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Hot Rod? Contrary to report, Bears have not made contract offer

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Rod Marinelli may indeed wind up coming to the Bears in some capacity, one that would likely include him being in charge of the defensive line.

But contrary to a published report, no contract offer has been made to the deposed Detroit Lions coach by the Bears. Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation strongly denied any such offer has been made to Marinelli, who was at Halas Hall to meet with coach Lovie Smith last Friday. Marinelli interviewed for a job as the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator on Monday.

No other teams are known to be in pursuit of Marinelli but that doesn't mean there is not more interest out there for him. His name has surfaced as a possibility for the defensive coordinator job in Green Bay where the Packers recently cleaned house. Linebackers coach Winston Moss remains and is a candidate and ex-San Francisco coach Mike Nolan could be in the mix there as well.

Bears general manager Jerry Angelo gushed when discussing the possibility of Marinelli joining Smith's staff when he spoke last week and it's no secret the two are close friends. There are more ties possible. After Lloyd Lee was fired Tuesday, the linebackers position became available and ex-Lions defensive coordinator Joe Barry has a background coaching linebackers. He is not only Marinelli's son-in-law, he has a very close relationship with Bears tight ends coach Rob Boras. They worked together at UNLV under John Robinson and their families remain close.

Also, strength and conditioning assistant Ryan George was let go by the Bears Tuesday along with Lee.

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Well, hang on bears fans all these insignificant firings means we are getting close to the big fish..........Babich, tuner, and smith (next year for sure)

It still amazes me how a man that went 0-16 and set a record for futility, can have a job interview doing ANYTHING other than working at McDonald's! However, with the Bears, nothing surprises me!

Fire all the coaches you can,the trouble still will remain. Lovie has lost his team and the Bears will remain also ram\ns as long as Lovie is around!

SonnyBlack ... Marinelli has always been known as a fantastic defensive coach ... OH you bet, he got in WAY over his head in Detroit, to many things to keep a handle on. Give him the D and we'll be fine. He's got a sound scheme and ask any former defensive player of his ... has the respect of them all. The D didn't want to play for babich this year ... either light a fire under urlacher or get rid of him ... he was seen standing around, or coming in late ALL year ...

You got it richardj. The players know Lovie can't coach and it's obvious that they're not playing for him.


Hey we need some young offensive lineman and a no 1 receiver. A real qb. No pressure up front from the defense = Babich has to go he has no business calling the defensive plays!! Can his a$$$

Does anyone else think angelo ( he gets a capital A on his name when he actually does something good ) is the worst GM in the league?

Does anyone else think angelo ( he gets a capital A on his name when he actually does something good ) is the worst GM in the league?

ahhhh...right hear baby! i HATE ANGELO soooo much but i especiliy HATE that adorable litle BRANDO!!!!!!!!!!

If you local bears fans think you have it bad with Angelo as the GM and Lovie as the coach, you have no idea. As a bear fan here in Northern California, you have two of the worst run and managed teams in the NFL. The niners might have struck gold by keeping Coach Singletary, who was the best bears middle linebacker, by the way. Be grateful for what we do have as a coaching staff, because it can be soooo much worse!!

BEAR-A-HOLIC wrote on January 7, 2009 3:59 PM
"Does anyone else think angelo ( he gets a capital A on his name when he actually does something good ) is the worst GM in the league?"

As a Bear fan in the land of Ravens and Redskins, I would vote for Skins GM Vinny Cerrato and the Cowboys GM Jerry Jones a close second. Of course what Millen did in Detroit was priceless. Cleveland's GM Savage was bad too. Raiders have a GM from the last century -- Al Davis -- he is awful.

So no he is not the worst. Next question.

yea hes always the worst when u dont make the playoffs.but you guys wasnt saying anything about him in 2006.Come on now?I feel the only problem he has is finding offensive talent.Other than that we been a winning team (mostly).im a bears fan that live in philly.In one thing i realize,is that fans are always make it to the superbowl one year your surpose to be there every year or it your job.Fans in philly been wanting A.Reid and McNabb gone for years now.Now tell me if they are not spoiled (A.Reid the mosting winning coach in philly history,and McNabb putting up pro bowl numbers almost every year).They are use to good qb play so when McNabb has a couple of off games they want him gone.But guess what we could use him.The whole thing im trying to say is,if we get rid of Lovie another team will be greatfull to have him.

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