB belly stretch. I am also almost positive the Bears will not draft a center and try to convert him too WR. Almost positive.

Oh and people why do you bother with Packerbacker? The Packers came in third in the division and won all of 6 games. He is posting cause he has nothing better to do, in Greenbay there are two seasons. Football season and the rest of the year is known as scared sheep season. Cmon what do you think they really do during Deer season? Why do you think the Deer are so scared. There are only two things Packer fans do well and thats eat more cheese than a rat and find one way or another to terrorize poor defensless animals. You all have heard about that game they used to play on easter? Hide the carrot. It was real popular until the rabbits started killing themselves.

Creighton, how did I know you would comment on my above blog that made the Bears line look good?? Creighton, no, the Bears did not have one of the worst running teams in football, they were ranked 15th, so they weren't great, but they didn't suck either. Creighton, the Bears have no depth, what was Dan Buenning and Chris Williams? Again, like I told you before, the Bears can only keep so many offensive linemen on the roster, and what does depth have to do with how good the Bears line played this season?? The fact that all 5 starter never missed a game shows these guys did a pretty good job, and the reason you never seen the depth. So how do you know they don't have any?????

Creighton, no kidding Orton was under pressur this season, so was every other QB in the NFL. You still can't take away the fact that Orton was only sacked 27 times, and Grossman twice. You can go on all day about 3 step drops and blah blah blah, at the end of the day, the Bears only allowed 29 sacks, end of conversation.

Ha ha, I see you are finally admitting Josh Beekman isn't that bad, you know, something I told you all last off-season.

And yes Creighton, I think our line could get better, and they will. Next season Chris Williams will be our left tackle, Beekman our left guard, and the entire left side is younger, and Angelo drafted players. I still think Dan Buenning is in the plans, why would they have traded for him?? Creighton, you said the same thing about Beekman all last off-season, that the Bears were not interested in him, now all the sudden there not interested in Buenning? As far as Beekman last off-season, you thought because a ROOKIE, thats the key word Creightn, a rookie, Josh Beekman did not start, that he sucks, you were wrong Creighton, its called player development. As far as Buenning goes, a] they acquired him after they had their line established, so Buenning was behind from the get go. b] the line never played that bad this season, so there was no need to mess up the continuity. c] like I told you before Creighton, there is only room for 5 starters on the offensive line, as fans we will only get to see the 5 starters, we don't have access into the Bears practice facility. So that brings up my next question Creighton. How do you know the Bears are not interested in Dan Buenning? Im not saying I know for sure they are interested in him, but the fact that they traded for him should be a pretty good indication that they are. Again, I think he did not play this year because he joined late, and the line didn't really play that bad, so there was no need to insert him. I do think he will be up for a starting job next season. Now Creighton, don't hold me to that, Im not saying its set in stone, this is just my thinking. You know, like after the Saints game when you thought the Bears got a good pass rush on them because JOE THOMAS didn't play, c'mon Creighton?? Our like you said when Beekman got the starting nod, and I quote, "Terrence Metcalf will be starting by week six??" And before the draft you said, "I would stay away from Matt Forte, he fumbles to much," here we are 300 and some carries later, and only ONE fumble, And the most classic thing you said all season, "I don't think the Bears should blitz the Colts," its all good Creighton, like you said to me above, Im just messing with you.

Creighton, you can laugh it up all off-season about Chris Williams, next season when he is doing a good job as the starting left tackle, I'll laugh as you admit, as you did for Beekman, that Williams isn't half bad. Creighton, you never said anything about Williams back, you were to busy going on about Rashard Mendenhall, opps, sorry, just messing with you. Lastly, yes Creighton, Mario Williams is a good defensive end, the fact that I brought up his name, and how the Bears played him shows what I think about him. Also, no kidding the Bears game planned for him, and one half of play or not, 2 tackles is pretty good, that means he was on pace for 4 whole tackles, wow, thats also pretty good for an entire game vs Mario Williams. Alex Brown is a BEAR, so yeah, I like him better, so GO BEARS!!

Haha Armstead! You're a hoot and a holler. You know, I do kinda recall Creighton raising red flags about Matt Forte. And as it turned out, he was the Bears' best player. Some guys think Angelo's a bad GM. Oh boy could it be worse...

However, even though I would love to share your optimism on Chris Williams, I simply can't. Before the Bears drafted him I didn't think he was all that special from his college footage. And watching him come in late in the season to assist block on the goal line, well, he looked really bad.

How bad? Well I distinctly remember seeing him get blown right off the line one time. It looked like a d-lineman colliding with a WR. Like, he wasn't even trying to block.

Do I hope I'm wrong? Very much so. But in my opinion it don't look good. And the scary thing is that if he does blow, the Bears are still going to force him into the starting LT position because of his draft status while a capable St. Clair either waits on the sidelines or cashes in in FA.

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